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Fasting - Nature's Best Remedy

by Dr. Albert Mosséri translated from the French, Le Jeune: Meilleur Remede de la Nature
completes Radiant Health Through Fasting


Fasting is a wonderful and fantastic adventure for all those who are seeking good health by natural means or a cure for their illnesses.

The author begins by presenting us several real life experiences of people who have fasted. Certain, with average health have benefitted from this extraordinary experience, while other cases as serious as multiple sclerosis, cancer, shingles, polyarthritis, glaucoma, uterine infections, tumours, and depression have been cured as if by magic. –

In the second part of the book the author describes in detail the proven **technique **to be respected in order to bring the process to a successful conclusion : adequate preparation and the precautions to take. What are the crises one can encounter during a fast? How to deal with them? Daily weighing and what is indicated by the loss of, or an unchanging weight? Who should not fast?

Everything is explained in detail.

<h1>Albert Mosséri</h1> ####  **
<h2>** F A S T I N G**</h2>
<h3>Nature’s Best Remedy </h3>



The author during a 12 day fast
Preface by Dr. C. Banuls

<span lang="fr" xml:lang="fr"> Author  <i>Albert Mosseri,</i></span>

25 Rue du Grand Pre 10290
Rigny La Nonneuse, France


The author’s recent research has led him to a different point of view on
certain points detailed in his first book “Re-living through fasting”. This
will henceforth be taken into account given that the contradictions are
due to actual life experiences as well as reflection and trial and error.
In any case the essential details remain unchanged.

<h5>CONTENTS </h5> #### 



The error in asking for a diagnosos16
The necessity of ignoring the diagnosis 16
Is there a danger in allowing the temperature to rise ?. 19
The body’s own intelligence 19

Ch. 3- No need for oestrogens
How to recognise a blood clot 25


Colitis 30
My kidneys cured.32



Double Vision…40
Headaches 41
Useless Medical Examinations.42


And ten other ailments (rhumatism, sciatica, arthritic conditions, obesity, water
retention, fibroids, kidney and bladder disorders, thyroid, heart, ulcers, allergies,
flu, etc.)47
Blood in the urine…48



The Worst Superstition… …59
The Industries to Blame60.

Preparation in stages… …61
For those who are afraid of fasting62
Obliged to fast (The story of Edward Lagnado, from California)63
The Story of Umberto Micalizzi .64
The cowardly policeman…
Those who have suffered from a mental illness or are of a nervous disposition. Tables
Fasting with breaks…

Physical activity.
You can die without water.
Sunbathing without tanning
Showers, hip baths, steam baths.
Seaweed baths.
Drinking urine ! Self- transfusion.
Sugar and honey - Herbal teas…
Clay and magnesium.
Massage and other treatments…

Methods of stimulation
The dangers of stimulation
How to speed up excretion


Insomnia, hypersensitivity..
Bleeding gums…
Palpitations, the pulse…
Vomiting bile


Delerium, hallucinations,coma, fainting, fits of madness<br>
  Sand in the urine, coloured urine…<br>
  Tetany, convulsions…<br>
  Sensitivity to light. <br>
  Menstruation <br>
  Paralysis during a fast. <br>
  Difficulty in breathing <br>
  Heart problems as a secondary reaction during an acute period of elimination..<br>
  Pain in the kidneys and lungs <br>
  A high and irregular temperature  


A fast should never be stopped abruptly…
True hunger…
Prostration, looking unwell and general state of health
Irregular pulse, a weight on the chest, sensitivity to light, vomiting after 2 weeks of
fasting, tetany, fear of heart problems as a secondary reaction.
An imbalance of reserves
Stabilization of weight

A prodigious discovery
Law N° 8.
An experiment with dandelions…
The tongue is a mirror of the intestines
The reasons for this new method
The three phases of a fast
The length of time the vital reserves can last…
How I decided the portion
Confirmation by the Ph level…
Proportions of colour found - What the half fast consists of
In the event of serious complications..

How to know if the stool is attached
The rubber glove…


IV Can you feast after a fast…
Rich foods
Proteins after a fast…
True and false hunger.
The Dewey system of 2 meals. - The Cornaro system…
The Thomson system - What menu after a cure?
An athlete..
What foods to eat after a fast
Swollen feet..
Medical tests. - When can you undertake a second cure
Part cooking…
The menu after a cure…
A sad story…

A change in lifestyle is necessary
But there is an enormous difference..
What exactly is recovery ?…
Should one seek relief ?…
The capacity to regenerate…
Fasting is only half the answer
Fasting is not the only means
Incurable illnesses
Time heals all? Patience
Is it possible to eliminate all errors ?…

Those who are all skin and bone..
Heart diseases
Table of Weight Limits…;
Pregnant women..

Those who die in hospital.

Summary of works by the same author.


Photo of tongue

   Dr. Alexandra P. underwent a 15 day fast at the author’s home. During the half-fast of 8 days that followed, she noticed three black lines on her tongue which are easily visible in this photo. This is a symptom of radical cellular excretion.






Everything becomes clogged up.

Even if you do your housework regularly the time for the big spring clean arrives, if you want to keep the inside of your home looking fresh and clean.

When you entrust your watch to a repairer he begins by carefully cleaning all the parts. Sometimes this is enough for the mechanism to start up again.

The marksman dismantles his weapon and meticulously eradicates every speck of dirt which might prevent it from functioning properly.

The best maintained boat will also need careening from time to time. Then it will set out to sea again in total safety.

For every appliance you buy it is specified that the guarantee is only valid under normal conditions of use and maintenance.

Evidently, the human body is neither a house, a watch, a firearm, a boat, nor an electrical appliance.

Nevertheless, these metaphors (I shall leave it to you to discover others even more appropriate), remind us of the importance of upkeep and cleaning in all circumstances.

Activity produces waste and regular excretion is provided for and carried out.

In spite of this, some waste does not follow the usual channels and so accumulates in places not designed for its excretion, thus producing functional anomalies and breakdowns.

In man these anomalies and breakdowns are indicated by diverse problems, symptoms, pains, illnesses

From the most trivial tolerable illness to the most serious and painful, there is one common origin : blocking up of the organism by abnormal waste.

Fasting is the most rapid, sure, efficient, and economical means of eliminating problem causing waste.


_ To see these waste products leave their hiding places and regain the path of elimination is one of the astonishing aspects of fasting.

To take our metaphors further, we are forced to accept that what we are cleaning is out of service for a while.

It is impossible to give a reception while you are spring cleaning: the house is upside down. A watch and a fire alarm are temporarily useless. During the careening the ship is in dry dock…

During a fast a person is at rest; he does not carry out his usual activities.

This total rest is a beneficial part of fasting and an important one. If you wish to fast, this book will enlighten you about all you need to know.

However, an important suggestion: do not make a fuss about it. A lot of taboos in our civilisation have been broken in recent decades but fasting remains a tenacious taboo.

The reactions of those around us are sometimes unpredictable. Remain discreet about this marvellous experience which awaits you._

If you are asked : “why fast ?” do not try to reply or convince. Simply throw the question back to your interlocutor : “why not fast ?”
_ His awkwardness will be greater than yours, literally as well as metaphorically.
_ “Why fast ?”

_ You know the answer; and this is really the only thing that counts.





Ch. 1

I took 3 years to recover :



_ T _**_hose who adopt a natural hygiene diet may lose weight and strength (except the _
  **   ** _ overweight who lose weight, but unbelievably, gain strength ! ). At this point it is

necessary to rest, not to look for a stimulant but to persevere until you have completely recovered your health.

This may last for months, even years, as shown by the following testimony. But first, here are two letters written by the subject herself in which she tells us about he joy as well as other interesting points.-

Dear Mr. Mosseri,

This time it is a transformed Christine writing to give you her news.

In fact it seems that I reached a turning point 3 months ago. I have followed the natural hygiene diet for 3 years and after losing an enormous amount of weight and feeling constantly weary and tired, I feel as though my body has rediscovered its dynamism and its muscles. I have begun to play a number of sports, my body weight is quite satisfactory and I marvel at the sight of my muscles, slowly but surely, increasing in size and suppleness. I am delighted to note that I no longer dread the cold as before, and to see those around me recognise that perhaps I am not as crazy as they thought ! I have even succeeded in winning over some passing followers, and in any case, no-one close to me can remain sceptical.

What a victory, what joy and happiness to feel better and better and still as convinced that it is this diet which is right for Man, and which draws him closer to Nature.

The soundness of this way of eating concerns the mind as well as the body. It purifies the mind and draws it closer to the forces of nature.

With this letter Iwanted to share myhappiness with you. Without your books perhaps I would not have discovered this road towards physical and mental health.

And you ? How are you ? I hope many other people come to you for help, as I did 3 years ago.

I send you my warmest wishes.- Christine, Paris.


Here is her second letter. I had asked her straight away to give precise details of her menu. Note the cheese that I no longer recommend, except as an occasional deviation. The other cases where she bent the rules are not excessive,

and it is not possible to be 100% strict.

Dear Sir,

Thankyou for your reply and I shall, in turn, reply to your questions:

I am 1.62m tall and weigh 50 kilos. You also ask me about my diet. It varies according to the period, but here is my basic diet :
** MORNING : **Fruit in season (the equivalent of a small apple).
** MIDDAY **: Green salad and other raw vegetables, A small half of avocado, A petit suisse, 2 or 3 figs.

**TEA : **Fresh or dried fruit,

**EVENING **: Varied raw vegetables, Approx. 60 g of cheese, A petit suisse, 2 or 3 figs.
** **This constitutes the basis of what I eat, and I add, according to my needs and my desires, a dry biscuit, a slice of bread and butter, a cake, or a baked vegetable dish; the latter when I am with others who tempt me by offering me things that delight most people when they meet.

On the whole I try to be reasonable, but that depends totally on my state of mind. When I have deviated too often I return to a strict diet and I miss breakfast, which does me good. My primary consideration is to eat as much fresh food as possible and consequently the maximum of seasonal produce.

I have not recovered all my energy to the point of recommencing strenuous exercise such as running or jumping, but I practice gentler sports. Furthermore I have seen the last of colds, constipation, and spots on my face and I feel totally in harmony with myself. – CHRISTINE.
_ This is the account she wrote for me _:


Adopting the natural hygiene diet seems to me to be the end result of a natural progression. In fact I have always pricked up my ears when I have heard people talking about a correct nutritional balance, or the virtues or ill effects of such and such a food.

By instinct I had always rejected meat, but cereals and bread never appeared to me to be unadapted to Man. For a relatively long period I took pleasure in making my own wholemeal bread, and it was a real treat. I have always enjoyed robust health and I considered the occasional cold as “normal” and inevitable.

I had heard about the benefits of fasting and following an episode of tonsilitis I decided to try. I should say that this tonsilitis developped after an Easter holiday with friends where each meal was a feast, and where there was chocolate at every corner of the table.

So having tried a fast, I noted to what point it prevented my temperature from rising, as well as a state of fatigue from lasting too long. At this time I was practising yoga with a teacher who knew Mr. Mosseri’s books. He lent them to me one by one, and in reading them, I had the impression of confronting a profound truth. I procured them immediately and in the
space of two weeks I decided to try the natural hygiene diet.


I had absolute confidence for one simple reason : nothing seemed to me more normal and natural than to eat what nature gives us, without transforming it. There is no reason that what she bears and ripens should not be perfect as it is. So what we can eat directly, which is pleasing to look at and to taste, and that our constitution can transform normally, can only be ideal.


I felt the dawn of a great revival in my body and in my head, and had no fear of confronting the obstacles Mr. Mosseri had spoken of. It seemed to me that I had everything to gain, and the time that would be needed did not make me back away.

The last thing I gave up was bread, for it was this to which I was most attached, even though I was totally convinced of its unsuitability and its heaviness on the stomach.

It was June, so I could eat a large variety of fresh produce, and I felt the approach of the holidays as a good time to start this new eating habit.

I also decided to undertake a fast in September and delighted in thinking about the meals which would follow. In fact, I had decided well before discovering Natural Hygiene, to take a year’s leave. Everything fell into place.

I passed, practically from one day to the next, to an exclusively raw diet. Frankly, that required no effort. Wasn’t it a return to normality, after years of being inadapted to Nature ? Each day I discovered to what point this was a change towards simplicity and what is already evident.

As well as this, I noted that there was practically no washing-up to do and that preparation time became derisory. I was amused by the number of kitchen utensils that no longer had a role to play. In my mind all was clear, and I had no doubt about the richness of the consequences to follow.

What was very difficult to tolerate was the anxiety that my loss in weight and tiredness had aroused amongst those close to me. In fact, I lost 8 kilos in two months. I fell from 50 kilos to 42 kilos, for a height of 1.62 m, and what’s more I was very tired. I needed a little rest after lunch. I also slept late in the morning because of my disturbed nights. In fact I stayed awake every night for about 2 hours, without being able to calm an incredible tension, and I was bothered by a coated tongue and a very bad taste in my mouth. It gave me the impression of having a veritable factory in full production inside my body.

Having retained what Mr. Mosseri explains in his books on fasting and food, I thought it was the consequence of the elimination process and I was delighted, even if it was not a very pleasant experience.


During the day I had no strength, but I quickly recovered a certain dynamism if I was able to lie down for a while. This ability to be able to recuperate a maximum of tonus after a short rest, is one of the things that strikes me the most since I have started eating in this way. This also holds for physical exercise, as if I had recovered while asleep. A short period lying


down can make me totally prepared for an effort which follows, even if I was exhausted before my rest. That didn’t use to happen. In fact, if, at the beginning I was so exhausted and incapable of physical exertion of limited intensity, such as running for a bus for example,  I soon noticed, that my heart didn’t race at the time I was making the effort,  or that it recovered a much slower rhythm than before very quickly.

I can say now that it took me 3 years to recover the capacity to build up my muscles. I didn’t put on any weight for a year, but I eventually regained my former weight during the following 2 years.

My life really began to change after 3 years of adaptation. I feel the cold much less easily, I have begun playing several sports, with the feeling of discovering a renewed vigour and capacity for endurance endurance, as well as a load of desires that had been, more often than not, numbed over the past 3 years.

My complexion also changed and I no longer appear to be tired. Suddenly, of course, my relationship with others as regards food, totally changed. At the beginning most people thought it was a “crisis”, that I was a bit crazy and extreme. Certain members of my family already envisaged me in hospital on a drip! The expression “mental anorexia” circulated on the lips of those close to me, who were whispering behind my back – my explanations hadn’t convinced them.

From my side, I understood their reaction, for when I look at photos of myself during that period I can see my face looks noticeably tired. For me it was a question of a cleaning out process, with a view to building myself up again, and I didn’t see it negatively. I knew it was a temporary passage; that I needed to have the maximum amount of rest. So, if I slowed down the rhythm of my life it wasn’t with the idea of ending my days in the same way. I had definitely decided to recover all my vitality.

Now, of course, the circle of people close to me have changed their opinion. Seeing the quality of my skin, my complexion and my renewed vitality they are beginning to show an interest in what I have done and accept it a little better. Often my friends admit they love vegetables and take advantage of my presence to eat as I do. Sometimes they have difficulty in believing in all the changes I tell them about, and that I am the only one to feel the effects, but they don’t reject everything out of hand as before.


While I am recounting changes, I shall try and talk about the principles. In fact, it feels as if I have achieved a general improvement after a thorough cleaning. Starting with my hair which is now much shinier and more flowing; my teeth which no longer need to brushing because they remain smooth and white; to my complexion – my skin is always mat with no spots or blackheads. My heartbeat has also slowed down noticeably and my body is much more supple.

One thing that really changed my life was the disappearance of the constipation problems which often troubled me. That happened very rapidly after the 7-day fast I followed.


Initially I had envisaged 2 weeks of fasting, but my loss in weight, and tiredness on top of this, meant I could not exceed 7 days, followed by a very slow return to eating. After this I was exhausted.


During the fast I had a profound experience. The absence of food presented no problem at all,  but on the other hand it was very testing psychologically. In fact I felt as though I was plunging deep into myself, and there were significant changes in my inner vision.

Fortunately I was being surveyed by Mr. Mosseri and only one person was looking after me. I needed this moral support and security to allow things to take their course. I felt to what extent the fast encouraged the detoxification process already started. Now I have periodss of tiredness similar to those during the first 3 years, but nevertheless more rarely, and I always come out of these periods stronger.


Over the years I have forgotten what it is to have a cold. I no longer have sore throats and my nose is always completely clear. I didn’t use to wear glasses, but I am, however, almost certain that I can now see more clearly. My nails no longer break, and the allergy that appeared periodically on my hands in certain seasons is disappearing little by little. I believe I am rebuilding a solid terrain which doesn’t allow all those minor ailments from which most of us suffer to take hold, before giving rise to something much more serious.

Of course I cannot say anything about my future, but I really do feel that I am closer to good health. I have a profound feeling that what I am doing is right, and in harmony with nature.

Going shopping, gathering my own vegetables when it is possible, have become a real pleasure for my mind and body. I feel I am respecting and treating myself carefully by eating in this way. I think a lot of people feel the same, but you need real motivation to get to the point of applying this approach in day to day living, especially those who often eat out. For me, in any case, it is a step towards a greater well-being at all levels, and I have not yet had the desire to go back to my old ways.

At the end of the day what a pleasure is would be if more and more people adopted this healthy way of life! – Christine A. 16 av ; F. Faure, 75015 PARIS.


Ch 2

The introduction of a virus into a healthy body will inevitably make it sick. Here is the biological truth against which no official (medical) lie can have any influence. – Dr; C.V. d’Autrec

Dr. V.V. Vetrano, who assisted Dr.  Shelton for 15 years is now retired. She studied medicine and obtained a doctorate in medicine, which did not serve much purpose for her. Below she recounts the story of one of her two daughters, when she was a baby and had a fever. –

“Poor baby, she is so ill ! Look at her, she can barely lift her head”, said my mother-in-law.

“Yes it’s true, she is sick and has a high temperature. But don’t worry, she’s fasting and the fever won’t last too long”

The first day went by without my parents-in-law saying too much, and I was relieved. My husband thought I knew what I was doing and he didn’t bother me too much about how I fed our baby. So I didn’t have too much concern that he would stop me from fasting her.

The second day went by and the whole family came to see the sick baby. They were a little concerned, but when the third and fourth days had passed and the fever persisted, I really had to calm their fears. Indeed, it was unheard of to fast a 2 year old baby. Everyone knows that when babies have a temperature it should be knocked out with penicillin.

To refuse to see a medical doctor when a baby is ill is a crime, they say, and to fast a baby is even worse … it is sheer madness. I was surprised the family put up with my ways as well as they did. Perhaps I acted like I knew what I was doing, or my faith in Natural Hygiene was so strong that it calmed their fears for a while. But, on the fifth day even my husband panicked. He stormed out of the house saying, “If she isn’t better tomorrow, I’m taking her to a doctor”.

I was just as concerned for my baby as they were, but to let my concern or lack of faith show would have been the end of her Hygiene care. I waited it out patiently knowing that Nature heals. I took her temperature daily, kept her warm, permitted her to rest quietly, and prevented people from smoking in the room, or from waking her up to see if she was alive. I kept the place so she could sleep and did nothing else.


It’s hard to stand up to the whole world but it’s even harder to sit back and wait for the day when the fever will fall. Every day you watch; listen, and hope. Infants that are fasting and who have a fever are very quiet. They sleep a lot and this is also disquieting when you are a newly converted Hygienist and not a doctor. All sorts of fears enter your head. “Is she okay,”  you keep wondering. “Is she breathing ?  “Is she still alive?”   You are scared to death. You want to shake the child or awaken it, or do just anything to reassure yourself that everything is fine. But I didn’t do anything rash. I had to have patience and wait for Nature to complete her wonderful healing process. I was very worried, but I had faith in the living organism. Finally, her fever broke about mid-day on the fifth day of her fast, and there were sighs of relief all round. Her father was no longer tense and worried and her great-aunt stopped hovering over her wringing her hands and saying “Elle n’est pas bien dans son assiette.”  (She’s not right). In fact, we all relaxed. That was the only time my daughter was sick in her life. Thank goodness !  I had weathered the storm. But I know how hard it is to sit and wait, and do absolutely nothing, intelligently.

I am pleased I held out and waited patiently for nature to heal my little baby. But others don’t.


Not long ago I received a telephone call from the parents of a six-month old baby, who were frightened at their baby’s symptoms. But instead of doing what I suggested, they took the baby to the physician. They didn’t want to fast the baby, and this is where the trouble started.

The doctor insisted on all sorts of harmful and painful tests for the baby, including x-rays. It takes some time to have the results of these tests, and the diagnosis that follows – precious time lost – and if, from the beginning the baby had been cared for Hygienically it would have recovered long before the medical diagnosis was complete.


At last the physician began the treatment, but as the parents only wanted the diagnosis and balked at the treatment, the Dr. became suspicious. He insisted his orders be followed and brought in the authorities to hold the baby in hospital against the parents’ wishes. They had to permit treatment of the baby. When they finally got their child back home they were obliged to put up with twice weekly visits from the child abuse bureau to see that they were carrying out the physician’s instructions regarding the care and feeding of the infant, and they were forced to begin feeding the child meat and cereals, against their wishes.

It took six months for this baby to recover from the medical abuse called “diagnosis and treatment”. All this trouble came about because the parents had no faith in the living body to heal itself, and because of their inability to sit back and do absolutely nothing. “Doing nothing”, intelligently, is the hardest of all things to do.


Their main error was to seek a name for the illness. They were under the impression that if they knew what was wrong with their baby they would be reassured. They couldn’t do without the diagnosis, and just wait and rely on the natural healing powers of the body.



The other night I was jolted out of my sleep by a ringing phone. The usual thought came
to me, “ Now what’s gone wrong at the Health School ?” (The Dr. ran this Cure Clinic of
Dr. Shelton’s, but lived 500 metres away in her own house. – A.M.)

No, it wasn’t the Health School. It was a lady calling about her three-year old child. Deep concern, bordering on real fear was in her voice.

“I’m worried” she said. “My baby is so listless. There’s no life in him at all and he has a temperature of 42°C (104.5). I fasted him for 7 days and the temperature came down, but as he was very weak I didn’t wait the 24 hours necessary after it had subsided. Now his fever has come back and I’m really worried . I fed him only 2 ounces of orange juice three times, but his fever returned: He’s so weak, and he’s still sick.” Her voice cracked, and she was crying.

Then I asked her several questions about the causes of the fever. That is how I learned that
the child had hidden himself on a back porch and had got into the dried dog food while the
parents were visiting friends. When he was found he was happily stuffing himself on this dog food and had probably been doing so for about 15 or 20 minutes.

He developed a fever, and after that a cough, so he was put on a fast. The parents were
naturally very concerned and when the temperature didn’t come down in about 3 days they became even more worried. They wondered if their child would survive. He had done this once before, but had been discovered quickly enough to stop him before he had eaten very much.


Fear makes parents do strange things. Fear keeps people from thinking Hygienically. To sit and do nothing is extremely difficult and almost impossible when one is so fearful. We always think we can help Nature in some way or other when all she asks for is time. We must have the patience to wait out the time necessary for her to work her healing miracles.

So, the child had a high temperature, was weak and becoming weaker, with no sign of improvement. The parents were afraid and impatient and as the child had not had a bowel movement they decided it would be best to give him an enema. They reasoned that the dog food was an irritant and still in the colon, causing the temperature to remain high. But the child became even more listless and his temperature still did not fall. The parents could not wait until the body rectified all the wrongs.


As the child had not vomited we know that the dog food was at least digested enough to pass from the stomach to the small intestine. By the time it reached the colon most of it had been digested. The preservatives, other poisonous chemicals, and decomposition products would have been absorbed from the small intestine.

The time to have done something was when the child had first eaten the dog food. Vomiting could have been induced when the food was still in the child’s stomach (by giving him a lot of warm water to drink or putting a finger in his throat – A.M.), but perhaps they did not realize just how much the child had eaten, and he was not yet sick.



Once the food had passed the absorption area, giving an enema was useless and wasted the child’s energy. Had the material in the colon been a great enough irritant to cause fever, the body would have forced it out by a diarrhoea.

One of the reasons for giving the enema to the child was that recent research shows that more things are absorbed from the colon than was formerley thought. Is this true? Such research is usually carried out with the aim of manufacturing new drugs, and one of the methods of administering drugs, currently popular, is absorption through the mucous membrane of the colon. Mucous membranes are more absorptive than the skin, which offers a very good barrier to foreign bodies.

Moreover, the skin has several layers, and the drug manufacturer must find a suitable vehicle to aid the absorption of a drug. It has been well established that minerals given orally set up a mucosal block in the intestinal tract. Only very low concentrations of minerals can be absorbed after the block has been established, and the barrier can be established within 6 hours after the first dose of iron. This is in the small intestine which is designed for absorption. The colon is even less absorptive than the the small intestine – it is not designed for this function. The fluidity of the material in the small intestine also aids absorption. Faeces are still fluid when they first pass the ileoceacal valve, that is, when they go from the small intestine to the large intestine.

The first half of the colon is known as the absorbing colon. Here, most of the water and electrolytes (minerals) will be absorbed. After this, the faeces are semi-solid and finally, when reaching the descending colon and rectum, they are solid. Very little poison can be absorbed from solid faeces.


The parents’ reasoning was obfuscated because of the weakness and listlessness of the child. The tendency is to do something to make the child appear lively again. Parents forget that when nerve energy is being expended in one direction it is withdrawn from another, according to the Law of Distribution of Energy.

It is normal when the body is fighting off poisons that all its energies, both nervous and physical, are directed to the area of the body that needs it most. The physical weakness comes about because the blood and nerve supply have been withdrawn from the skeletal muscles of the body and directed inward to help rid the body of the poisonous substances. It is natural to be listless and weak under these conditions. However, seeing a lifeless child is frightening and there is that strong urge to do something, just anything, to see a sign of life.

To do nothing, I repeat, **to do nothing, intelligently, **at such times, takes great courage and faith in the human organism.


A fever may last for more than three days when there is a need for it. Fasting, of course, is the quickest means to help the body rid itself of irritants that are occasioning the fever, but it sometimes takes more than three days. We must not panic if the fever does not subside more quickly. Children today are developing fevers that last longer than in former decades.


I have cared for several children recently and have noticed that the fevers don’t seem to want to go away. Our children are less robust than those of previous generations for several reasons. We will have to expect more acute illness until we clean up the environment and correct our methods of growing and processing food. Our race is slowly but surely committing suicide.

Meanwhile, we must work more in harmony with Nature than ever before. We must not needlessly cause the expenditure of vital energy of any sick person, child or adult.. We must learn to conserve energy as we have never before conserved it, simply because there is less vitality and less functioning capacity than ever before.


If a child or adult develops a fever, fasting is the best means for permitting the body to rid itself of the cause. The fever will never go as high while fasting as it does when eating.

“But”, you ask, “What about brain damage if the fever should go up to 41°C (106°F)?” Remember, first of all, that cells can function only at optimum temperatures. The minute the temperature goes up too high, the cells automatically cease functioning and the temperature spontaneously drops. Cellular metabolism contributes greatly to the rise in temperature, and when it is so hot that the cells can no longer function, metabolism slows down, and the temperature drops automatically. (The body does not commit suicide. – A.M.)

Actually, it is the suppression of a fever by drugs and other measures causing a retention of the poison, or the bacteria, or whatever is the occasion for the fever, that damages the brain, never the fever per se.

The fever is the necessary biological process to help the phagocytic cells eat up the bacteria, or destroy and render non-toxic, the poisonous substances that may have been ingested. The drugs themselves are poisonous and only add to the load that the body has to eliminate. The drugs, plus the bacteria, and bacterial toxins and other poisons in the system are what damages the brain, not the fever, which is only the body’s best and speediest means of ridding itself of noxious agents.

Cold baths, drugs, enemas, and other means of suppression, prolong fever, waste vitality, and sometimes cause irreparable damage. Suppressing fevers also paves the way for other, more formidable diseases.

No matter how hard it may be to sit and wait until the body heals itself, it is still the wisest thing to do.

(There is, however, a danger in allowing the temperature to fall below 36°C (96.8°F) At this point a broth should be replaced with sweetened apple juice. – A.M.)


How can people actually think that they are wiser than the living organism? Can they really believe their reasoning is more astute than that of the living organism? If the body wanted to have a bowel movement to rid itself of an irritating substance it would have done so itself.

It is well known that all irritating subsances are carried out of the intestinal tract very quickly. Much watery mucus is secreted by the mucous cells of the intestinal tract to dilute and wash away irritants rapidly with a diarrhoea.


In this case, innocent faeces were lying in the colon, doing no harm. The body was conserving its energy until such a time when it had extra energy for a bowel movement, and we wise men come along thinking we know best and upset the processes of nature. Our reasoning is based on fallacy; upon subsidized and biased “science” , which is not science. (It is a question of Medicine – A.M.) Science is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Let us forever stick to principles. They are the only thing valid we have left in this world.. – Dr. V.V. Vetrano. December 1978. _Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review


_ __In the event of a fever, and in case those around you become impossible and demand a visit from a doctor, you can call a homeopath, making it clear in advance on the phone that you do not want antibiotics. If he refuses you should approach another. It is also possible to give the baby some clear vegetable stock.

Dr. Shelton recommended waiting 24 hours after the fever had disappeared before feeding the patient with orange juice. However, in my experience, people who are ill are always impatient to break their fast as soon as their temperature goes down. They allow themselves to be tempted by a fruit juice, thinking they are doing no harm and that it’s not very serious. Unfortunately the fever comes back with a vengeance _!

When the temperature falls to 36°/36.5°C (96.8°F) the fast should be broken with a hot vegetable stock 3 times a day The following day you can have soup stock and vegetables.

Neither fruit juice nor fruit should be taken before the third day.

When I used to eat a variety of nuts and other abominations I once had a slight temperature. I fasted for a few days and as soon as my temperature came down I ate some apples. The fever returned, so I fasted again, and as soon as my temperature fell again I recommenced with the apples. My fever returned even stronger than before. It took me two months to get rid of that fever.

People are always impatient and want to do something in the case of a fever. They can’t succeed in resting and allowing time and Nature to do her work. Nature doesn’t like being rushed. !

The enema given to the child who had eaten the dog food could, at best, empty the contents of the colon, 20cm in fact, and not those of the small intestine of around 5 metres.

 In my own practice I have come across a few cases where a temperature didn’t seem to want to come down, in spite of the fast. In the case of a young subject whose general state of health and vitality were excellent, I decided to ignore the fever and to break the fast with a hot broth and vegetables; with the result that the temperature fell rapidly.


Ch. 3
_No need for oestrogens

 Man does not die; he kills himself. – A GREEK PHILOSOPHER


** F**_ ive years ago I was a beautiful blonde and I married my Prince Charming. I was perfectly happy. We didn’t want children and I had chosen the contraceptive the Copper VII IUD because it was supposed to produce the least number of side-effects.

For about four years everything went well, then one day I developed a severe inflammatory disease in all my pelvic organs. The pain was so strong that I had to stay in bed at almost each ovulation. The doctors tried to suppress the symptoms with drugs but without success..

Finally my condition deteriorated so much that I had to be hospitalzed. While there I was treated with intravenous Keflex. I still had pain, bloating, constipation, and other symptoms. Absolutely nothing helped, nothing relieved the symptoms, so the physicians declared I had irreparable damage to the left ovary and Fallopian tube. They told me I would have to have my uterus and ovaries removed. If I chose not to have the operation I would have to take contraceptive pills to avoid ovulation, with its concomitant pain. It was “have the hysterectomy, or take the pill”.

I made an appointment to have the hysterectomy and ovariectomy. I was ready to let myself be cut open.

However, I returned home and began thinking about what was happening to me. While I was at the hospital I had seen the doctors make a number of mistakes. On one occasion they gave me the wrong drugs, and I observed other things that frightened me.

Fortunately I changed my mind and opted to take what, at the time, was the lesser of two evils, the contraceptive pill.

 After about three months on the pill I discovered Natural Hygiene and decided to come and follow a cure at Dr. Shelton’s Health   School.

If I had not discovered Natural Hygiene the story could have ended in any number of ways._
Here, according to Dr. V. Vetrano, who is also a medical doctor, are the other possibilities:

“1) She could have developed clots in her legs which would have produced a pulmonary embolism and sudden death. 2) If not death, she could have endured a long and painful hospitalization. 3) She could have developed lumps in the breast that would have ended in cancer. 4) A clot could have formed in the brain producing a “stroke”, which usually ends in paralysis or death. 5) Otherwise, the clot could have developed in the heart and she may have died of a heart “attack”.

6) Worse still, a series of complications could have occurred. She may have developed the lumps in the breast and uterus first, had several operations for their removal, and still developed clots and died either of a stroke, a heart attack, or of pulmonary embolism after undergoing several horrible operations.”

You can see, therefore, that my story could have finished in several unhappy ways, according to the pathology _ developed and the way in which my physician chose to treat me. But fortunately my story had a happy ending. I discovered _Natural Hygiene before it was too late.

 I had refused surgery,  but at the same time, the day I began my cure at Dr. Shelton’s Health School I was frightened. I feared ceasing the medication, for I didn’t know much about Natural Hygiene. I had been persuaded that the Pill prevented bloating, water retention, nervousness, and the severe pain I had with almost every ovulation. I did’t see how I could live without that crutch – I couldn’t stand the pain.

Most of the trouble started with the implantation of an abnormal object in my uterus. The IUD caused an inflammation of the uterus which spread to the Fallopian tubes and ovaries. The IUD was taken out, but the pains continued. Every time ovulation was on the left side the pain was excrutiating for at least four days, and I was bedridden until it was over.

The physician explained that the p ain was caused by the scar tissue that had formed around the tubes and ovaries, following the inflammation. Every month at ovulation time the female organs engorge with blood and the resultant swelling pulls on the scar tissue and produces the pain. According to this logic he needed to stop ovulation, and so he prescribed contraceptive pills instead of an analgesic.


But Dr, Vetrano totally disagreed with that._

“Why did he prescribe female hormones which are known to be very dangerous, expecially synthetic ones? They must be taken on a daily basis, with all the accompanying risks.

In a normal state of health Nature maintains a delicate balance of female hormones and this is natural and normal. The body metabolizes the hormone after it has served its purpose and eliminates it from the body.

But when hormones are given therapeutically, or as contraceptives, they overwhelm and upset the delicate balance of the secretions of the endocrine glands and cause a great deal of harm. It is unfortunate that chemists can produce chemicals which are so like the body’s own chemicals that the organism is fooled for a time.

If the cause of the young woman’s pain was indeed inflammation, then the logical thing to do would be to get rid of the inflammatory conditions.

Medicines do not remove the cause. On the contrary, they increase it, because the body is continually fatigued and enervated by the necessity of excreting an extra load of female hormones every day. The young woman’s breasts were swollen and painful all the time, and indeed, had she continued taking the Pill it is probable that she would eventually have developed lumps in the breast.




Oestrogens are a number of allied compounds produced by the ovaries for specific purposes at certain times during a female’s life. When secreted by the body they are secreted at the right time, and exert their influence on specific tissues in the body, after which they are eliminated.

They are necessary and useful secretions, but when prescribed by the physician they are rank poisons. Why? One reason is probably because of the creation of a hormonal imbalance, and the wear and tear on the organism trying to cope with the problem. Another could be that an excess is carcinogenic.

Today, oestrogens are used by physicians for many purposes, despite the fact that they are known to be dangerous, even deadly. Women come to us regularly who are taking oestrogens for some reason or other. They are are prescribed for women in the menopause, for those who have had their ovaries removed, as contraceptives, and to treat certain types of cancers in men and women, although they are known to produce cancer. They are also used to prevent pain and swelling in the breasts after pregnancy, which is unfortunate because many women have been unable to regain their milk supply after having been dosed with oestrogens.


Many of the symptoms that develop during the menopause are wrongly attributed by physicians to a lack of female hormones. Such symptoms as heat in the face, neck and chest, or the sudden episodes of heat and sweating throughout the body, called hot flushes, are not an automatic accompaniment of the menopause, unless the woman is living in an unhealthy and enervated way. They are not caused by a diminution of female hormones, and this is shown by the fact that in normal women these symptoms are absent throughout the menopause right up until complete cessation of menstruation.

Oestrogens are sometimes continued long after the menopause because it is said they will keep the skin soft and supple, and keep a woman feeling young. Let me assure you that even the drug companies say clearly: “There is no evidence that this is so” and furthermore such long-term treatment _“carries important risks”.

Women who have undergone an ovariectomy fear they will age overnight if they don’t take hormones after the operation. But ageing is a pathological process not induced by a lack of female hormones.

The change in the vagina that causes discomfort during and after intercourse in some menopausal women is also attributed to a lack of female hormones. In reality it is simply a vaginitis which readily clears up while fasting. It is called “atrophic vaginitis”. (Shrinking of the vagina after the menopause seems to me to be natural and signifies that one closes up shop due to old age. From the moment a woman can no longer conceive, for Nature there is no longer any reason for sexual relationships. Nature ignores our emotional need for this.– A.M.)

Perhaps Nature would force many women to breastfeed to relieve themselves of engorgement and pain after delivery if there were no drugs to dry them up. At any rate, the dose necessary to prevent pain and swelling of the breasts is much larger than the dose needed to treat menopausal symptoms. Ayerst Laboratories, the producers of many oestrogen tablets, warn their users that this dosage may
“increase the risks of developing blood clots in the legs or lungs.”


When the manufacturer of a drug warns the users that they have roughly five to ten times as great a chance of getting endometrial cancer (cancer of the lining of the uterus) as women who take no oestrogens, it is time to forget the treatment and rely on Nature.

We receive women at the Health School who have been taking oestrogens for several years. **How can doctors keep handing out prescriptions for oestrogens, knowing the dangerous side-effects, especially after long-term treatment ?

Acccording to Ayerst,

“There are reports that if oestrogens are used in the post-menopausal period for more than a year there is an increased risk of endometrial cancer. To put this another way, while a post-menopausal woman has one chance in 1,000 each year of getting endometrrial cancer, a woman taking oestrogens has 5 to 10 chances in 1,000 each year. For this reason it is important to take oestrogens only when they are really needed.”

But according to Hygienists, they are never needed except when the body itself secretes them as a result of normal physiology.

Ayerst continues with its warning to women: “The risk of cancer is greater the longer oestrogens are used and when larger doses are taken. Therefore you should not take more oestrogen than your doctor prescribes. It is important to take the lowest dose of oestrogen that will control symptoms and to take it only as long as it is needed. If oestrogens are needed for longer periods of time, your doctor will want to re-evaluate your need for

them at least every six months.”

Endometrial cancer is not the only type that stems from taking oestrogens. In animals, tumours of the breast, cervix, vagina, and liver developed when they were given oestrogens over a long period of time. Now, people are of the animal kingdom, and if oestrogens cause the development of tumours in animals, this is bound to be the case in women, who have worse living habits and are, therefore, more toxic to start with. One study showed that there may be a latent effect and that the use of oestrogens during the menopause may increase the risk of breast cancer many years later.

Another effect of taking oestrogens is gall-bladder disease.

“Women who use oestrogens after the menopause are more likely to develop gall-bladder disease, needing surgery, than women who do not use oestrogens. Contraceptive pills have a similar effect.


It is well known that oral contraceptives increase the risk of blood clotting in various parts of the body. Clots have been known to form in the brain, the heart, or in the legs where they may break loose and be carried to the lungs, causing death.

Men suffering from cancer of the prostate are put on female hormones. Their breasts swell and they take on female characteristics of an undesirable nature. The hormones don’t prolong the lives of the sufferers.

They are also used to treat cancer of the breast in women. But, is they cause cancer how can they be usable as “cures” for cancer?


If you want your child to be born with a diathesis to cancer of the cervix or vagina in her teens or early twenties, just take oestrogens while pregnant.

