hygienic dark retreat

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name change

2024 March 21

I just changed the name of this website from
hygienic darkroom retreat to
hygienic dark retreat

and the web address from
darkroomretreat.com to

“Room” is gone. “Dark retreat” is the common name for retreating in darkness. It is correct grammatically. It is the main search term used online.

“Room” is an unnecessary clarification. Most people know what it is thanks to word of mouth and a few celebrities. For example, athlete, Aaron Rogers, made the news in 2022 when he said he would do one. People who don’t know don’t know what a darkroom retreat is, either. They have to be told in any case.

“Darkroom” also has erroneous associations: photography here and darkened rooms in clubs for anonymous sex in Spain and other countries. These do not help me.

The standard phrase, “dark retreat,” shifts attention to the critical distinction: “hygienic”. It implies an approach, experience, and result different from other kinds of dark retreats.

It brings more attention to the science of health. Which isn’t medicine, and it isn’t just cleanliness, either. I would like people to find out.

It’s longer and harder to spell. Some people will have to learn to spell or go without. For me, it’s a relief to see it. Now my work is called what it actually is. This achieves my primary value, truthfulness, which led me to darkness in the first place.

The old address will redirect automatically to this new one, page for page, for years to come. I think everything works. But please let me know if you find a broken link or anything that is not quite right mechanically.

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