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health proposal

If you:

  • suffer from any kind of chronic illness
  • or sense in yourself an unfulfilled potential for health

then I can probably help you.

In my approach, health depends on the wish for it. But this wish may have gotten lost in the assumption that your condition is hopeless. So first, we aim for a shift in your perspective of what is possible. This shift is catalyzed by an experience of greatly improved well-being. Finally knowing for yourself what is possible will naturally motivate you to learn and adopt a healthful way of life, the only guarantee of long-term health.

This catalytic experience generally consists of:

  • a short, profoundly restful darkness retreat in your home
  • a few days of eating stupendously healthy food
  • basic instruction, if necessary, in self-observation and meditation

While you can forget what you read, hear, or see, you cannot easily forget what you have felt. Feeling makes learning possible. Knowledge gained in this way inspires automatically beneficial action. This leads to an ever-greater experience of health. My independent research over the last 22 years in health and other fields indicates that this cycle knows no top end.

I have written at length elsewhere about the effect of resting in total darkness. Suffice it to say that its must be experienced to be believed. So no belief is necessary.

Chronic illness is anything you suffer from physically or psychologically over time, as opposed to an injury. It could be overweight or what is called terminal cancer. It could just be a flatness that your life quietly acquired. It certainly can be regarded as either normal or untreatable by medicine, an approach which, in chronic cases, utilizes 1% or less of the human organism’s staggering power to heal itself. In other words, no matter what you suffer from or what you have been told, take heart. Expect significant improvement.

Here is my proposal:

By phone I will consult with you about your health. Then, should you feel moved to try, we will develop a plan to address all the issues related to your health. If necessary, I will come to your home and help arrange the physical conditions for your recovery. This will likely involve the darkening of your room or another building you have at your disposal.

How can I offer this service? My few needs are met as a volunteer health consultant in training for an international ministry. I train by consulting with supporters of the ministry. Should you wish to follow through on our consultation, you would simply become a ministry supporter by making a small donation to it, and I would be assigned to help you.

We will regularly reassess our efforts until not just noticeable, but significant improvements in your well-being occur. Then we will chart a course from there to your total, permanent recovery and ongoing increases in your vitality.

Everyone is encouraged to inquire: regular folks and health adventurers; incurables and hypochondriacs; discontented, uninsured, and “problem” people alike. Your body hasn’t given up. Don’t you, either.

For more information, or for a free consultation, write or call now.

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