Indeed, Ayerst warns again here that…

 “You should not receive oestrogens if you are pregnant. If this should occur there is a greater than usual chance that the developing child will be born with a birth defect,  although the possibility remains fairly small. A female child may have an increased risk of developing cancer of the vagina or cervix later in life (in the teens or twenties). Every possible effort should be made to avoid exposure to oestrogens during pregnancy. If exposure occurs, see your doctor.”

But what can your doctor do once the oestrogen has been taken? He can’t eradicate it from your system before it reaches the placenta. All he can do is to warn you and tell you to avoid future exposure.


Hygienic Institutions, according to physicians and the AMA, are a menace to humankind. People come from all over the world to learn how to care for themselves without recourse to lethal drugs and hormones. They learn to avoid all the above troubles, plus many more not cited, and still Hygienists are considered by physicians to be a menace ! I ask you:

Who is the real menace?

Our beautiful young woman who has just recounted her story of taking the Pill was saved a thousand pathological mishaps because of Natural Hygiene. She probably avoided all the diseases mentioned above plus the possibility of nausea and vomiting and other indirect health problems. She may also have avoided the rare and fatal liver tumour that women on oral contraception sometimes develop.

This type of liver tumour can rupture and bleed into the abdomen, causing death. She may also have avoided jaundice while on oestrogens.

This young woman has avoided all the side-effects of oestrogens by adopting the Hygienic way of life and, at the same time, if she pursues it, she will also avoid all her painful symptoms. The chain of pathological developments that most certainly follows with medication is suddenly cut short by Hygiene.

How wonderful to know that one does not have to be sick ! That we don’t have to take drugs for the rest of our lives, simply because of previous disease. And Hygienic Institutions are supposed to be a menace to society ! No, the real menace is the drug industry and the doctors who keep it alive. They may try to dose you lightly to lessen the side-effects, but a poison is a poison, no matter how small the quantity.


In the medical world they try to avoid the harmful effects of drugs. You are warned to remain alert and to tell your doctor immediately you feel the slightest symptom or problem. But when the troubles begin it is usually too late. The potentially harmful pathological changes have already taken place and all the doctor can do is to reduce the dose of oestrogen.

For instance, by the time vaginal bleeding shows up it may already be cancer. Stopping oestrogen will not reverse this development if it is truly cancer.

On the other hand, removing an IUD does not immediately stop the inflammation it has caused.

So, why take risks ? Why take a poisonous drug until an abnormal symptom develops ?


Pains in the calves or chest, sudden shortness of breath, or coughing of blood, may indicate that you already have a clot somewhere in the body.



Pain in the calves
Pains in the chest

Sudden shortness of breath

Coughing blood

Symptoms of imminent danger :
**Violent headaches



Changes in vision

What can the physician do in these conditions ? Nothing but give drugs that are just as harmful as the first - if you are still alive.

By the time you have a severe headache, dizziness, faintness, or a change in vision, it is possibly already too late.

A breast lump requires many days of fasting to be absorbed, if it is benign, but if it is malignant there is nothing to be done.

Why take the risk of developing a lump in the breast or uterus ? Why run the risk of developing a pathological state anywhere in your body when a Natural Hygiene lifestyle can help you to avoid all that ?

When a simple Hygienic way of life will permit the body to heal and recover, and you can have the superior health you never thought possible, why should you ever desire to take any kind of pill ?

The heroine of this story made the right choice – not drugs and disease, but Hygiene and health.” – Dr; V.V. Vetrano, B.S., D.C., from Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review, February 1979.-


Ch. 4

How I recovered_

“Healing is a biological process which is not accomplished

 with remedies, but with the processes of life.” 


T he author of this account lives in Canada. He weighs 66 kg (145 lbs) for a height of 1.65 m (5.4 ft). When a high temperature layed him low he called an emergency doctor. The doctor gave him an antibiotic, as is usually the case. The fever disappeared, as well as the pharyngitis, but he immediately suffered more serioius complications.

As he had previously heard talk of Natural Hygiene he already understood what to do, and turned to Madame Lacroix who runs the health service in the factory where he works. Her way of treating was through fasting. We should note, all the same, that in the case of a fever, the fast should not be broken with fruit, otherwise the fever returns, as was the case with this worker. Refer, in the book L’ANTIMEDICINE (AGAINST MEDICINE), as well as LE GOULAG DU SIDA (THE AIDS GULAG), to the chapters dealing with fever and how to treat it correctly.

When the doctor describes the symptoms following administration of penicillin as a ‘reaction’, it would be more accurate to call them poisoning.

When the subject’s hands and fingers became swollen the doctor declared the cause to be a streptococcal pharyngitis. In medicine, one symptom leads to another, but the causes of the symptoms are unknown !

The fact of passing motions during a fever indicate a turning point, for energy is now available for evacuation, while previously this energy was being used for elimination.

 As I have already said, a fast during a fever must never be broken with fruit, nor fruit juice,  but with a clear hot vegetable stock, on condition that the temperature has fallen to 36°/36.5°C (96.8°F) – A.M.

Since Christmas 1986 I hadn’t been feeling on top form. At bedtime I was shivery and I had no appetite. I could easily have gone without eating and it’s a pity I didn’t, for it would have saved me from all the illnesses I have suffered, as you will see from what follows. My wife, Irene, often had plans for outings, but I had no enthusiasm, through lack of drive and ‘joie de vivre’.

On the other hand, today I am better, and 3 months after all those health problems I am


planning for the summer, and really looking forward to it. But I must first tell you about all the ups and downs I had to go through before I recovered.

It all began on Tuesday, 17th February 1987. I had a sore throat, like a lump, that made swallowing painful, and my throat was dry. Nevertheless, I went to work, once I had done my morning ablutions and had a standard breakfast of two slices of toast and coffee. When I returned home in the evening I had a temperature.

**I didn’t pay attention to all those warning signs **and I continued going to work as usual, as if nothing was happening. It’s only now, a little late, it’s true, that I understand that if I had taken some simple, necessary steps (such as waiting until I was hungry and not drinking coffee) I would have saved myself all the difficulties which followed. Alas ! I was obliged to go through the experience and learn at my own expense.

On Saturday, 21st February I participated in a family reunion. In spite of my lack of drive, the temperature, and sore throat, I put up a good show, and even danced.


The following week, as I was still unwell, I went to see a doctor. I continued working and, eating like everyone else, drinking coffee, etc. The doctor diagnosed pharyngitis and prescribed a ten day course of penicillin, along with coated aspirin, to relieve the pain in my limbs.

Now, following only four days of penicillin I had the unpleasant surprise of seeing a rash on my back and arms – a form of dermatitis. As I had an appointment with the doctor on the Friday I showed him this.

“You have,” he told me, “a reaction to the penicillin”. What’s more, inflammatory arthritis appeared in my hands. My middle fingers were swollen and very painful and my wrists were also red and swollen, having doubled in size, to the point where I could neither move my hands, dress myself, nor hold a fork.

At the sight of all this, the doctor searched in his books and declared that it was a streptococcal pharyngitis, which would explain, according to him, the inflammatory reactions I was exhibiting. ( I can’t see how one symptom becomes the cause of another.) And thus he prescribed another antibiotic, accompanied by a still stronger aspirin – each tablet was worth four – and added an anti-inflammatory drug. When I took them, five minutes later I had hot flushes. It was doubtless the body’s effort to deal with and eliminate the poison.

I followed this treatment for 3 weeks and the inflammation and all the pains disappeared. I was happy and I asked the doctor to sign a certificate so I could return to work.

All the same, I had started feeling feverish again, and after only one day I coulndn’t take any more and left work.

It was then that I began to understand that suppressing symptoms, which is the sole preoccupation of doctors, is a bad thing. And, in fact, it doesn’t mean that you are cured; far from it. When you prevent the body from eliminating in one place, it resumes the task in another, as soon as your strength returns


Next I sought hel

p from Madame J. Lacroix, who is a Natural Hygienist. This is how I


began a fasting cure, ceased all the remedies,  and stayed in bed for a total rest. My temperature went up to 39°C  (102.2°F).

That night I had a strange dream. In the dressing table mirror I saw myself all huddled up in the shape of an S, as if there were three sections : the legs, body, and bust. And I was saying to myself that I would never be able to sleep as long as these three sections were not joined.

I recounted this dream to my wife, and a flood of past memories about critical moments in my working life came back to me. It was probably the stress of the last few years at the carpet factory which provoked all these dreams.

The following day my temperature had gone up to 39.5°C (103°F). I was at the end of my tether and I could not sleep. I felt an intense pressure over my eyes; the kind of pain which always heralds a heavy dose of flu. During similar episodes in the past I had always intuitively stayed in bed for 24 hours and fasted. But on this occasion I took some aspirin, which destroyed the beneficial effects of the fasting and rest.

In short, my sinuses were congested, and my knees were painful, as if I had a block of wood across the joints, or they were in a vice. My stomach was empty, but I wasn’t hungry – I felt totally full.. My blood pressure was up to 14/22 – very high, and my pulse was beating at 108 a minute.

By the evening of the 3rd day, the pain over my eyes had greatly diminished. On the 4th day my temperature fell a little to around 39°C (102.2°F). My thighs were hurting; the ganglions in my groin were swollen and remained so for 8 days; I was extremely thirsty, and I had spasms in my legs. I wasn’t hungry. I dreamed of aspirin because previously it had been my emergency support. My sinuses were congested and I was producing yellow; green and red phlegm. On the 5th day I passed a large motion. On the 6th day the pains disappeared, my fever fell to 37°C (98.5°F), my pulse to 84 beats a minute, and my blood pressur to 14/9.

On the 7th day, my tongue, which was white, turned pink. My strength also returned, as well as the ability to sleep. However, Iwas still very thirsty, and drank a lot.

The following day I ate an orange and half a grapefruit during the day, a few lettuce leaves in the evening, and nothing more. I continued this diet for several days.

Next I started eating properly, but my temperature rose a little, and I was obliged to fast again. I followed the directions in ANTIMEDICINE relating to a fever. Now everything is back to normal and I have resumed my regular activities. I have lots of plans and have once again the ‘joie de vivre’.

In conclusion, I note that I wasted 4 weeks by trying to cure myself with antibiotics and other medicines. And, I am astonished to observe how quickly my strength returned in spite of my loss in weight. I also feel so much more cheerful. It all passed exactly as the Natural Hygienists told me. – Account by J. Lacroix and written by A.M. –


Ch. 5


Have your brain purged ; it will be better employed than on your stomach.. –


I was born in Algeria in 1940 and suffered from malnutritution. I also had rickets, which resulted in a partial crushing of the ribs on the right side, as well as knees deformed in an X. Because of this, when we returned to France in 1947 my parents had me examined by a surgeon in Strasbourg, who, in order to straighten my legs, proposed sawing the head of the bones of both legs below the knee. This was done, and since then I have had no further problems. During these lean years our food ration was considerably reduced, and I remember that until the age of 12-14 years we ate boiled potatoes and junket every evening.

There were no health problems in my family; my mother and father both had a sturdy constitution. I have always practised a sport, going swimming and doing a lot of cycling, especially during the long summer holidays.


At the age of 26 years I was working as an engineer for a construction company, and was faced with numerous problems resulting from the difficult personal relationships in the company. I rapidly developed stomach pains; and the diagnosis, following a medical examination, and a barium meal, was that of colitis. I therefore followed one, then two, then several courses of treatment – charcoal, bismuth (now apparently withdrawn from sale for this purpose), etc.


Once I had left this company in 1970, to work freelance, my illness became a little less acute. However, I wasn’t cured and I tried alternative medicines.

At first it was homeopathy, then acupuncture and aromatherapy. I changed my diet, following to some extent the model of V & A, namely wholemeal organic bread, organic pasta, less meat, but continuing coffee and wine, and, in moderation, cold meats and cheese.

In spite of all this my colitis was still there, tenacious as ever, with, in addition, pains at the top of the vertebral column radiating out towards the shoulder blades and the base of my back. Furthermore, my near sight vision was becoming slightly weaker, which the doctor had confirmed was normal for someone around 39 years; in fact, a slight presbyopia. So I got glasses so as to be able to work better at my drawing board.

On the other hand, as well as the colitis, I began suffering serious pains in both kidneys


and that worried me, as I was aware of the large number of people already having dialysis at that time. I returned to see a doctor friend, who couldn’t advise any other other remedies than those I had already taken.

Finally, one day, I came across a small ad entitled : “_Supervised Fast”, _in the magazineNATURE AND PROGRESS; I wrote and received a reply from Mr. Mosseri, who invited me to come and fast at his home. That was in 1979.


The idea of fasting came to me in the following way : I noticed that scratching the scab on a wound prevented it from healing. By analogy, I deduced that it must be the same thing in the colon : the passage of absorbed matter would block internal healing.

But, having said that, I had no notion of Natural Hygiene. Then one day, when I was passing through Paris, I was in a fringe bookshop and found several books on fasting, including those of Shelton and of Saury. As the latter was less austere and included photos, I bought it, and dived into it as soon as I arrived home.

In brief, having arranged an appointment for a cure at Mr. Mosseri’s, I was obliged, by a combination of circumstances, to begin the fast alone at home, for one week. I stuck to the directions given in Saury’s book, which specified that you should not remain inactive !

Being valiant by nature, I worked in the garden and walked in the forest during a cold October. The result : in one week I had lost 10 kg (22 lbs). What’s more, I looked unwell, which really frightened my wife, as well as my in-laws.

The following day, without delay, I went to Mr. Mosseri’s home at Rigny-la-Nonneuse. He questioned me at length about my stomach and kidney pains, then he said:

“The colitis isn’t serious, but I can’t give a firm opinion about your kidneys.”

Indeed, that is what I discovered subsequently, as we shall see.

After the first night’s rest I got up to go to the toilet and urinated a brown liquid. I then remained in bed on a water diet, for 17 days, with violent pains in the intestine and stabbing pains in the kidneys. I ached all over, my tongue became white and swollen, and I had a foul taste of acetone in my mouth until the end of the fast.

Little by little, the pains in my kidneys and stomach subsided, without completely disappearing. As I needed to be free for a date fixed before I began my cure, and my work did’t allow me the time to complete it, I broke the fast.

At the beginning I weighed 82 kg (180 lbs); I was 72 kg (158 lbs) when I arrived here, and I lost a further 7 kg (15 lbs) during the two weeks of the fast.


With hindsight I can see that Saury’s book, written by someone incompetent, had misled me. In fact, it had encouraged me to waste my energy, instead of preserving it with total rest. (In fact, this author allowed those fasting to smoke and he welcomed them with champagne ! He has just died from bone cancer – naturally. – A.M.)

After a week of eating again I returned home, where I remained in bed for a further 10-15 days so as to fully recover. For a few weeks I still followed the strict diet recommended by Mr. Mosseri in his books. I stopped eating breakfast and drinking coffee, and I ate a lot of salad, and cooked vegetables in the evening.


I realised, then, that I had recovered, and that my eyesight had improved, for I could no longer wear my old glasses. Furthermore, the arthritic pains in my spine had disappeared and they have never come back again.

In the meantime, faced with the family’s opposition to my diet, the old temptations have returned – except for breakfast and coffee. I have also thrown myself headlong into my work, as well as numerous related activities.


The kidney problems were over.

However, the colitis re-occurred, but in a much less painful way, albeit chronic; so I also had a perceptible crystallization done, according to Steiner’s anthroposophical method. The friend who carried it out then said:

“You know, you are 47 yrs and it’s a time when cancer begins to appear. Take these results and go and see a homeopath, Dr; X in Strasbourg.”

So, I went to see this doctor who confirmed (on what basis, who knows ?) that I was in a pre-cancerous phase and that I must follow a course of treatment composed of homeopathic remedies, as well as injections of ‘viscum album’ (fermented mistletoe) to counteract the possible establishment of a later cancerous lesion. (This diagnosis has no value, no more so than the treatment. – A.M.)

I was quite worried, but I decided to write to Mr. Mosseri before starting anything. He replied that he had discovered a revolutionary method of setting off the elimination process again after a fast.

I found myself obliged to make a choice : either to take the homeopathic medicines (the uselessness of which I had confirmed, several times), or to go on another fast. My family were hostile to fasting, but not to homeopathy. In spite of that, I opted for the fast, remembering the positive results I had had during 1979. So I reckoned on 4 weeks at Mr. Mosseri’s and afterwards on an additional 2 weeks’ rest, until my return home.

I therefore followed a complete fast, with water, of 2 weeks. At the beginning I weighed 77 kg (169 lbs) for a height of 1.83 m (6 ft). My weight stabilised at 70 kg (154 lbs) two weeks later, for three consecutive days. It was the sign that the elimination process had slowed down and I could then start a half-fast.

There was, the, a very moderate average weight loss of around 500 g (1.10 lbs) a day. Compared to my first experience, when I stayed alone, unsupervised for a week, losing 1.42 kg (3.13 lbs) a day, that represented almost three times less !

That shows how indispensible it is to have yourself supervised by someone competent, with lengthy experience, like Mr. Mosseri; and on the other hand, not to allow yourself to be fooled by books such as that by Saury which can be extremely dangerous for your health.

During this fast I had pains in the whole of my body that were quite tolerable, coming and going and changing place each day – from my eyes, to the right hip joint (I had had pains in the hip on several occasions, but two X-rays at several years’ interval had only led the doctor to conclude that all was normal !!!); to my knees, lungs, intestine, and kidneys.


During the fast my tongue became white and I had a slight tast of acetone in my mouth,


but much less than in 1979. Then, as soon as I had begun the half-fast which follows the fast (consisting of a pound of fruit in the afternoon, and a pound of raw vegetables in the evening), my tongue turned a yellowy-orange. This showed that the elimination process had started up again during these last few days.

Eleven days after starting the half-fast my tongue is still yellow, and as I must soon return home, I am going to continue until my tongue has recovered its normal pink colour, - a sign that the elimination process is finished.

As for the rest of my body, this elimination is manifested in slight pains in the kidneys and the colon, but, above all, by an intense heat on the upper side of the thighs – a little like the effects of sunburn. At the same time as this feeling of heat, my flesh and muscles are stinging internally, as if a multitude of pins are pricking me in all directions under the skin. This happens especially when I stay in bed and don’t move – any movement temporarily stops the sensation of heat. Not yet having come to the end of the half-fast, I don’t know if the elimination process will be manifested in other ways, which is possible, for I have noticed that I sometimes feel a numbness, especially in the right ankle where I have slight varicose veins.


On hindsight, comparing the two stays here, I can say that there are several points which seem extremely important to me : <ol> <li>the necessity of being supervised by a competent natural hygienist such as Mr.</li> </ol> Mosseri. <ol> <li>the importance of total bed rest with just a radio to alleviate the periods of insomnia.</li> <li>the extraordinary nature of Mr. Mosseri’s discovery which makes fasting safer than it</li> </ol> was before. This is a major argument when faced with those who fear ‘starvation’ while fasting <ol> <li>the degree of personal comfort provided by the half-fast which, while prolonging the</li> </ol> elimination process, diminishes the extent of deficiencies in the body, as well as its reactions.


After 11 days of this half-fast my weight is 68.5 kg (151 lbs), a small loss of 1.5 kg (3.30 lbs). But I can already feel in myself a renewed vigour, in spite of having consumed so little food. It is therefore the sign that the assimilation of food by the organism is better than it was before. This confirms for me what Mr. Mosseri said : “_There is no point in eating a lot to obtain energy for the body. It is much more important – vital even – to properly assimilate what is consumed.

To use an image, I would say that stuffing the boiler if it doesn’t draw well is done in vain. It is preferable to have the pipes swept (detoxified) beforehand. – Edward J., Engineer at Sarrebourg.


Ch. 6
  “Astrology, alchemy, and medicine are only relics of true sciences, which are

astronomy, chemistry, and Natural Hygiene.”- DR. SHELTON

_ I _**_am 77 yrs and have never been ill in my life. I was a lorry driver in Africa; I used to

drink a lot of alcohol and coffee, I don’t like fruit, and I eat spicy food.

For two months I have felt a tumour in my neck, under the left ear, like a swollen ganglion, and it is very painful. I thought it was caused by my denture but this turns out not to be the case as it was fitted 10 years ago.

I have had a biopsy, but I wasn’t informed of the result. The word cancer has never been uttered, except to tell me that if I don’t have an operation immediately I risk developing cancer, - which amounts to saying that I am not suffering from it, at least at the moment. Then after the operation I will be subjected to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as are all such similar cases; that is to say with the certainty of ending up like all the others – dead. I only had to look at the doctor’s expression to understand what he didn’t dare tell me. So, that is what he promised me, without daring to make it clear. For the glory of medicine and the expansion of the big pharmaceutical laboratories’ interests, I have to sacrifice myself.

“Will the pain disappear while preparing for a fast ?” my daughter asked Mr. Mosseri.

 “No, it will get worse, because we shall stop all painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. It will only disappear at the end of the cure, in about 2 months.”

Mr. Mosseri then explained to my wife that the swollen ganglion resembled an abcess. The pain was caused by the arrival of blood to eliminate the toxins that had accumulated in that area. It is a task performed by Nature that should not be thwarted by medicines. The symptoms must not be suppressed, but encouraged, through fasting, to help Nature do its work.


At this point in the story I learned from his wife that the patient had opted for the operation. No doubt the pressure exerted on him by the doctors was too strong and he gave way, not daring to stray off the beaten track. After the operation it will be a question of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, then an agonising death after several months, or perhaps a year or two if he is very resistant. And the doctors will say that he died of another illness, so


as not to shoulder the responsibility for their erroneous treatment.

If he had accepted Natural Hygiene treatment, the tumour would have been re-absorbed naturally and he would have recovered without further problems. But he wouldn’t accept a natural method and his family didn’t want to take the responsibility of sending him to me against his will. –


Ch . 7

How I cured myself


Throw all medicines to the dogs.


I am of Swiss origin and will first mention the family setting in which I lived during my youth.

I lived with my parents in a small, cramped flat with two rooms. We often had family and friends to stay or to visit us; we readily to put up members of the family who were ill or in need, and in this respect it could be said that our house was the house of the good Lord.

My father worked as a skilled labourer in a chemical factory. And what had to happen, in effect, happened. Very soon, his health was affected by mercury poisoning which attacked his nerves. He became depressed and began to flee people: when you have a nervous illness you don’t want to see anyone.

My mother, who was very mild natured and friendly, devoted herself to those around her. But this state of mind thinly disguised a depressive state, with an underlying feeling of anguish, and unexplained feelings of culpability. The result was a persistent psoriasis, linked to her negative state of mind, but with a poor diet as its basis.

As for my sister; during our childhood she suffered as a result of my very presence. In fact, she was my whipping boy, as I no doubt took out my physical deficiencies on her !


When my mother brought me into the world it was a difficult birth. I suffered from asphyxia, and lesions of the central nervous system, which provoked Little’s disease. This was discovered later, when I was about 3 yrs, by a professor of medicine, and is why I now walk jerkily, like someone who is slightly paralysed.

At the age of 4 yrs I started school at a covent. I had a tendency to use my left hand and the nuns forced me to write with my right hand, which was partially paralysed.

Like many boys, I was quite mischievous and headstrong. I was very bright, and having listened to all the adults’ conversations, I then repeated them to the people concerned, to make myself noticed, if not to create havoc. This led to reprimands and anger from my parents; but in fact I became more and more wayward.


My schooling properly began at the age of 6 yrs, but I was incapable of learning; and


remained passive, and allergic to studying. I was shy, blocked, and deceited, sexually overexcited and masturbated, and I stole.

In short, I had all the human defaults possible. It was like this throughout my primary schooling. I learned as well as could be expected, and more or less subconsciously, to read and write, and then to do a few exercises of arithmetic.

At the age of 15 yrs I was still frail, mentally and physically, and my parents didn’t know what to do with me. Not wanting to support me indefinitely, they forced me to take a job in a metallurgical construction factory, where I found it impossible to sustain the rhythm of work imposed. From that moment on my state of health continued to deteriorate, to the point at which a depressive condition led me to register for invalidity benefit, which had just been introduced. I was 22 yrs at the time.

I should also mention the question of my libido during the period between childhood and adulthood. Along with the feelings of culpability engendered by my conduct, it was the catalyst for my ambitions. But thanks to the religious education I had received during my childhood, I was able to correct my code of ethics through prayer and devotion.

At 14 yrs I fell in love with the daughter of friends, who, because of my physical disability, did not look very kindly on the relationship. Over the years I suffered enormously from this situation, and my complexes prevented me from making any approaches at all towards girls. On the other hand, the question of bisexuality was also one of the great dilemnas which cast a shadow over my existence.

In short, I subsequently tried, in vain, to follow a professional apprenticeship in an attempt to make my existence more stable, both materially and emotionally, and so encourage my personality to blossom. In spite of all the failures, I succeeded, miraculously, in getting through it all.

To return to the question of libido. I repeat, it was this which was responsible for the development of my ambitions. It was in this way that at 18 yrs I decided to study chemistry, with a view to an apprenticeship as a lab assistant. To reassure myself that I was capable of following the course, I contacted a psychotechnician from the Invalidity Insurance and requested an examination. He treated me as an idiot and reproached me for having left my job. This traumatised me, and was one of the principal causes of my subsequent schizophrenia.

After that I took proceedings against the Health Insurance service so as to obtain an allowance, but I lost. People tried to find me work at a time when unemployment was a threat and so I was forced to take a job in a chemical factory as an unskilled worker, in the production of insecticides.

After 2 years I was poisoned by the gases and became seriously ill : vertigo, polyuria, an imbalance of the neuro-vegetative system, bulaemia, and attacks of nerves. A serious depression followed.

Partially recovered after a year of illness, I started work again, and the factory doctor transferred me to a lab; but three years later I had to leave and look after my failing health.


I began with allopathy; that is, with the chemical medicine that everyone knows. And, of course, it didn’t work.

Next, my mother took me to a homeopath who was of the opinion that the chemical


treatment had poisoned my body, and he prescribed homeopathic remedies. My state of health gradually improved,  but I then relapsed into a depression that was worse than the first – I suppose because of the poisoning by the insecticide gases and the allopathic drugs.

That was how I came to spend four whole years in hospital.

Following this period I worked again, after a fashion, but I was very frail. I went from one crisis to another and a doctor suggested making another claim to the Invalidity Insurance. This time they agreed to pay me an allowance.

After this I turned towards natural medicine, and my state of health improved little by little. I practised relaxation techniques and changed my diet and became vegetarian. However, my constipation persisted, so I added cereals, diverse nuts, fermented cheese, seafood, malted yeast, honey, as well as food complements. I never dreamt of all the harm these products would cause me.

In fact, not only did my constipation persist, but also my shingles and polyarthritis. I was suffering terribly and no longer knew what to do to treat myself.

It was then that I came across a book that I read in one go. It was ANTIMEDICINE by Mosseri, a real best seller, which rivals all the other books on natural healing for the various illness. Straight away I began a water cure at home, but quickly realised that I couldn’t follow it without being supervised by someone competent. So I rang Mr. Mosseri who received me at his home the following day.


The water cure lasted 18 days, during which I stayed in bed for most of the time. I was greatly helped by my relaxation exercises, which I did lying down. I had no particular crisis during those 18 days. My tongue was white, my urine smelt of the drugs, and sometimes I had the taste of fuel oil in my mouth – it was the elimination process.

My weight was stable for 3 consecutive days (4 weighings), on two occasions, and I then passed to the half-fast (1 kilo of fruit and raw vegetables a day). Very quickly my tongue turned a mustard colour, and this persisted for the following 4 weeks, without me eating anything other than what I have mentioned.

As I could not prolong my stay beyond two months, I was fed normally for one week and I was then able to return home.

_ Final results of the cure :_ the polyarthritis and shingles have totally disappeared. Since then I have had a medical examination with a view to carrying a weapon and I was declared fit to do so.

I can say, then, that it is a complete success and I thank Mr. Mosseri for having followed me closely during this cure; - Mr. TCHERRY, from Switzerland.

Note by A.M. :- A little while afterwards, I received 1,200 F from this follower, to support me in my struggle and my different medical legal proceedings.


Ch. 8

Doctors who are ill, and incapable of curing themselves, should be struck off the medical register. –

Here is the story of a patient suffering from multiple sclerosis. The destruction of his intestinal flora over several years has evidently been the cause of the slow and insidious evolution of this terrible paralysis.

In hospital he was given an immunosuppressant to suppress his natural defences. A curious way of treating illness – attack the body’s natural defences so it can’t show any symptoms ! But why not kill the illness so there is no longer any symptom at all ? Isn’t it the collapse of these defences that have caused Aids and paralysis ? And at the same time doctors prescribe yeast to redevelop the intestinal flora which have been destroyed. Insane: the yeast is also destroyed by the same drugs which destroyed the flora. -

When the doctors told him to lead a normal life, he found it impossible. The doctors and the press, naïve and credulous, also say the same thing about heart transplants. “He is leading a normal life” It’s more likely he is leading a life of hell, but he doesn’t dare to admit it when asked, because he wants to please the surgeons. It is like the prisoner, or former hostage who, when interviewed, eulogises about his former gaolers ! He doubtless wants to protect the other prisoners who have not been freed.


_ _I was born in 1956, near Toulouse. From the age of 5 yrs, as soon as I had a slight fever, my parents called the doctor, who always prescribed antibiotics to stop the fever; to everybody’s satisfaction.

Around the age of 8/10 yrs I suffered a burning sensation on my thighs and forearms, on the inside of the limbs. It lasted two to three days and was like shingles.

At about 12/13 yrs I had a series of episodes of chronic bronchitis, 4 to 5 times every winter. Each time, our highly esteemed family doctor was called, and he prescribed antibiotics by injection, which are more powerful than in tablet form. He had the bad habit of prescribing too many drugs and he seemed to be conscious of it, as, at the same time he prescribed yeast to renew the flora destroyed by the antibiotics.


When I was 15 yrs I played billiards every Saturday, but each time I developed a headache at the end of the evening. That lasted two years, and only ceased when I stopped playing billiards. I think they must have been provoked by the intense concentration needed.

At 18 yrs I had my appendix removed, and after a week, when I got out of bed my limbs were all stiff and I stooped a little when I walked. Once I had returned home everything returned to normal and I soon went back to work.

The chronic bronchitis continued for 2/3 years and was followed by repeated colds, and a heavy dose of tonsilitis, around the age of 18 yrs. I used to suck pastilles to soothe the sore throat which never went away. But then one day, I was sick of the pastilles and I stopped them. As if by magic my sore throat disappeared !

At 19 yrs, like all other young people of my age, I left to do my military service. And also, like all other young people of my age, I drank and smoked a great deal. We even made bets on who could knock back his glass of neat alcohol the quickest, and hold out the longest. All the same, I did notice a strange feeling in my head : a sort of shiver that went right up to my brain. I suppose it was the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis, along with the headaches and the burning sensations.

At 21 yrs I had my first attack of multiple sclerosis. I was washing my hair and I suddenly collapsed. I had no strength in my legs. I held onto the edge of the bath as I had a little strength in my hands. That lasted 30 seconds, then I got back onto my feet again, with a bizarre feeling in my head, rather like feeling sick and dizzy. Once I had recovered I had some water with lemon juice and went to lie down.

When I was better I drove off to see my girlfriend who lived 60 kilometers away. The next day we went to swim in a lake, but I was the only one not to go into the water – it disgusted me. I didn’t consult a doctor because I thought all this would pass.


Next came my marriage, and happiness. But that didn’t last long, for there was a second attack, stronger than the first. This one happened at work. At the time I was souldering agricultural machinery and the reel broke down. As it was at a height of 2.5 meters, I took a ladder to repair it, and at that moment, with my head bent over the machine, I immediately felt a curious phenomenon in my head. I quickly climbed down the ladder, feeling pulled towards the outside. I thought I was going to be sick and went straight to the toilet, where I vomited.

After this vomiting episode I had an astonishing sensation of dizziness and disturbed vision. It didn’t pass, and the next day I went to see a doctor. He did a head x-ray and then sent me to see an ear specialist, who gave me some useless treatment, as I had absolutely nothing wrong with my ears.

Mt disturbed vision lasted for about 3 weeks, but it took 6 months for me to completely recover my normal faculties. I knew very well that there was something not right with me, but I was incapable of defining it.


Last year I felt another unusual phenomen, but different from the two preceeding ones. I was travelling in my lorry to exhibit equipment at a fair, when suddenly I saw two cars in


front of me. The cars were identical, which I found strange. I then thought of closing an eye and I saw only one car. I understood then that I had double vision.

At the fair I felt terribly tired, but I took a grip on myself all the same. When I woke up in the morning I didn’t have the courage to put my feet on the ground. My head felt blocked. Once dressed, I went to work, stooping like a grandfather. That lasted for a month, and each day the double vision worsened. I had more and more difficulty getting up, and had the impression of having become like a very stooped old man of 90 yrs. After a month I decided to go and see a doctor, who sent me for an electro-encephalogram.

The result : I was asked to go into hosopital for more extensive examinations. It was a Friday. On the Saturday I went to my mother-in-law’s 5th wedding and everyone there noticed that there was something abnnornal about my eyes : indeed, I was seeing double.

The following Monday I went to work, then on the Tuesday I went into hospital, as agreed. From that moment on it was a series of tests : a lumbar puncture, an eye test every day, electricity applied to my heels to test their sensitivity, blood tests, and perfusions for 5 days. But as these perfusions provoked a burning sensation in the thorax they were stopped and replaced by cortisone given orally. After 2 weeks I started having headaches, and I was given tablets which got rid of them straight away. But after 3/4 days the tablets no longer had any effect. The doctors continued to give them to me all the same, and the headaches persisted.


The headaches were so violent that when I got up to eat I had one mouthful and went straight back to bed. As I couldn’t wait to return home, they allowed me to leave hospital after 3 weeks.

Next, I went to see my family doctor about the headaches which were really making me suffer. He prescribed valium, which made them disappear after only 2 days. Satisfied at this point, I stopped the valium; but alas, after only a week they returned, even more violently, with, in addition a ‘buzzing’ sensation in the head.

So, I then went to seek the advice of a homeopath. He did a blood test to ascertain my state of health, then he prescribed homeopathic remedies. In a week my headaches had almost been eliminated.

In 1982 my general state of health left much to be desired, and I went into hospital for the third time. After a series of tests and analyses, I was put on an immunosuppressant, called Immurel, which was designed to put the body’s defences to sleep.

According to the great professor, this drug is used to check new attacks of multiple sclerosis. I underwent the treatment for 3 years, with a check-up every six months.

For a long time the doctors told me that the illness was an inflammation of the spinal chord, as if they wanted to hide the truth from me. But, following my persistent questioning, they finally acknowledged that it was multiple sclerosis. I also succeeded in getting them to say what the future held for me : paralysed limbs, a wheelchair, and my sight affected. <ol> <li>Continue taking the Immurel and lead a normal life, they said each time.</li> </ol> But how could I lead a normal life when I was seeing double, my limbs trembled, and I had a variety of symptoms which reminded me at every moment of my life that my state of health wasn’t normal ? It was more like a life of hell.



When I understood that medicine gave me no hope, I began, in desperation, to go walking and do muscle development exercises. I felt a slight improvement, but I wanted to be 100% better.

It was then that I began to suspect that the cause of my multiple sclerosis should be sought in medicines, antibiotics, and food. I spoke to some of my friends, who didn’t necessarily think I was wrong, but wouldn’t take the risk of asserting it.

In following this line I was instinctively attracted to health food shops. I have always been curious by nature, and I didn’t hesitate in asking questions, to which the dieticians replied to the best of their ability. I asked all kinds of questions to find out if such and such a product contained a certain element or other. <ol> <li>Do you have a particular problem ? - they ended up by asking me.</li> <li>Yes, of course, I replied without the slightest difficulty. I have multiple sclerosis.</li> </ol> Contrary to other illnesses, I wasn’t ashamed to talk about it, and that helped me, as you will see.

By dint of questioning people, one day someone offered me a book called : “Multiple
_ Sclerosis is curable”, by Dr. Kousmine. That was at the end of 1986.
I immediately followed the advice given in this book – that is to say, I stopped taking all
medicines, _Immurel
included, and I followed her diet. I therefore ate less meat, and fermented and cooked cheeses. The result : 50% improvement.

I next sought to read all the books I could find which dealt with the subject of natural health. In this way I learned that the medical profession is only concerned with suppressing symptoms with aggressive drugs, that it never tells the truth, and that my recovery was the last of its worries. Besides, the doctors never promised that I would be cured. And if one day I should happen to recover, they would have lost a patient ! It isn’t in their interests to cure anyone. On the contrary, they prefer to keep patients dependent on them for as long as possible.


Every 6 months I go to hospital T., for a check-up with Dr. L.; a question of seeing if my condition has improved or deteriorated. At first the examinations were very thorough : blood pressure, eye tests, how I walked, etc. I was also questioned. But after 2/3 years the doctor only looked at my walking and my eyes. All the rest was abandoned, perhaps indicating the pointlessness of these examinations and the limited hope the doctors had for my future.

So, during my last appointment, I dared to ask the doctor some embarrassing questions. Not wanting to appear offensive, I pretended to be an idiot, at the same time as discreetly noting his reactions. <ol> <li>Doctor, how is my illness progressing ? Do you think I am getting better ?</li> <li>You are the one who can tell if you feel better of not.</li> <li>Yes, I feel better. But what is my improvement due to ?</li> <li>Immurel, he replied.</li> <li>You really believe that Doctor ?</li> <li>Yes, it’s the Immurel.</li> </ol>


I didn’t dare reveal that I had stopped taking this drug six months previously ! Now I had<br>
  trapped him I was embarrassed.<br>
  Then I again pretended to be stupid,  which had worked very well. I asked him :
  <li>Doctor,  what has caused my multiple sclerosis ? There must be a cause ?</li>
  <li>Your immune system has turned against your nerves, he told me.</li>
  <li>But,  Doctor, my nerves are protected by the myelin sheath and this need fortifying with vitamins.</li>
  <li>_Immurel, immurel, _he continued to repeat, for he was an intelligent man who viewed all his patients as backward.</li>
So, with an air of total innocence,  I said :<br>
  -Perhaps there is a problem of intestinal flora due to deficiencies in my food. Should I follow a special diet  ?
  <li>No. _Immurel _is sufficient, and nothing but _Immurel._</li>
  <li>Doctor,  for 6 months I have been following a particular diet and doing weight lifting.  I</li>
 think that must have helped me.

As I continued to ask him embarrassing questions, one after the other, he began to realise that I knew too much for him to ignore or elude the real answers.
He lowered his head, pretending to look for something on his desk. I sniggered discreetly, without him noticing. If he had seen me laughing I would have poured out everything to his face, but I didn’t want to be unkind, it’s not my nature. In any case, it would have served no purpose. They have been taught to keep their patients ill, and not to cure them; just to pretend to cure them.

I forgot to tell him about the ‘humming’ sensation in my ears. When I asked my G.P. about this he referred me to a specialist. But the specialist I consulted didn’t give me an answer either, beating about the bush like politicans with their platitudes, when they want to hide what they really think. Perhaps also, and it’s probably true, he didn’t know the answer.

In brief, my current symptoms are : <ol> <li>double vision from time to time.</li> <li>shaking limbs, which persists, in spite of the fact that I have now stopped taking all drugs, and changed my diet.</li> </ol>


At last, thanks to a neighbour, I discovered Natural Hygiene. He gave me Mr. Mosseri’s address. I read THE AIDS GULAG and, for the first time, I discovered the importance of the intestinal flora and the catastrophic effect that antibiotics can have on a person’s health. I also understood that drugs destroy these precious intestinal flora and are the distant cause of Aids, and the multiple sclerosis from which I am suffering.

I rapidly decided to undertake a fast, under the competence surveillance of Mr. Mosseri. I followed the preparation scrupulously, losing 4 kilos in a week. I then began the fast, having decided on a 100% recovery.

After 14 days the sensation of hunger returned. The symptoms of elimination were very mild throughout the cure, because of the past antibiotics.

I then followed a half-fast. After 3 days my tongue became yellow, over the whole surface. I no longer experienced the double vision which had so concerned me , nor the


shaking limbs. I think I have totally got rid of the multiple sclerosis. Mr. Mosseri asked me to confirm this in 3 months.

