hygienic dark retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham

formerly darkroomretreat.com


This book is best read front to back, word upon word. Each paragraph builds upon the last. The thesis is presented immediately in brief, then in increasing detail.

The book is an integrated whole. Every word aids comprehension, including front and back elements (preface, faq, etc).


Paper or e-paper is best for reading. Print a paper copy from this pdf. Or buy one (see write). 8” or 10” e-paper devices from established companies are good. Dasung and Onyx monitors are best for writing and working.

Avoid backlit screens for reading: computers, tablets, phones. They irritate the eyes, disrupt concentration, and lower comprehension.


I improve the book continually. Get the latest version for corrections or before rereading or making components:

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