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tech communication

2012 February 27

Very off-topic note about how I have come to think of long periods of silence and repeated non-responses in text communication with computer technicians. When it happens I assume one of the following:

  • the issue:
    • was addressed before
    • is so basic I should already know about it
    • is easy enough in their minds for me to work out on my own
  • they don’t know
  • they would like to but can’t
  • they aren’t interested
  • the answer is no

As long as my message contained no interesting requests or instructions, why would they respond? It’s like a logic circuit. Or, at least, my idea of one.

I have read forums. There is simply too much data to respond to. One must not suffer fools or welcome the cloying “friendship” of a zillion strangers.

It took me awhile, but I’d like to think I get it. Here’s to the techs. I’m on your side. Thank you for making computers happen.