My tongue remained coloured for 3 weeks. My vision is no longer double, as I have just said. I have had no further attacks.- PATRICK DUROU, route de Villeneuve-sur-Lot, 47110 SAINTE-LIVRADE. Tel. 05 53 01 03 84.


  <li>The yeast which was prescribed is destroyed by the antibiotics and therefore has no value.</li>
  <li>The destruction of the intestinal flora over several years was the obvious cause of the multiple sclerosis. There would have been a deficiency of the vitamins normally manufactured by the intestinal flora, nerve cells destroyed by the undernutrition, and finally, the impediment of motor energy..</li>
  <li>The dizziness, headaches, and vomiting are symptoms of indigestion created by the destruction of the intestinal flora.</li>
The intestinal   flora manufacture vitamins   and    enzymes   and   it   is    possible   to   see<br>
  immediately how the destruction of this precious flora can provoke the undernutrition of the eyes, the nerves, and the blood, which leads to the serious symptoms of Aids and paralysis.<br>
  It is clearly the   destruction of the flora which prevented the body from eliminating a lot<br>  of waste during the fast.
  <li>The doctors had prescribed him an immunosuppressant called _Immurel_. A strange </li>
way of treating sick people : attack the natural defences so that they show no further symptoms ! But why not kill the illness, so that there are no longer any symptoms and the patient doesn’t complain any more? Is it not the collapse of these defences that causes Aids and paralysis ? And at the same time, realising their blunder, the doctors prescribe yeast to re-establish the intestinal flora that have been destroyed. But it is too late, for these drugs also destroy this yeast.<br>  Doctors only like discussing medicine with their peers, not with their patients. For doctors <br>  it is only possible to talk between themselves. To laymen they would say :<br> -  You have not studied medicine so you do not have the right to speak or have a say in the<br>  matter,  even if you are ill yourself.<br> And what about homeopaths ?   They are fully qualified doctors, but who have disowned <br>  medicine or who want to reform it.<br>
  It is not possible to say to them :<br>
  -  You have no right to criticise medicine because you haven’t studied it.

But, in fact, what are medical opinions worth ? The public are ignorant, but all the same, they have solid good sense, and often reason better than the great pontiffs of medicine. Anatole France, the well-known writer, wrote in approximately these terms:

“The two doctors each felt total contempt for the other. However, they didn’t hesitate in exchanging opinions, knowing they had nothing to gain or lose, since these were medical opinions”

A year later this previously paralysed man came to see me. He was totally cured. –





Fast, and you will recover. - THE PROPHET

MOHAMMED. (The Coran)

I am 70 yrs and I have glaucoma. My eyeballs were aching. I consulted my opthalmologist straight away who prescribed, as in all cases of this nature, drops, to be used three times a day.

I religiously followed this for three days, in the hope that the pain would disappear.

Alas ! the pain continued.

Then, by chance, I discovered the natural methods of healing and I wanted to try them, just to see. What did I have to lose in trying ?

So I fasted for several days, then I radically changed my eating habits.

The results were surprising in all respects : the glaucoma disappeared as if by magic !

A few months later I went to see the same opthalmologist for an eye test. I confessed that I hadn’t followed his treatment of eye drops. Although I no longer had painful eyes he insisted that if I didn’t use the drops I could become blind !

He examined and re-examined my eyes, using all the known tests, then he said to me : <ol> <li>Madam, you are lucky.</li> </ol> In fact, there was no further trace of glaucoma, and my sight, as well as my general state of health, were much better.


The advantage that doctors have over their patients, with their powerful capacity to dominate the mind of the patient, means that the latter, even though they are totally cured by a form of treatment opposed to that prescribed, return, like criminals, to the scene of their crime. That is, they return to see their doctor. They will only feel they have completely recovered if the doctor declares them cured !

It is for this reason that our patient returned to see her opthalmologist. She would have done better to abstain, and avoid the threat of blindness uttered by this ignoramus; a threat which could traumatise her for a long time. To live outside what is current and conventional, it is necessary to hide how you live; you have to protect yourself.

Moreover, as far as the medecal profession is concerned, someone who has been cured of an illnes by natural methods has been “lucky”, meaning that their cure is an exception, an accident, a rarity and an anomaly. On the other hand, people who don’t recover using medical treatment are the general rule !


_ Medicine doesn’t consider that the exception confirms the rule, and that the natural hygiene experience repeated a thousand times would give a thousand successes. In the same way that medical treatment repeated a thousand times leads to a thousand lamentable failures.

_The comments of Dr. Vetrano were as follows :

“Once again we can see that medicine considers health a question of luck. The change of diet and the fast are considered to have nothing to do with her recovery. In fact, all the eye specialists in the world think the same, that is to say that food has nothing to do with the eyes.

But an intelligent person who has removed their medical blinkers will understand that the eyes are part of the body, and that their health depends on the same factors which maintain a general state of health.

On the other hand, eye diseases ensue from the same causes which alter the general state of health.

Thus, if diet affects the health of the body in its entirety, there is no reason for it not also affecting that of the eyes.

To be convinced, it suffices to just have a try, honestly.
– DR. V.V. VETRANO, Hygienic Review, N° 10 Vol; XLI, 1980.-





Illness comes from the stomach: so fasting is the best remedy. -


I **was young, happy and in love. I got married and had every hope of having a wonderful, loving relationship, and a long and happy marriage.

Then all of a sudden I caught flu. Benign enough, you may say, but wait and see what followed.

If I had been cared for Hygienically I would have come through it in no time, and perhaps in an even better state than before. But, alas, as I had confidence in medicine, I sought the help of a doctor, and took the drugs prescribed.

I then became so very weak, that I could not stay up for long. I thought this would pass once I had recovered, but the weakness persisted. In fact for a whole year I couldn’t function properly because I was too weak. – I could barely crawl out of bed in the morning, and then I returned shortly afterwards. From that day on, I was never strong..

I eventually felt well enough to drag myself to work so I got a job in a factory. But I never had much evergy, and when I did too much I felt dizzy and generally unwell. I was still very thin, weighing only 53 kg (116 lbs).


I had hopes for a bright future, but after this heavy dose of flu my health seemed to decline steadily. In turn, at the age of 23 yrs, my nerves were affected. I felt a sensation like ants on my skin. I would become stiff. At times my heart was racing, to the point at which it was impossible to take my pulse. I alternated between weakness and a semblance of strength.

I also had muscular spasms which pulled and flexed my arms and fingers into grotesque


 positions. All my muscles seemed to be pulling in opposite directions at the same time,<br>
  causing the worst pain, and fear that I had ever known. When I had these spasms, it was as though I was paralysed, full of ants and that everything inside me was creeping. Sometimes I had one or two of these crises a day, but there were also days when I was free of them.

At the same time I took to eating to excess, and my weight rapidly increased, along with an equally rapid deterioration in my health.


The nervous condition was followed by cystisis and a kidney infection. The doctors prescribed sulpha drugs, aureomycin and penicillin. The sulpha drugs gave me terrible headaches, to the point at which I was forced to stop taking them. I felt rotten – with a temperature, shivering, and blood in my urine.

I should say that when I was young I had my thyroid gland removed, and I was put on thyroid pills. I took them for 20 yrs before I was urged to stop.

For many years I took the sulpha drugs, aureomycin, and penicillin, for my kidneys, as well as injections for my allergies.

After my marriage and the birth of my first son I developed arthritis. It wasn’t serious at first, as I only occasionally had pain in my back and legs. Then the pain increased so much that I went to see a physician who injected something into my arm to dissolve the calcium deposits. The calcium was so concentrated that he had to anaesthetize me. As the doctor manipulated my joints to detach the deposits you could hear them cracking in the room next door.


I had to follow the course of treatment prescribed for my arthritis over a long period. The doctor also gave me the strongest dose possible orally, for the pain, but in vain.

With my increase in weight and deterioration in health, my blood pressure increased alarmingly. One day the systolic reading was 240, which worried the doctor and he counter-attacked with blood pressure pills. I took those for two years. I thought I was doing the right thing in continuing to take all these drugs, but my health did not improve.


Then one day I heard about a reflexologist and I decided to try him. He took me off all the drugs, even the thyroid pills, and put me on a better diet. This was how I stopped all the remedies for my heart, arthritis, hypertension, and nerves. I had only taken drugs for the latter from time to time, when I had an attack of nerves, but I stopped these too.

The results were more positive than anything I had seen previously, with the help of doctors. An immediate improvement surprised me, and it was only later that I understood the reason. In fact, when you stop poisoning yourself, it is quite natural to feel better. I was then able to work a little better, which hadn’t happened for years. I even did some gardening for the first time in ages. I went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and although I was still unwell, I was able to enjoy this trip. My health improved daily, but wasn’t yet perfect. Around the month of January I began putting on weight : twelve kilos (26 lbs) in very little time. My arthritis worsened and I was laid low by a new bout of flu. It was a major elimination crisis which had been provoked by the cessation of the drugs, and by my change


in diet.

I again felt the creeping sensation on my face. I should also say that I had had a tender and sore abdomen for years, that I had never done much about. I had learned to ‘live with it’. From time to time I was doubled up with abdominal pains provoked by wind, and I felt as though I had stones in my abdomen. I have always had liver and gall bladder problems too. In short, I had all the complaints. What’s more, for 35 yrs, I had, from time to time, suffered from depression.


It was at that point that the reflexologist sent me to Dr. Shelton’s Health School. As soon as I arrived I began fasting, to eliminate all the toxins and repair the damage of the past. While I was quietly resting, my body did all the curative and reparative work. No more worries; I just rested, relaxed, and fasted, leaving it up to my body to act and perform its miracles.

On the seventh day of my fast the creeping things on my face (paresthesia) had completely gone. At the beginning I had sore muscles and joints, was nervous, weak, and suffering from dizziness and cold sweats at night. I sweated so much during the night that my nightdress, sheets and pillows were completely soaked. Moreover, my colon gave me a lot of problems. I had very loose stools, and abundant bad smelling wind, which embarrassed me.

For the first time I was only permitted to fast 14 days.

Several positive things happened during this first cure. In fact, I passed a lot of very thick mucus through my bowels, and after two weeks I felt much better. Occasionally I still had the crawling things in my face, and I was still in a nervous state. It wasn’t possible, in just two weeks, to recover from a lifetime of severe illness. However, the dizziness and nausea totally disappeared, which was a first step towards recovery.

I also began to sleep better than I had in a long time. But I was still left with arthritis, colitis, neuritis, nephritis, and flatulence.

In parts of my body where I had suffered previously, and totally forgotten about, the pain returned to remind me. For example, I had pain in the groin and I recalled that, a long time ago, the physician had wanted me to have my uterus removed, following excessive bleeding and tumours. I refused this operation.

My nerves being in lamentable state I was encouraged to eat for 5 weeks before undertaking a second fast. Like all sick people, I was in a hurry to recover.


So, I started on my second fast, and I weighed 80 kg (176 lbs) ! My blood pressure had gone down to 103/70. Like the first one, this fast lasted 14 days.

I subsequently had a variety of crises. All of a sudden my kidneys started hurting, as if they were going to tear and fall out. My weight had gone down to 76 kg (168 lbs). I even started taking some exercise, so as to sleep better. I had less wind and was less tense.

I next undertook a third fast of 11 days, after 3 weeks of eating, as on the previous
occasion. The pains all over my body eased, except in the base of my stomach, as well as the
arthritic pains in my legs, knees, and thighs, especially when I was standing for a long time. I also had headaches and a yellow discharge.



“According to doctor Vetrano, the return of symptoms after a fast is normal, in as much as the body is healing itself. New symptoms may also appear during the fast, for the body is healing old lesions, and, for the time being, this work causes severe pain in other places. It is in this way that the body is trying to do the work it hasn’t been able to do for years previously because of the drugs which prevented it from doing so.”

After this third fast, for the first time my legs no longer hurt. Nevertheless the muscles in my back did, and I was still also very weak and nervous; but this is not unusual for those who were in a nervous state before fasting.

I asked Dr; Vetrano : <ol> <li>Is it possible to recover without crises ?</li> <li>Sometimes, she told me. But most of the time people have to go through these crises</li> </ol> along the road to radiant health.
I stayed at the Health School for four months, in all. I felt quite well, but not as well as
I would have liked. Much more repair and development needed to be done. I still needed to lose a little more weight, and a lot of symptoms at the same time. But I wasn’t discouraged.
Once I was home the crises continued. But I persevered with the Hygienic way of living,
in the hope that one day everything would return to normal. Fortunately the crises no longer scared me. Being a very nervous person I didn’t continue my fasts for more than 14 days; My nervous state persisted, as before, but this time without me needing to seek medical help, nor the help of supplements. I stayed with the natural hygiene diet, rested, and remained patient.


Dr. Vetrano comments on this difficult case in the following terms :
“Many people give up at this point, saying that Natural Hygiene doesn’t work for them! But they haven’t perservered long enough to give Nature the time to restore them to health. Then they take a load of useless remedies, natural or chemical, and sometimes they resort back to the medical profession. They are soon in the same condition they were in prior to the fast and, indeed, often worse. I have had many do this, only to realise later what a mistake they made. They were well on their way to health, but were frightened by a new crisis, and then discouraged. They find that they do not progress quickly enough, only to realise in the longer term that the remedies they have again started taking, leave them in a worse state than before. Some even undergo needless operations and end up very sad when they think about it a little more.” - Dr. Vetrano.


“But my patient wasn’t discouraged. She stuck at it. After leaving the Health School, she wrote me a lovely letter as soon as she felt an improvement. I am going to publish this correspondence, to show the ups and downs she went through, before acquiring the good health she had been seeking for so long. In any case, it is not possible to recover from so many severe conditions, dating back several years, overnight. It took her 4 years to recover her health, and this isn’t long (in fact, quite rapid and remarkable), after a lifetime of illness.
Other doctors will say they can have quicker results. It is possible, but these results are fictitious and ephemeral. In the long term, these so-called results will finish by destroying a person’s health. Recovery using natural hygeine methods takes time, but it is sure and durable. We can even say it is ultra fast, for there are no other means. Either you follow nature’s path, or you continue to suffer, until death delivers you.
When your body goes through crisis after crisis, it is seeking, in fact, to recover, to


heal tissues and repair damage. And when all this work is finished you will be a new person. The most wonderful thing is – you feel it too!” concluded Vetrano.

Here is all the correspondence that we exchanged:

Dear Dr. Vetrano,

I know you must be wondering what became of the girl from Maryland. Well, I succeeded in following the natural hygiene diet fairly well. While we have vegetables in the garden there is no problem on this front. But the vegetables from the market are not organic. The tomatoes are tough, without taste, and expensive; the cucumbers are waxed and may have soft spots; the peppers are coated with oil; the lettuce is white and crispy, but tasteless and turns brown quickly. The celery is acceptable, as are the citrus fruits and the grapes. Apples are the best.

I now weigh 62 kg (136 lbs), so I have lost 8 kilos since my return home from the 4 months of cure with you. At home I haven’t fasted for more than 24 hours at a time. I mostly just skip meals because I get weak quickly when I fast. I become terribly depressed and feel like life isn’t worth living; then I snap out of it and enjoy everything immensely.

When I started to suffer from depression, a long time ago, the doctor sent me to hospital for a Basal Metabolism test. I then weighed 54 kilos (119 lbs). Next I gained a lot of kilos, exactly those I am in the process of losing now. Do you think this weight loss will affect my nerves? I do the recommended exercises; I also rest, but it’s difficult in the outside world. I don’t see many people: they tire me and make me feel bad, as you told me they would. Reading and writing also tire me, but this is better than before.

At the moment I have a terrible cold, the first since before my cure. For years I have been plagued with head, throat and lung troubles. These have always followed episodes of depression. I wonder if it is a reaction; or have I caught it from other people? I must still be toxic, otherwise I wouln’t have had anything.

I have difficulty in facing up to problems, in thinking things through and taking decisions. Your instructions and encouragement would be appreciated. Sincerely,


And here is the reply from Dr. Vetrano:

Dear Suzanne,
_ I see you have succeeded in keeping yourself on the diet and in losing weight, which is perfect.** The depressions from which you suffer from time to time, must not affect your morale, for they are part of the curative process.**
** **_Because you are so enervated, it is easy to become toxic and develop a cold. Continue with your Hygienic programme, resting more when you are tired and depressed. One of these days the depression will cease. I suggest you begin consuming more nuts so you will not be so tired. This means you may take 2 oz (60 g) at midday and the same quantity in the evening, or 4 oz (120 g) at midday. This will slow down your weight loss, but it is best for a while.

_ Wishing you the happiest and healthiest of New Years, I remain_
_ Sincerely,_
_ Dr. Vetrano

Dear Dr. Vetrano,

I am feeling better. My valleys are not so low, nor my hills as high as they were. My hair has almost stopped falling out, but I don’t have much left to fall out either. Sincerely, Suzanne


Sometimes,  writes Dr.Vetrano, after several long fasts, the hair will fall out and thin,  as it does when a person has a debilitating fever. This is temporary and it soon grows back. Also she had, on her own, cut her protein to a very low level and I had to encourage her to eat more.

Here are her other letters and the replies:

Dear Dr. Vetrano,

Greetings from Maryland. I’ve been planning to write for some time, but was waiting to get the photos. I hope all is going well at the Health School.

As for me, I think I am doing better. I now work quite a bit around the home, helping to clean, and a little gardening. My nervous condition has gradually levelled off, as you said it would, for which I am very thankful.

However, I am still weak and tire quickly. I pick up again after a rest, though. I feel like I am living now, enjoy work and consider that life has still much to offer. I did go down to 58 kg (130 lbs) but I gained a kilo which comes and goes. I have added some starches to my diet and I shall be glad for some fresh vegetables from the garden again.
Thank you for everything.

Sincerely,  Suzanne<br>   _     Dear Suzanne_<br>   _     I am pleased that you are now down to 58 kg (130 lbs). I think you have done wonderfully well. I am even more happy about the fact that you are much less nervous and are happy to live now. Living within Natural Law really works wonders – doesn’t it?_<br>   _     Keep up your hygienic living and your life will get better and better._<br>   _    Sincerely,_<br>   _Dr. Vetrano_<br>   _     _Dear Dr. Vetrano_,

I’ve been doing quite well. Once I started eating more nuts, my blood pressure went up and I was soon able to work again. I had a carbuncle and a dose of flu and fasted for 10 days to get over these.

My problem now is that I want all the things I shouldn’t eat : meat, cakes and bread. I occasionally eat meat pie and some starchy things. I don’t eat cake, ice cream, sweets, potato crisps, and fried foods, or drink tea coffee and sodas But when I have just a taste of something harmful I find it difficult to stop myself. What do you think?

The fast last winter, when I had really bad cramps for days, really helped the female trouble. I had pus oozing from my navel until then, but now it has stopped. I also had a sharp cutting pain in my right side, which I think was probably a kidney stone. I had a hot bath, as you advised me, and that was the last I felt it.

What did Dr. Shelton think about the worms in the urine? It’s the first time I have seen anything like that and they looked like worms.

I have written four pages for your records. It could almost be made into a book. The reflexologist who sent me to you got me off medication two years before my cure. Prior to that I had taken blood pressure medication for years.

This Spring, when I mowed the banks of the lawn I did something that disturbed the varicose veins in and around my left knee. Since then it has given me trouble. The veins get large and there is a soft lump on the inside of the leg, at the knee: Any suggestions?


If you print my story I’d appreciate having a copy.

I feel good, but I get tired quickly because I work hard. People marvel at the work I do.

Well, say hello to everyone at the Health School. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for helping me over the phone last winter. Enclosed is a fairly recent picture of me. Sincerely, Suzanne

Let’s look at what Natural Hygiene has done for me : <ol> <li>Nerves : I was in a lamentable nervous state for 36 years. At the onset I had fits, </li> </ol> or spasms, then later a constant debilitating weakness and inward nervousness that never went away, accompanied by depressions. During my cures, and then on my return home my nervous state was exacerbated, but then calmed down. I am now calm and can face life with ease.

2) Rheumatism, bursitis, sciatica, arthritis, neualgia, etc. : Every joint, muscle, and in my body seemed to give me severe pain, day and night. The Dr. gave me the strongest pain killers he could give, orally, with little results. The x-rays showed many calcium deposits in the spine and joints. – Thanks to _Hygienic _living I am free of all this rheumatic pain.

3) Female problems : I have suffered from these almost all my life and have even had fibroids, but this is all much better now.

4) Obesity and water retention _: I had kidney and bladder trouble for 30 years (a condition that seems to run in my family). I weighed 98 kg (217 lbs) due to fluid retention and took diuretics for years. I believe the fasting removed some stones. I now weigh 62 kg (137 lbs). <ol> <li>_Thyroid : Almost all my thyroid gland was removed 30 years before I started fasting</li> </ol> _ _ and I had taken thyroid medicine almost all of that time. <ol> <li>The Heart _ There was fluid aroung my heart and lungs, giving me terrible pain in my</li> </ol> arms. The Dr; gave me heart medicine <ol> <li>_Flu and colds : _ Every winter I used to suffer severe colds, flu and I once had</li> </ol> pneumonia._ I now seldom have a cold and when I do it only lasts a little while. I’ve had flu once in 4 years. <ol> <li>Allergies : I was terrible aflicted with allergies, both inside my organs (lungs, kidneys</li> </ol> etc.), and also on the outside. Even pulling out weeds would make me break out. Now – no more allergies. <ol> <li>_Ulcer : _ I had an ulcer on my eyeball which the Dr. said I would always have, and did</li> </ol> have, until I fasted; In 4 years it has not bothered me and I know it is healed.

10) Spur bones : X-rays showed 6 spur bones in my feet that gave me a lot of misery. No problem since I fasted.

I haven’t taken any medication for 6 years now, not even vitamins. I work almost every day at home or in the garden. I am now 62 yeas old. All this thanks to Hygiene, the biblical way of eating and taking care of the body.

Thanks also to Dr. Vetrano for assisting me to do what I knew all along was the right way to eat rest, exercise and fast, but did not have the will power to do on my own.

A few other points of health might also be of interest.


  <li>_My vision : _My eyes have cleared up and my vision is clearer. I only need glasses for</li>
 close work. Before I wore triple lenses and I still could not read very well.
  <li>_My hair :_ I lost my old hair but the new hair that grew was very fine and less grey. I now have hair that reaches the bottom of my spine.</li>
  <li>_Taste and smell :_ My taste and smell are much keener.</li>
  <li>_Hearing :_ I also like to think I can hear better.</li>
_Dear Suzanne

Thank you very much for your progress report. When I read it to Dr. Shelton he wanted to use it in our new book on arthritis. Another writer who was here will probably want to use it in his book on fasting. We will only use your initials, but the other author wants authentic reports and medical records showing your state of health before and after the fast. If you have access to your past medical records and x-rays we would appreciate you sending them to us.

I am pleased that you are quite well now and that you recovered from the flu quicker than you expected. The fact that you developed the flu means that you are either overworking and not getting enough sleep and rest, or that you are over-eating on carbohydrates. The carbuncles didn’t cause the flu.

There are a few tricks you can use to prevent yourself from eating meat pie and starchy things. Just don’t look at them when they are on the table, or when you are around friends who are eating them. Look at people’s eyes, nose, ears, or hair, or at the chandeliers, or at any thing but the food you so desire. If you don’t look at it, you will not think about it, and if you don’t think about it you won’t become emotionally involved in the desire, and can forget all about it. The trick is to keep you eyes and mind off the object of desire. If you do not even permit the thought to come into your mind you will be successful. It just takes practice.

I can’t quite remember how you described the “worms” in the urine over the phone, but they may have been casts from the dead epithelium lining the kidney tubules, which remain after previous inflammation.

Straining or carrying heavy loads makes varicose veins worse. Not having seen the bulge you described on your inner leg at the knee, I can’t tell you what it is. Rest on a slanted board daily and continue exercising, but do not strain.

I showed Dr. Shelton your picture and said “hello” to him from you.

_Sincerely. - Dr. Vetrano

Dear Dr. Vetrano,

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to answer my letter.

As for the authentic reports and medical records you request; they may be difficult to get. However, the Chiropractor who suggested I go to your Health School, was the last to take x-rays and he has very helpfully consented to let me have them.

As I suffered from this nervous condition for 36 years, I consulted a number of doctors, and was hospitalized several times for various ailments – tonsils, appendix, and thyroid all removed, kidney and bladder infection, as well as for tests, x-rays, etc. All of which were a number of years ago.

The doctor who cared for me when I started having nerve problems at the age of 23 yrs later died, and according to his secretary, his records were destroyed. The other doctors who, for years, treated my thyroid problems and kidney and bladder infections, have also been dead for a number of years. I feel sure their records will also have disappeared.


As for Dr. Mance, who treated me for a number of years until around 1956; I haven’t asked him for my records as I don’t think he would be sympathetic towards the Hygienic way to health. One of his patients with cancer, who was about ready to die, went into a similar clinic for a cure, and recovered. But after she told him what they did for her, the clinic was closed following a complaint to the A.M.A. This patient continued living for another 19 years and died at the age of 81 of a stroke.

I was also treated by Dr. Callendrella for my rheumatism, water retention, and a variety of other aliments; but he has retired and his wife tells me he has destroyed all his records.

For the last 4 years before coming to you I was seeing a good reflexologist. Would a written statement from him be any good to you? He is quite well informed concerning the human body and illness. It was he who helped me sufficiently to be able to stop taking the various kinds of drugs the doctors were feeding me, and to destroy several internal tumours that our surgeon insisted I go into hospital for. I have felt normal for 2 years now.

Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the proof of my case history before your book goes to print. I would also like to hear from the man who is planning to include my case in his book on fasting. Anything I can conscientiously do to prevent others from suffering in the way I did, I will be happy to do.

My varicose veins are better. I think I was eating too many dairy products. Thank you for your suggestions about how not to eat the wrong things. I try, but those habits are really difficult to overcome. I mostly feel fine, sleep soundly, and really enjoy life. I seldom get very tired, even after working all day. Sincerely, Suzanne

(Translated _from Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review, _November 1979).
USEFUL NOTES BY AM. : <ol> <li>Those who stay in bed while fasting think it is necessary to do something to speed up the elimination process. They don’t know that the body never stops working, and that it works better when they do nothing !</li> <li>Diarrhoea, loose stools and the bad smelling gas could have been avoided if she had spent a few weeks preparing herself before starting to fast.</li> <li>Dr. Vetrano, considering the quantity of drugs that this patient had ingurgitated, did not wish to prolong the fast for more than 14 days the first time.</li> </ol> But a long preparation, at home, would have launched an effective elimination and thus avoided the brutal shock of a fast, undertaken straight away, with a body that was poisoned, and the mind haunted by the fear of provoking deficiencies and a much too violent elimination. <ol> <li>It should be noted that this patient, once on the path to recovery, suffered from all her former ailments, which reoccurred one by one. In fact illness is nothing more than a means of elimination.. The body, which has been prevented by all the medicines from performing its process of elimination, resumes all the tasks it has put on hold, as soon as it finds the strength and the occasion.</li> <li>Note the method which was followed : an average first fast, then an interval of 5 weeks, then a second fast, and thus she continued. The Dr. knew instinctively that her patient did not have enough reserves to fast for long. However, the Dr. had nothing to</li> </ol>


guide her; no compass, no milestone,  no benchmark. She drifted along instinctively, feeling her way as she went.<br>   The cessation of weight loss would have been a precious signal, which indicates the exhaustion of the body’s reserves. Otherwise, it’s the trial and error method, which in my opinion, is too brutal. It is preferable, by far, to take time at home to prepare, then to follow the fast with a half fast, for as long as necessary, be it even several months. This half fast comprises 500 g of fruit and 500 g of raw food, spread over the afternoon. In the majority of cases the tongue becomes coloured, and this is an indicator, a benchmark, which acts as a guide and designates the day when elimination has ceased and the moment for the subject to start eating. 
  <li>The kidney pains suffered by this patient indicate elimination by kidneys that are overworked. At moments like this it is necessary to drink a lot of water. If the patient has difficulty in drinking, adding lemon juice to the water can help.</li>
  <li>The return of symptoms after a fast means the body has not finished its elimination, and that this is starting up again. This is the method of the half fast.</li>
  <li>Concerning those who abandon Natural Hygiene, because they are seeking rapid results, I must say something important. The Dr. accuses these patients of lacking patience and perseverance. I would say rather that they have not understood very much about fasting !</li>
In fact, even if the results take a long time to appear, the natural Hygiene diet should be followed for the simple reason that it is Nature’s diet, and that there is no other correct diet.

For example, when we say that it is necessary to wait to feel hungry before eating, that food should be eaten, as far as possible, in its natural state, these natural principles should be adhered to, without worrying about what will follow. **But the consequences can only be positive. <ol> <li>When our patient says she can no longer fast without becoming weak, and suffering from a terrible depression, to the point at which she feels her life is no longer worth living, we should not forget that all the fasts she has undertaken must have left her with significant deficiencies, and that she has not yet made up for these deficiencies. Hence the depressions. She has, without doubt, fasted too much.</li> <li>Between professional natural hygienists there are differences of understanding and application of the principles. In my opinion the depression is a symptom of elimination. It is when the cells unload their toxins into the blood that the nervous system is perturbed. We have to incriminate not only the medicines of the past, but also the consumption of nuts that I formally condemn, especially for those who are ill. </li> </ol> And I also condemn all forms of ** muscular exercise for those with chronic ailments. I have spoken about this in number 4 of the review ‘The Natural Hygienists’. All of that retards considerably the recovery of chronically ill people. Shelton also used to recommend eating nuts, and exercising for the chronically ill. It’s crazy ! <ol> <li>Of her own volition the patient had diminished her ration of food with a high protein content. In my opinion she had the right intuition.</li> <li>When our patient had eaten too many nuts she felt stimulated, her blood pressure rose, but she had to pay dearly soon afterwards: she developed flu and a carbuncle.</li> <li>When the patient wanted to eat everything that she shouldn’t, we must understand that</li> </ol> 56

she was suffering from serious undernutrition, and this was accentuated by the nuts. Furthermore,  those who eat too many nuts can end up by becoming bulimic. The body demands enormous quantities of food, which do not benefit the body, for nuts poison it and diminish its digestive powers.
  <li>Note that our sick person had stopped her medicines two years before undertaking her fasting cures. And in spite of this long period the crises during the fast were very strong. She had taken too many drugs in the past.</li>
  <li>The exacerbated nervous state at the end of her fasts was a symptom of undernutrition and deficiencies, due to the nuts, and the lack of benchmarks during the cures. She had felt her way along, and certainly gone beyond the limit when deficiencies began. She had fasted too frequently and for too long.</li>
  <li>Oedema is the retention of water by the body in order to dilute the poisons and medicines present. When the latter have been eliminated and the supply is not replenished, the water is rejected because it now serves no useful purpose.</li>
  <li>Concerning thyroid extract, it seems that she continued to take this, given that her thyroid gland had been almost entirely removed.</li>
  <li>Sight improves after a fast, so it is necessary to reduce the strength of the glasses, or to stop using them altogether.</li>
  <li>According to Dr. Vetrano, the flu from which this patient suffered had its origin in overwork, lack of sleep and rest, and too many carbohydrates. I think it was due rather to the nuts, as for the carbuncles. –</li>


Ch. 11

Two days later Zadig was completely cured. Hermès, the great doctor, wrote a book in which he proved that he should not have recovered.

N **atural Hygiene is a revolutionary health movement which was born in the U.S.A. at the

beginning of the 19th century.

Already, in Ancient Greece there existed temples where fasting was practised, with the aim of curing all illnesses. The Greek philosophers were in favour of such a movement, but medicine got the upper hand, and Natural Hygiene fell into oblivion and disappeared.

Then in the 19th century natural hygiene was rediscovered, thanks to around twenty pioneers, mostly dissident doctors. They were people who had found little of value in medicine : Doctors Trall; Tilden, Weger, Jennings, Alcott, etc.

Then, in the 20th century it was Dr. **H.M. Shelton, **who was not a medical doctor, who synthesised all these methods. So as to develop a coherent and solid system he excluded superfluous ideas, and pruned everything which did not directly concern the pure principles of natural hygiene he had discovered and set out.

The general idea is of _ a return to nature and to natural hygiene factors _so as to maintain good health, and even to cure oneself.

Naturopathy was born in Europe, 50 years before the birth of natural hygiene. Its protagonists were Louis Kuhne, Adolph Just, Abbot Kneipp, Preisnitz, Biltz, and others. Naturopathy seeks to reform medicine, replacing chemical remedies by other, vegetable remedies.

On the contrary, Natural Hygiene is a revolutionary system. Its aim is to destroy medicine, not to reform it. It is not possible to reform a system whose origins are based on errors.

Naturopathy has not renounced the basis of medicine, which is the struggle against symptoms. It does proclaim, it is true, that we have to eliminate the cause, but then Naturopathy behaves as if nothing has been said, and launches into the struggle against symptoms, using infusions and old-fashioned remedies used by grandmothers.


A house is in ruins, dilapidated; in the same way as the health of a patient is in ruins, his
normal functioning disrupted. You want to repare this tumbledown house and make it habitable. To this end you use bricks, tiles, cement, breeze blocks, stone, etc. That is to say, the same construction materials that served to build the house in the first place.


It is the same for a run down body in poor health, one that is sick. Only the materials that served to build it initially can be used to repare it, to buck it up, to revive it.

The Naturopath who resorts to hip-baths, massages, infusions, and to all the modes of treatment used in this field, is not a natural hygienist.

Is our system rigid to this point ? In any case our principles are. We exclude all types of remedies, even natural. There is no place in natural hygiene for any kind of remedy, whatever it may be, and in this area we make no compromise.

However, two natural hygiene practitioners may have diverging points of view on questions of the length of a fast, diet, the function of rest, and the rôle of mental processes. One will allow a certain combination of foods while the other will condemn it.

I was the first to use the word_ Hygienism _to designate our system. In America it is called _Natural Hygiene. _Several naturopaths in France call themselves natural hygienists, even though they are not, so as to benefit from the credit given to this name.

It follows, according to the principles of natural hygiene, that the factors necessary to maintain good health are the same as those to which we have recourse in order to recover, whatever the illness in question. In other terms, the factors necessary for good health are nutriments specific to the human species, the absence of chemical poisons in food, and the suppression of drugs, vaccines, negative emotions, etc.

These are the same factors that the natural hygienist practitioner prescribes to his patients, but in doses appropriately adapted for each particular case. Fasting, in this panoply of remedies, offers rest to the stomach.

I would even go so far as to say that the factors which are not really indispensable for health and life itself, cannot be so for illness either.

Example: massages. Are they indispensable for the maintenance of health? No. Consequently, they are not used in cases of illness.

Infusions, hip-baths, and various other treatments – are these essential for guaranteeing good health? No. They can therefore be of no use in the case of illness.


In other respects, it is unfortunate that the idea of a remedy has become so anchored in the subconscious of the whole of humanity. It is a superstition, for remedies do not exist. The only remedy, so to speak, is the suppression of the cause.

People like to think that there exists somewhere in nature, a plant which can end all suffering, _without touching the causes.

They reject out of hand the logical solution, which consists of eliminating the cause. They are perfectly aware of the cause, but unconsciously do not want to get rid of it and need to be given an illustration. <ol> <li>I suffer from terrible headaches, a young man told me one day. Could you give me a remedy?</li> <li>You must get rid of the cause, I told him.</li> <li>But I know what the cause is. I often drink alcohol. I am looking rather for something which relieves the pain (that means to say without getting rid of the irritating cause).</li> </ol> This is the mentality of people. They are even capable of taking a little poison which will help them not to feel their pain.


And this poison may be an infusion, a drug, a treatment for something, etc.<br>
  Why a small dose of poison? That means to say that they do not want to take too much for fear of dying from it.

In assuring radiant health the natural hygiene movement will inevitably mean the disappearance of the following harmful industries : <ol> <li>the pharmaceutical industry.</li> <li>the tobacco industry</li> <li>the coffee, tea, and chocolate industries.</li> <li>the alcohol industry</li> <li>the nuclear industry</li> <li>the industries producing pesticides, colourings, insecticides, chemical food additives, such as preservatives, sapidity factors, and taste enhancers.</li> <li>the meat industry</li> <li>the agro-food industry.</li> </ol> If the hygienist movement aims for the destruction of medicine it would however retain surgery for accidents and other rare cases.

That being said I am under no illusion about the extent of the victory to be attained. I estimate that only ten per cent of the population will allow themselves to be convinced of the soundness of our position, while the other 90% will refuse any discussion from the start. The latter will prefer to opt for the suppression of the symptoms produced by their unhealthy habits. They prefer to live dangerously, suffer and die, rather than to live healthily. They prefer stimulation, an artificial euphoria, intoxication, the overexcitement and dizziness of speed, to wisdom well-being, to the serenity and profound joy of radiant health.

It follows that medicine, even if it will be beaten in the scientific domain by natural hygiene, will remain the preference for the majority.

One one side will be the mad and the other the wise ,– hell and paradise,- sickness and health,- medicine and Natural Hygiene


Ch. 12
  Microbes are no more the cause of illnes than flies are the cause of dirt. -

B** efore embarquing on a fasting cure a certain preparation is indispensible, so as to avoid


In fact, during a fast it is possible to spend some quite unpleasant moments, ranging from headaches; dizziness, even when lying down; repeated and incessant vomiting day and night; to delirium, or confusion when the person cannot remember anything either about the day, or the names of their children, etc.

This preparation has two parts : <ol> <li>the cessation of drugs, either abruptly, or progressively, according to the case. Those who do not stop their medicine some time before fasting risk the most violent crises.</li> <li>following a preparatory diet for one, or several weeks beforehand. This diet should be based on the normal natural hygiene menu. It is not worth following a more severe preparation, in stages, because already with the normal natural hygiene diet you lose 3kg.</li> </ol> This diet should be followed carefully, at home. Any negligence will cause unnecessary suffering during the fast, as well as when you resume eating. Indeed, there is a risk of a stool being stuck to the wall of the anus just at the moment of starting to eat again. This can lead to dramatic problems, as will be seen in the chapter dedicated to this question.

Shelton advised no particular preparation and this is why some of his subjects suffered violent crises.


What does good preparation consist of ? Some have their subjects prepare in successive stages at a fasting clinic.

The first of these stages is a week or more of raw food, then when the subject’s weight has stabilised, they move on to the next stage.

The second phase consists only of fruit juice and raw vegetables. When the subject’s weight has stabilised again the fast then commences.

Weight stabilisation signifies that the body has adapted to its food intake. It is a _nutritional adaptation.

This form of preparation has several flaws : <ol> <li>it maintains hunger, while fasting cuts it rapidly, in a few days, and sometimes right from the beginning.</li> <li>it makes the subject, who could have followed such a diet at home, lose time.</li> </ol>


  <li>finally,  it constitutes too violent and too brutal a change. In fact, it is a question of a </li>
half fast, which is too abrupt for the average person’s diet. It is quite enough to undergo a preparation using the normal natural hygiene diet, which already eliminates tobacco, coffee, wine, meat,  bread, etc., and which results in the subject losing 3kg (6.6 lbs) in the first week, well before having begun to fast. Isn’t this sufficient ?

If a subject has only a month, applying the different stages means he would only actually
fast for a few days.
It is much easier to go straight into a fast than to play around with stages, which only
illustrate the apprehension and fear of the director of the cure clinic.

I once asked Dr. Shelton the question about fasting in successive stages, and he gave me the following reply : <ol> <li>If you want to cut off a dog’s tail you don’t cut off an inch each day. It’s less painful if</li> </ol> you cut it off in one go. –

The preparation that I give consists of following the normal natural hygiene menu (2 to 3 kilos of food per day), and eliminating all the poisons (coffee, chocolate, wine, fermented cheeses, etc.). Those who follow it conscientiously lose 3 kg in a week. There is no purpose in following a preparation which is more severe and difficult to stick to. Just as well to fast. Isn’t it easier to fast than to limit oneself in such a drastic way ?


