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2012 January 23

At my request, xda developer, verygreen, with support from ros87, has done in 24 hours for $10 and a $109 donated device what tens of companies could/would not do in four years with all their resources (like the $500,000 one company told me it would cost).

Watch him type on the Nook Simple Touch on youtube: Nook Simple Touch usb host support

EDIT: for outline of installation instructions, see:Installation Wiki These are at noob-hacker level.

There are still some bugs, and the instructions are over my head at this point [EDIT: not anymore–see wiki link above]. But the basics are there now for people who know how to use them. Once the bugs are worked out, I plan to simplify the instructions for everyone’s use. Maybe even offer microSD cards with everything pre-installed. [EDIT: this plan is off my agenda for the time being.]

Here we go.

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