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genius and the stupidity problem

2012 July 15

One of my purposes with a solution to inordinate suffering is to solve “The Stupidity Problem”. Stupidity results from psychic malfunction due to major psychic trauma. Healing from this will automatically restore natural human genius. Everyone has genius. It is yet another casualty of the stupidity-inducing process of becoming civilized through routine brutality and casual violence. But I have occasionally glimpsed genius in myself and others. It is yet another of the gems to be recovered upon recovering full health, full sanity, full consciousness.

I am going to be a genius again. I am clearing the way for billions of people be geniuses again. We are going to live forever do the same for the people of a billion other planets suffering the same psychotic stupidity as we do here. We will extinguish this age of darkness… with darkness.

“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.”
–Richard Buckminster Fuller

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