It is important that the subject manage to relax, physically and mentally, before undertaking a fast. To that end, it is advisable to give up all nitrogenous products : meat, chicken, fish, nuts, pulses, eggs, cheese, bread, and cereals.

In fact, it is important to abolish all foods which contain more than 2% of protein. Nitrogenous foods, as they are also called, raise the metabolism and the general pressure of the body. They prevent all natural relaxation (as distinct from artificial relaxation practised by yogis). This natural relaxation is often called ‘tiredness’, but in error.

Nitrogenous foods are also acidifying and aphrodisiac. The failure of ordinary vegetarians is due to having kept nitrogenous foods on their menu.For example, wholemeal bread is more to blame than white bread, for it contains 12% of proteins, while white bread only contains 8%. The abolition of nitrogenous foods is the key to success.


Some people are afraid of fasting, whereas they need to do so for their health. They lack will power, are fearful of hunger, and dread pain and elimination crises.

Mrs. Theresa had already fasted for the first time in the U.S.A., at Dr. Benesh’s clinic, 23 days for obesity. The wonderful results didn’t take long to appear. She had fasted with enthusiasm and courage, like all those undertaking a fast.

Several year later she came to my establishment, Not having followed very closely a natural hygiene way of eating, she had put on all the weight she had lost, and more. !

Thus, she followed a 15 day fast at my home with some difficulty, for her enthusiasm had waned. Indeed the experience of fasting was not new to her, and although she was fully convinced of its usefulness, she had lost her courage and sense of wonder. In fact, the imagination is only captivated by the unknown, and she lacked fervour.


The third time she came to me to lose weight, she totally refused to fast. I therefore put her on a diet more frugal than that I have described below.

She lost weight, and after 2 weeks, what was due to happen happened; one of nature’s miracles : she lost all sensation of hunger, and even felt a little nauseous and disgusted by food. At this point she, herself, asked to fast. She followed her instinct and took notice of her body’s reactions. Nature directed her superbly.


When you apply a natural hygiene diet, after a certain time the organism sometimes launches into an acute period of elimination, which forces the individual to fast.

I shall give two examples.

The first is that of a childhood friend, living in San Diego, California. A
convincednatural hygienist, but a lame practitioner. He ate like everybody else, but fasted frequently in various fasting clinics in America.

As he had a very unpleasant attack of gout and did not want to be absent from work, he opted for medication to calm the pain. How practical drugs are ! You are back on your feet in no time at all. But alas, later you have a hard time of it.

When he retired there was no longer any reason to take these drugs.

But as these drugs destroy the intestinal flora, they provoked in my friend serious constipation, to the point of an obstruction of the bowels (with unbearable pain when passing motions). It was at this moment that he began to strictly follow a natural hygiene diet. Now retired, he was able to take the time to look after himself properly.

With natural processes now being able to spring into action, his body began an acute elimination crisis in the form of an attack of gout : this is to say that the body had been frustrated in its attempts to eliminate the gout crystals and was now dealing with this. It thus took up again the work that had been in abeyance for 40 years.

He was therefore obliged to fast, which had not been his initial idea. He fasted for 2 weeks.

He telephoned all the fasting clinics, but none would accept him because of the violent intestinal pains. Some feared terminal cancer, or other serious illnesses. In any case he was unable to leave his home. He asked them to send him a helicopter because he could not move.

I should say, at this point, that ambulances are only available for the medical services. They only accept to carry a sick person under medical orders, and to a hospital, or vice versa.

To go to the toilet he had to drag himself on his back, along the floor, like a snake. His feet were swollen and he found it impossible to walk, or even to stand up with a stick. His wife left him alone to go and see her children. In fact he was lucky she didn’t send him to hospital in spite of his opposition. He found himself alone, without anybody to even give him a glass of water. In such circumstances, one needs to be in a fasting clinic, with help available, especially in the case of an emergency. In spite of all these insurmountable difficulties he managed to come through it; while others would have abandonned the struggle and allowed themselves to be taken off to hospital.

I remember the case of the famous american Naturopath, Bernarr Macfadden : following


an excess of eating at the age of 83 yrs, he suffered a serious liver complaint with jaundice.<br>  He fasted for 3 days, but his wife telephoned a doctor who dispatched him to hospital, where they killed him in no time. A spouse who is not a natural hygienist : danger.

In short, with the help of the telephone, my childhood friend employed a nurse to help him for an hour a day, then he called a naturopath, and finally a woman to come and clean and do his shopping. He rang me every day and scrupulously followed my instructions. He wanted me to send him the hairpin that I have described in my book, but I explained that it wasn’t necessary as he did not have a stool stuck to the wall of the anus. Stools only stick when a person has fasted and eaten their first meal. He had in fact been eating for several days.

After several months his intestines began evacuating what resembled hard stones. The pains persisted for several months, a long time after the rheumatism (gout) pains had disappeared.

From this, one can see that in attempting to get rid of the symptoms of gout, the medication used destroyed the precious intestinal flora, resulting in a much more serious illness : that of an almost total blockage of the intestine. A more serious blockage would have necessitated a major operation. But thanks to his perseverence and my strict instructions, he succeeded in avoiding this nasty operation which would have left him an invalid.

<p class="MsoBodyTextIndent"> 

The second case is that of an italian adept in the name of Micalizzi, who lived in Cairo in 1950. Having read some of the natural hygiene literature, he modified his diet, eliminating coffee, tea, tobacco, meat, etc. At 45yrs he was suffering from chromic arthritis, but he put up with it fairly well.

With this change in diet, his body took advantage of its much greater vitality, and undertook a violent fit of elimination, without asking anybody’s permission.

In spite of himself, he was then obliged to fast. The attacks took the form of violent arthritic pain, as in the past. His joints swelled up one after the other, and every night he cried out in pain. Then one after the other, the swellings gradually went down, as one joint followed another. These attacks meant the end of his rhumatism. It was therefore an unconscious preparation for a fast that, at the beginning he had not planned.


Once again, here is an incredible story of the policeman who was sent to see me, against his will, by his fully convinced sister. She had told him that if he didn’t comply, his mother would die of grief. The threat obliged him to come to the defence of his body.

He was suffering from cancer of the bladder. He urinated very often, day and night, and had had blood in his urine for a year. What’s more, at 47yrs, he was suffering from insomnia, only managing to get to sleep at 5 o’ clock in the morning, and sometimes 7 o’ clock.

The doctors prescribed total removal of the bladder and its replacement with two external plastic bags ! They gave him two years to live. But when you have a problem with your head


or your testicles they don’t recommend removal of the head or the testicles. How wonderful medicine is !

In short, he refused the operation.

  • My sister blackmailed me and forced me to come to you and fast. I don’t want to fast, but I am also refusing the operation because I won’t be able to go to the swimming pool, or the seaside afterwards.

When I analysed his diet, I knew I needed to find a powerful cause which could have provoked such a cancer. The doctor didn’t give a damn about the cause, but would speak knowledgedly about viruses and microbes. How, in all honesty, with the inadequate diet this policeman had, could doctors really believe that he could escape without any harm or damage.

Indeed, this policeman’s food consisted of cold meat, morning, lunchtime, and evening, accompanied by beer or wine; nothing else, apart from medication and two packets of cigarettes a day. He tried taking infusions, but without results.

As soon as he arrived with his sister, I reassured him that I had never forced anyone to fast.

His deepest fears about fasting were calmed, and he agreed to stop smoking as well as his medication, and to accept the Natural Hygiene menu that I served in my house.

Miracle of miracles ! Having suffered sleeping problems for years, he began to sleep the whole night, and sometimes without interruption. Before, he used to get up several time in the night to urinate, but now he doesn’t even have to get up once.

Delighted by these unexpected results, and encouraged to go further by seeing other adepts fast, he asked to fast of his own free will. !!!

The preparation was therefore useful, physically as well as mentally. He had been able to make contact with other people fasting, who encouraged him.

  • My sister, he said, bent my ears for twenty years, with her stories of vegetarianism and fasting, and I don’t want to know. I am totally opposed and hostile to all that.

True to himself, nothing made him change his ideas, in spite of the spectacular improvement of his state of health.

  • My health is better because I go for a walk every day in the pure country air, he said.

No doubt a question of saving face.

His urine, which had contained blood, reverted to normal. The results were impressive. But an impartial observer was necessary to recognise all this.

The fact is, that if I had made him fast in the first place, he would have left my house after several days without even saying goodbye. He would have ditched everything. Is it possible to make someone fast ? According to Shelton, people like this risk their lives if they are forced. But fasting clinics are not prisons, and I have never understood why Shelton considered a forced fast fatal.


It is a question of people were ill in the past and stopped taking their medication a long time ago, but who have, however, been on medication. This category of person risks violent


deintoxification attacks during the first few days of a fast. A long preparation is therefore necessary : 1 to 2 months.

A lady came to fast, accompanied by her mother of 72 years.

Neither mother nor daughter had taken any medication for a long time.

The lady informed me that her mother had had epileptic fits in the past, which meant she had taken medication. But I didn’t pay attention to that as she hadn’t taken anything for a long time.

On the third day of her fast the old lady said she felt funny, Not as she usually feels. Then in the afternoon she had a violent fit : she shouted, threw any objects close at hand onto the floor, undressed herself and went naked into the sitting room, where she paced up and down the room with anger and aggression in her eyes, never ceasing her shouting and screaming.

It is obvious that this was an episode of elimination of the old medication, which had remained in her body, lurking in a hidden corner.

A preparation of two or three months would have spared us all these misadventures.

Tableau <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="624"> <tbody><tr> <td width="624" valign="top">PREPARATION ##### DAYTIME **: Wait until you have an acute hunger, then calm it with some dried fruit of

the same kind. Repeat with another sort of fruit.

Optional : dessert, avocado, yoghurt. ##### AT 5/7 P.M. : **Green vegetables


Seasoning (see below)
  ##### THE    EVENING :** Have one of the following 3 meals :<br>   1)     Boiled potatoes, +    aubergine, onion, green pepper, all cooked (500-1500g in all. It’s the Natural hygiene ratatouille.   2) Potatoes + cooked brussel sprouts (in all 500-1500g), green salad without dressing as an accompaniment, (above also). 3) A variety of    vegetables, cooked in water (500-1500g) 1 egg yolk, raw    or hard boiled, optional. </td>

 DESSERTS  (30/60 m after the evening meal, but with the midday meal).

Dates, figs, raisins that have been soaked, dried apricots, cooked or dried bananas, sterilised or fresh cream optional (1 soupspoon), a teaspoon of almond purée or tahini, 2/3 soupspoons of soft white cheese, yoghurt without sugar or curd, buttered rusks (organic).


Virgin oil, cold butter, mayonnaise (without mustard and vinegar), lemon, tomato, parsley,


 4/5 black olives, onions chopped with a machine and used immediately, yoghurt without sugar, curd.


Pepper, vinegar, spices, aromatics, fried food, mustard, coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, beer, spinach oysters, diverse nuts, mushrooms, malted yeast, fermented or even cooked cheeses, drugs, medical tests and examinations, bread, cereals, egg white, salt, drinks.


Take 2/6 large, very ripe, bananas whose skin has begun to blacken, peel, and plonge them into a tiny quantity of boiling water. Turn the heat to minimum and leave uncovered. Cook for 20 m, stirring from time to time so they do not stick to the pan. It is also possible to dry bananas, once peeled, by placing them on a plate near a source of heat – on a radiator, or even better, for 2 days in the sun; alternatively in the oven for 15 to 30 minutes


Imitation coffee, meat, wine on an empty stomach, bechamel sauce, mashed potatoes, gnocci, soup, packets of powdered organic vegetables, white chocolate (1 piece), 2/3 walnuts.


Those who deviate too much from this diet must fix a day every week when they will fast; otherwise, a day when they are not hungry. Those who only rarely deviate a little from the diet do not need this weekly fast.


First place the tougher vegetables in the pan, add 3 glasses of cold water, cover, and cook on full heat for 13/15 minutes.
The cooking water may be drunk, if there is any left.

TOUGH VEGETABLES Leeks, stick celery, artichokes, outside leaves of cabbage and cauliflower, beetroot, chestnuts.


Courgettes, broad beans in their pods, haricot beans, cabbage, cauliflower, peeled cauliflower stalks, onions, garlic, chard, peppers, carrots, celeriac, potatoes, slices of Jerusalem artichoke, swedes, organic chestnut pumpkin.


Cast iron, not enamelled. Do not peel organic vegetables, but peel the others. Cut them into two or three thick slices rather than into small pieces. Do not re-heat.


At the first signs of hunger, wait for half an hour to confirm you are really hungry, and if not, miss the evening meal.


I repeat what I have said at the end. This preparation will help the person fasting to avoid crises,  which can sometimes be very acute.

Finally, note that this preparation is nothing more or less than the ideal Natural Hygiene menu which can be followed throughout one’s life. It was the diet of primitive man, who had neither watch, nor kitchen, nor cooker, nor dining room, nor recipe books. He gathered fruit and ate it under the tree. It was the Garden of Eden. It was Paradise.


I once used to give all my subjects a purge before a fast, so they may empty their intestines : a question of not keeping stools originating from harmful foods in the body for days or weeks.

I had an architect fast under my supervision. He weighed 100 kilos (220 lbs). After 30 days of the cure he began to suffer from very painful colic, which obliged me to give a few days’ interval, before he could recommence. It was evidently caused by the gases coming from the stools that had accumulated in his intestines. An enema had no effect – no more than local massages. Now, if he had emptied his intestines before the fast, he probably wouldn’t have had the colic.

I also had a teacher, who fasted for 7 days. Every day of his fast, he evacuated normal quantities of stools, and when, on the seventh day, his fast was halted, he evacuated an even greater quantity.

One can see, then, that the intestines can contain an enormous mass of stools, and the ideal is to get rid of them before fasting. But, is this possible without damaging the intestines ? Purges strip and irritate the sensitive mucous membrane of the intestines. Moreover, they destroy the precious intestinal flora.

Enemas only reach 50 cm (1’71/2”) of the colon. A more thorough enema presents problems and does not empty the small intestine.

The body certainly uses a lot of energy to neutralise putrid faecal matter, doubtless more than it uses with a purge. But, unfortunately, the chemical or vegetable purge strips the intestinal mucous membrane, as I have just said, which is serious enough in itself .

Note that a purge during the course of a fast will have no effect, unless a quadruple dose is used. And with a stripped mucous membrane, the digestive process will never again function satisfactorily. Enteritis will then take hold, and a fast cannot cure enteritis when it is too advanced. One should therefore be on one’s guard as regards purges, even if they are only infusions. Purgative infusions also cause a weakening of the digestive power.

In conclusion, it is preferable to follow a dietary preparation before fasting, rather than using a purge, even a vegetable one. After a week of this preparation the intestines contain no more than the waste products of healthy food, which can be stored during several weeks of fasting with no risk. In fact the waste products that will putrefy, originating from a meal of meat, fish, or even bread, have no relation to the innoffensive waste products derived from several meals of fruit and vegetables.


If there is a fear of stools being stuck to the wall of the anus after a fast, it is possible to take a break after each 7 days of fasting. These will last the time necessary to provoke 2 or 3


evacuations. This concerns particularly serious cases of haemorrhoids, and those who have destroyed their mucous membrane with laxatives and other poisons.
<p class="MsoBodyTextIndent"> 


Ch. 13

With 10 million worth of advertising a year, I’ve made sure
I can get the whole of Europe to buy any medicine or shoe
polish on the market. – A CAPITALIST

T **he general idea of how to conduct a fast is presented by Dr. Shelton in the following text:

 “There is hardly any doubt that wild animals fasting when they are ill or wounded, are sometimes subject to tensions in their surrounding environment, which often kill them. For example, they often die of cold, excessive heat, or from dehydration when water is lacking, or even exhaustation when struggling against enemies.

Everything which taxes the organism in the process of fasting, especially in the case of a sick or wounded subject, slows down recovery and diminishes the chances of survival. When humans fast they can more easily avoid such harmful influences.” –

Thus, to meet the needs of the body in the process of fasting, we should avoid all factors which place our vital energy under tension. The aim is to preserve one’s resources as much as possible, so that the fast can be pursued without danger, for as long as necessary. We have to avoid all supplementary reasons for weakening the faster.

Consequently, rest becomes essential, and here it will be divided into four categories : physical, sensory,

mental, and finally, physiological.” –


From time to time people tell me about someone who has fasted and continued their daily activities at the same time.

When fasting in this way it is the same as fasting for 5 days and remaining in bed. In fact, the results obtained from a fast undergone while working, give limited results. Elimination happens slowly, because the body can only allocate a part of its energy to this function; the other part being consumed in daily work and activities.

Moreover, a lot of people think, wrongly, that they must keep up their daily activities, for fear of becoming weak. Indeed, it is possible, especially in the case of the obese, to continue the daily rhythm, but, as I have said, the fast is not very beneficial. The only energy available to the body is that which has not been used in the digestive process. But if fasters stay in bed, double the amount of energy will be available to them : that which would have been used in digestion, also that in working. In this way, elimination, and regenerative work take place at a faster rate, and give better results.

I often came across people who had fasted at home, while continuing their usual activities.

When they arrived at my home I asked them to remain in bed, and they were astonished that during their fast they developed symptoms of elimination they they had never


 experienced at home. For example :  darkened urine, headaches, a bitter taste in the mouth, etc.

If a subject remains in bed from the beginning of his fast, he observes that he no longer has the strength either to walk, or run. He is afraid of “getting rusty” and thinks it is a good thing to move around a little. This is a serious mistake.

In medicine, it is taught that those who remain in bed will suffer from phlebitis, but this is a monumental error. Over 40 years, I have actually supervised in my home, 4,000 people fasting, and not one of them developed phlebitis. In reality, this complaint is due to the transfusions and perfusions given to patients in hospital.

**Remaining in bed during a fast does not cause one to weaken. **The body simply diverts its energy towards elimination and healing. This energy is latent and intact, and simply directed towards other channels. It is only temporarily withdrawn from the digestive and sexual organs, as well as muscles. You do not become an invalid.

An extreme example will serve as a lesson. A car mechanic had fasted at my home for 33 days, because he wanted the length of his fast to coincide with his age at the time (33 yrs). He had read Shelton’s recommendation of total bedrest, and he did not leave his bed for one single day. In spite of my instructions to get up every day and walk a few steps, come to the evening chat sessions, he stubbornly stuck to his idea. Shelton adivsed that energy should be economised to the maximum by staying in bed, and our mechanic insisted in applying this to the letter. He followed too literally, even asking for a urine bottle so as not to have to get out of bed and go to the toilet, which was actually very close.

When he ended his fast I feared he would only be able to walk again after a long period of training. In fact, when I watched him walk, much to my surprise, he managed without any difficulty, albeit slowly! Nor was ther any sign of phlebitis.

Encouraged by this experience, from that day on, I allowed my fasters to remain in bed, without the slightest fear of anything. Two other experiences confirmed this for me.

People can also go to the other extreme. Certain fasters do not follow my instructions, and go off walking 15 kilometres a day. They gain no benefit from their fast. There is however an exception : the obese who are in good health, or a state approaching good health, can walk a little.

What would appear surprising is that most fasters do not need to sleep for more than a few hours after midnight. But they do often dose during the day. On the other hand, those who have suffered insomnia for a long time, sleep more during a fast, as if they need to make up for their lack of sleep.

From the very beginning of a fast people feel a certain “fatigue”, which is not really tiredness, as this follows physical effort. It is more a relaxation. People feel good lying in bed. They experience a feeling of relaxation, which in fact follows the cessation of stimulants (coffee, wine, tobacco, meat, cheese, etc.) In fact all nitrogenous foods increase the body’s rate of metabolism, raise blood pressure, stimulate, and prevent the person from unwinding, even at night. These are often responsible for short, or more prolonged, periods of insomnia during the night, and for the fact that people find it impossible to relax. They find themselves in a continual state of tension.

One must, then, distinguish between true relaxation, and the false, artificial, relaxation, taught in yoga and other disciplines. These methods combat a symptom without eliminating the cause (the stimulants quoted above). It is impossible to gain a valuable and lasting result.


How can you ask a coffee drinker to relax when this beverage has provoked a state of permanent over-stimulation in his body ?

To succeed in relaxing mentally you have to isolate yourself from your environment, and fast in a calm place. Religious retreats could have served admirably if they were able to assure the other conditions, which unfortunately they have ignored.

“The person fasting who listens to the radio or watches television, awakens his emotions and becomes over-excited, or allows himself to become depressed, according to the news, the film, or the results of the football match. He certainly doesn’t rest, and does himself no good at all.”. – Shelton

Somebody once told me that a woman fasting had been surprised looking at the country landscape from her bedroom window. Shelton reprimanded her and asked her not to leave her bed.

Having said that, boredom during a fast often poses problems. Is it not better to tire oneself a little, than to be bored, especially for people in good health ? For chronically ill people, Shelton’s adivce should be followed to the letter, and there is nothing further to be said.

It goes without saying that people fasting should avoid anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, and all strong or destructive emotions, for they use nervous energy which is necessary for the elimination process.

Finally, towards the end of his career, Shelton allowed his subjects to listen to the radio with the volume turned low, as well as the television, but not for too long.

Constant chattering was forbidden in his fasting clinic, and beware anyone caught in the act ! This advice is certainly legitimate for invalids.

I was looking after a woman of 72 yrs with cancer. She fasted for 21 days with no problem. I broke her fast and began to feed her.

One day a friend of 84 yrs came to see her, and the two women chatted for 2 hours. Afterwards someone else visited her, and then her son came. All that added up to 6 hours of talking.

At nightfall, the midwife who assisted me, accompanied by the woman’s son, called me to come as quickly as possible.

  • My mother is not well, her pulse is too rapid … I fear she may not survive the night.

Having made inquiries of my assistant, I immediately understood the cause of the problem.

I ordered all the visitors to leave the patient’s bedroom, turned out the light, and left her to rest.

Two hours later I tiptoed into her room and took her pulse. It had fallen to 80 – the danger had passed. It was talking for all those hours which had exhausted her.


During a fast, the feet should be kept warm, even if the head stays cold. There is no point in keeping the window wide open all night. A little slit is sufficient to air the bedroom. Heat is more important than the pure air people are always harping on about. It is possible to find electric hot water bottles, mattresses, and cushions.

One can use a heated blanket, especially useful to heat the bed when you are not there in


 the evening. My patients used to switch on the electric blanket just before leaving their bedroom to go and chat with me in the sitting room, and then watch a little television. They switched them off as soon as they got back into bed to sleep.

Iron hot water bottles also exist. These can be filled, then placed directly on a flame, once the stopper has been removed. As soon as the water boils you can wrap the hot water bottle in a cloth and put it under you feet. It will stay hot for 24 hours. **Never place a hot water bottle directly on an organ of the body **– the rush of blood can cause a dangerous abscess.

When the fasting person has to struggle against cold or heat he loses a lot of energy and he can neither relax nor sleep. For chronically ill people, who are very emaciated, the cold can be fatal. They will fall into a coma and it is not always possible to revive them. I had such a case thirty years ago. He weighed 44 kilos (97 lbs) for a height of 1,80 m (5’9”), and was suffering from a stomach ulcer.


Shelton recommended that physical activity should be reduced to a minimum, as I have already said.

My position is a little different. I consider it better to expend some energy, not too much, in writing, reading, or embroidery, rather than getting bored. That is why I ask all my fasters to bring with them a radio, knitting, embroidery, tapestry, board games, cards, chess, etc.

Those who can meditate peacefully will be better off, but it is not possible to remain inactive for 24 hours, especially the mind.

Occasionally someone following a cure refuses to stay in bed.

  • I am an active person, he says. - In this type of case I waged war.

It is commonly recommended to drink one or two litres of water every day. But a natural hygienist is never thirsty and never drinks. His food contains enough water to satisfy all his needs. If he is thirsty that means he has eaten one of the prohibited foods.

That is the case when you eat every day. And what about during a fast ? Should you drink or not ?

  “If we recommend that people only eat when they are hungry, why ask them to routinely drink a<br>  certain quantity of water, whether the body is asking for it or not ? ”

This is the question clearly posed by Shelton, which denotes the state of mind of this learned man. He had total confidence in Nature and natural mechanisms, as well as in man’s instinct. However, I often find that these natural mechanisms as well as instinct, are disturbed in the civilised being, the unhealthy person. And who isn’t unhealthy ?

And so, he concludes, “the rule in natural Hygiene, is to drink as much water as your thirst demands, and only to drink when you are thirsty. Nothing is gained by drinking more water than your thirst requires.

But in spite of everything, Shelton finds that there are certain exceptions to the rule. In fact:
“Numerous observations have revealed that a number of neurotic people know neither when
they are thirsty, nor hungry. They will maintain that they are never thirsty ! So, in spite of this, they must be given drinks. In other cases, water induces nausea, and even vomiting, to the point at which they avoid drinking at all. These people can reach the point of fatal deshydration. They are

   rare cases, but it is important to get them to drink in small sips. Outside these two exceptions, Shelton concludes that it is not recommended to drink without being thirsty … Nothing in what has just been said should lead the faster to fear water. One must not think, either, that a fast without water is more beneficial than a fast with water. This idea has been launched, but it is more dangerous than an excess of water.”

But Shelton does not distinguish between periods when someone is eating, and those when they are fasting. In fact someone who follows the natural hygiene diet is never thirsty and never needs to drink, even a single glass of water a year. The water in his food will supply all his needs.

On the contrary, the person fasting has no supply of water, as he is not eating, and must therefore drink, on pain of death in one or two weeks.

I ignore whether or not a healthy person feels thirsty when they are fasting. But I do know that many fasters are not thirsty and only drink because they know they have to. Whereas everyone is unhealthy, and instinct seems to me to be universally disrupted.

We have distinguished between true and false hunger, but no-one has studied true and false thirst (absence of thirst); Our hunger instinct is disrupted, and we experience what is in fact only a ‘false’ hunger. In the same way, our thirst instinct is also disrupted and we only feel this thirst when our body demands water.

Shelton had a young man who insisted on fasting without drinking at all, a dry fast, as it is called. The assistant brought him a glass of water three times a day, and he drunk it in front of her, but when her back was turned he vomited. He rapidly became dehydrated and died without anyone being able to save him. Shelton naïvely concluded that he would refuse those who would not accept his instructions. But how can one be sure that people will apply them and not lie ? That seems to me rather naïve.

I have supervised 4,000 fasters over 40 years and I have noticed that most of them drunk too little at the end of a long fast (more than 20 days).

Accepted that, on the first day, you can neglect drinking, but after that, I insist that fasters drink a minimum of 2 to 3 glasses a day, especially in the morning when the elimination process is at its most active. They can have cold, hot, or lukewarm drinks, as they please.

Towards the end of the fast, the subject tends to find that water has an unpleasant taste and asks for it to be changed. But it is, in fact, a bad taste in his mouth, and not the water.

Those who neglect to drink, sometimes experience the symptoms of poisoning (headaches, backache, depression, insomnia, urine that is too dark, cystitis, etc.). so, when a faster complains of these symptoms I ask him to drink several glasses of water straight away and the pains rapidly disappear.


Water is not a food. It is simply a vehicle, used by the body, to transport waste excreted by the cells towards the organs responsible for elimination : the kidneys, the lungs, and the intestines. Without this vehicle how do you imagine that the body could reject this metabolic waste matter ?

In the event of a crisis during a fast, such as depression, headache, or dizziness, one must drink more to alleviate the suffering.


But, certain fasters don’t even manage to drink a single glass of water in a day. At this point, it is a good idea to add lemon juice to the water and force them to drink at least a litre a day, in little sips.

One can therefore see that Shelton ignored false thirst, which is simply the absence of thirst during a fast. He leaves it up to our natural instinct, which is the thirst itself; although, I repeat, it seems to me that this instinct is disrupted in most people.

A farmer once fasted at my home for 45 days. At the moment of breaking his fast I gave him golden delicious apples, but he refused to eat them because they were not organic. It is true that at that time of the year the stock of apples from our orchard was exhausted, which obliged me to buy my apples at the market. So he had organic reinettes sent to him from his own orchard. Surprise : he found it impossible to eat a single apple and asked for my golden delicious !

  • Why, I asked him ?
  • My reinettes are too dry, he told me, while your goldens are full of water.

This observation shows very well that he had become dehydrated during his long fast.

Other cases also illusrtate this. It is the reason for which I am often asked for vegetable soup after a fast, instead of cooked vegetables, and then the most juicy fruits in preference to more solid fruit. There again, it is the need for water that the fasters can’t manage to satisfy with water alone, for they can no longer drink it.

These observations are so common in my practice that I have drawn certain essential conclusions. I insist that fasters drink a lot (one or two litres) towards the end of a long fast, and especially afterwards, during the next stage. If people can’t manage to drink as much water as this then it is necessary to add lemon or orange juice.

I advise people to drink particularly in the morning, because the nightime elimination, which is more intense than during the day, only slows down towards midday. In fact, there is more energy available to the body at night than during the day, and the body takes advantage of this to excrete.

I thus noticed that those who have fasted for a long time no longer want to drink water, and yet when they break their fast, they ask for watery foods in preference to other types. I deduced from this that they are dehydrated. But why, then, do they refuse to drink pure water? I have not found a reply to this question; According to P.M. Charrière, man was not made to drink water (gorillas do not drink it), as he was not made to fast (fasting is only an emergency measure, not a way of life)


Sunbathing, as it is commonly practised, is definitively damaging, and more so during a fast.

During a fast, the sun is harmful when it is too hot, or when the subject is exposed to it for too long, that is to say, more than 15 minutes, for example. Abuse of the sun, very common amongst fasters, provokes insomnia and nervous tension. Your eyes are dazzled, which prevents relaxation and leads to general tiredness.

If your eyes do not tolerate the light, then you must reduce the sunbathing time, or give it up altogether. In this case it is the the liver that is poisoned.

During a fast we need less sun than is normally the case. Certain Natural Hygienists totally


 forbid exposure to the sun during a fast,  as they consider it a factor which creates **nervous**<br>
  ** tension. **This is more or less what I think.  The very process of undressing, and then getting dressed again, is already tiring for certain people who are weak, and who should rather take extra care of themselves. Each individual should feel if the sun is doing him good or not,  without being biased in favour of the sun.

In passing, a word about tanning. Those who have studied a little physics know that if you put a piece of black, and a piece of white material in the sun, it is the former which will become hot after some time, whereas the latter will only feel slightly warm. In fact, black absorbs the heat rays from the sun, while white reflects a part of these rays, only allowing a small amount to pass through it, and it absorbs almost nothing.

In the same way, a white skin reflects a part of the sun’s rays, but lets some pass into the body, which benefits from them. We know that the sun’s rays enable the production of vitamin D by the body, and that they are also useful in several other respects : fixation of calcium, etc.

On the other hand, a tanned skin absorbs the major part of the sun’s rays and leaves almost nothing to pass to the interior of the body, which therefore does not benefit. Conclusion : sunbathing is to be avoided.

So, what is the point of having a tanned skin ? Tanning is Nature’s defence against excessive exposure to the sun, which would otherwise be harmful to the whole organism. So, when one has too much exposure to the sun, the rays could well cause a great deal of harm to the body. In which case the latter protects itself against this excess by establishing a dark screen – a type of sunglasses – and this is the suntan which forms.

If the exposure is really too prolonged, the bronzed skin is not sufficient protection for the organism. In this case, the organism sets up another defence system : it produces swellings and blisters, filled with lymph, which are interposed between the rays of sunlight and the body.

The ravages caused by an abuse of the sun’s rays are such that they affect not only the nervous system and the ability to sleep, but also digestion, the heart rhythm and respiration; and can finally end up causing premature ageing of, and cancer of, the skin.


Baths and showers represent a considerable energy loss for those fasting, which is why I forbid them for the entire period of the fast, except for the obese who feel on form.

For all the others, the fact of having to get undressed, then dressed again, the contact of water with the skin, which has to tolerate this, movements of the arms and hands, remaining standing; all exhaust the majority of fasters. Let us not forget that on the skin are to be found millions of tiny nerves. The skin being the largest organ of the body, any difference in temperature immediately mobilises all these nerves to resist, which debilitates the faster.

After a bath or a shower, people say – That did me good.

One must understand in this that the euphoria which is felt after a bath or shower represents stimulation, and therefore an expenditure of energy.
**What people should rather be seeking is to economise their energy.

Note that we expend more energy in withstanding hot or cold water, than tepid.

On the other hand, I recommend to those who need it, to wash themselves frequently with


soap under the armpits, as the perspiration here becomes offensive and the air in their <br>
  bedroom impossible to breathe. When I smell this odour in a bedroom I always ask the person to wash, and not to forget to change their underwear impregnated with perspiration, which can also infest the air.

Finally, it is acceptable for an assistant to rub the naked body of a tired faster, using a warm damp towel. After that the towel will have to be washed with soap. But in fact, rest is preferable to all that.

These ablutions, as for shaving, should take place in the afternoon, for in the morning the elimination process is still taking place, fasters are tired, and rsk feeling dizzy while they are standing up.

A word, also, about the hip baths advocated by Louis Kuhne. They are supposed to direct toxins towards the lower part of the body, with a view to their rapid elimination. We understand by that, evacuation of stools. But stools are not toxins – these are the residues of undigested food, as well as the remains of the digestive process. They have never been a part of the body.

Toxins are something different. They are the by-products of metabolism. They are produced by the cells and are part of the organism. When you go to the toilet you do not eliminate, you evacuate.

Elimination is therefore something that happens in the cells of the body, and hip baths do not speed up this elimination. On the contrary, they retard it, forcing the body to expend nervous energy in withstanding the cold water. Furthermore, who decreed that toxins should make their way towards the lower part of the body ? Doesn’t the body possess its own intelligence, somatic intelligence, which chooses the best path for elimination ?

As for seeweed baths, these are an obvious con. The skin is not a digestive organ.

And finally, steambaths are very harmful. The weight lost is rapidly regained, in the water retained from the food which is consumed afterwards. These baths are supposed to favour elimination through the skin. But here is a very narrow view of the process of elimination.

In the past it was thought that the skin was an eliminatory organ, and that perspiration eliminated. Naturopaths are wedded to these antiquated medical ideas and continue to foster them. Alas, nothing could be more untrue.

During the enthronement of a former pope, a few centuries ago, a child was painted with gold and silver, then carried in an open carriage along the path with the procession. After a few hours the child lost consciousness and died. It has always been said that his skin could no longer breathe, nor perspire, nor eliminate, but the truth does not lie there.

Dr. Edmond Moras, the american Natural hygienist, of Belgian origin, wrote a natural hygiene work in poetic terms. In his book he told of how he had come across the analysis of urine, then that of perspiration, in a book of physiology. The comparison between the two figures showed that the body eliminates above all through the urine. In fact, the quantity of uric acid eliminated by the skin was insignificant, in relation to that which the body eliminates through the kidneys.

Modern physiology considers the skin as a regulator of temperature, a thermostat, rather than a respiratory or eliminatory organ. But naturopaths who possess old medical books, like
imitating medicine, instead of studying what has been written by natural Hygienists.


So what did the child accompanying the Pope die of ? Simply sunstroke – gold and silver are metals and good conductors of heat.

When a healthy person is subjected to the cold, the millions of blood vessels on the surface of the skin contract, and send the blood towards the interior of the body, thus avoiding loss of heat.

On the other hand, when it is hot, the opposite happens : the body loses heat through the skin, whose blood vessels dilate. Perspiring also cools the body, when it is hot.

In the case of the Pope’s child, perspiring was impossible, and the temperature was far too high.
“To force the elimination process, with the help of baths, is an illusion. Steam baths, for example, induce the body to expel large quantities of water, but no waste. The desire to force elimination is a very old medical superstition. The vital bodily functions do not occur at the crack of a whip. The act of pressurising is debilitating, and worsens the state of the subject.”

  • Shelton.

A Swiss doctor recommends fasters to drink their own urine. Of course urine still contains some nutritious substances, but this is not sufficient reason for recommending it to people fasting. Urine is a metabolic waste product, meant to be rejected, not reintroduced into the organism.

The day will come when another Swiss doctor will recommend breaking a fast with stools; for many animals eat their droppings, which do contain the remains of undigested food.


Another Swiss doctor gives his subjects transfusions of their own blood.

It is a method of doping used by athletes. But this stimulation tires all the organs, while the faster needs rest. A fasting person who has been stimulated, will expend his abundant energy on muscular or other activities, and that will slow down elimination. Animals in the wild do not give themselves blood transfusions when they fast.


Certain doctors in Germany and Switzerland give their fasting subjects honey or sugar to counteract acetone; but the elimination of acetone should not be combatted. The body should be left to eliminate naturally; the process should neither be counteracted nor forced.

One day someone will give fasters whole jars of jam !

Finally, honey is more harmful than sugar.


Natural Hygienists reject all herbal teas, either during a fast or afterwards. They are used as a medicine, and we are opposed to any idea of a remedy.

For example, infusions of camomile and lime are used to induce sleep. They are natural substances, people will say. But the worst poisons are natural : tobacco, cocaine, L.S.D.

By definition, a food must be pleasant to taste, smell, and view. On the contrary, infusions


 are bitter, if not insipid. And all that is bitter contains a poison – our taste buds warn us. A child, whose sense of taste has not yet been distorted, would refuse and pull a face if given dandelion, cress, garlic and raw onion, or red or black radishes.

I have just said that people use infusions of camomile or lime to help them sleep. It is in this way that people fight against symptoms, exactly as with chemical medication, instead of fighting the causes.

Moreover, if these infusions are efficient if helping people to sleep, they function in exactly the same way as sleeping pills, which draw the blood away from the brain. It’s a semi-coma, a state of numbness, a stupor, but it is not sleep. You wake up more tired than if you have had a night of natural sleep. You are poisoned, and the harm done to the nervous system is considerable.

Let us also take infusions of senna or other laxative herbs. They are attributed with laxative virtues, but they have no virtues at all ! They do not act on the intestines, inducing them to move and to empty. It is the intestines that act on the infusions in order to expel them from the body, for they are poisonous. The body cannot use them to produce cells, blood and lymph. And everything the body cannot use must be rejected as a poison.

Infusions supposed to cure headaches are also harmful as headaches must not be fought against. Headaches are symptoms of useful elimination.They should be welcomed with joy !!

Infusions to combat deficiencies are also a fraud, because the body has reserves which can last for a long period.

Diuretic infusions do not push the kidneys to work either. The kidneys themselves reject them as poisons; and they reject them with a large quantity of water.

Infusions do not help the body to eliminate. On the contrary, they hamper elimination. Indeed, the body must reject all these infusions, and to this end it uses up its nervous energy. Excretion, which first occurs at the cellular level, needs an abundant quantity of nervous energy, lacking when this has been deviated towards the elimination of infusions.

Some infusions are expectorants. Now, a lot of people fasting spit mucus to eliminate, and if they drink expectorant infusions the body is concerned with coughing up this infusion and concerns itself less with the toxins. We can see, then, how such an infusion retards elimination.

In Nature plants are divided into two categories : edible and poisonous. Infusions are always made from toxic plants (bitter, hot, insipid), never edible. In reality, infusions are medicines. When we take them we are looking for a certain effect. But it is better to allow Nature to take its course, without impeding its work. We are not more intelligent than Nature.


A long time ago a lady fasted at my home. After her cure she felt tired – quite normal. But she attributed this to the hard water from my well.

The calcium in drinking water is inert and has no chemical action. It is rejected in the intestines, then in the stools, without passing into the blood. On the other hand, aspirin, and all other medicines, pass into the blood and their chemical reactions cause havoc.

It is the same for clay and magnesium which are inert and have no chemical action. No-one has expressed any reservations about these two substances, as they have for calcium in water.


Clay has no curative power, contrary to what is believed. The curative power belongs solely to living tissue and not to inanimate and inert products. What is more, clay is not something which is indispensible for life. In consequence, it is not indispensible for illness either. The organism cannot use clay to procude cells and blood. At best, clay absorbs the puss from an open wound and helps to drain it, in exactly the same way as a damp compress.

As for magnesium, it is a chemical product, a medicine, not an organic substance. Our body needs magnesium, but in organic form: vegetable not mineral. In nature there is a cycle:
Vegetable matter feeds on minerals, and man feeds on vegetables. It is not possible to short-circuit this cycle and for man to be nourished with mineral products. It is only plants which are able to assimilate inert mineral substances. Magnesium in powder form is pure stupidity. It represents a return to the idea of medicines and the classical pharmacy, albeit innocuous.


Those who are not Natural Hygienists and who fast, commonly call on a variety of treatments during their cure, including measures to ‘force’ the process : massages and manipulation, adjustments to the vertebrae, electricity, hot and cold baths, hydrotherapy, enemas, treatment to stimulate the liver, kidneys, etc. All that is nothing more than monkey tricks, best to be avoided.

In fact, stimulants exhaust the body. All these measures weaken the organism and slow down recovery, in proportion to their use. It is the antithesis of rest and relaxation. These so-called therapeutic measures, whatever they may be, provoke increased activity and a loss of energy and substance. Instead we should work hand in hand with the natural conservative tendencies of the fasting organism, rather than against it.

Procedures which seek to stimulate cutaneous or renal activity, to force elimination by the intestines, or to stimulate the heart and nervous system, all waste vital energy and should be avoided. In fact, all methods of treatment which increase the activity of the organism, in any way at all, impede rest and relaxation.

“Several advocates of fasting, outside the Natural Hygiene school of thought, use
laxatives, homeopathic medicine, etc. These laxatives have a tremendous dehydrating effect,

which prevents physiological rest, and the accomplishment of regenerative work. How can the

body carry out all these tasks when it is assailed on all fronts by medicines and treatments

it must resist and reject ?” - Shelton

Auto- transfusion of blood is one of the last means of stimulation. It also impedes rest and relaxation.


_I remember the case of a famous American naturopath Bernarr Macfadden. A 83-year, following an excess of food, he had a strong liver crisis with jaundice. He fasted three days, but his wife telephoned a doctor who sent him to hospital where he was killed in a short time. A spouse who is not an hygienist: that’s the danger.

In short, using the phone, my childhood friend hired a nurse to help one hour a day, then called a naturopath practitioner and a housekeeper for him to do his shopping. He called me every day and scrupulously followed my instructions. He wanted me to post the pin chignon that I described in my book. But I explained to him that this does not concerned him, since he had not stuck a stopper. The cap stuck occurs only if one has fast and has just had a first meal. But he had eaten for several days._

_ After a few months, his intestines were able to evacuate like hard stones. The intestinal pain persisted for several months, well after the disappearance of his rheumatic pain (gout).

Thus in their aim of removing the symptoms of gout, drugs have destroyed valuable intestinal flora, and this had resulted in a much more serious disease: the illness of his intestines, on the verge of the blockage. A still more severe blockage would have required a major operation. Thanks to his perseverance and my strict instructions, he had managed to avoid this nasty operation that would have left him an invalid.

The story of Umberto Micalizzi

The second case is that of an Italian adept named Micalizzi, a resident of Cairo in 1950. Following hygienist readings, he changed his diet, abolished coffee, tea, tobacco, meat, etc. … He suffered from chronic arthritis, at 45 years old, but he bore it quite well.

With this change of diet, his body had a greater vitality at its disposal, and began a violent crisis of elimination, without asking permission from anyone.

He was thus forced to fast in spite of himself. The crisis took the form of violent arthritis pain, as in the past. One after another, his joints swelled up, he screamed in pain every night. And one after another, his joints swelled down, as the joint next took over.

These crises took totally his rheumatism from him. Therefore, it was an unconscious preparation for, at the beginning, a non- predicted fasting.

The cowardly and despicable policeman

Here’s the incredible story of a policeman who was forcibly sent to my house by his convinced sister. She told him that if he failed to go, his mother would die of grief. The threat forced him to come against his will.

He suffered from cancer of the bladder, urinating frequently, day and night, with blood in the urine for a year. In addition, at 47 years old, he suffered from insomnia, since he could sleep only at 5 o’clock in the morning, sometimes at 7 o’clock.

Doctors ordered him total removal of the bladder and its replacement by two plastic bags outside ! They gave him two years to live. But when you suffer from head or testicles, they do not require removal of the head and testicles as a solution. What a wonder that medicine !

In short, he refused the operation.

  • My sister blackmailed me to force me to fast at your home. I do not want to fast. But I also refuse the operation, because I could no longer go to the pool or at the seaside.

p 86
_When I analysed his way of food, I knew I had to seek for a strong cause to create such a cancer, and that medicine would not to give a damn about causes, but to speak learnedly viruses and microbes. But doctors in their soul and conscience, how could they believe that one can eat through, as did this policeman, and get away without any harm or damage.

Indeed, the food of that policeman consisted of pork meat products, morning, noon and evening, embellished with beer and wine. Nothing else. Drugs and tobacco, two packs a day. He tried an infusion, but without result.

Upon his arrival with his sister, I reassured him, telling him that I have never forced anyone to fast.

Calmed down in his deepest apprehensions about the fasting he refused, he agreed to stop tobacco, drugs and to eat the hygienist diet that I served him in my house.

Miracle of miracles! Without sleep for many years, he began to sleep all night, and sometimes at a single stroke. Before, he stood up several times at night to urinate, whereas now he does not even get up once.

Delighted of these unexpected results, and encouraged to go further, seeing other clients fast, he asked of his own free will to fast! ! !

The preparation will have been useful, as much physically as mentally. It enabled him to make contact with other clients who fasted and who encouraged him.

  • My sister, he said, broke my ears for 20 years with her stories of vegetarianism and fasting, and I do not believe them at all, I am opposed and hostile totally. True to himself, nothing could change his ideas, despite the dramatic improvement of his state of health.

– My health is better because of my daily walk and the clean air of the campaign, he said.

Question undoubtedly to save face. The urines that were stained with blood, became again normal. The result was impressive. But it needed an impartial observer to recognize it.

The fact is that if I had forced him to fast from the start, he would have left after a few days, without saying goodbye. He would have chucked everything up. Can you force someone to fast? According to Shelton, this subject might put his life at risk if he is forced to fast. But fasting homes are not prisons. I never understood why Shelton considered forced fasting as fatal.

The formerly mentally or nervous ill person

These former ill persons who stopped taking medication long ago, but had taken some in the past. This category of patients could make violent detoxification crises from the earliest days of fasting. A long preparation is then necessary: 1 to 2 months. _p 87

_ A lady comes to fast, accompanied by her mother, aged 72 years.

Neither the mother nor the daughter take any medication for a long time. The woman reported to me that her mother had seizures of epilepsy in the past, which meant that she had been taking drugs in the past.

But I had not paid attention to it, since she had not taken drugs for a long time.

From the third day of fasting, the old lady said that she felt funny, not as usual. Then in the afternoon, she was taking by a violent crisis: she shouted, threw on the floor all the objects within reach of her hand, had stripped completely naked, to find herself in the salon, paced up and down the room with aggressive and furious eyes, screaming and shouting without stopping.

It was obvious that this was a crisis of eliminating old drugs, who had remained in her body, entrenched in a far away corner.

A preparation of 2 to 3 months we would have avoided all these misadventures.

  The preparation <br>

On the day: waiting for an acute hunger, then calm with some fruit of the same kind. Repeat with another kind of fruit.

Optional: dessert, avocado, yoghurt. At 5 / 7 hours p.m. (Afternoon)

green vegetables

various raw vegetables

Seasoning (see below) In the evening: take one of these three meals:

1) potatoes boiled in water, + aubergine (eggplant), onion, green pepper, cooked (500 g to 1.5 kg in total). This is hygienist ratatouille.

2) potatoes boiled in water cooked Brussels sprouts (in all 500 / 1500 g) nature green salad , as an accompaniment, ( top as well ).

3) Various Vegetables cooked with water (500 / 1500 g).

A raw egg yolk or hard boiled, optional.



<span><br clear="all">
<p align="right">p 88<br>


_(30 / 60 minutes after the evening meal, but with that one at noon).

Dates, figs, soaked raisins, dried apricots, bananas cooked or dried, fresh or sterilized cream optional (1 tablespoon), a teaspoon of almond puree or of tahin, 2 / 3 tablespoons of fresh white cheese, no sugared yogurt or curdled milk, buttered bio rusks.


_ Virgin oil, cold butter, mayonnaise ( with no mustard nor vinegar), lemon, tomato, 4 / 5 black olives, chopped finely onions by the machine and used immediately, sugar-free yogurt, curdled milk._


_ Pepper, vinegar, spices, herbs, fryings, mustard, coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, beer, spinach, oysters, various nuts, mushrooms, yeast, fermented or even cooked cheeses, medicines, analyses, tests, examinations, bread, cereals , egg white, salt, beverages._


_ Peel and plunge into a little boiling water 2 / 6 large very ripe bananas whose skin begins to blacken. Reduce to very low flame and do not cover. Let be cooked for 20 minutes.

Stir half-time, so that they don’t stick . One may also dry bananas, after peeled, and placed on a plate, near a heat source, on a radiator or better still, in the sun for 2 days, or in an oven during 15 / 30 minutes.


_ Coffee imitation, meat, wine on an empty stomach, béchamel sauce, mashed potatoes, gnocchi, soup, bags of bio powdered vegetables, white chocolate (a square), 2 / 3 walnuts._


_ Those who make too many misdemeanours must fast at a fixed day a week, if not, the day they are not hungry. Those who rarely step aside need not this fasting._


_Set in the pot the tough vegetables first. Pour 3 cups of cold water, cover, put full-fire 13 / 15 minutes. You can drink the cooking water, if any left, before eating. _


Leeks, sticks of celery, artichokes, outer leaves of cabbage, cauliflower, beets, chestnuts.

p 89


Courgettes ( zucchini ), broad beans with their pods, green beans, cabbage, cauliflower, peeled cores of cauliflowers, onions, garlic, Swiss chard, peppers, carrots, celeriac, potatoes, sliced Jerusalem artichokes, swede ( rutabaga ), biological potimarron .


Black cast-iron made, non-enamelled. Do not peel the bio vegetables, but peel the others. Do not cut into small pieces, but in two or three large slices only. Do not reheat.


_From the first signs of hunger, wait half an hour to confirm it or skip the evening meal.

_ I repeat it once again at the end. This preparation will avoid crises, sometimes very violent, to the faster.

Note finally that this preparation represents neither more nor less than the ideal hygienist diet, normal, that one will follow one’s all lifetime. It was the diet of primitive man, who had neither watch nor kitchen or stove or dining room, nor cookbook. He picked the fruit up and ate it under the tree. It was the Garden of Eden. It was paradise.

The purge

Once, I gave all my fasters a purge before the cure, to empty their bowels, for them not to keep motions of the bowels of harmful food for days and weeks._

_ I had, indeed, an architect for a cure. He weighed 100 kilos. He had very painful colic after thirty days, which forced me to establish an interval of a few days before resuming his cure. It was, obviously gas from matters accumulated in his intestines._

_ An enema did nothing. No more than localized massages. Had he emptied his intestines before fasting, he probably would not have had these colic._

_ I had once, a teacher who fasted for 7 days. Every day of his fasting, he had motions and evacuated normal quantities. And when his fasting was cut, on the seventh day, he still evacuated a great quantity.

By thus we see that the intestines can contain huge masses of matters. The ideal is to get rid of them before fasting. But is this possible without harming the intestines ? The purges strip and irritate the sensitive intestinal mucous membrane. Moreover, they destroy the valuable intestinal flora.

The enemas affect only 50 cm of the colon. A deeper enema has drawbacks and does not empty the small intestine. _p 90

The body probably spends a lot of energy to neutralize putrid faeces, probably more than it would spend with a purge. But unfortunately, chemical or plant purging injures the intestinal mucous, as I just said, and this is serious enough in itself.

Note that a purge during fasting will have no effect unless it includes a quadruple dose. And with an injured mucosa, digestion will never be satisfactory. It is enteritis that we install. And fasting cannot cure enteritis when it has moved forward. So we must be wary of purges, should they even be herbal teas.

The purgative teas also weaken the digestive power thereafter.

In conclusion, it is preferable to follow a diet preparation before fasting, rather than take a purge, even if plant. After a week of this preparation, intestines contain only the waste of healthy food, which they can be stored for several weeks of fasting, without any inconvenience. Indeed, waste liable to putrefy, from a meal of meat, fish or even bread, have no connection with the harmless waste from several meals consisting of fruits and vegetables.

Fasting with intermissions

If people fear tenemus after fasting they can have intermissions every seven days of fasting, which will last the time it takes to produce 2 or 3 evacuations. This applies to cases of severe haemorrhoids, for those who have ruined their lining of the colon with laxatives and other poisons.

Famous writers quotations_

In the future, we will no longer need to go to war, drugs enough to destroy civilization.

– John, who celebrated his 92 years, was asked : what do you assign your advanced age to ?
– To the doctors, to the doctors of course, repeated the old man. Yes, doctors, I do not see them ever!

What is the use to keep pears for thirst, if one failed, by lack of hygiene, to keep the thirst for pears?
– Professor Edouard Burlureux.

What is the use to keep apples for hunger, if we failed, by lack of hygienism, to keep hunger for apples ? –

<p align="right">In an age where people counted the years that remained to live, then the number of diseases they had I started the second half of my life, without any disease. At 65, I had no diabetes or insomnia or rheumatism, or affected prostate, or ill kidneys, or hepatitis, or heart disease or asthma or sinusitis, or hypertension, or anything about anything. Life begins at 60 for one who obeys the laws of Nature.   -- Memoirs of an Easterner hygienist.
<h1>_Ch. 13The conduct during fasting_</h1>
<p align="right">p 91


_With ten million of advertising per year, I charge to buy the whole of Europe by any remedy or any dough shoe. – A CAPITALIST

_The general idea for the conduct during the fasting is expressed by Dr. H. M. Shelton in the following text :

« There is little doubt that several wild animals fasting during illness or after injury, are killed by surrounding tensions on which they are sometimes subject.

For example, they die of cold, excessive heat or dehydration when water shortage, or even by exhaustion when fighting against enemies.

Anything that tax the fasting body, especially among the sick or injured, delays the recovery and decreases the chances of survival. The man who is fasting can easily avoid such harmful influences. “—
“So to meet the needs of the fasting organism, we should avoid all factors which are stress (tension) on the vital forces. Our goal is to safeguard the resources of the faster, as far as possible, so that the fasting should continue as long as necessary, safe, avoiding any additional factor of enervation for the curist.

Hence, rest becomes of prime importance to the faster. We divide rest into physical rest, sensory rest, mental rest and finally physiological rest.”

The natural relaxation_

_    From time to time I am told the story of a person who has been fasting, while continuing his daily activities. 

When fasting for 15 days, it is as if we fasted 5 days bedridden. Indeed, the results when we are fasting when is working unsatisfactory. _p 92

_ The elimination takes place at a slow pace, because the body can not allocate for this purpose but a portion of energy, the other part being allocated to activities and daily work.

On the other hand, many people mistakenly believe that one must maintain one’s daily activities, for fear of weakening. One can effectively maintain the pace of almost all one’s usual activities, especially for obese people. But in these cases, fasting becomes unprofitable, because the body has at its disposal only the energy it has saved in the digestive work.

But if these people stayed in bed, their body would have a double amount of energy : that it employed to digest, and the one it employed to work. In this way, removal and regeneration work would continue at a very accelerated pace, with better results.

I have often had curists who had fasted at home, while maintaining their normal activities. When they came home I asked them to keep the bed. They were all surprised to develop, during the fasting, symptoms of elimination that they had not developed at home. Example : dark urines, headaches, bitter mouth, etc. ..

If a faster keeps the bed from the very beginning of his fasting, he noticed he no longer has so much energy to walk or to run. He fears “getting rusty” and thinks doing well to bustle about. Deep is the mistake.

In medicine, it is taught that if one keeps the bed, one would develop a phlebitis. The error is monumental. Indeed, I watched at my home 4 000 fasters for 40 years, but none developed phlebitis. In truth, this disease is due to transfusions and perfusions given to patients in hospitals._

**_ To keep the bed during the fasting does not weaken.** The body simply diverts its energies to the elimination and repair. The latent energies are latent and intact, led to other channels. Those energies are temporarily withdrawn from the digestive, sexual, muscular organs, on a temporary basis. One does not become an invalid.

An extreme example will serve as a lesson. An auto mechanic has fasted 33 days at my home because he wanted it coincide with his age of 33 at the time. Having read Shelton who recommended a total bed rest, he did not leave his bed for a single day. Despite my instructions to get out each day and take a few steps, to attend my daily evening talks, he persisted in doing so and nothing but his own will. Shelton asked to save the maximum energy by keeping the bed, and our mechanic insisted on applying this principle to the letter. Too much to the letter, because he demanded a bed urinal, for not having to get out of bed and go to the toilet yet nearby. _p 93

_When he cut his fasting, I feared that he could not walk before a long training. But to my surprise I saw him walk, for sure slowly, but without any difficulty! There was also no phlebitis.

Based on this experience, I would now let fasters keep the bed, without fear of anything. Two other experiences I confirmed this to me.

The opposite can also occur. Thus, various fasters do not follow my instructions and go for a 15 km walk per day. They take not any benefit from their cure. An exception, however : the obese who have good health, or almost. They can walk a little.

What appear surprising is that most fasters need not sleep but a few hours, just after midnight. But they often are sleepy during the day. On the other hand, those who have long suffered from insomnia, sleep more during the fasting, as to catch up.

From the earliest days of fasting, we feel a certain “fatigue”. This is really no fatigue, because fatigue follows a physical effort. It is rather relaxation. One feels good, lying in bed. One feels a relaxation which follows the abolition of stimulants (coffee, wine, tobacco, meat, cheese, etc. ..). Indeed, all nitrogen food raise the metabolism of the body, raising the tension, stimulate and prevent it from relaxing, even at night. This often is cause of short insomnia or extended at night and being unable to relax. One is put in a continuous state of tension.

We must thus distinguish between the real and natural relaxation from the false artificial relaxation, which is taught in yoga and other disciplines. By these methods, one fights a symptom without eliminating its cause (causes of stimulation cited). One does obtain no worthwhile and lasting result. How can we ask the coffee drinker to relax, while that stimulating drink is causing in him, in his body, a state of permanent overexcitement ?_

_ The mental relaxation_<br>

_ To get to mentally relax, we must isolate ourself from our environment, fast in a quiet place. The religious retreats could have admirably serve, could they ensure the other conditions, which they unfortunately ignore._
“The faster who listens to the radio or watching television, arouses emotions and overexcites himself or gets depressed, according to the news, the film or the results of the football match. He does not surely rests, but is causing much harm to himself. “ – Shelton.
_ I was reported that a faster had been surprised in the process of looking through the window of her room at the rustic landscape. Shelton rebuked her and asked her not to leave her bed. _p 94
_ Having said that, boredom during the fasting often poses problems. Is it not worthwhile to get a little tired than bored ? Especially for the healthy ones. For seriously ill, Shelton council should be followed to the letter, and nobody would find it objectionable. _
_ It goes without saying that the faster should avoid anger, hatred, jealousy, fear and all the strong, destructive emotions, as they use up the nervous energy necessary for elimination.

Finally, late in his career, Shelton had led the fasters listen to radio, without raising the sound, and television, but not for too long.

Chattering was prohibited in the Shelton house of fasting. And woe betide anyone who is caught red handed ! This council is certainly valid for the disabled.

I had an old woman with cancer, 72 years. She fasted for 21 days without problem. I cut the fasting and began to feed her.

One day she received a visit from a friend of 84 years, with whom she chattered for two hours. Then it was another person who came to see her. Then finally it was her son. It lasted for 6 hours of talk.

At nightfall, the midwife who assisted me called me in haste, accompanied by the son.

– My mother is not well, her pulse is too fast. I fear that she could not stand the night.
Having asked for information with my assistant, I understood immediately the cause of the evil.
I told all these visitors to leave the room of the patient, I put out the light and I let her rest.

Two hours later, I tiptoed in her room and I took her wrist. Her pulse had dropped to 80. The danger was past.
It was the chattering for long hours that had exhausted her.

The hot water bottle, pillow, mattress and cover electrical

During fasting, we must keep our feet warm, even if the head is cold. It is not useful to keep the window wide open all night. A small slit is enough to ventilate the room. Heat is more important than clean air of which our ears are harped on. There are electric water bottles, electric mattresses, electric cushions.

You can use a heating blanket, especially useful for heating the bed when you are not there in the evening. My curists are accustomed to put on this coverage just before leaving their rooms, in the evening, when they go to the living-room, to listen to my talks, then, watch a little television. They shut off contact when they go up to sleep.

There are also iron water bottles that can be filled, and then placed directly on the fire, after having removed the cap. Once the water boils, one puts the cap back, wrap it up in a cloth and place it on the feet. It will remain very hot for 24 hours. _p 95

Never put hot water bottle on any organ of the body, if not, the flow of blood can cause a dangerous abscess.

When the faster is obliged to fight against the cold or heat, he loses a lot of energy, he can not sleep or relax. For a seriously ill person, very emaciated, cold is deadly. It is a coma and we don’t always succeed to bring her round. I got such a case thirty years ago. He weighed 44 kilos to 1.80 m. and suffered from a stomach ulcer.

Physical activity

Shelton recommended to reduce physical activities to a bare minimum, as I said earlier.

My position is somewhat different. It is better to spend a little energy, not too much, to speak, to write, to read, in knitting, in embroidery, than to be bored. That is why I ask all my fasters to bring with them a radio, or knitting, embroidery, canvas, board games, cards, a game of checkers, etc..

Those who can quietly meditate will be better off, but we can not remain inactive 24 h. on 24, especially the mind._

_ It happens from time to time that a curist refuses to keep the bed.
– I’m an active person, he said.
Then, I wage war against him.

You can die by lack of water

It is currently recommended to drink one or two litres of water every day. But a hygiephile is never thirsty and never drinks. His food contains enough water to fill all his needs. If he is thirsty, that is because he has eaten a defended food.

This, when you eat every day. And when you are fasting? Should you drink or not?
“If we recommend that people eat only when they are hungry, why ask them to drink as routine a certain amount of water has the body demanded it or not ? “
_ That is the question posed clearly by Shelton, which reflects the state of mind of the scientist. His confidence is absolute in Nature and natural mechanisms, as in instinct. Yet, I often find that these natural mechanisms and that instinct may be out of order in a civilized person, in a poor healthy person. And who is not ?

_ Thus he concludes,_ “the rule among hygienists is to drink as much water as the thirst claims and not to drink, unless you feel thirsty. One gains nothing to take more water than thirst requires. “

_But Shelton feels yet and finally, that there are some exceptions to the rule. Indeed:

_“Many observations have revealed that several neurotic persons do not know when they are thirsty, nor when they are hungry.
They argue that they are never thirsty! We must then lead them to drink, despite of that. Among others, the water causes nausea and even vomiting, to the point that they avoid drinking altogether, and they come to the brink of fatal dehydration. These are rare cases, but we must lead them to drink in small sips.

Apart from these two exceptions, it is not advisable, concludes Shelton, to drink without being thirsty… Nothing that has been just said should bear the faster to fear water. One must not think that fasting without water, a dry fasting, is more profitable than fasting with water. Someone has launched this idea, but it is more dangerous than the excess of water. “

_But Shelton does not distinguish between periods where you eat and where you are fasting. Indeed, one who eats an hygienist diet is never thirsty and need not drink, even a single glass of water per year. His watery food provides all his needs.

But anyone who is fasting has no water supply, since one does not eat, and should therefore drink, under on pain of dying in one or two weeks.
I do not know if a healthy person feels thirsty when she is fasting. But I know that many fasters are not thirsty and drink only by obligation. Well, everyone is poor health. The instinct seems disturbed with everyone.

We made the distinction between real hunger and false hunger, but nobody has studied the real thirst and the false thirst (lack of thirst). Our instinct of hunger is disturbed, then we feel this, which is a false hunger. Similarly, our instinct of thirst is disturbed and we do not feel this very thirst when the body requires water.

Shelton had a young man who insisted on fasting without drinking at all, a fast dry, as it is called. The assistant brought him three times a day, a glass of water, he drank before her, then, as soon as her back was turned, he was vomiting the water. He became quickly dehydrated and died with no one being able to save him. Shelton naively concluded that he would refuse those who should not accept his instructions. But how to ensure that they apply them without lying? It seems really candid to me.

I supervised 4000 fasters for 40 years and I noticed that most of them drank too little at the end of a long fast (more than 20 days).
All right, on the first day, one can ignore drinking, but later I insist with fasters to drink a minimum of 2 to 3 glasses a day, especially early in the morning, when elimination is at its height. They can drink it cold, hot or lukewarm, as they like it.

Towards the end of fasting, the curist feels that water has a bad taste and asks to change. But the bad taste is in his mouth, not in the water. p 97

Those who fail to drink, sometimes feel symptoms of poisoning (headache, sore kidneys, depression, insomnia, dark urine, cystitis, etc. …). Thus, when a faster complains of these symptoms, I asked him to immediately drink several glasses of water, and pains go away quickly.

The role of water

Water is not food. It is simply a vehicle that the body uses to transport the waste disposed of by the cells, to emunctories that are the kidneys, lungs, intestines. Without this vehicle, how do you think the body rejects these metabolic waste?

In the event of a crisis during fasting, such as depression, headaches, dizziness, we must drink to mitigate the harm.

Finally, some fasters are unable to drink even one glass of water per day. At this point, add lemon juice in water to force them to drink at least one litre per day, in small sips.

Thus we see that Shelton ignores the false thirst, which is simply the absence of thirst during fasting. He relies on the natural instinct that is thirst, but this instinct seems disturbed for the majority of people.

A farmer had fasted 45 days at my home. At the termination of his fasting, I gave him golden apples, but he refused to eat because they were not biological. Indeed, during this time of year (June), the stock of apples from our orchard is exhausted, which requires me to buy on the market. Therefore he had biological reinettes (variety of apple similar to pippin)send from his own orchard. Surprise : he was unable to eat a single one and asked me again my golden !

– Why, I asked?

– My reinette apples are too dry, he said, while your golden are full of water.

This observation shows that he had been dehydrated during his fasting.

Other cases show it too. Thus, often after the fasting, people ask me a vegetables soup, instead of cooked vegetables, then, the juiciest fruit, in preference to solid fruit. Again, it is this need for water that fasters fail to fulfil with simple water, because they can not drink it.

These observations are so common in my practice that I have drawn the necessary conclusions. I insist that we drink a lot (one litre or two) towards the end of a long fasting, and especially after, during the next phase. If you can not drink so much water, then we must add lemon juice or orange.

Drink especially early in the morning, because the night elimination, which is more intense than during the day, slows down only around noon. Indeed, the body has more energy during the night than during the day. It takes this opportunity to eliminate. _p 98

I also noticed that those who have fasted for a long time, no longer want to drink water, and yet when they cut fasting, they require aqueous foods, not the other. I deduced that they are dehydrated. But why then they refuse to drink pure water ? I did not find an answer to this question. According P.M. Charrière, the man is not made to drink water ( the gorilla does not drink), as he is not made to fast ( fasting is an emergency measure, not a way of life ).

Sunbathing without Sun-tanning

The sunbathing, as we commonly takes, is definitely dangerous, and even more so during fasting.

During fasting, the sun is harmful when it is too hot or when we are exposed to it for too long, i.e. more than 15 minutes for example. Excessive sun, very common among fasters causes insomnia, nervous tension, dazzled eyes, which prevent the relaxation and causes general fatigue.

If the eyes do not bear the light, then we must reduce sunbathing or stop them. The liver is, in this case, poisoned.

During fasting one needs less sun than normal. Some hygienists forbid the sun finally during fasting, because they regard it as a factor of stress. It’s just about my opinion. The fact of undressing then to dress again is already a fatigue for some feeble people , who should instead look after themselves. Everyone should feel if the sun makes one feel well or not, without bias or prejudice in advance about the sun.

A word in passing, on tan. Those who have studied a little physics know that if we put in the sun a black cloth and another white, the first is to be hot after some time, and the second, little heated. Indeed, the black absorbs the warm rays of the sun, while the white reflects a part of these rays, leaving some pass, but absorbs almost nothing.

Likewise a white skin reflects a portion of sunlight, and let a part into the body, which takes advantage of it. We know that sunlight allows the body to produce D vitamin and they are useful in several connections, fixation of calcium, etc…

On the other hand, a tanned skin absorbs most of the sunlight and leaves almost nothing to go inside the body, which therefore does not benefit of it. Conclusion: we must avoid tanning.

To understand, what is the purpose of tanning? The tanning is the defence of Nature against any excess of sun which would otherwise be harmful to the whole body. So when one is exposed to too much sun, rays may cause the body much harm, then, it protects itself against this excess by installing a dark screen - a kind of dark glasses - and this is the tanning that is formed._ p 99

If exposure is really too long, tanning is not enough to protect the body. So, the body creates another defence system: it makes vesicles and light blisters filled with lymph, which are interposed between the sun’s rays and body.

The harmful effects of abuse of the sun’s rays are such that they not only affect the nervous system, sleep, but also digestion, heart rate and respiratory rhythm, , and can lead ultimately to the aging of the skin and its cancerousness.

The showers, seat baths,steam baths, seaweed baths

The baths and showers are a considerable expenditure of energy for fasters, and that is why I forbid them throughout the duration of fasting, except for the obese who feel fit.

For all the others, having to undress, then to dress again, the contact with water on the skin, which has to bear it, the movements of hands, the standing station, all that depletes the majority of fasters . Let us not forget that, on the skin, are millions of small nerves, skin being the largest organ of the body, any difference in temperature immediately mobilizes all these nerves to resist it, hence the enervation.

He will tell you after a shower or bath:

– It made me well.

You have to understand by this that the euphoria felt after a bath or a shower represents a stimulation, then, an expenditure of energy. The economy of energy should rather be sought for.

Note that with hot or cold water, one spends more energy to resist that with lukewarm water.

On the other hand, I recommend to those who need it, to wash frequently with soap under the armpits, because their sweat to these places becomes very quickly offensive and the air their rooms impossible to breathe. When I feel the smell of sweat in a room of a faster, I always ask to wash in that way, and not forget the underwear impregnated with sweat, which can also infect the air.

Finally, it is acceptable that an assistant rubbed the naked body of a tired faster, using a towel soaked in hot water and then wrung. After that, the towel will need to be washed with soap. But for all this, rest is preferable.

All of this toilet, like shaving, will be made in the afternoon because in the morning we eliminate, we are tired and we may have vertigo in the standing position.

A word about the seat bath advocated by Louis Kuhne. They are expected to lead toxins down, with a view to their quick elimination. This means opening one’s bowels. But the motions are not toxins. These are the residues of undigested food and the remains of digestion. They were never part of the body. p 100

The toxins, that is something else. These are by-products of metabolism. They are produced by cells and are part of the body. When we have a motion, we do not eliminate, we evacuate.

The elimination happens therefore at the level of cells, and seat baths do not hasten the elimination. On the contrary, they delay in making the body spend nervous energy to resist the cold water. In addition, who has ever decided that the toxins were rather to head down ? Is not the body which has its own intelligence, somatic intelligence, which chooses the best way to eliminate ?

As for the seaweed baths. it is a obvious hoax. The skin is not a digestive organ.

Finally, steam baths are very harmful. The weight lost is quickly overtaken by the water retained in food consumed in the future. These baths are supposed to promote the elimination through the skin. This is a very narrow view of elimination.

Previously it was thought that skin was an organ of elimination and that perspiration eliminated. Naturopaths embraced these outdated medical ideas and still continue to maintain them. Alas, nothing is further from the truth.

During the enthronement of a former pope, a few centuries ago, a child was painted gold and silver, then carried on a uncovered coach, travelling along the procession route. But after a few hours, the child lost consciousness and died. It was always believed and said that his brushed skin could not breathe, neither sweat, nor eliminate, but the truth was not there.

Dr. Edmond Moras, hygienist Belgian-born American, had written a book hygienist in poetic terms. In his book, he recounted how he fell on the analysis of urine and then to the sweating, in a book of Physiology. The comparison between the two figures showed that the body eliminated mainly through urine. Indeed, the amount of uric acid excreted by the skin was insignificant compared to that eliminates the body by the kidneys.

The modern physiology considers today as a skin temperature, like a thermostat, rather than a body breathing or disposal. But naturopaths who have old books on medicine, like a copy medicine instead of studying the writings hygienists.

What is the death of Pope child? Just a sunburn. The gold and silver metals are good conductors of heat.

For a healthy person, when it is cold, thousands of blood vessels located on the surface of the skin constrict and the blood hunt inwards, thus avoiding a loss of heat.

By cons, when it is hot, the opposite occurs: the body loses heat through the skin, blood vessels dilate. Moreover, sweating cools the body, in case of heat.

p 101

For the child of the Pope, sweat was impossible, and the temperature too high._
“Forcing the elimination with baths, is an illusion. Steam baths, for example, carry the body to expel large quantities of water, but not waste. Trying to force the elimination is a very old medical superstition. The functions of life are not taking place at whip. The forcing measures are irritating - they worsen the condition of the subject. “–


The urine to drink

A Swiss doctor recommends the fasters to drink their own urine. Of course that urine still contains a few nutrients, but it is not a sufficient reason for recommending it to the fasters. Urine is a waste product of metabolism, which is supposed to be rejected, not reintroduced into the organism.

The day will come when another doctor Swiss shall recommend cutting the fasting with droppings. There are so many animals that eat droppings, because they still contain remnants of undigested food.

The auto-transfusion

Another Swiss doctor gives his fasters self-blood transfusions.

It is a method used for doping athletes. This stimulation strain all organs, while the faster needs rest. A stimulated faster spends his abundant energy in the muscular or other activities, and this will hamper elimination. The animals in nature, do not use the auto-transfusion when they fast.

Sugar and honey

Some doctors in Germany and Switzerland give their fasters honey or sugar to combat acetone. But acetone is a disposal that we should not fight. Let the body eliminate naturally. Do not fight the elimination n or force it.
The day will come when we give the whole fasters pots of jam!
Finally, honey is more harmful than sugar.

The teas

The hygienists reject all teas, whether during fasting or thereafter. They are used as medicine. But we oppose any idea of remedy. p 102

For example, chamomile and lime teas are used as soporifics. They are of plant origin, one can say. But the worst poisons are of plant origin : tobacco, cocaine, LSD…

By definition, food must be pleasant to the taste, the smell and the sight. However, the teas are bitter, if not insipid. And all that is bitter contains poison. Our taste buds warn us. A child whose taste has not yet been perverted, will refuse and grimace tasting dandelion, cress, _ garlic and raw onion, pink or black radish.

I just said that we use herbal tea chamomile and lime to sleep. Thus, we fight against the symptoms, just as with chemical drugs, rather than fight against its causes.

Moreover, if these teas make people sleep, they act exactly as soporific that move away the blood from the brain. It is a semi-coma, an anaesthesia, a stupefaction, but not sleep. We get up more tired than with a real sleep. We are poisoned. The damage to the nervous system is considerable.

Take the senna tea or other herbal laxatives. They are attributed the laxative virtues. But they have no virtue ! They do not act on the intestines for them to move and to empty. The intestines have to act on these teas to expel them from the body, because they are poisonous. The body can not use them to make cells, blood, lymph. And all that the body can not use must be dismissed as a poison.

The teas meant to combat headaches are harmful because the headaches should not be fought. Headaches are symptoms of useful elimination. We must welcome them with joy! !

The teas to combat deficiencies are a fraud, because the body has reserves that can last for a long time.

The diuretics teas do not push kidneys to work. The kidneys to reject them because they are poisons. They reject them with a lot of water.

The teas do not help the body to eliminate. On the contrary, they hinder elimination. Indeed, the body must reject all these teas and it uses for this purpose, its nervous energy. However, excretion, which takes place first at the level of cells, requires abundant nervous energy that it lacks when it is diverted towards the elimination of teas.

Some teas are expectorant. But several fasters spit a lot of mucus, to eliminate but, if they take this expectorant infusion, the body has to spit that tea and takes less care of toxins. Thus we see how this infusion delays elimination.

In nature, plants are divided into two categories: edible and poisonous. Now, the teas are always made from poisonous plants (bitter, spiny, insipid), never edible. The teas are truly medicines. When one takes them, we look for a certain effect. However, it is best to leave Nature do, without running counter to her in her work. We are not smarter than her.

p 103

The clay and magnesium

A lady had fasted at me, long ago. After her treatment, she felt a certain fatigue, quite normal. But it attributed to water my limestone wells.

The limestone in drinking water is inert, and has no chemical action. It is released into the intestines, then in the stool, without going into the blood. On the other hand, aspirin or any other medication, enter the bloodstream and go on the rampage by their chemical reactions.

The same is true for clay and magnesium which are inert and have no chemical action. Nobody pointed criticism against these two substances, as was done against the limestone water.

The clay has no healing power, contrary to what one says. The healing power lies exclusively with living tissues, not the inanimate and inert products. Moreover, the clay is not a essential factor to life. It is not, therefore, for the disease. The organism can not use clay to make cells and blood. At best, clay absorbs pus from an open wound, and assists its drainage, just like a wet compress.

As for the magnesium, it is a chemical, a drug. This is not a biological substance. Our body needs magnesium, but in an organic vegetable and non-mineral form. It exists in nature a cycle: the plant thrives on mineral, and man eats plants. You can not bypass this cycle and be nourished by mineral products. There are only plants that can absorb inert mineral materials.

The magnesium in the form of powder is nonsense. It is a return to classic medicine and pharmacy, were it harmless.

Massages and other treatments

Non-hygienists who employ fasting, are commonly appeal to various treatments during the cure, as well as measures forcing: massage, manipulation, adjustments vertebral, electricity, hot and cold baths, hydrotherapy, enemas, applications to stimulate liver, kidneys, etc… All this represents as many monkey tricks and should better be avoided.

Indeed, stimulants deplete the body. All these measures irritate the body and delay the recovery in proportion to their use. It is the antithesis of rest and relaxation. These so-called therapeutic measures, whatever they are, cause increased activity and a loss of energy and substance. However, we should work along with the conservative tendencies of the fasting natural organism, rather than against it. p.104

Measures that seek to stimulate the skin and kidney action, to force the elimination by the intestines, to stimulate the heart and nervous system, all these measures are wasting vital energy and should be avoided. Indeed, all methods of treatment which increase the activity in any way, thwart rest and relaxation._
“Several supporters of fasting, outside hygienists, use laxatives, homeopathic pills, etc But these laxatives have an immense dehydration effect that prevents the body to physiologically rest and perform the work of regeneration. How can the body accomplish all these tasks, when it is assailed on all sides with medicines and treatments which it must resist? which it must reject?


_The self-transfusion of blood is one of the latest methods of stimulation. It prevents the relaxation and rest.

Quotes of famous writers


At Paradise, famine had disappeared in the Third World, as we were no more selling arms to take their raw materials, as is said in “The Island of the Penguins” . by Anatole France

At Paradise, the lion and tiger grazed grass, peacefully with sheep, as the Bible had predicted in this novel of anticipation and premonitory vision. The Bible is not science fiction.

At Paradise, nuclear power plants, wine, coffee, tea, chocolate, medicine, canned food, tobacco and weapons factories, had all been transformed into a museum of antique objects of torture, used by an extinct and evil breed of men. Slaughterhouses were also closed.

Initially, there had been general panic in the Stock Exchange. Even worse than the stock market crash of 1929, all quotations had dropped still lower. All of these criminal and formerly prosperous industries, had been dismantled and laid discarded. Monopolies had so been dissolved.

At Paradise, public services were free. The phone free. The subways and buses free. The railroad free. The post free.

People did not work more than 2 hours a day. The fees were abolished and the taxes as well. People had no more medical expenses, no more coffee, no more unnecessary and costly poisons. And no more alcohol neither wine. The wages had fallen to 20% of what they were before, and unions dissolved by lack of members and of strikes. Happy residents spent the rest of their time to works of art, poetry, theatre, painting, sculpture, sports, music and meditation. They grew all the flowers and discovered some others.

At Paradise, no more military service. Neither armies. Neither wars, nor revolutions, nor unemployment. A perpetual spring. The North Pole and South Pole had become fertile lands where fruit grew. The ice and icebergs had melted. The Eskimos had an average height of 1.80 m and no longer lived only 27 years, as once, but 150 years as everyone.

No cases of cancer, madness or polio, was met with great apes.

Some sensitive souls who love animals, who are concerned about and which languish for them, do not hesitate to eat them, after having cut, grilled, baked and seasoned them. – p.105



_How to hasten elimination

Some think that the exercise hastens elimination. They are mistaken enormously. Exercise, walk, work, deviate energies towards the muscles and thus slow down elimination.

“There is not a more effective method to hasten elimination than to rest in bed. A greater activity increases the production of waste, whereas a reduced activity restricts the production of

<p style="text-align:justify"> 
<h3>_Ch. 14   Stimulation   and elimination_</h3>
<p align="right">p 105

It’s Aubrou, the physician, who had Mary to eat, in order she did’nt weaken. It’s him who killed her .._ François Mauriac Le noeud de vipères ( The nest of vipers).
Methods of stimulation

« There are years that I oppose the use of all the methods of stimulation, because they tend to exhaust energies of the patients.

One of my critics writes : “The loss of vital potential, which seems to be the bogey-man of Shelton, is not so bad as that. The body is a dynamic machine, producing and losing vital potential constantly.”

All this is true, but why wasting by stimulation, vital potential as soon as it is generated ?

One must know in this respect, that the capacity that the body has to produce vital potential is limited, and even more so when being ill. Indeed, sick people, and especially those who suffer from chronic diseases have a nervous tiredness coming from a former wasting of energy. Is it logical to continue to exhaust already weak reserves?

Stimulation is a forced pumping of energies. It obliges to expend energy, not for a useful work, but for a work consisting in resisting the stimulant. If it is continued for a long time, or is often repeated, exhaustion will be the result. Exhaustion of energies is in direct connection with the sum of opposite stimulation.

On the contrary, the practice of preserving patient’s energies by resting is by far, more rational and infinitely more profitable. A worker goes back home in the evening, very tired by one painful working day. We do not prescribe him a stimulant, but to rest and to sleep.

A patient presents himself at us with a tired organism, after weeks, months or years of overwork, stimulation, dissipation.It is in the habit of medicine to prescribe a mode of opposite treatment to him : he will be told that he needs more stimulation, that his organs require to work more, (that his liver is lazy) and one will begin a series of treatments consisting in stimulating the skin, the kidneys, the colon, the nervous system, etc..

Sometimes, if it is not too exhausted, one manages to whip it and to give it a fugacious appearance of health. But to tell the truth, the general rule everywhere is to see these cases worsening gradually.” – Dr SHELTON

Dangers of stimulation

There is a natural law, which one will find in my book “ENTRUST YOUR HEALTH TO NATURE”, according to which any stimulation is followed of one period of depression of equal intensity and of the same proportion. This fact should reveal us the real character of stimulation: it is a wasting.

If one feels better, euphoric and radiant, during the period of stimulation, one will pay it expensively thereafter, not necessarily the following day, but thereafter.

In addition, stimulation obtained decreases gradually, and the consecutive depression is more and more accentuated, according to the use of stimulant (coffee, self-transfusion, etc..) Stronger and more frequent amounts, or the recourse to another stimulant, prove to be necessary, but the period of recovery will become longer.

The main objection against stimulants is that they fight an effect, and not the cause. One seeks to found health by obliging the body to function, rather than while correcting or by removing the causes of the disease, like “the idleness of the liver”, supposedly.

“Let us suppose that we deal with very poisoned patient and that it be desirable to eliminate from his body accumulated toxins. If we try to stimulate his emunctories by being unaware of the causes, we would be in the same situation as that which endeavours to empty a bath-tub without turning off the tap “ – SHELTON

This image described by SHELTON is really captivating. It is the exact mirror of the naturopathic practice which wants to stimulate the kidneys, the liver, the skin, etc..

“One will thus empty water until complete tiredness, to realize at the end, that there is as much water as at the beginning! Indeed, more one empties, more one tires oneself, and more quickly water accumulates, because as tiredness is felt, the activity decreases.

_In the same way, we whip the organs of elimination, we require them increasingly large efforts, until they are exhausted. Then, they involve with them the exhaustion of the entire body. And in the final analysis, the body is found at the same point of intoxication as at the right beginning.

It is still to note that, in consequence of general functional weakening, inevitable consequence of these naturopathic stimulation measures, the body is more and more poisoned.

In conclusion : be careful with self-transfusions, coffee, cold water, fortifyings, stimulants, invigoratings.

How to hasten elimination

Some think that the exercise hastens elimination. They are mistaken enormously. Exercise, walk, work, deviate energies towards the muscles and thus slow down elimination.

“_There is not a more effective method to hasten elimination than to rest in bed. A greater activity increases the production of waste, whereas a reduced activity restricts the production of toxins. An increased activity spends energy, while rest and sleep preserve this energy.

The more one organ is stimulated, the less it becomes able to take up its duties. Give it rest sufficiently to allow recovery, reform and repair, and its vigour and its functional effectiveness will be increased by it.

A great quantity of energy is spent in the physical activity. If rest is substituted for the activity, the energy usually spent in this physical activity, becomes available for a different use, and for the moment at least, for a more important work.

Nature does not cut the appetite, does not put the patient in a state of prostration, and does not stop his activities, as well mental as sexual and sensory, for nothing. Those ones are measures of conservation intended to safeguard the energies usually spent in these forms of activities, so that they can be available for other uses, such as for example, in a more important work of re-establishment.”..
“The activity consumes the substances of the body. It is extravagant of life. An increased activity increases the consumption of body subst
ance. During the rest, the cells, the fabrics and the organs are repaired, reformed and renewed.

Rest is creator of life. The organs which rest are more able to repair their damaged structures, than organs in a state of stimulation. Rest and sleep are the most qualified processes of repair.” SHELTON

Stimulation thus reduces functional capacity_, by the expenditure of additional energy, and the increase in metabolic wastes.

We speak here, of course, of rest in the broadest direction of the term, i.e. the physiological rest which is fasting. When one does not fast, it is impossible to keep the bed during the day. But when one fasts, it settles in the body, at the end of a few days, a kind of authentic relieving which obliges to keep the bed with pleasure._

“The true storage of the reserves of energies, the refill of the body batteries, occur during the rest. The stimulation (irritation or excitation) of an exhausted body does nothing but precipitate the exhaustion of the few remaining reserves, and brings final collapse more quickly.

The more the body is stimulated, more quickly it reaches the state of total exhaustion. In addition, more the body is weak, less it is able to resist the stimulants - and larger is the need “not to do anything” in an intelligent way.

Only those which have a sufficiently thorough experiment with, on the one hand, practice of the stimulant (wasting of the forces) and, in addition, practice of rest (conservation of the forces) - only those can judge the merit of the two practices and can form a really detailed judgement.

That one who did not completely give up the practice of the stimulant, and who for lack of experimental knowledge of the question, proclaims the superiority of the stimulative practice on the practice of the conservation of the forces, that one reasons like the philosophers in slippers. He does not know and cannot know that about which he speaks. Like a spider which weaves its fabric, he erects a fantastic theory on the fabric of his imagination “ SHELTON

_Elimination occurs on the level of the cells and not to that from the emunctories (skin, liver, kidneys, etc.) The latter do nothing but reject already eliminated substances. The liver transforms the waste eliminated by cells into simpler and eliminable matters. The kidneys filter them from the blood and reject them into the bladder.

Therefore, to hasten elimination, it is necessary to push the cells, not the emunctories, to eliminate. How?

For this purpose, it should be known how our cells function. To function the cells need, above all, nervous energy. When this one is abundant, they eliminate much, if not, they eliminate little. How to increase this nervous energy? No substance will give it to you, no method, no stimulant.

One can increase nervous energy only while resting, while saving on the physical exercises, muscular, digestive, sexual. How to save ? By muscular rest, stomachic, sexual, etc..

One will not hasten elimination by stimulating the emunctories.

Famous writers quotations_

Although having of their faculties and intelligence a reciprocal low esteem, the two physicians did not fear to change between them opinions, knowing that they risked nothing there and would not lose nor would not gain with the exchange, since they were medical opinions.
– Anatole FRANCE

Ch. 15** **Purgings and rectal injections_

p 109

It would have been a benefit for the humanity if the cooks as well as their art be destroyed - BUCHAN <div> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="53" align="left"> <tbody><tr> <td valign="top" align="left">D</td> </tr> </tbody></table> </div> _ o the animals which fast take purgings or rectal injections? They swallow sometimes little tough grass to help them vomit, not that these grasses have any action, - they do not have any - but to tickle the throat and help them vomit._

_In addition, does the presence of faeces in the intestines poison the body during the fast? Sometimes.

The chemical or vegetable purgings are drugs used in medicine since good a long time. The hygienists condemn them like all the drugs. They pickle the delicate mucous membranes of the small intestines, drag along the invaluable flora and generate a chronic inflammation.

During fasting, is it necessary to force Nature to empty the intestines, even if she does not wish it? It often arrives to the obese ones, that they evacuate towards the end of the fast, when Nature is ready.

That indicates that energies are now available for other tasks than elimination, that this one has slowed down and the faster feels himself well.

So that the faeces do not poison the body during the fast, the body manages to neutralize them by pouring bile there to asepticize them, by desiccating them. That prevents them from fermenting and putrefying. Heat and moisture, here are the two factors of the putrefaction. One noticed in the animals which fast, that their intestines are aseptic at the end of seven days only. When their intestines are opened, no putrefaction is smelt.

Is there danger to keep the faeces in the intestines during several weeks? Is there absorption by the wall of the colon? Is the body poisoned by it?

The animals never care about their intestines when they fast. It is true that in the animals which fast, their intestinal contents are not as rotten as the human beings ones.

I have just said: the liver makes aseptic the intestinal contents by the discharge of the bile and the drying of the matters.

Normally, the function of the colon is to store the faeces, while preventing their absorption. On the other hand, the function of the small intestines is to absorb the digested bolus, completely or partly. However, to avoid this absorption of the colon, the body seeks the most economic means: or to empty the intestines, or to store the faeces by desiccating them or by asepticizing them.

There is undoubtedly a light absorption by the wall of the colon, especially when this one had been injured by daily laxatives, but this absorption would cost less energy to the organism than the evacuation. The body decides what is best appropriate to him.

Let us not forget that the purgings and the laxatives do not have any action on the intestines, but that these are the latter which expel them, because they are poisons. They are indeed, corrosive and pickle the delicate mucous membranes of the intestines, by ruining the invaluable flora.

The destruction of the intestinal flora generates digestive disorders, slimming, deficiencies in vitamins (even if one takes some abundantly).

Some naturopaths without experiment are allowed themselves to deliver their opinion, whereas they never supervised fasters. I supervised 4000 of them during 40 years. I never observed problems in the fasters who do not take purgings, nor laxatives.

When one forces the intestines to evacuate, one does not accelerate elimination. On the contrary, one slows it down during a time, because these poisons tire the body. Moreover, elimination occurs on the level of the cells. To have a bowels motion, to evacuate, is not to eliminate. Contents of the intestines, approximately, have never belonged to the cells of the body. It consists of food waste, as well as matters already eliminated by blood and poured in the intestines as in a dustbin.

Energy spent to eliminate the purgings, like that one used in rectal injections, is withdrawn from the cells for their work of elimination.

The monumental error among followers of the instinctothérapy is the catch of cassia to all the meals. However cassia is a vegetable laxative. The produced deficiencies are numerous: thinness, falls of the hair, diarrhoeas, bulimia, etc..

As for the rectal injections, they empty only 50 cm only colon, by liquifying the contents, thus allowing its absorption. For this reason one has sometimes headaches, giddinesses, tiredness, nausea, after a rectal injection.

“To force the intestines to work does not allow an additional elimination by this channel. The normal function can be restored only when the cause of its suspension or its deterioration is removed. The normal function is restored only when all the causes of functional deteriorations were isolated. Take the most violent purging, take a whole series of rectal injections to remove the intestines from their waste, and you will not have more elimination by blood.

A certain resentment occurs when one forces the body to function. The body then refuses to do anything else. It reacts more promptly to soft measures.

Thus rest is more effective than energetic measures. To treat is to make war against an imaginary enemy. That leads to put on the ground and even to destroy the organism that one claims to want to cure.”

The principal reason for which we are opposed to the purgings and the rectal injections is as follows: purgings are poisons which the body expels. But when the faeces become unbearable at the organism, it expels them too.

It is with the body to judge. There is no need to make the intestinal contents intolerable by the addition of purgings to oblige the intestines to act. They will act when it is necessary.

It is obvious that it is to better undertake a fast, especially if it is long one, with intestines removed from their putrid contents. Then, to this end, the preparation that I described in detail before, is the means more guaranteed and without any harmfulness to make the intestinal contents clean.

An adequate preparation is thousand times higher than the purging or the rectal injection. A fast with intervals is recommended to those which were operated for haemorrhoids._

_Famous writers quotations_

At this point in time this 740 year old patriarch opened the door of the Hell to me. It was dark, the air pollution of the tobacco, the factories and of the bad breath of people prevented the rays of the sun from arriving to the ground.

It was dantesque. Swarming with people. No place to move, to walk. The streets, the houses, the rooms, the flats, all was occupied and reserved in advance. And how very expensively they had to pay for all these key moneys. - In this terrestrial hell, everyone complained. One of gastritis, the other of sinusitis, the third of asthma, the fourth of insomnia, constipation, cancer, nervous, mental, circulatory, glandular, cutaneous, intestinal, stomachic, ocular disorders, etc.. Nobody was in good health, not even the young people.
– Albert MOSSERI, Man, the Monkey and the Paradise p14-15

It is not the fault with the doctors if the medical department of the community, such as it functions in this moment, appears a criminal nonsense. That a healthy nation of spirit grants to the surgeons, to cut you the leg or the appendix, of remunerations such as to the baker to provide the daily bread : that is enough to make us despair of a human maturity. The more terrible the mutilation is, the more the mutilator is honoured!
– George Bernard SHAW

It is the nature which cures the diseases. It finds itself the suitable ways, without needing to be directed by our intelligence.
– Hippocrates

It is a shame for the men, whom have so many diseases, because good morals produce health. Their intemperance changes into mortal poisons food intended to preserve life.

What is mainly and indispensably necessary to know for any doctor who wants to succeed in well exerting his art, is reduced to knowing what is the man compared to what he eats, to what he drinks, and changes that each thing can determine in him.
– Hippocrates

The one who wants to do something finds a means. The one who wants to do nothing to make finds an excuse.
– Arab proverb

Some sensitive souls who love animals, who worry and mope for them, do not hesitate to eat them, after having cut them out, roasted, cooked with the furnace and seasoned.

In the organism as in the universe, there are no effects without causes and these causes are always attached to disobediences to the natural and supernatural laws. Only logical medicine is thus that which teaches the laws of health.
– Dr. Paul CARTON

God laughs at the men who deplore the effects whose they continue to cherish the causes.

In 1348, the Black Death carried off two thirds of the French population. More close to us, the cholera sowed terror during centuries. These two diseases disappeared from our country, without vaccinations. However they persist, as well as others, in certain countries, in spite of vaccinations.
⁠–Fernand DELARUE

Fever which one will cure only by taking only water during three days : what is often enough for the cure.
– Hippocrates

It is necessary as much as one can, to go up to the cause, and to the cause of the cause.
– Hippocrates

The doctor must take his lessons in Nature.
– Hippocrates

The great remedy, which is always innocent, and always of a useful use, it is sobriety, it is the temperance of all the pleasures, it is the peace of the spirit, it is the exercise of the body. By that way, one makes a soft and moderate blood, one dissipates all superfluous humours.

The fast purifies the body.
– Hippocrates

The food which flatters too much the taste, and which makes one to eat beyond the need, poisons instead of nourishing.

Vaccination is the greatest swindle of all times.
– Prof. TISSOT

Let us not interfere : the order which provides for the fleas and the moles also provides for the men who have similar patience to let themselves control that the fleas and the moles; we shout Bihora in vain, it is well to become hoarse and not to advance.

The body is weak or strong, according to the case, which depends entirely on nervous energy, if it is weak or strong. And one will remember that the functions of the body are well or badly accomplished according to the flow of produced energy.
<h3>Ch. 16 Symptoms & crises _</h3> <h3>_during or after the fast</h3>

It is not of the doctors that I have had enough, but of their art.
– MONTAIGNE <div> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="57" align="left"> <tbody><tr> <td valign="top" align="left">T</td> </tr> </tbody></table> </div> _he person in excellent health can fast for weeks without feeling the least faintness. Elimination is done then smoothly. On the other hand, the unwell individual, as it is the case of everybody, will have reactions according to his state : violent if he is provided with a good vitality, and weak if this one is weak.

Thus, when a person affirms to me to have an excellent health, I never believe her. Indeed, at the end of a few days of fast, the symptoms start to appear. Fast is like the mirror of health. It accurately reflects the true state of health, whereas the stimulants mask it.

A twenty two year old young man, Emmanuel, affirms to me to suffer from nothing and that he is in perfect health. He wants only cure his strong myopia.

At the end of a few days, hardly, he has each night an attack of asthma. At the beginning, the crisis lasted two hours, then it decreased day by day, until disappear completely. He thought of having an excellent health, whereas his body was poisoned and his lungs overflowed with toxins.

The person who smokes or who drinks alcohol is a unwell person, even if she feels very well. Indeed, as soon as she stops the tobacco or alcohol, and starts to fast, she makes crises of detoxification which make her suffer martyrdom. She thought of being in perfect health before fasting, whereas she was poisoned. All the sufferings and the crises of detoxification felt during the fast, are symptoms of elimination of the nicotine and alcohol, accumulated in tissues.

To avoid or attenuate the crises which can occur during the fast, it is necessary to follow the preparation described in detail before, during several weeks.


The most ordinary symptom in a faster, are the giddinesses that he feels when he rises abruptly from his bed. Blood is concentrated in the abdomen for the intense elimination which is produced there, and the body does not have time to send some in the brain, then one is likely to faint a few seconds. That is without gravity, except that one is likely to fall on an sharp object and to be wounded. One of my fasters had made a fall on a radiator and had made a bump on her face, which had lasted 5 days before reabsorbing.

To avoid that, it is enough to sit down a little at the edge of the bed, before rising gently.

Avoid also the upright prolonged station. Do Not make the toilet in the morning, but in the afternoon, because at this time, one is tired less, considering that elimination slows down in the afternoons.

The most serious case of giddinesses that I ever had is that of a twenty year old girl. The giddinesses had lasted for Claude five days, while being laid down, during every morning. It was the liver which discharged.

Lastly, an instructive personal experiment. During one of my fasts, I took my car and went downtown to make some shopping. I went through several shops, queueing in each one of them. But with the last one, the queue was a little longer than the others.

I felt then a giddiness. To avoid fainting, I had gone to lie down a few minutes on the steps of a nearby staircase. The director having seen me there, called for an ambulance. But meanwhile, having pulled myself together, I had risen to direct me towards my car, 30 meters away. I was already in my car, sitting, when I heard the sirens of the ambulance, stopping in front of the store door and awaiting in vain for the patient who had evaporated ! I had had a narrow escape.

One would have offered me such or such examination, or applied automatically such treatment, which I would have had difficulty to refuse.

The fever

From time to time, a faster says tells me that he feels feverish, without taking his temperature. But that lasts only a few hours, to the maximum one day. It is a dynamic elimination. One should not do anything to fight the fever, if not drink a little more water.

I had a faster who had abstained from drinking for a whole night, whereas he was very thirsty, because the passage towards the half-fast starts an elimination in force. His temperature went up to 39°C, and he had moreover, one retention of urine. Obliged to go to the hospital to sound his bladder, he was obliged to undergo the medical treatments and died by them at the end of seven days. And to think that some recommend the “dry” fast.

The lack of water can thus have very serious consequences when one is thirsty.


p 115

The headaches during the fast can last from a few hours to several days. Do not seek to attenuate them, because they are invaluable symptoms of elimination. There is only to observe the colour and the odour of the urine in this moment to understand that the headaches are symptoms of elimination.

A lady had suffered all her life from tough headaches. she left to fast under the surveillance of a naturopathic doctor during 20 days. To fight these headaches, the doctor gave her pills, sugar, purgings, etc… The result of the cure was null. Her headaches continued like always.

One year later she went to fast under my surveillance, without purgings, nor pills. When the headaches were heightened, I asked her to support them, grit her teeth and wait. Sometimes the headaches are caused by the generous discharge of toxins in blood. At this time, it is necessary to drink more water, several glasses, little by little. She still fasted at my home for 20 days, and her headaches disappeared forever.

This story illustrates two ways of fasting and makes it possible to compare the results obtained by one and the other. When a naturopath, was he a doctor, supervises the fast, he always has tendency to fight the symptoms.


The colics are pains in the belly, due in general to gases coming from waste in fermentation in the intestines. It is to sleep on the belly or to make some soft massages on the belly, if not enough , a rectal injection.

When one makes the preparation described before, in detail, in a special chapter, one avoids the colics during the fast.

The pains which these colics can cause are sometimes very sharp. Some massages at the place in question are enough sometimes to move the pocket of gas and the colics cease. Otherwise, one needs that the faster opens his bowels to request an evacuation, while waiting patiently.

The colics during the fast, were they very violent, cant never be appendicitis attacks. They are never but gases.


Weakness is completely normal during the fast. The curist who fast can however move in the house, to go to the toilets. But if it does not have any more the force to go, then the fast must be cut immediately. It is necessary to distinguish the weakness from the prostration._ <p align="right">p 116

_Insomnia, sensitivity to the noise, nervousness

The majority of the fasters sleep little during the night. Their nights are very long and do not pass. The young people and the insomniacs sleep well. The latter have undoubtedly a delay to make up with lost sleep.

The cause of this insomnia is perhaps a deficiency in vitamins of the group B. When one passes to the following phase, that of the half-fast, the sleep returns little by little. Those which suffer from insomnias sleep part of the morning. The hours are thus shifted.

I had a young lady who saw her hours of sleep shifting day after day, up to the point which she slept at the night like everyone.

Some read, others look at television to pass the time. Shelton recommended to keep the bed in the darkness and to relax.

Bleedings of the gums, spittles, bad breath

The bad breath is the sign of an advantageous elimination. Sometimes, the taste of the mouth is pasty, sometimes bitter or putrid, sometimes the mouth is dry. Some spit all the day. It is an elimination by salivary glands.

The bleeding of the gums occurs with some, not with all.

Palpitations, irregular pulse, the bar on the chest

Many fasters feel palpitations now and then. The heart beats more quickly than usual. The bed should be kept. That the heart beats quickly or slowly, that does not have importance, provided it is regular. It can thus go up to 120 pulsations per minute, or 45 only. But an irregular pulse is a bad sign which orders the stopping of the fast and the passing to the following stage, which is that of the half-fast.

A dentist comes to my home to fast. Before coming, he had gone to make an electrocardiogram to check the condition of his heart. The result was that his heart was in good condition. On the seventh day of the fast, I heard a small noise late in the night. I went up on the floor, and I saw fasters who did not sleep and who had made a little noise. Passing by his room, I saw the light on. I asked him:

  • How are you ?

He answered: _ <ol> <li>Very well. The pulse is irregular.</li> </ol> _I took his pulse, it was quite irregular. I broke the fast in middle of the night. I should have passed to the half-fast, but I was unaware of this method in this time. One sees from this example that the examinations do not have much value. p 117

A Spaniard, 72 years old, comes and asks to fast 30 to 40 days. He had fasted in the past 20 days in Spain, at his home place. One week after the beginning of the fast, he expressed the desire to cut the fast. I was astonished by it and do not say a word. I asked him for the reason, he answered that he wanted to cut the fast, without knowing too much why. I did not insist.

But several hours afterwards, having thought of the question, I returned towards him and I asked him then if he had received a letter which had annoyed him, or a bad news. He answered no. He wanted to cut the fast, but did not know too much why. He was by no means afraid of the fast, since he had already fasted and that he was a convinced follower since very long years.

Intrigued by this case, I had the quite happy idea to take his pulse. It was irregular !

He had thus had a premonitory feeling of the danger. His organism had sounded alarm, by major intuition. I cut the fast immediately to him. A half-fast would have been advantageous, but in this time, I was unaware of it.

Lastly, the bar on the chest is a sign of distress for the cardiac ones and it orders the passage to the half-fast.

The vomiting of bile

This kind of vomiting occurs when the liver is tired, overworked, i.e. with a lot of people who believe themselves quite healthy.

If this vomiting occurs during the first two weeks of fast, it is necessary to let them run and support them. It is undoubtedly an elimination, if not an excess of bile which the liver does not manage to slow down.

But if this vomiting occurs after the fifteenth day, it is necessary to pass to the half-fast without waiting. If not one is likely to produce a mental confusion in the faster. He will not remember what he had done the day before, neither the name of his wife, nor where he lives.

A young black, studying in law, had come to fast at home, 24 years ago. He complained to have a bad breath, so much so that his parents and friends pointed out to him. That inconvenienced him much and especially obstructed towards the others. The fast, he thought , was to detoxicate him and remove him from this evil.

It fasted 40 days without problem. But as soon as the 20th day of the fast, he started to vomit the bile every hour. The vomiting continued until the 40th day of the fast.

As soon as he ate for the first time, a little later, he suffered from mental confusion during ten days. He did not remember anything any more, very was muddled up in his memory. He did not know any more if his wife was in France or in Gabon. He even asked me whether he had come to fast of his own will ; he had even forgotten that he had fasted. p 118

It is the only case of mental confusion which I ever had and I would not have any other, because I have understood the reason of it.

Shelton had seven cases of mental confusion. Each time he published a new edition of its principal book on the fast, he added one or two new cases. I am still astonished that he did not think of these cases to draw a general conclusion from it. He considered the vomiting as an advantageous elimination, but he ended, after 40 years of practice, to admit that one did not have to let them last too much.

In the country of origin of our black student, Gabon, one is fed from fish for most tender childhood, morning, midday and evening. So at the age of 26 years, his liver was overworked. The fish is worse than the meat, because it putrefies more quickly.

As soon as he had taken the first mouthful after the fast, blood was withdrawn from the brain and concentrated on the stomach.

This young black had attended all my daily talks of the evening, without ever putting only one question. But the only one that he had asked to me was as follows : _ <ol> <li>M. Mosséri, how long do the benefits of the fast last, if one turns back, after the cure, to the same diet as before ?</li> </ol> _This question reveals his state of mind. He had not understood that it was necessary to change basic food from top to bottom. He had not planned to follow a hygienist diet thereafter. Moreover, and that goes in same optics, his recovery food had posed serious problems to me. He refused to eat and drink all that I gave him. He found it very insipid, not salted, nor seasoned. He claimed roasted and salted peanuts, sandwiches and fish !

If one follows a preparation before the fast, one attenuates or one avoids this unpleasant and painful vomiting.

delirium, hallucinations, coma,

fainting, crises of, of tobacco, sedatives and sleeping pills, for very long years, can have during the fast, a crisis of delirium and hallucinations. They do not recognize anybody any more and do not know what they say.

A long preparation, preceded by the progressive abolition of the enumerated poisons, will be able to attenuate or avoid all these unpleasant crises.

I had many cases which want to change their diet quickly, whereas they did not cease the drugs completely. It is worse than useless. It is initially necessary to have completely ceased the drugs, before starting to change diet. Indeed, the poisons are even more harmful when the diet is healthier.

p 119

In the event of fainting, it is necessary to leave the subject laid on the ground, the members well streched. At the end of a few minutes, he will awake, without even suspecting anything. The patient should certainly not be raised immediately, nor even to raise his head.

The horizontal position tires less the organism than the vertical position. When Nature requisitions its energies for an urgent work of elimination, it puts the subject by ground (fainting) to save the forces. Indeed, when the heart must pump the blood of the feet to the head, that consumes a considerable energy.

The only case of coma of which I am informed is that of Doctor Roger, suffering from AIDS, and who took, before undergoing his half-fast, a dozen cups of coffee per day. The stopping of the coffee, among other stimulants, caused him a coma. Under these conditions, it should be waited until the patient recovers from it by himself. Do not panic, nor send him to the hospital, as it was the case.

All these crises are caused by a very intense elimination which pours in the blood quantities of considerable toxins and which disturbs, for a time, the nervous system, just the time to be eliminated by the kidneys. At this time, it is necessary to force to drink water to attenuate the crises. If the patient feels reluctant to drink, add lemon or orange juice in the water.

The strongest crises meet at those which do not follow any preparation before fasting. The incriminated drugs must be removed gradually several months in advance. Do not neglect this preparation, because patients in crisis can throw themselves by the window, gash the veins, shout very loudly during hours and hours, and bring out the neighbours who are likely to call for the ambulance or the police force.

Urines charged with sand, tinted with blood

 and crises of kidney stones

It can happen that after two or three weeks of fast, the urines are charged with sand, mud and tinted with blood. When the bladder or the gall bladder is full with small kidney stones, or only a large one, all end up disintegrating under the effect of the fast. Then, they are evacuated by the urines (nephritic stones), if not by the intestines (hepatic stones).

A 45 year old Italian had cut off his 15 days fast at my home. Two days after the food recovery, it urinated of blood and mud. He had already decided on the day of his departure, but I opposed it formally. I asked him to delay his departure for a few days. Its family would have been frightened, would have persuaded him to enter to the hospital and the consequences would be catastrophic. Fasting is not taught in Faculty of Medicine and the physicians do not have any experience on the matter.

p 120

I gave him much water to drink between foods. At the end of 4 days, the urines became again normal again and he left trustful and quiet.

Others can develop an extremely violent crisis of nephritic or biliary stones. These crises last from 4 to 5 hours. The subject cannot keep his calm, remain in place, but is agitated constantly in all directions, like pushing kidney stone and ejecting it. It is the passage of the stone which causes these crises. To want to stop the crisis by punctures of narcotics, it is to stop the passage of the calculus. One should not give anything to the faster. It is necessary to make him have patience and the crisis will pass slowly or suddenly, after 4 or 5 hours. It is necessary all the time to keep the patient company. Some time later, if the subject urinates in a chamber pot, he will have the pleasant surprise to find there calculus at the bottom of the pot.

I had several cases which proceeded in a very satisfactory way, but the last caused me some troubles. It was an actor of forty years. Convinced of the effectiveness of the fast, he came to my home to follow it. At the end of ten days of fast, he felt a very violent crisis of renal calculi. It was Sunday morning. I took him company to attenuate his sufferings, morally, and to make him have patience.

However he did not understand that I do not seek to relieve his sufferings, by giving him something._ <ol> <li>Do something, he said. But, you are inhuman. Do not let to me suffer.</li> </ol> _I explained in vain to him that it was necessary to await till the end of the crisis, that it would last 4 to 5 hours, and that he would be delivered soon. He wanted to hear nothing.

  • Call me the doctor, he said.

  • All right, I will call him.

To gain time, I abstained from calling the doctor, while affirming that I had called him, and that he would come soon.

One hour having passed without the coming of the doctor, the patient, exceeded, asked me call for the doctor again. I could not shilly-shally any more.

In that time, I had a doctor to cover me. He consulted the fasters on arrival, then at the exit, seldom during the fast. I needed a legal cover. I thus telephoned this doctor.

  • Hello Madam, is the doctor there ?

  • Why ?

  • I have a faster who makes a crisis of nephritic calculuses.

  • How do you know that it is a crisis of nephritic calculusus ? she said with fury to me, as if I had encroached on the exclusive field of her husband.

I knew that I did not have the right, legally, to make a diagnosis. p121

Then I answered him:

  • It is him which told it to me.

  • I will call the doctor.

  • What is there ? asked the doctor on the telephone.

  • It is a crisis of nephritic calculus.

  • Have him drink much water. It is all.

What he wanted to say simply: it is not serious. The doctor knew that my fasters would refuse the drugs and he did not give them any.

  • But doctor, I replied, it is him that wants to have an injection to have an immediate relief.

  • In this case, I will come in one hour, he told me.

That meant again, this could wait, and nothing was urgent.

One hour afterwards the doctor showed up. Although the pain had already decreased by half, the patient insisted to have an injection which the doctor had a pleasure to administer him at his arrival. (Let us note that the lady doctor Vetrano advises 20 minutes in a hot bath). The pain was calmed.

Entrusting that nothing grave could occur, and tranquillized, I went away in the afternoon from this animated Sunday.

However the doctor, without warning me, turned up to take news of his patient. He made the most of it and took him along in his hospital in order to have several examinations of him. Drive out the naturalness, it returns to the gallop. The naturalness, for a doctor, they are the examinations, the analyses and the tests, all useless.

When I returned and learned the news, I got angry and let know indirectly the patient know, who was at the hospital, that I did not wish to see him at my home any more, that he had understood nothing and that he could continue his stay at the hospital.

But the following day, which was my surprise, while entering my living room, to see our patient out in dressing gown, seated in an armchair and chattering with another curist.

At the hospital, he was surprised to see the medical routine at work and did not accept it. He decided to go away. But suspecting that one would not let him leave easily (the hospitals are prisons without bars), he waited for the hour of the lunch and threaded his way out of the hospital without anybody seeing him

Thus having seen him sat in my living room, I had understood what had occurred. And undoubtedly, him too. The fast was thus resumed without problems.

Before returning at his place, a few weeks later, he apologized by declaring that he had not at all been mentally prepared, but that now he had well seized the basic idea of hygienism.


Tetany, convulsions and spasms

Those which are prone to crises of tetany, convulsions and spasms, are likely to have some during the fast. As soon as the crisis is announced, it is necessary to pass to the half-fast, preceded by a warm stock, only once.

Sensitivity to the light

The eyes are the most sensitive organs of the body and any symptom which touches them during the fast must be taken into account.

If daylight dazzles the faster in his room, so much so that he prefers to carry sunglasses inside the house, it is a sign of deficiency which orders to pass to the half-fast without delaying. No vegetable stocks, because they are deprived by cooking and can accentuate deficiencies of the faster. I met this symptom in the fasters at the end of 50 days of fast, seldom less.

The menstruations

A woman in perfect health does not have periods, like the wild females in nature. That does not prevent her from having an unperceivable monthly ovulation and even children.

But as the majority of the women are badly bearing, they must eliminate every month, using the menstruations. The absence of menstruations, in these cases, indicates that a valve of elimination is out of service. The fast can restart it.

When a cure of fast is undertaken, the periods are announced fifteen days sooner, because the body has more supplied energies to eliminate. It is necessary to take one’s precautions in advance.

Paralysis during the fast

More than one hundred thousand fasters were supervised in the world by professional hygienists since the beginning of the XX th century. No case of paralysis which could have occurred during the fast has ever been related.

I had two cases of it, one after the other. Two unique cases undoubtedly in all the history of the fast. They occurred with two men, rather old, on the fifth day of the fast. The paralysis lasted only 5 hours. It was a hemiplegia. The fast was cut in the first case by a warm vegetable stock, but continued for the second without disadvantage. In the first case, the tongue was touched, the face, scarlet, the eyes, exorbities, the pulse thrown into a panic. The crisis was violent.

  • I do not control my members any more, he said.

He could not rise any more nor walk. The following year he began again a second fast, and developed a less serious similar crisis. One needed a long preparation to avoid such a tragic crisis.

p 123

These crises of paralysis are the faithful mirror of the lamentable health of the subject, but they reflect especially the future, by giving a precise idea of the crisis which will precede death later, in ten or twenty years. One can thus predict the future, if these people do not adhere strictly to the hygienist diet.

Are these crises before death inescapable? Not if the individual lives in a hygienist and healthy way, as I have just said before. It is necessary also to avoid worries, sorrows, pollutions, medical poisons.

The difficulty of breathing

If the faster was asthmatic, he will make surely attacks of asthma during the fast. The preparation will attenuate these crises.

I had a patient who suffered from these crises during one week. He had also stomachic pains for the same period. He had stopped the drugs, but had preserved the inhalations during the crises.

At the end of the crises, and during the remainder of the cure, he had ceased the inhalations. His asthma had completely disappeared.

The attacks of asthma during the fast are very painful, because the air misses. They should be supported after a fashion.

I had a Belgian lady which had come to fast, but who had misused tranquillizing and of drugs of any kind. As soon as the beginning of the fast, she had a breathing which tormented her chest. She was relieved by drawing her skin of the pit of her stomach. Her fast was attenuated by an apple every evening, during fifteen days. The results were marvellous on all the plans and exceeded all her hopes.

It is necessary to be wary when one feels difficulties of breathing. When this symptom is accompanied by an irregular pulse, panting, by a prostration, it is a sign heralding death.

Heart diseases started by rebound

during a crisis of elimination

When one supervises old people who fast, one meets sometimes latent physical weaknesses which can threaten the life of the curists.

As soon as the first signs of such a weakness, it is necessary to pass to the half-fast.

Mrs C. was 64 years old. She fasted for the asthma which she had dragged for 30 years or more. She had always taken drugs for her attacks of asthma and they were suddenly stopped the day before her fast. (they would have had to be stopped gradually quite before the fast).

She fasted 19 days without troubles, then by prudence, because of her age and her major intoxication, the fast was cut. However, she had at this time an attack of asthma which lasted several days. p 124

It had appeared at this precise time that her life was in danger, because her heart showed apparent signs of tiredness, according to the doctor who sounded her. It was necessary at all costs, that these attacks of asthma stop, or attenuate, because the fast had caused an enough pronounced weakness which would have been of no significance if she had been younger.

At this time the doctor prescribed one calming for asthma, very light, and that I approved in the circumstance, not to endanger her life.

It is possible that acupuncture or the chiropractic had been able to solve this problem, without being obliged to poison the patient with drugs.

The vomiting among cardiac old people can also cause mortal crises or a serious accidental haemorrhage. It is necessary to supervise the heart of the old cardiac people and to avoid the vomiting by passing to the half-light. The vomiting can also cause a hernia, but that without gravity.

My experience with old people is not very wide, because of the inherent risks. I made some 80 years old people fast during 7 days of integral fast, or 20 days on a half-fast, with good results. At 70 years, I supervised old people who fasted 20 days, but months had been necessary so that they find their forces back.

Pains with the kidneys or the lungs

The kidneys and the lungs are emunctories. A strong elimination can overwhelm them when they are not strong enough. Thus, one can feel a local ignition and a blood congestion in these two vital organs. The urine can be loaded with blood.

At this time, it is necessary to force on water drinking : at least 2 liters of water. In the event of difficulty for drinking, add orange or lemon juice in the two liters. If the intense pains go on at the end of a few days, then it is necessary to pass to the half-fast, while continuously drinking a lot.

The high and irregular fever

with a strong pain in the belly

A high and irregular fever during the fast, or independently of the fast, accompanied by a dull pain to the belly, in the chest, with swelling, indicates the bursting of a mortal internal abscess. The fever goes up and goes down without apparent reason.

It is necessary to operate at once to save some cases, not all.

Retention of urine

On 4.000 fasters, I had 3 or 4 cases of retention of urine. The first was a 60 year old man, hypertensive. As soon as he had cut the 15 days fast, he could not urinate any more. The hot sitzbath, the tap which runs, nothing could help him to urinate. I sent him to the hospital to sound him, but they retained him 24 hours and he had difficulty to leave. I should have called a nurse quite simply. p 125

The second case is that of a lady who had undergone two operations for the haemorrhoids. A few days after the beginning of the half-fast, it tested very painful tenesmus which were accompanied by partial urine retention . The hot sitzbaths helped her to urinate, but very little. At the end of 24 hours, she urinated and evacuated normally.

For the next cure, I then decided to introduce intervals every 7 days of fast, intervals of several days, until she can evacuate one or twice.

The third case is that of a case of AIDS. Not having been able to drink, whereas he was very thirsty, thus started a fever, accompanied by a urine retention . I then sent him to the hospital where he was finished off after one week of ill treatments (pneumothorax, perfusions, antibiotics, etc..).

The fourth case is that of an American friend who fasted in California, under my surveillance by telephone. The violent tenesmus at the time of cutting the fast were accompanied by a retention of urine which obliged him to be made probe by a naturopath. He had taken calmings during tens of years for his crises of gout.

The cure of fast should have been intersected with intervals, every seven days, to enable him to evacuate.

Feet and ankles swollen_ <ol> <li>_Mr Mosséri, my feet and my ankles have swelled. I cannot put my shoes on any more. What should be done ? _</li> </ol> _Here is how certain curists call me sometimes, after they returned home. They are thrown into a panic and helpless.

  • You allowed yourself a serious break ?

  • Yes, I have been tempted by a defended dish.

  • It is necessary to remove this break, and all will return to normal in a few weeks.

  • There is not anything else to do?

  • Nothing else. It was necessary to wait for one month after the fast, before to venture to do a very small break.

General faintness and
too large weakness

When the curist feels a general faintness, a strong loss of weight, pains everywhere, a great weakness, a difficulty to remain standing or to walk, then it is necessary to pass to the half-fast.

p 126

In conclusion

When the preparation is followed, one avoids all these crises, if not the majority. Do not forget that the more badly unwell one is, longer must be the preparation. For example certain serious cases of AIDS need a preparation of several months. Lastly, the majority of people will not have any significant crisis, but the precautions are always useful.

Famous writers quotations

It is a grace of love to live on innocent food, because the vegetarian diet does not contribute for little to the purity of the heart. MICHELET

Learn that there is basil (remedy) in nature and that one is always well with exercise and sobriety.

After having scandalized the public, medicine endeavours to reassure it using lies of an insolence which takes your breath away. George Bernard SHAW

Modern medicine does not distinguish itself so much from sorcery of yesterday.
– George Bernard SHAW

Medicine was formed by the accumulation of nonsenses and barbarities lasting nearly 3000 years.

Medicine uses of drugs of which she knows very little, on an organism which she knows even less, to deal with the diseases of which she does not know anything.

The majority of people die of their remedies and not of their diseases.

The proof that I am still in life, is that I did not see doctors.

The medical profession begins more and more to represent, not science, but what there is more hopelessly, bitterly contrary to science.
– George Bernard SHAW

The medical profession is the worst of all the professions. It is in delay of one hundred years on the scientific side. Its past is infamous… It is made of superstitions, of ignorance… statistics of amateur, faked, percentages based on two or three cases, which one passes off as mathematical certainties.

The dilemma of the doctor
– George Bernard SHAW <p align="right">p 127

<h3>_Ch. 17 --  Daily weighing _</h3>
It is what arrives of almost all the diseases that one flatters oneself to have cured. One has only passed them on, as one says in medicine, and one substitutes others for them.   -- SAINTE-BEUVE    _Mondays, I,_  p. 19

  <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="57" align="left">
  <td valign="top" align="left">_A_</td>
_s soon as one embarks on fasting, it is necessary to be weighed the every day, at the same hour, dressed in the same way. It is not necessary to be naked, because it is the difference which counts. Do’nt move on the scales.

One will take care to drink the same quantity of water every day, or almost, if not, the losses are inaccurate. But thirst takes precedence over any other consideration of weight.

An electronic balance will be used, and one will note on a paper the date and the smaller weight recorded on these scales. Indeed, these scales often record several figures, in turn.

To note first the size, and the minimum weight, like two reference marks.

The minimum weight is formed by taking the 60% of the standard weight.

The standard weight is the number of centimetres, minus ten kilos, unless being a very muscular man. Hereafter an example :_ <div> _Size : 1,70 m , standard weight 60 kg

minimum weight >36 kg_ </div> _Here several useful remarks:

When one does not lose weight, or that one loses little of it, that means that elimination is slowed down. Indeed, elimination uses nutritive substances existing in the organism. The loss of weight slowed down, from zero to 0,200 g maximum, is regarded as a level in elimination.

p 128_ <table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tbody><tr> <td width="120" valign="top"></td> <td width="132" valign="top">Days of fast</td> <td width="132" valign="top">Weight in kg.</td> <td width="120" valign="top">Loss</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Monday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">1 st</td> <td width="132" valign="top">60 _</td> <td width="120" valign="top"></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Tuesday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">_2 nd</td> <td width="132" valign="top">59</td> <td width="120" valign="top">1 kg</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Wednesday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">3 rd</td> <td width="132" valign="top">58,2</td> <td width="120" valign="top">_ 0,800</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Thursday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">_4 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">57,5</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,700</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Friday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">5 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">57,1</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,400</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Saturday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">6 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">56,7</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,400</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Sunday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">7 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">56,6</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,100</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Monday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">8 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">55,9</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,700</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Tuesday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">9 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">55,5</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,400</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Wednesday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">10 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">55,3</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,200 _}</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Thursday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">_11 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">55,3</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,000 _}</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Friday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">_12 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">55,1</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,200 _}</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Saturday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">_13 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">54,7</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,400</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Sunday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">14 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">54,7</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,000</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Monday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">15 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">53,9</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,800</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Tuesday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">16 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">53,6</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,300</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Wednesday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">17 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">53,6</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,000 _}</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Thursday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">_18 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">53,4</td> <td width="120" valign="top">0,200 _}</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="120" valign="top">Friday</td> <td width="132" valign="top">_19 th</td> <td width="132" valign="top">53,2</td> <td width="120" valign="top">_0,200 _}</td> </tr> </tbody></table> <ol> <li>_If this deceleration lasts only one or two days, it should not be taken into account, because it is not significant. _</li> </ol> _But if it lasts 3 consecutive days, then that indicates a deceleration of elimination, due to deficiencies. In the board, these three days are indicated with a little brace.

These deficiencies are quickly filled, because the body proceeds to biological transmutations which transform existing substances into missing substances, such as for example, the body transforms potassium into calcium. Then elimination takes again its course and the weight falls again.

But with the second deceleration during three consecutive days, the body cannot fill the deficiencies any more, because it misses means. Then, it is necessary to pass to the following level, that of the half-fast._ <ol> <li>If the faster drinks one day twice as much as the day before, his weight will not drop, but could even go up.</li> </ol>

<p align="right">_p 129_
<h3>_Ch. 18   At which time can one pass to__ the second phase of the fast ?_</h3>
It is a superb order which carries out those which follow those which do not follow it, they take them along, and their rage, and their medicine together.   -- MONTAIGNE    

a fast should never be cut on the spot_

  <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="57" align="left">
  <td valign="top" align="left">_A_</td>
_t which moment is it necessary to cut the faston the spot ? Am I told.

I categorically answer : - Never should a fast be cut on the spot ! If not, it would be an error which leads to the bulimia and other disadvantages.

I do not want to say by that it is necessary to fast all one’s life. No. I explain myself.

In the spirit of Shelton, like all hygienists, it is necessary to cut the fast at a certain time, then to nourish oneself gradually, until arriving at a normal mode at the end of a few days. It is a total rupture of the fast. However, as the majority of the fasters have not finished their detoxication at this time, one should not think of cutting the fast, but of passing to the following level which is the half-fast.

One can certainly stop the fast at any time, but it is better to supplement the detoxication and to achieve the wished goal, rather than to lapse into bulimia.

That being said, at which moment is it necessary to pass to this second phase of the fast ?

To have a complete cure, it is desirable to supervise certain symptoms which indicate the most favourable moment to finish the first level of the fast and to pass to the second.

Doctor E.H. Dewey said that the hunger should be awaited, and Shelton followed. For Doctor J.H. Tilden, it is rather the standardization of secretions of which account should be held. And then, there is the appearance of the tongue, the bad taste in the mouth on waking up, the weakness, and so many other symptoms that we will study._ <p align="right">_p 130

The true hunger

Shelton took account of the return of the hunger, so that he said, to break the fast. But the lady doctor V.V. Vetrano which was his assistant during 15 years, affirms to have seen only 5 or 6 cases which felt this famous return of the hunger. Then, can one draw a general conclusion with so few cases ?

It is probable that for the well being people, the return of the hunger must be the rule. But in our sad days, nobody is in good health and the natural instincts are depraved. Hunger can be present without being recognized, as it can appear by a false hunger.

If it is necessary to await the true hunger to cut the fast, then the majority will wait for 50 days and even more, without even feeling it. It is a beautiful mirage which is likely to become dangerous.

I have met the true hunger with several tens of fasters, then I passed immediately at the second level of the fast. I have just done it for a 23 year old young man, who affirms to feel the true hunger during the first 10 days of the fast, almost all the time. I did not wait longer to pass at the second level. He suffers obviously from denutrition. When he will have followed the hygienist diet for some times, and that his body will be better nourished, then he will no longer suffer hunger at the time of a second fast.

How to recognize the true hunger and to distinguish it from the false hunger?

The false hunger is characterized by unpleasant feelings such as:

  • bitter mouth, pasty, dry, bad breath.
  • headache, giddiness, faintness.
  • bad mood, pessimism, muddy spirit, indecision.
  • tiredness, sleep.

All these unpleasant feelings are symptoms of elimination, as those which the smoker or the alcoholic feels when they cease the tobacco or alcohol. Admittedly, they suffer from it, but they must have patience and ignore their pain, until its total disappearance.

The true hunger is a pleasant feeling, with a clean mouth, full with saliva, with a small hollow in the stomach and a diffuse request in all the body for food.

One should not clean the tongue and be mistaken oneself. To ensure itself of the true hunger, it is necessary to await a day or two. Then, the true hunger is accentuated, while false hunger disappears.

When the true hunger is felt, one should not continue the fast, but pass at the second level. As I said, that very seldom happens, too seldom, but it is necessary to supervise other symptoms which could indicate the beginning of the deficiencies, without the mechanism of the hunger starting, because it is ruined.

p 131

The true hunger should be accompanied by a clear urine, of a pleasant taste of the mouth, not bad, neither dry nor pasty, of a charged tongue.

In conclusion: the true hunger orders the passage to the second phase of the fast, that of the half-fast.

Prostration, bad look and general state

When a faster does not have any more the force to go by himself to the toilets, to rise and go in his room, it is necessary to pass to the half-fast. I had the occasion to shorten the first phase of the fast, when I saw a look become cadaveric, the too dark shadows under the eyes, the glance haggard.

Irregular pulse, the bar on the chest, sensitivity to the light,

the vomiting after 15 days of fast, tetanization,

the fear of heart diseases in a indirect way

In all the cases mentioned, it is necessary to pass immediately to the second level of the fast, which is the half-fast. Refers to the chapter on the symptoms and the crises during the fast.

Unbalanced reserves

In all the individuals, there are reserves which one can classify in three main categories:

  1. ordinary reserves: sugar, glycogen, grease, proteins.
  2. extraordinary essential reserves: vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, mineral salt.
  3. various toxins, poisons and waste.

Two cases can thus meet :

  1. the individuals in perfect health who have more essential reserves than toxins. These cases are very rare.
  2. the unwell being individuals who have toxins and poisons, more than the essential reserves.

For the first category, in good health and which does not have much toxaemia, the fast leads quickly to the total purification of the organism before the exhaustion of the invaluable reserves. In these rare cases, the following symptoms appear simultaneously:

p 132_ <div> _For the well being people, very

rare nowadays, the fast leads to the following symptoms :

  • a real hunger,

  • a pink tongue,
  • a pleasant taste of the mouth on waking up,
  • clear urines,
  • a deceleration of the loss of weight (stabilization of the weight)._ </div> But for the second category, the most current, among which toxaemia exceeds the essential reserves, the weight stabilizes, elimination slows down, with the following symptoms:
    _For the unwell being people, who form

the majority nowadays, the fast leads to the following symptoms :_ _- a charged tongue,

  • an unpleasant taste of mouth, when waking up,

  • charged urines, when waking up,

  • the absence of real hunger,

  • a loss of weight slowing down (stabilization of weight)._ </div>

“If exists, writes Shelton, (p 91, the Fast), a thing such as unbalanced reserves, and I suppose that this is possible, there are as many reasons as the thin one, eating the same kind of food that the large one, has as unbalanced reserves, as the large one.

However, the greatest losses in the fast are made up of the most nutritive elements which are the most abundant in the diet of the majority, while the body retains the elements which usually miss.

The tendency is the restoration of nutritive balance. The fact that in the fatty man, who does not fast well, all uneases disappear at once, shows that his disorders are of psychological order.”

_I would rather say than this represents the stopping of elimination. One sees by this text, which Shelton disparages the idea that the reserves can be unbalanced, while admitting this possibility. His major reasons will be easily understood. Indeed, to admit this possibility leaves the door open to all the charlatans who will administer no biological oligoelements to the fasters, with the pretext that the latter have “deficiencies”. One will see them wandering with their incredible pendulum of charlatans, for the research of the traces of deficient elements, and the faster will thus be drugged like at the hospital. p 133

The fears of Shelton being obviously well founded, I do not share however his analysis. Indeed, with the obese ones, the reserves are really unbalanced. And from this point of view, the thin one is by no means standing at the same level than the fat one, as Shelton affirms it.

Indeed, the thin one digests badly, absorbs badly, and does not assimilate anything, whereas the fat digests well, absorbs very well and assimilates badly.

The food digested by the fat is absorbed and kept in reserve, while with the thin one, the food is badly digested, badly absorbed and finally, are rejected mainly into the faeces the following day. Here is the difference.

It follows that the fat has sizeable reserves, of grease especially, whereas the thin one does not have any, so to speak.

However, during the fast, grease needs to be assimilated and to be burned. And this work of digestion claims vitamins and enzymes, which are not as abundant as grease. It follows that after a few weeks, the reserves of vitamins and other essential substances, become exhausted, while the reserves of grease are still abundant. The loss of weight tends to stop completely and the faster discourages himself.

If one gives to these large fasters, whereas they are going through the 30 or 40 days of fast, a tiny quantity of believed food, one will be filled with wonder to see the fall weight to begin again of more than ever and the symptoms of elimination to be accentuated simultaneously (coloured urines, coloured language, fetid breath).

That proves that this tiny quantity of raw food brings to the organism missing elements which further elimination.

The stabilization of the weight

(deceleration of the loss)

When one weighs oneself every day during the fast, one will note about the 10th day that the loss of weight slows down (to 200 g. per day on average, i.e. 600 g. in three days) one is stabilized, during three consecutive days.

Then, the loss begins again, to arrive at a second level of deceleration about the 20th day of the fast. How to explain these levels of deceleration in the loss of weight ?

To eliminate, like to digest, the body need to spend certain vital reserves, like vitamins, mineral salts, enzymes, together with the other ordinary reserves as sugar, greasy substances.

These vital reserves end up becoming exhausted and elimination slows down.

That appears by the deceleration of the fall of weight. p 134

But the body is not caught unaware. It manages to work out biological transmutations which transform existing elements into those which miss.

For example, when the body misses calcium, it takes potassium and transforms it into calcium. See to this end the work of Louis Kervran : Biological transmutations ( Courrier du Livre ). One will read there especially that hens to which one gave a food devoid of any calcium, continued to lay eggs, as if nothing had happened. However it is known that the shell is very rich in calcium. From where do they have drawn this calcium? From their reserves, surely. And how long these reserves will last ?

The capacity of the organization to operate biological transmutations ends up decreasing about the 20th day of the fast, and the weight is stabilized again. It is useless to continue the fast then, because the body does not have any more this capacity of transmutation. It is necessary to reach the second level, that of the half-fast. Thus after 2 levels one will pass to the half-fast.

Famous writers quotations

Each time a strike of the doctors burst, the official statistics revealed a considerable reduction in mortality in the population. Curious, not? Then, to mask this bankruptcy of medicine, the worthy professors declared that they replaced, during these periods, the subordinate strikers, not to leave the patients without care, to give to medicine a humane reputation, and that if mortality dropped, the reason was that they are more qualified than their assistants. The great lie was relayed by the naive media, without anybody suspecting trickery.

Indeed, the number of the professors does not equalize that of their subordinates, ten times more, as the number of the plant managers does not equalize that of the workmen.

In the schools of the Paradise, the children were taught that an atomic bomb having destroyed all humanity, or almost, the Earth was put out of axis by the terrible shock, and its course modified around the sun. The result was that in the North and South Poles, there was no more summer left, but one perpetual winter. The ground was constantly covered with ice and not livable giant icebergs . Agriculture was impossible, and the Eskimos, obliged to eat on fish, lived on average only 27 years. The gardens and the orchards, formerly flourishing, had been transformed into icy desert. Hadn’t one discovered, indeed, mammoths buried in the ice, and which had not had time to digest their meal, found intact in their stomach? Cataclysm had surprised them suddenly. Hadn’t one as discovered, in the North Pole, coal under the ground, proving as there was formerly a flourishing vegetation ? It was the hell the wrong way, by the ice and the cold, whereas now, in the Paradise, the North Pole and the South Pole are marvellous places, where spring is permanent with flourishing orchards, giving all the succulent fruits, on a fertile and welcoming ground.
The MAN, the MONKEY and the PARADISE

In a problematic future, the exercise of medicine will become too serious a thing to be entrusted to the doctors.


While speculating on the ignorance of people and their fear of pain and disease, helped by the mass-media, the pseudo-science (medicine) was created the illusion that it held unlimited and mysterious capacities whose humanity is supposed to depend. Thus the people of the Western hemisphere are prostrate servilely at its feet, imagining it like a very powerful goddess, sparkling in its brocades and its ornaments of gold.
– Hans RUESCH The massacre of the innocents <p align="right"> p 135 <h3>Ch. 19 Second phase__ __The half-fast</h3> <h3>_the coloured tongue _</h3> It is a madness to believe that the vivisector would hold for more sacred the life of the human animal, that that of the other animals.
⁠–George B. SHAW

An extraordinary discovery_

  <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="42" align="left">
  <td align="left" valign="top">

I </td> </tr> </tbody></table> </div> _n 1986, I made an extraordinary discovery in the field of the fast, which obliged me to revise my sheltonian method. Here is by which chance I was brought to make this discovery. A 37 year old man comes to fast under my supervision. He had taken 104 different tranquillizers to look after his nervous state, during the 14 previous years. As soon as a drug did not have any more effect on him, the doctor prescribed another one to him. From there the incredible number of different tranquillizers which he had swallowed.

Wanting to look after himself without drugs of any kind, he fasted for 29 days without problems.

Then seeing him tense, unable to be relax, nor to sleep, and not being able to drink water in spite of an intense thirst, a sharp renal pain, I told him that he could not continue like that, though he had yet much to eliminate. Indeed, his tongue was still very furred, his dark urine, his stinking breath, and he had painful kidneys despite all the water he had drunk.

He answered to me that he had all his time and that he would have wished to complete his detoxication. Then I thought that the occasion, for the first time, had just come to have him follow a diet of elimination. Indeed, as soon as a faster breaks the fast, he does not think to anything but to leave, and I do not see his tongue any more. My only concern at this time, for all the curists, is to conclude the food recovery, so that there are no problems, to proportion the quantities every day, to increase them gradually, to change food if necessary, while supervising the various symptoms which guide me. p 136

However after 3 days of his rupture, entering his room bring to him some small shrivelled apples of the culture of the past year, he told me:_ <ol> <li>Mr Mosséri, look at my tongue.</li> <li>_ It was black coal !_</li> </ol> _It was not necessary more for me, to suddenly reflect about this surprising thing.

It is true that I had already seen some cases where the tongue became black during the fast. But in this case, the colour was not fortuitous. It was well me which had caused it using this diet of detoxication.

I understood immediately that I had unconsciously started again elimination.

I have concluded as well that I could have caused this boosting of elimination much earlier, a week earlier, from the 20th day of the fast. He had thus lost ten days, during which elimination was very weak.

His tongue remained black during a few days, then changed towards the colour mustard during several weeks, before becoming a bright pink colour. At the same time, the hunger came back, a true hunger, the renal pains disappeared and I gave him the normal diet then.

Then I had wondered whether this case was an exception, or if it could be reproduce at will among other curists. I had very well perceived the idea that the half-fast had accelerated elimination, but I needed a confirmation on other cases, many of them. One only case does not mean a lot.

I started again in the same way with two sisters, succeeding him, and their tongue took a chestnut colour, the morrow after their taking food.

Since then, 90% of the curists develop a coloured tongue, and the 10% remainder develop it only on the occasion of one second cure.

One should naturally continued this half-fast as long as the tongue remained so much coloured. The curists are weighed only once a week and the loss varies between a pound to one kilo per week.

Then, the question raised naturally in my spirit, namely at which time is it necessary to pass to the second level of the fast, that of the half-fast ? and which is the necessary quantity of salads to give the curists?

I already knew it, to have observed it time and time again, that arrives a day when the weight ceases falling. It now only that I understand the reason of it. As for the quantities, through gropings, I arrived at the current amounts, more or less accorded to the size of the person.

p 137

A black tongue indicates that elimination occurs in the depths of the cells, to reject drugs taken 10 years, 20 years before.

According to the traditional method, preached by Shelton, the fast continues with water, in the bed. However, when the fast is carried on whereas the body does not lose any more weight, one wastes time unnecessarily. Elimination becomes insignificant.

When one pointed out to Shelton that the curist did not lose any more but 200 grams per day, and that the elimination hardly continued, he answered that it was gained all the same and that it was better than nothing. According to him, it was necessary at all costs to continue. But he was surely unaware that one could start again elimination in force, instead of to be at a standstill and to be stuck.

When one continues the fast at this level of stagnation, the weight does not drop almost any more, elimination is hardly existing, because the body does not have enough any more of vitamins and enzymes to eliminate. There is just enough left to survive.

_As we saw previously, the reserves of the body are not balanced. There is always too many greases and toxins, and few essential elements (vitamins, etc.)

When one passes to the second level, that of the half-fast, the tongue is coloured, in 90% of the cases. For the others, it is coloured at the time of a second fast. I could not find the reasons why.

On the other hand, with the sheltonian method, it is very rare that a tongue becomes coloured, even if the fast is pushed on up to 60/70 days.

When the tongue is coloured (black, yellow, brown, mustard, green or beige), the half-fast must be continued until the colour becomes naturally pink. i.e. until the end of elimination. Then, one can introduce more concentrated food: potatoes, dry fruits, oil, yoghourt, etc…

The becomes pink at the same time as spits cease, than the urine becomes clear, than the breath is pleasant, the disappeared headaches disappeared. The half-fast can last one or more weeks, according to toxaemia.

With this new method, the fast becomes easier. It includes less troubles and risks. The fast becomes mathematical, precise, scientific, without zones of shade and surprises. It happens during this half-fast that the tongue is discoated and then is recoated several times, on all its surface or only half of it. Streaks, round spots, coloured lines, or other forms can be noticed.

A lady had seen her tongue becoming of lemon-yellow colour. She acknowledged to have taken formerly drugs containing sulphur. This was, as well, my personal case too. But, it is known that sulphur is yellow…

This important discovery condemns the long fasts like a waste of time, if not that they are risky and useless. p 138

When one sees a tongue becoming black, brown or yellow, one can thus make the detractors of the fast shut up and even put them.

The law n° 8 (a)

Thus I emitted a law, said Loi Mosséri, on the insufficiency of reserves for a major cellular elimination during the long fast.

The thousands of curists who fasted under my supervision (4000 fasters), that of Shelton and all the other professional hygienists all over the world, perhaps adding up a million fasters for 200 years, have had only a whitish tongue.

But currently, 90% of my fasters see their tongue becoming coloured as soon as they pass to the half-fast.

To note that it is necessary to look at the tongue before eating any thing, face in the day light. One can see nothing with the artificial electric light, nor in a mirror, suspended on a wall far from the window.

An experiment with the dandelion

I had recently two simultaneous cases which provided me with a curious observation on acceleration about elimination using the dandelion, called in English “dandelion” or tooth of lion. A double confirmation came to support my conclusion.

Jean-Claude and Martine see their weight being stabilized at the end of 18 and 14 days of fast with water, respectively. This stabilization having lasted 3 consecutive days, twice, elimination, obviously, was slowed down.

At this point of time I restarted it again, by a half-fast. The tongue of Jean-Claude was slightly coloured the following day, clear yellow. The one of Martine remained pink, and I did not have an other reference mark to indicate the state of her elimination, except the colour of the urine, the swelling of her wrists and ankles, because she suffered from acute polyarthritis.

The half-fast lasted for Jean-Claude 20 days and was not finished. Like greenery, I gave him endive or lettuce. The colour of his tongue did not vary.

However, chance decreeded that I give him a good quantity of dandelions. The following day, his tongue was strongly coloured in yellow, going black.

It was not chance, since I had given the same day dandelion to Martine too. However the tongue of this curist abruptly went, the following day, yellow and black, and she had a light diarrhoea the following day. It should be remembered that the tongue of this woman had remained pink during 5 days.

I announce for more precision than just after having eaten dandelion, the two curists had looked at their tongue without its changing colour: yellow for the first, and pink for the second. Indeed, one could have thought that the dandelion had fades on the tongue, which was not the case.


There was no possible doubt: it was really the dandelion which, from the interior, by circulation, had provided the necessary elements for such an elimination. Then a question arose: had the dandelion provided missing substances which helped the elimination of old waste of the organism, or the body quite simply eliminating the poisons which the dandelion contains ? The bitterness of this plant attests the presence of a poison, because all that is bitter contains poison.

I leaned then for the second answer. The body was eliminating the bitterness from the dandelion.

In conclusion of this experiment: one gains nothing to add an additional poison with toxins, to eliminate it the following day.

Why then, one will think, when one eats dandelion salad, in the everyday life, the tongue does not colour itself to eliminate the poison of the bitterness?

Because the faster has a larger capacity of elimination than the eater who eats dandelion, and whose colour of the tongue does not vary.

The language is the mirror of the intestines

The colour of the tongue, its appearance, its taste, are the mirror of the state of the intestines over all their length, i.e. approximately 10 meters.

If one could introduce a colour T.V. aerial, one would see there many things which would confirm this state.


This second level of the fast which follows the integral fast on water, I called it half-fast. In truth, it is a diet of elimination, since one eats one kilo per day, half fruits, half salads.

But I preferred to say half-fast, to better strike the imagination of the curist. Otherwise, he would be tempted to believe that he will stop the fast, that he can eat of all and in all the quantities. It was necessary that he gets the impression that he is continuing the elimination and that so its cure continues, though under another form, more attenuated than the total fast.

An interesting letter from a curist

Here the text of a letter which I received from a curist:

“I fasted at your premises twelve days, then I passed to the half-fast which consists in taking 500 grams of fruits spread out over the afternoon, then 100 grams of lettuce in the evening.

p 140

At the end of 3 days, I returned at home, but decided to continue this half-fast.

As I did not hold upright, I increased the amount of the evening to 500 grams of salad and green vegetable, which is one kilo of food per day, in all.

I continued to lose approximately a kilo per week, but my forces returned a little.

I remind to you that I am 47 years old, that I currently suffer from a chronic inflammation of the throat. An abscess was formed and I wait until it opens in the mouth, at the entrance of the throat.

Here are 42 days that I continue this diet of elimination (half-fast). My tongue which was colour mustard at the beginning of the half-fast, on your premises, changed towards a darker colour, even black, on this half-fast. Now it tends to be cleaned and to clear up, and my throat to return to normal.

The abscess opened a little yesterday, and seems to be reabsorbed from interior. I will keep you informed of the continuation. I recall you that I had, in my youth, suffered from several boils, but I did not take drugs since good a good long time. “ D. Real estate Agent.

To note that 42 days of half-fast have been necessary so that his tongue becomes pink again, though he did not take drugs since his youth.

Following this experiment, I increased the quantities of greenery and green vegetables for the evenings.

In addition, it will be noticed that he had returned to his place to continue the half-fast. This error is very current, because the curists do not have patience enough to remain at my home. Unfortunately for them, they do not have experience to see all the operations through.

As soon as he started to be nourished normally, he had diarrhoeas which he had not been able, all alone, to solve. There, he did not know any more what to eat, changing diet, and testing other food. he even returned to the traditional menu, in the hope that his diarrhoeas would stop.

The reasons of this new method

As soon as one stops eating, elimination starts and appeared by a loaded tongue with white mucus, a stinking breath, a bad taste in the mouth, a loss of weight, and other symptoms, according to individuals.

As the fast advances, elimination slows down, because the stock of vitamins and mineral salt decreases appreciably in the reserves of the body.

According to individuals, this stock of vitamins and other essential elements, can last from 7 to approximately 20 days. At the end of this period, elimination slows down according to following symptoms: _ <ol> <li>the weight is stabilized in a level which lasts approximately 3 days, whereas one lost at the beginning of 500 g with 1 kilo per day. _</li> </ol> _The loss of weight means a strong elimination of absorbed toxins and of retention water, which are urinated. _

p 141_

_When elimination slows down, one urinates not much. This stabilization of the weight is the principal symptom which orders the passage to the half-fast.

  • thirst disappears and one has difficulty in drink water. Because otherwise, the elimination of toxins would have caused a need to drink to dilute and reject the poisons by the urine.

  • the language takes care less and less and the taste of the mouth becomes less bad._
    1. _other symptoms, according to each individual, can also reveal a deceleration of elimination. _

    _It is then, when one observes all these symptoms of deceleration that elimination should be started again, by providing to the body the vitamins and mineral salts in the form of raws natural foods, i.e.:

  • 500 grams of raw fruits, spread out over all after midday. According to the size of the person, this quantity can vary.

  • 500 grams of salads and green vegetables in the evening, taking in two times.

These amounts should not be exceeded, or else, digestion will requisite too much energy, and elimination will have less of it at its disposal.

The curist must drink much water between midnight and midday, because it is when elimination is strongest. If he can not n drink at least a litre per day, then it is necessary to scent water with lemon juice.

The fruit that I prefer to give are apples, because they act like a brush of the intestines. Sometimes it is necessary to give a very aqueous fruit, like water melon and melon.

As soon as one passes to the half-fast and that so doing, the elimination is started again, it is necessary to watch the tongue every morning before putting anything, and especially not cleaning it. It can be coloured of only one colour at the end of several hours, if not after several days. Black, mustard, green, brown, or yellow.

One will thus continue the half-fast until the total cleaning of the tongue, become pink, and until the disappearance of all the symptoms of elimination (thirst, bad taste of the mouth when waking up, bad breath, spits, etc.). It does not matter that the hunger returns or not, because this instinct is most of the time broken down in the civilized people.

This discovery in the field of the health is most extraordinary which is made, since that of the fast, at the dawn of times, by the prehistoric men. _

With the fast with water, elimination remains superficial and is used to clear the ground. But if this integral fast is followed by a half-fast, one starts elimination again.

_And if a half-fast is begun, the tongue is also coloured, but time is saved if one starts with an integral fast. Indeed, waste and toxaemia prevent an in-depth elimination. It is the same if the bed is not kept.

p 142_

_J.C. Thomson was right to be opposed to the long fasts. However, he had not thought that one could start again elimination after a short or average fast, and obtain a coloured tongue. He said that with a long fast, the body does not have any longer the force to express symptoms, nor to eliminate, hence an apparent cure. Indeed, when this stage of the long fast is reached, the body is more occupied surviving than to eliminate.

It is certain that with its very frugal mode, the tongues were coloured, but he had never talk about it.

The three phases of the fast

The fast can be divided into three phases: _ <ol> <li>the phase of the superficial elimination_ where the tongue is white, but which leads to good results for general health, and cure of the acute and functional illnesses.</li> <li>_the phase of survival_ where the deficiencies start, the weight is stabilized, the tongue is cleaned and elimination is out of breath. It is a waste of time to advance in this way. It is preferable to avoid entering this phase and replacing it by the phase of the half-fast which fills the deficiencies, makes it possible for the weight to continue to drop, the tongue to colour itself and elimination to be started again in force._</li> </ol> _If one continues this half-fast until the total cleaning of the tongue, then one leads to still better results for general health and to the cure of disorders and chronic diseases, old, impossible to cure differently (eczema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, shingles, affections of the eyes, hepatitis, etc.).

3) If one continues the fast with water during all the preceding phase of survival, then one ends up entering _the phase of inanition and death_. The symptoms are : sensitivity to the light, prostration, skeletal thinness, impossibility of being held upright, etc.. The body is wanting in all and plunders the noble organs of the body (eyes, hearing, nerves) to survive.

My experience does not enable me to determine the colour of the tongue which corresponds to such or such eliminated drug. But it should be known that if the tongue is coloured in black, the intestines over all their approximately 10 meters length, are also black. And to clean this dirty grease, one needs a cellulose food like apples, during the half-fast. The black corresponds to the intake of tranquillizings and of calmings during a long period.

The layman who fast must be supervised by a qualified person, because he cannot interpret the symptoms. Thus, when one says to me

  • Mr Mosséri, I fasted 15 days on your premises, I will return to continue at home. Give me your instructions and I would follow them to the letter.

p 143_

_ I answer :

  • You cannot, all alone, interpret the symptoms as they appear. And I cannot in advance predict which are the symptoms which you will have._

_Others ask me:

  • Is there a medical supervision in the event of an hitch?

I answer

  • But the fast is not taught in Faculty of Medicine. No doctor, was he sympathizer of the fast, does not have experience in this field. No doctor supervised hundreds and hundreds of fasters.

The fast since the dawn of times

Since the beginning of humanity the men had recourse to the fast, instinctively, to recover from acute affections, such as fever, indigestion, pain, etc.. But it was only one short fast, which did not exceed a few days.

In addition, much longer fasts were practised, but with a spiritual aim, which does not interest us here. Moses, Mohammad and Jesus-Christ, fasted 40 days with a spiritual aim. Only among these three prophets, Mohammad advised with Moslems to fast to recover health (The Coran), but it does not seem that he is heard. It was at the 7th century.

But before, little before the birth of Jesus-Christ, at the time of Hippocrates, there were houses of fast in ancient Greece. The patients ran up to look after themselves of all the diseases and cured. One will read the chapter which I devoted to this, at the beginning of volume I of my book Eat Nature, Health Nature.

Then to the nineteenth century, in 1822, Doctor Jennings, hygienist pioneer in the U.S.A., discovered and had recourse to the long fast to make it possible for the patients to recover.

Here is by which chance this doctor discovered the fast.

One day, he was invited to look after a sick person living a hundred kilometres from there.

In this time, there were neither trains, neither planes, nor bus. He thus took his horse, as he was accustomed to go to see the patient.

After having travelled the whole day, he realized on arrival that he had forgotten his case of drugs! Catastrophe!! Considering the desperate state of the patient, the fatal outcome was hopeless in the spirit of the absent-minded physician.

Thus, he contented himself, full of remorse, with holding company with the dying, all the night.

The day rose without him being able to close the eye, when he realized that the dying looked well, seemed to live again and seemed on the way of recovery. p 144

It was a stroke of light which crossed his spirit. Without food and drugs, the dying man should have died before dawn. But here he is, living again, perking up, recovering.

He applied the same method which had succeeded in so a spectacular way: the fast and not of drugs, with all his patients. Not daring to remove all the drugs, he gave them coloured pills, i.e. blank pills, which contained only sugar. Red ones for fever, blue ones for cough, pink for diarrhoea, green for the constipation, mauve for the vomiting, yellow for the skin diseases, and so on.

His success was phenomenal and exceeded the exiguous limits of his area. The patients came from far to consult him, often travelling days and days fits by coach or by carriage.

Then the day came where he decided to say the truth. He revealed in a writing that the pills were only lures and that it was Nature which cured.

Popular vindictiveness nearly lynches him. His customers gave him up and he died of sorrow.

Thereafter several physicians and no physicians used the fast to look after the patients. These fasts were practised with water, and rest, in hygienist houses where the results were excellent.

A little later the naturopaths used also the fast, which they accompanied by various not hygienist methods which, moreover, delayed elimination. Among these methods: purgings, urine to drink, self-transfusion, massages, complements of vitamins, trace elements, essential oils, hydrotherapy, rectal injections, activity.

Finally in 1986, I made this extraordinary discovery : coloured tongue. The fast, such as it was practised since the dawn of times by the prehistoric man, the prophets, the former Greeks, then by the Hygienists and the naturopaths, led only to one white tongue, which cleaned itself as the fast progressed. It was very rare that a tongue was coloured during such a fast with water. I saw only 3 or 4 to become black or green, on the 4000 fasters whom I supervised in 40 years.

But currently, I manage to obtain from 90% of my fasters, a coloured tongue : black, beige, mustard, yellow or green, etc.

By the fast with water, elimination ended up being out of breath at the end of approximately twenty days, and the tongue disfurred little by little.

The tongue disfurred, not that the body is purified, but because it did not have any more vitamins, more enzymes, more trace elements, more mineral salts, to go on with elimination. It had some just enough to survive._ <p align="right">_p 145

Duration of the vital reserves

We saw that the essential and ordinary reserves in a given organism, are not balanced. We have too much grease, too many toxins, compared to the vital and essential substances. One can thus weigh 90 kilos of bacon and toxins, then to die of inanition by a long fast!! One should not be fooled by the weight. It is not because a guy is obese that he can fast for a long time.

But another aspect interests us in this place.

The reserves stored in the body can last only a determined time, not for always.

According to the biologists, the body stores the vitamins, if there are too much of them, during one period determined period, but variable according to vitamins and to available reserves. Indeed, the vitamins wear out, grow old and die, unless being replaced.

Here is a small table which shows the periods of storage of the vitamins. There surely exists other periods concerning the storage of the enzymes, trace elements, mineral salts.

<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="504" colspan="2" valign="top">
_Duration of storing up of the vitamins in the human body_</td>
<td width="252" valign="top">
_Vitamin B 12_ Vitamin A_ Folic vitamin B 9 known as    folic acid_ Vitamin C, B2 and B 6

Vitamin B 1</td> <td width="252" valign="top"> _3 to 5 years 1 to 2 years_ several months_ several weeks

a few days_</td> </tr> </tbody></table>

_However, the body which misses vitamin B 1 for example, can operate biological transmutations in the intestinal flora, to manufacture this vitamin by starting from other elements present. It is what makes it possible to the fasters to abstain from eating during 2 to 3 weeks without any problem.

But these biological transmutations have their limits. Indeed, the first stabilization of the weight is established about the 12th day of the fast : in fact the first deficiencies appear by a deceleration of elimination. There, the body operates transmutations to fill these first deficiencies.

Then, about the 20th day of the fast, another stabilization of the weight occurs, during 3 consecutive days, as for the first one : that indicates other deficiencies, but that the body cannot fill any more by other transmutations.

p 146

It is followed from there that a 40 days fast will produce surely deficiencies. However, as elimination claims a certain quantity of vitamins, the body keeps those which remain, for the functioning of the body, i.e. to survive. Elimination slows down completely.

To note that the stock of vitamins is not the same with all the individuals. A person can have vitamins B 1 for 10 days, whereas another one has those for only 3 days. Also the capacities of transmutations are not the same ones for all. This is why it is necessary to supervise the symptoms of elimination (stagnation of weight, etc.) before passing to the half-fast.

Even the vitamin C, which can be stored during several weeks, cannot have the same value than fresh vitamin when the time of storage passes. This resounding discovery, which allows accelerated and intensive elimination, condemns definitively the long fasts, like being useless and dangerous. Thus, one wastes time to fast more than 20/25 days.

How I determined the ration of the half-fast

A man of Marseilles, obese, followed a 17 days fast, when he passed to the half-fast. I gave him only one orange then in the morning and 300 grams of endive in the evening. As I insisted that he drinks one litre per day and that he could not do it, I used to give him the squeezed orange in this litre of water.

His tongue spent 7 days to be coloured slightly. One could not see but a long bar of brown colour, sometimes 2 bars which were not visible every day.

From this case, I concluded that it was necessary to give more fruits. I currently give between 400 and 800 grams, according to the size.

I do not exceed these amounts, otherwise digestion would monopolize too much energies, which would be withdrawn from elimination.

The confirmation by the pH

Denis Letourneux directs in Canada a house of hygienist fast. I announced my discovery to him. But he was not convinced that the half-fast was higher than the fast.

I explained to him that the half-fast was to follow the fast, not to be undertaken alone. The fast clears the ground and the half-fast accelerates elimination by providing the exhausted vital elements. Alone the half-fast leads to the same result and colours the tongue, but that takes more time than with the integral fast.

In short, Denis Letourneux had the idea to measure the pH using a reagent, the prolabo (sold in pharmacy), which he soaked in the urine. p 147

With figure 7, blue colouring is neutral, and with figure 4, the red indicated acid.

However, during the half-fast, colouring changed blue in red. He telephoned to tell me that this analysis had fully convinced him, and that it confirmed my discovery.

Did one need a chemical analysis to confirm what the colour of the tongue showed with the naked eye? Doesn’t a black tongue strike enough the imagination ? Isn’t it a sufficient evidence that the elimination in the depth of the cells is accelerated ?

  _Proportions of the colours met_
  _Black :      5%  - indicate the catch of tranquillizings,  sleeping pills or anaesthetic. Mustard :   50%  -  indicate the protein abuse.

Yellow : 5% - clearly indicates the abuse greasy substance (butter, oil, avocados) Green : 1% - indicate the industrial sugar abuse.

Brown : 30% - indicate the coffee consumption.

White : 10% - indicate a difficulty of eliminating._ </div>

_The colour can appear at the end of a few hours or several days. It can cover all the tongue or only a part. One can see it clearly only in the day light, facing a window, not in the night, nor with an artificial light.

Sometimes, it is one or two bars on the tongue, sometimes a simple spot at the bottom.

What comprises the half-fast

The half-fast includes one kilo to 1,5 kg of food per day, distributed as follows:

  • 400/800 g. apples (to crunch half an apple or an apple, every 2 hours, from midday). The people up to 1,70 m will take 400 g., those which exceed 1,70 m will take 800 grams per day. The apples are preferred to the other fruits, because they sweep the intestines. If not, any fruit makes the deal. Not to vary, if possible. It is necessary to take account of the hunger which can also carry to modify the quantity of food. p 148

  • 500 grams of green vegetables, from the 3rd day, taken in two times in the evening (tomato, cucumber, carrot, green pepper, celery, lettuce, fennel). To drink one litre of water or more between midnight and midday. In the event of difficulty of drinking, add lemon juice in the litre of water (p.m. = the afternoon)._

    _The half-fast_
    **1st & 2nd days**</td> </tr>

    _p.m. = in the afternoon_ _For the small sizes_ _For the big sizes_
    _Midday_ 1 h pm_ 2 h pm_ 3 h pm_ 4 h pm_ 5 h pm_ 6 h pm

7 h pm_</td> <td width="216" valign="top"> Half an apple Half an apple_ Half an apple_ Half an apple_ Half an apple_ Half an apple_ Half an apple

Half an apple_</td> <td width="216" valign="top"> Apple Apple_ Apple_ Apple_ Apple_ Apple_ Apple

Apple_</td> </tr> </tbody></table>

<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="540" colspan="3" valign="top"><p align="center"> 
_The half-fast_<br>
**3rd   &amp;   following days**</td>
<td width="108" valign="top">
_p.m. = in the afternoon_</td>
<td width="216" valign="top">
_For the small sizes_</td>
<td width="216" valign="top">
_For the big sizes_</td>
<td width="108" valign="top">
_Midday_ 1 h pm_ 2 h pm_ 3 h pm_ 4 h pm_ 5 h pm_ 6 h pm_ 7 h pm_ 8 h pm

9 h pm_</td> <td width="216" valign="top"> Half an apple Half an apple_ Half an apple_ Half an apple_ Half an apple_ Half an apple_ Half an apple _ Half an apple_ 200 g green vegetables

200 g green vegetables_</td> <td width="216" valign="top"> Apple Apple_ Apple_ Apple_ Apple_ Apple_ Apple_ Apple_ 300 g green vegetables

300 g green vegetables_</td> </tr> </tbody></table>

<p align="right">_p 149

In the event of serious complications

In the event of serious complications, like the persistent hiccups, the vomiting, impossibility of swallowing anything, neither solid nor liquid, etc. , it is necessary to give hot vegetable stock, during one or two days. It is necessary to refuse to give stock to the curist who does not have worrying symptoms.

Do not give this stock more than 2 days, because the lack of vitamins in this cooked bowl can bring deficiencies. Continued during one week the stock can cause very serious troubles, because the body has exhausted, by the fast, its essential reserves, and the stock draws still some more from the body.

The advantages of this stock, in exceptional circumstances, I recall it, and which should not be the rule for all, are the following :

1) It gives to the faster much water. Indeed, after a long fast, all the curists are dehydrated a little, because they do not drink enough water towards the end of the fast.

Water does not pass, they will say.

Others will vomit it, even if they try to drink it by small mouthfuls, and tepid. However the toxins are so much concentrated that they end up overworking the kidneys, to cause pains with the back, an inflammation with the bladder: cystitis. Shelton had written that it was necessary to drink, if one is thirsty. But thus he had a death, deceased by dehydration. It is necessary to always insist to drink much water to avoid the complications.

2) The stock gives a useful interior heat which ensures a considerable wellbeing and a real nervous relieving. With the fasters, the production of heat falls at least. They always need an electric cover or a metal hot-water bottle.

3) The stock does not contain acids, nor of sugar, like the fruits. But the acid requires to be neutralized, and sugar to be digested, which exceeds the digestive possibilities of the serious cases.

4) The hot vegetable stock is cooked, therefore not very nutritive. It is there an advantage for the serious cases and not a disadvantage. Indeed, the goal is to prepare the curist in bad posture, so that his stomach be capable to accept raw and nutritive food._ <p align="right">_p 150

A serious case

Eric made an indigestion, following the consumption of 6 pastry cakes. he made himself vomit by drinking one litre and a half of tepid water. To put his stomach at rest after this double hardship, he fasted for several days. But when he wanted to break his fast, a hiccup took him in a persistent way, lasting for days and days, even at night. He was exhausted by it. He called me and I noted that he could hardly speak on the telephone.

I asked him to take the fast again during only 3 days.

The hiccup stopped during the fast. Then I asked him to cut the fast with hot vegetable stock lasting only one day. The following day, it was the vegetable soup, during two days. Then the usual hygienist diet.

The hiccup did not return.

Shelton mentions the hiccup during the fast like a serious symptom which orders the rupture of the fast. But in the case which I quoted, the hiccup had occurred with the rupture of the fast.

A second serious case

Mrs X. fasted 30 days to cure a blindness. At the time to cut the fast, she vomits all that one gives him. Her husband was taken of panic. How to nourish it? If it vomits all, would it be condemned? According to the former hygienists, these cases died fatally and nobody could save them. According to Shelton, it had succeeds in finding a method to save them. This method consists in testing all the fruit juices, one by one, until the patient retains one of them. It is what I had done in his time. Whereas it vomitted the grapefruit, carrot juice, of apples, it retained the orange juice.

However this orange juice caused heartburns of the oesophagus to her. One stuck to this juice. The heartburns are preferable to death.

She recovered and could, thereafter, eat other food without disadvantage. A hot vegetable stock would have made the deal, without one needing to carry out tests.

A third serious case

Mr. D.M. fasted during 24 days, while spitting without stopping. Wanting to cut the fast, he was unable to swallow any thing. Juices, solid foods were tested, but nothing was accepted.

It was in 1964. I was taken of panic and sent it to the hospital, fearing a fatal outcome.

At the hospital, no particular treatment was managed to him, since he threw to the dustbin, secretly, all the tablets. And as food, he tasted of all that was served him, which perhaps added up two sips of liquid and two mouthfuls, per day. p 151

Little by little, he recovered. His stay at the hospital lasted for 3 months. I was unaware of at this time that a hot stock would have saved the situation. In one week, not three months, he would have gone up the slope and eaten natural foods.

Famous writers quotations

Believe me, it is to better give up remedies and medical charlatans : they are only used to make evil.
– NAPOLEON (in Sainte Helene)

In the ceremony of reception of the new doctor, one asks the candidate :
Not never to help yourself
Of remedis aucunis
Quam of those only
Doctas facultatis
Maladus owed him crevare !

It is against science to claim or believe that the doctors do not practise useless operations or do not invent nor do not prolong the diseases.
– George Bernard SHAW

The war starts in the slaughter-houses
The grogshop
– Emile ZOLA

The list of the diseases which vivisection claims to have cured is long ;  but the reports of the officer of marital status show that people are obstinated to die of these same diseases, as if vivisection had never existed.  -- George Bernard SHAW

Medicine operated a cure: it cured me of medicine.

Medicine defends of all its forces vaccination, because it means for it the bread of her children.
– George Bernard SHAW

Medicine manages more and more to represent, not science, but what there is hopelessly, of bitterly opposed to science.
– George Bernard SHAW

Medicine is provider of tares, it recruits customers ; it creates men who will need to have recourse to it.

Medicine is a confused science.
– Claude BERNARD

Medicine? “I would not like of its cure… Leave me alone with your miracle : I do not want any… I want, if I cured, to be obliged of it only with myself… (Only) the natural order of effects and causes, the worthy order (interests me)…”
– Andre GIDE, Cellars of the Vatican

The refusal to recognize the accidents (vaccination) is not the only process by which the dogma is protected. One finds at the base of its construction and its maintenance a whole series of voluntary confusions, desired ambiguities and loopholes, opposite with scientific honesty. One of these types of doubtful thought approaches, but of high psychological profitability, is the assimilation of the patients or vaccinated deaths, with not vaccinated individuals! This faking is even more serious when it makes it possible to establish the proof of the harmlessness and the effectiveness of a vaccine, whose practice of this fact will be extended to all the population. Such, for example, that one, brought back by the pr. Tissot, in connection with anti-diphtheric vaccination.

p 152

“Anti-diphtheric vaccination by the anatoxine started in 1923. Immediately at its beginnings it caused many accidents. One held no account of it.

In 1925, an epidemic having burst in the army of the Rhine, one decided to practise vaccinations. The army medical officer Zoeller carried out, in Mainz, a first test of control. He vaccinated 305 recruits by 2 injections of diphteric anatoxy, made at three weeks of interval. Other recruits were used as witnesses.

Eleven cases of diphteria were declared among the 305 vaccinated, during the 3 weeks separating the two injections : only one case occurred on 700 recruits approximately, not vaccinated. The conclusion was then that vaccination had the unexpected effect, but definite, to cause eleven times more this case of diphteria at vaccinated that at not-vaccinated. This really catastrophic result of the anatoxine thus ordered imperatively to give up its use.

But it was not thus, because such a decision would removed the trade of this vaccine, inaugurated two years before. Thus, it was claimed that the diphterias of those vaccinated ones had occurred at incompletely immunized men, i.e. too recently vaccinated and that they were to be withdrawn from the batch of vaccinated, to be carried in the batch of not-vaccinated which, however, were still much less vaccinated, since at all.

It will certainly not escape to the reader that this reasoning is against the good sense, that it is false. This breach of the truth thus caused to completely change the result of the experiment of Zoeller, which consequently was transformed into less than one case at vaccinated for 11 cases at not-vaccinated. The vaccine was thus exonerated of its infamy and could continue to be marketed, continuing its misdeeds into practice as well as its profitable yield for its manufacturer.

Never, during centuries, one has seen, in science, such a denaturation of statistics and so absurd a mystification.

Two years later, the Academy of medicine, “considering that this vaccination was the proof of its effectiveness and its harmlessness, expressed the wish that it became obligatory”.

_Former president of the League for the freedom of vaccinations, 4 street Saulnier 75009 PARIS.

The pharmaceutical advertisements always guarantee that their last drugs are stripped of the disastrous effects of their precursors, which enjoyed the same guarantee just as easily!
– George Bernard SHAW

_Anecdotes heard straight off _
- How is my husband? ask the anxious wife to the surgeon.
- The operation succeeded, but the patient died!
- I would have preferred that the operation fails, but that my husband lives, clumsy idiot.

Repletion buries the intellect.

Medical science is still differs very imperfectly from the vulgar sorcery of the healers.
– George Bernard SHAW

Vaccination appears as the open door to all the pathological adventures.

It is when it is claimed “scientific” that medicine is less so. It tends then, indeed, like a religion, to constitute itself in closed certainties… But apparently the men do not resist the need to believe. That the least vacuum widens, and the belief rushes in. However, the critical spirit and freedom are hand in glove. One does not fight for freedom, only while releasing oneself from social and natural determinisms, but also by exerting the doubt about his own thoughts, even if they are determined. Certainties (medical) are gilded prisons, but they are prisons.
– Norbert BENSAID, Illusions of the prevention

<h3>_Ch. 20The first motion after the fast _</h3>
<p align="right"> 

What the public claims, it is a magic charm, cheap, to draw aside all the diseases.
– George Bernard SHAW <div> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="69" align="left"> <tbody><tr> <td valign="top" align="left">W</td> </tr> </tbody></table> </div> _ith the majority of the fasters, it is completely normal not to pass any motion during all the duration of the fast, with rare exceptions. Only the obese ones and the very vigorous people evacuate one or twice after a few weeks of fast, before cutting it.

Constipated people, and even others, which never were so, can wait 17 days before having the first motion after the fast. Thus, one should not lose patience, and wait.

I had a dancer who had come to look after a 10 years old constipation. She took laxatives every evening. After 10 days of fast, she had to wait 17 days to have a first motion. The following year, she fasted 14 days, on top form, and had a motion only 2 days after having eaten as following the fast. She had removed the laxatives between the 2 cures.

I had a 23 year old young man, Olivier B. He never was constipated and had never taken laxatives. However, he had to wait 16 days to have his first motion after the fast.

At the time to eat, one generally experiences a certain difficulty to expel his first motion, because a stopper has formed.

One never should insist to evacuate. If one does not manage to evacuate, it is necessary to regain one’s bed and to wait till the following day. One can also oil the anus or take a small soapy tepid water rectal injection. But before doing any thing, it is necessary to have patience for one day or two. It is necessary to give time to the body to widen the anus which was tightened, exactly as a woman who gives birth and who needs to widen the exit for the baby_

One never should force, because the efforts to have motions do not always p 154_ succeed. As soon as one feels a first desire for evacuating, one can force slightly, not too much. If at the end of a certain time, one does not manage to evacuate, then it is necessary to ignore these desires for evacuating and to wait patiently until the opening widens itself. At the end of one day or two, the motions leave, without troubles. One should certainly not hurry up, and should ignore the repeated desires to pass a motion.

I had a Spanish lady, aging around fifty. It was her second fast. Her name was Carmen S.. She fasted three weeks without problems, then her weight was stabilized twice and we passed to the following phase, the half-fast.

A few days afterwards, she strongly desired to have a motion. She went to have a motion and waited, but without success.

At midnight, the desires changed in very strong pains. She knocked at my door and I saw her lying on the ground, without forces. I accompanied her in her room, but she moved to the toilets and laid down, on a blanket, because it was winter.

She was racked with pain. I then asked her to have patience, but she wanted to have a rectal injection. I could not refuse, so much she suffered. I knew in advance that it was useless, but that saved time. The rectal injection was prepared and managed without result. She started again, without more result than the first time.

For the sake of peace, at two o’clock in the morning she went towards her bed and me towards mine.

The following day, I entered her room. She was waked up, smiling. The desires for going to the saddle had disappeared. It spent a good day, continued to follow the half-fast and to drinking water. We awaited new desires to go to the saddle, with much apprehension. I feared that it once again awakes me in the middle of the night.

The third day, when I saw her, she announced me that she had evacuated without any difficulty. The rectal injections had thus been of no use, not more than oil on the walls of the anus, neither the soap, nor nothing.

I have a childhood friend, Edouard Lagnado, living in California, who had difficulties in evacuate, following a 15 days fast. It was like an occlusion, but after a fast, there is no occlusion.

He telephoned me from America to ask that I send him the hair pin for chignon which I had recommended in the case of tenesmus. I answered him that he did not need it, and that his intestines would end up evacuating, provided that he have patience. Finally, he evacuated with difficulty like very hard stones.

How to know if the stopper

is stuck (tenesmus) or not

p 155

When the stopper is stuck to the wall of the rectum, the patient feels tenesmus every ten minutes, day and night. Moreover, he evacuates like a black spot, from time to time, which dirties his clothes.

The tenesmus occur as soon as one eats for the first time after a fast, sometimes also, right before eating this first tiny meal, in the course of the first day. The stopper is then stuck to the rectum.

If the desires for going to motion arrive after two or three days of food, they are not tenesmus.

If they are true tenesmus, it is necessary to take off the stopper using a surgical glove which one introduces a well oiled finger into the anus. A doctor had taken off a stopper in one of my fasters using the handle of a tea spoon. The faster shouted for pains, then, one hour afterwards, he evacuated easily.

The hair pin for chignon can also be used to dislodge the stuck stopper. I had written in Shelton in connection with these tenesmus s, but he answered me that he had never met any. I was very astonished by it, because he supervised 25.000 fasters.

I will describe ten cases which I had and which suffered from these tenesmus.

But before, I would like to define what are these tenesmus, once again. One needs three well defined symptoms which characterize the tenesmus, if not, they are not tenesmus.

These three symptoms are as follows :

_1) Desires to go for a motion every 10 to 15 minutes, day and night. The patient does not manage to evacuate, despite every effort.

2) These desires arrive at the first day when one eats, even as soon as the first mouthful, and sometimes also, before eating this meal, but not after a few days. If these desires occur two or three days after having eaten, they are not tenesmus.

When the stopper is stuck, the body does not wait several days, after having eaten, but immediately starts frantic efforts with an aim of getting rid of it.

3) The patient stains his clothes of a black and putrid colour, in an uncontrollable way.

If these three symptoms are not joined together, then they are not tenesmus, but a simple difficulty of evacuating hard like stones motions. The tenesmus characterize a stopper stuck to the wall of the rectum, which does not support it, and which wants to expel it.

The stopper stuck to the wall of the rectum, as well as the painful tenesmus p 156

which result from this, at the time to eat, after the fast, occur only among patients who took, lasting for years, drugs against the amoebas or daily laxatives, so much so that their mucous intestinal membranes are injured, desiccated, deprived of the natural protective coating.

first case

It was a young lady which suffered from constipation and permanent giddinesses, completely preventing her from working. She took daily laxatives, which explains the bad condition of the mucous membrane of her colon, on which the stopper had been stuck.

She fasted 32 days without troubles, there but as soon as she had taken the 3rd meal (half an orange cut into two parts that she sucked), she was taken of tenesmus or desires to go for a motion, without being able to succeed. A rectal injection was managed, then another, but without any result.

Then, they were the intestinal pushes at 15 minutes approximately of interval, painful, but it left by the anus only one spot blackish, putrid, made up of liquid motions, nauseous, uncontrollable, all days and nights long. Exactly as a baby who does not manage to control its motions.

I thus continued the small meals. As for the babies, a cellulose pad of cotton wool was put not to stain the bed, which had to be changed several times per day.

Then her husband chose the hospital. There, a enteritis was diagnosed that they treated with food out of bottles for babies, and with sleeping pills, and that is all. Incredible. However one is taught in medicine school how to dislodge a stuck stopper, with an oiled surgical glove, by introducing only one finger. She spent two months in the hospital without result. She returned home, and had to recover little by little, with time.

The lesson to be learnt from this case is that the doctors did not study the fast in faculty, that they remained impotent in front of a simple stuck stopper, that they were mistaken in diagnosis, and that they did not do anything in particular. It was 30 years ago.

The second case

The second case was that of Mr Maurice B., come to fast to cure an anaemia, at 60 years. He fasted without trouble, and on the 27th day, his fast was cut with half of a pink grapefruit, which he sucked, as I was accustomed to proceed. p 157

As soon as he had finished sucking the grapefruit, he was taken by violent and unbearable pains in the intestines, desires to pass a motion, but nothing was released, but of course, a blackish spot which dirtied his boxer shorts. These tenesmus returned every approximately 15 minutes, accompanied by intense pains and new spots. What is to be done ? Which was the cause ? What was it ?

For a long time, I had accused the pulp of grapefruit, but it will be seen later that it was nothing of the sort, since currently I give whole apples without any troubles.

With such pains, I thought that he could digest nothing and I then decided to go on with the fast, willy nilly. The body would reduce this stopper, but what a waste of time.

It would have been enough to take it off by using an oiled finger, with a surgical glove, if not using a bent hair pin for chignon.

He had several retentions of urine which were solved without probe, but with difficulty. He had to be soaped several times per day, because he had no longer the force to rise from his bed.

At the end of 13 additional days of fast, therefore 40 days in all, the pains had disappeared little by little. He urinated abundantly and easily, his thirst disappeared and the fast was cut with a hot vegetable stock. Then, I gave him this same grapefruit that I had accused, but this time he did not have any trouble.

If I had taken off the stopper in his anus, on the 27th day, when he had eaten this half of grapefruit, he would have evacuated and the tenesmus would have disappeared at once. But I did not know it at this time.

The third case

It is that of a charming 22 years student in medicine. She had very painful desires to go to motion, but without result. She cried. She had a rectal injection with oil, in vain. Only several days after, that she could have motions without any pain.

Obviously, they were not tenesmus.

The fourth case implies the heart

It is about a 72 year old Spaniard. Having a weak heart, with irregular pulse, his fast was stopped at the end of 7 days. With the recovery, he had difficulties in going to have a motion, which made his tired heart labour even more. At this time a rectal injection with oil helped him to clear, and drew him from business. Otherwise his heart would not have held out.

Those were not tenesmus, but a far more serious case because of the possible consequences.

p 158

We saw that for the cardiac ones, it is necessary to avoid the attacks of asthma during the fast. Here, it is necessary to avoid the great difficulties at the time of the first motion after the fast.

The fifth case

It is question of a man of about thirty years. During two years he had taken drugs against the amoebas, but these poisons had injured his intestinal mucous membrane more than they had eliminated the amoebas.

He fasted thirty days without troubles.

The 31st day, the fast was stopped, but before breaking the fast, he made a violent crisis of tenesmus, consistent in intense pains on the level of the colon every ten minutes, desires to have motions without result, except a black spot, liquid and nauseous. He had not yet eaten anything.

“An enteritis”, diagnosed the doctor attached to my house. He did not know the stuck stopper, not having learned at the Faculty of Medicine the problems which the fast can pose. One does not teach the fast in Faculty of Medicine.

The fast was continued during 7 additional days and the patient recovered little by little. If I had taken off the stopper, he would not have needed to continue the fast. In addition, I do not push the fast at 30 days any more, because it is a waste of time.

Let us note that the crisis of tenesmus had occurred before taking any food. Otherwise, I would have accused such or such food. Now, I give whole apples to crunch, without any problem, since ten years, no juice.

The sixth case

It is about a fifty year old woman, married of a miner. She had fasted the previous year, under the supervising of a doctor, follower of Doctor Bertholet. A thirty days fast had been undergone, with purgings of horse every three days, therefore 7 purgings in all, and almost not of water to drinking. It had a tumour with the centre which it wished to see disappearing, but which did not reabsorb.

She had moreover a fibrome, size of a small melon, that the body had not been able to eliminate, because its energies were deviated, at the time of her first fast, to deal with the frequent, harmful and useless purgings. Moreover, she had an incurable hiatuses hernia, a little arthritis, an operation of an adenoma of the centre, a removed tumour of the gum, a nervous heredity, prone to the convulsions, the eyes which “turn”, here is the picture presented by the patient.

She thus undertook under my supervising a second 30 days fast, without purging.

p 159

The first fifteen days of fast occurred painfully, with interminable period, returned twice, within a short interval, accompanied by painful colics. Nothing else to announce until the 30th day of fast.

The fast was then stopped with a hot vegetable stock. At this time, a medical examination revealed the almost total disappearance of the fibroma.

One can thus compare the two methods: with and without purgings.

She had moreover an exophtalmic goitre (fast pulse, brilliant eyes, small lump in the throat). During the fast, her pulse had risen to 120 to go down again to 80 at the end of her fast. No positive result could be recorded with her hernia or goitre.

As soon as she had put food in her mouth (orange juice diluted), she started to suffer from tenesmus every ten minutes, without being able to get clear. She stained only her linen with a black and nauseous liquid. As for all the preceding cases of tenesmus, several tepid rectal injections of water were managed, without result. I thus made up my mind and decided to continue the fast.

At the end of 18 days of additional fast, i.e. 48 days in all, the tenesmus continued without attenuating, while the not frequent vomiting disappeared little by little, like the flows and the colics. The lady did not have any more reserves, did not have any longer the force to rise, did not weigh more than 24 kilos for an average size of 1,57 m.. Her eyes became sensitive in the light of the day, so much so that she carried black glasses in her bed. Her prostration was extreme and she could not be held upright. To weigh it, her husband was to carry her and go up on the balance, then, to deduce his own weight.

  • I feel to leave, she said to me.

This sentence translated surely a premonitory real feeling that did not have to be neglected, nor to take thoughtlessly. Her too weak pulse, was untraceable.

Obviously, she had deficiencies and had crossed the threshold of the inanition.

She thus had to be fed. I served her a warm vegetable stock, the carrot diluted juices, without the tenesmus not in the least decreasing. She returned home after a three months stay, gently went up the slope and little by little her tenesmus disappeared. Currently, her health is excellent. She carries out a normal life in all points. But it had taken her several months to recover and be restored.

The lessons to be learnt from this case are as follows :

  • Instead of continuing the fast, it should have been necessary to dislodge the stuck stopper, using a surgical glove whose finger would have been well oiled. A considerablep 160 time would have been saved, without it being necessary to carry the patient at the edge of the dangerous inanition.

  • The mucous membrane of her rectum was injured by the repeated purgings that the physician had given her at the time of her first fast. The tenesmus were thus foreseeable.

The seventh case

It is about an owner of a restaurant in Nice. At the end of 15 days of fast, at the first mouthful, he had a crisis of épreintes every 15 minutes, exactly like all the preceding cases. I announced it to the doctor coming, connected with my establishment.

  • Doctor, it is a stuck stopper which causes me all these troubles, says the curist to him.

The doctor had been put on the track of a correct diagnosis, contrary to all the preceding cases where the possibility of a stopper had not even cross the mind of the doctor. They had diagnosed all an enteritis.

The rectal injections having had no result, the doctor turned up his shirtsleeves and harnessed himself with the task to take off the stopper stuck to the wall of the anus, and to try to parcel out it. The patient was lying on his back, with the raised knees, as a woman who is giving birth. The doctor wore a surgical glove and using his oiled finger, he tried to take off the stopper. He had tried using the handle of a tea spoon, but the patient shouted of pain.

The surgical glove was less hard to undergo. It is a method which the doctors and the nurses learn during their studies, but not in connection with the fast.

As for childbirth, that lasted good half an hour, during which the patient shouted very loudly. The doctor succeeded in taking two small balls out, and promised to send a nurse the following day to finish this operation.

But it was not necessary, because one hour later, the patient still went himself to have a motion and could get clear normally. The crises finished instantaneously.

The rubber glove and the grip with chignon

To note that my assistant, graduate nurse, had tested like the doctor, to wear a rubber glove and her oiled finger, to try to take off the stopper. But she had not had courage to force her finger, because the patient shouted too much. Her attempts had failed, because the anus was inflamed, which narrowed the opening and made very difficult the introduction of a finger, even well oiled.

One can also use another method that a 80 years old healer had taught to me. p 161 It is about hair pin for chignon, sold in the hairdressers’. She usually used it when she had difficulties to have the motion. One introduces this hair pin on the round side.

On 4000 fasters whom I supervised in 40 years of practice, I encountered only these five cases of épreintes mentioned, - thus 1 per 1000. But with the preparation before the fast, I would not have, no doubt, other similar cases.

Famous writers quotations

The medical diagnosis is a clever swindle to take with the hook even the recalcitrant vegetarians. It consists initially in sharpening the natural curiosity of the patient, to arouse it, then to subdue it by the fear, and finally to subject it to the medical treatment.

Doctor Méphistophélès was a medical genius, just like Pasteur. He had discovered the means of cancelling the Law of Cause and Effect, and was honoured with the Nobel Prize of Medicine.
– Albert MOSSERI, Man, the Monkey and the Paradise p16

Doctor Méphistophélès, having patented his invention - that to cancel the Natural laws -, it created the monopoly of medicine. PROLOGUE Man, the Monkey and the Paradise

Doctor J.H. Tilden had said that medicine is the greatest swindle of all times, but unfortunately, and height of the bitterness, it is practised on a public whose crushing majority agree ! A. M.

The fact is not raised that the doctors themselves die of the diseases which they claim to cure.
– George Bernard SHAW

The germ is nothing, the terrain is all. – PASTEUR

The doctor arrives the morning at the hospital, when the nurse announces to him:
- Doctor, nine patients died this night.
- But I gave you yesterday drugs for TEN patients !
- The tenth patient should have spit the pills out, when I went out, retorted the nurse nonchalantly.

The doctor is convinced that if he tells you the truth on your health, namely that you are a glutton, drinker and lazy, and if he refuses to prescribe you tonic and drugs, his/her children will die of hunger.
– George Bernard SHAW

The doctor is a man whom one pays to tell nonsense in the room of a patient, until Nature cured him or that the remedies killed him.

The marvellous one and the superstition plays a great part in medicine.
– Claude BERNARD

The effects follow the causes and for those which are unaware of the causes, misfortunes seem to fall from the sky.

The false opinions resemble to the counterfeit money, which is struck initially by great culprits, and then spent by decent people who perpetuate the crime, without knowing what they do.
– Joseph of MAISTRE

The large monkeys are rather in the absolutism, if one can say, from the food point of view. Try to give them meat and you will see their reaction. And to think that the chimpanzees are four times p 162 stronger on the dynamometer than the most solid strapping man.

<p align="right">The insects seek the integral flour which is provided with vitamins and mineral salts, and avoid the devitalised and demineralised white flour: they are more intelligent than the men.   -- Doctor WESTON PRICE, dentist.

The pure joys never weary : the uniformity becomes uniform happiness if the course of our way of life is conformed to Nature.
–Felix O. OSWALD

Diseases of childhood, diseases of old age, disorders of the menopause and finally the medical childbirth. - here is, depending on medicine, the normal state the human being! Tall stories, i.e. medical designs. –
– Albert MOSSERI Man, the Monkey and the Paradise p 15

The doctors call help what generally is obstacle.

The doctors counted that the patient would be cured while they would look after him and that this coincidence would be noted of their advantage. –
– Anatole FRANCE, The seven women of Blue Beard and other Marvellous Tales.

The doctors conspire with the surgeons to favour an operation.
– George Bernard SHAW

Doctors? I like them, and very few of them are completely stupid. When they are, I see it immediately. A dimple of silliness,  and all is lost - X… for example, is only one primate. When he comes to speak to me about new treatments, I always regret not having had a tree planted in my room where he would have been able to be suspended with his oracles - <br>
_LISTENING TO ANNA OF NOAILLES_, By Henri MONDOR, _of the French Academy,  ‘The Literary Figaro’ of the 25. 4. 1953.

The doctors, to save the faith in the inoculation have driven to accuse their patient or the parents of their patient, to have contracted the disease independently of the inoculation.
– George Bernard SHAW

The doctors prescribe drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they do not know anything.

The doctors claim that where there are no microbes, this one escapes the observation, since a disease cannot exist without microbes.
– George Bernard SHAW

The drugs killed more people than the table, and the table than the war.

The drugs, which poison and corrode the organism, are relics of one barbarous era still very recent, unworthy of the century where we live in.
– Doctor E.H. DEWEY

The microbes do not cause the disease, not more than the flies do not cause dirtiness.-

The microbes have as a function “to eat” toxins, as the flies have as a role to eat dirtiness. –

The modes of the year include special treatments, operations and remedies, as well as of hats, handles, poems and plays.
– George Bernard SHAW

The modes are, after all, but epidemics which one gives birth to, which proves that epidemics can be caused by tradesmen, therefore doctors.
– George Bernard SHAW

<h3>_Ch. 21The Menu   after the Cure_</h3>
<p align="right"> 

This is really the worst conceivable insanities to claim to contribute to the perpetuation of health by making the organism, by subintrant inoculations, a receptacle of innumerable miasmas.
⁠–Dr. Jacques KALMAR

Can one have a feast after the fast?_

  <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="58" align="left">
  <td valign="top" align="left">_O_</td>
_ne usually thinks that after a fast, one can have a feast, sitting down at a table well furnished with all kinds of food and giving oneself pleasure after so many sacrifices. Then, one gorges oneself on all, one seeks the concentrates and the extracts, to catch up with the lost kilos, one takes vitamins in pills, yeast,  food complements to get back to one’s feet.

The error is monumental. Indeed, if one acted of the sort, one would demolish all that one built during the cure of fast, and all the profit drawn from this period of physiological rest would be lost. One would turn over to the same dilapidated health as before, to the same diseases and the same troubles. Under these conditions, it was not necessary to go to a lot of troubles to fast, and to give so much difficulty for nothing.

One of the major symptoms of these excesses, it is the puffiness of the feet, of the ankles and even of the legs. I called them the “feet of elephant”. So many fasters call me in catastrophe to announce me the puffiness of their feet after the fast. Then, to cure that, I recommend to them to return to the strict hygienist diet, without any variation. At the end of 15 days, the puffiness disappears.

After having fasted, it is necessary to eat very frugally on healthy, natural food, such as nature offers them to us from its generous hands. The body cannot burn the stages and be back on one’s feet overnight. It takes time. As a plant which one waters, it needs necessary time so that the shoots develop. p 164

If one eats like before, the body digests only that which it needs and rejects the remainder in the motions. Those are then bulky, malodorous, in mashes, instead of being very little voluminous, well moulded, without odour.

However, the major disadvantage with the abundant motions, is especially the loss of the gastric juices which the body is supposed to get back during the assimilation. It is a very serious loss when one thinks that the manufacture of these concentrated juices is very expensive to the organism. It will be enough to compare these juices with the sperm, whose each drop costs very much to the organism. To be convinced, it is noticed that those which suffer from diarrhoea or dysentery are much more tired than those who fast. Both are deprived of food, but the first are deprived, in addition, of their invaluable gastric juices. Indeed, a faster can often walk and even have a good walk, whereas a case of dysentery cannot be held any more upright, while going on eating !

Moreover, when one eats much after the fast, the surplus, before being rejected into the saddles, ferments and putrefies, giving rise to malodorous gases, like with poisons. The latter swell the belly, inconvenience and poison when they are absorbed by the intestinal mucous membrane.

The worst of all these excesses are those of nitrogenized food (various nuts, meat, chicken, fish, dry leguminous plants, white of egg, oysters, etc.). Then, it is the excess of dates, dry figs and other dry fruits. All these dry fruits must be soaked 24 hours, to give again their original aspect to them and the water which they lost. Otherwise, they are indigestible.

By these excesses, health can be destroyed in little time. The devastations are then considerable. The digestive capacity is broken, the nervous system faded, sleep is disturbed, the muscular forces destroyed, the sight drops, hunger disappears, pessimism settles, with the anxiety, the head is weighed down, the spirit is darkened and becomes muddy, it is the hesitation in the decisions of life and for work, optimism disappears and the joy in life with it.

Rich foods and concentrated, the yeast

In addition, those who seek rich foods and concentrates, those who take yeast, are heavily mistaken. The yeast is a leaven rich in vitamins of the group B. But it is not a reason to consume some. Many poisonous substances in nature contain an abundance of vitamins : the sheet of tobacco, the sheet of tea, poisoning bays, etc..

p 165

How to recognize poisonous food from the edible ones ? By definition, the edible food is that which is pleasant with the taste, the sight, the sense of smell and which is neither prickly, neither bitter, nor insipid. This is why we exclude raw garlic and onion, the horseradish. This last one can be cooked and consumed, but the two first will be cut finely and left in the air during two days, before being consumed raw on salad, with oil and lemon.

Let us return to yeast. It is a leaven which supports the fermentation of the bolus. However, we want that this bolus be digested, absorbed and assimilated, and we seek in that manner to avoid its fermentation at all costs.

Digestion is not a fermentation, as one believed it in the last century. The by-products of digestion are the components of food reduced out in simple matters, to be absorbed thereafter : glucose, amino acids, etc. , while the by-products of fermentation are : alcohol, acetic acid, carbon dioxide, etc. , all poisons. Fermentation is the destruction of the food.

In addition, the extracts and the concentrates do not have any value, because the processes of extraction and concentration in factory destroy the majority of the vitamins. The food which comes out of a factory is not acceptable. _

It is necessary to consume food such as Nature offers them to us from its generous hands_. They should not be consumed modified, transformed, cut, cooked, refined, altered by industry or by an excess of cooking.

The natural foods are not presented out of bottles, boxes, in liquid, nor out of powder. Jam is not a natural food, but the fruits are. Even virgin oil is not a natural food, but one can use a little of it on the crudities.

“All the nutritive elements which the body needs can be drawn from healthy sources which is liked by the sense of taste. It seems to me that to recover, it should not be necessary to take unpleasant things, such as the cod-liver oil, the yeast, etc..

The food should not be regarded as remedies. We eat to feed our body, not to cure diseases.

The raw food has a food value more raised than cooked food. It follows that the first satisfies better the needs for the life.

p 166

Proteins after the fast

One gains nothing to eat too much after a fast. One is in a hurry to regain the lost weight and the force, and one goes too far with food, thinking that it is used proportionally, especially with regard to proteins. Nothing of the sort.

In his work The Nutrition of Man (1907), the professor Russell H. Chittenden, University of Yale, makes the detail of his experiments in the field of the establishment and the maintenance of the balance nitrogenized on several levels of the nitrogenized absorption.

“The faster, Chittenden writes, having lost a good part of his nitrogenized reserves, can replace them only slowly, even if he, abundantly, eats nitrogenized food. The human body does not keep proteins reserves, and that is true whatever the needs for the tissues which need to be set afloat again, even very much so.

The obese faster will lose fewer proteins than the thin faster. And when this obese lives on a certain quantity of proteins, he can maintain a certain nitrogenized balance, or even keep a little proteins in reserve, while the thin one placed on the same diet will lose his proteins.

To gorge on proteinic food does not give corresponding results, because of the particular physiological properties of proteins, and then because of their effect of general stimulation on the metabolism.

Other causes are also implied, like the tendency of the body to establish a nitrogenized balance at various levels and finally, fact which is underlined by Van Norden, the deposit of flesh is, above all, function of the specific energy of the cells under development.

In other words, the protoplasmic cells of the body are more important factors for the storage or the maintenance of proteins that a nitrogenized food excess.

It is generally established that it is impossible for the man to store much flesh by overfeeding.

In the same way, the muscular force of the man cannot be increased much by food excess.

The only conditions which make it possible for the flesh to be stored, are those where energies of cellular rejuvenation are implied. Thus the accumulation of nitrogenized tissues are found especially in the organism in a state of growth, where new cells are in fast making, as in the adult who, although having ceased growing, devotes himself to a muscular work, and finally in all the cases where the nitrogenized content of the body more or less decreased, because of a fast or a disease.

Let us point out the fact that by nourishing the animals, one can force them to accumulate grease by overfeeding, but never their flesh.”
– Professor Russel H. CHITTENDEN

_Let us summarize in simpler terms: the body cannot store proteins. It needs some every day, in tiny quantities. Those which can use proteins are especially:

The person who is not included in these five categories will need only one ration of proteins of maintenance, - this ration is tiny.

The quantity of proteins which one needs is much smaller than it is thought. In any event, there is a little bit in the fruits and vegetables, sufficiently to fill the needs.

The gorilla, which is the primate nearest to the man, does not eat any food concentrated out of proteins like various nuts.

p 167_ <div>

  _Those which need proteins_
  _- The organisms in a state of growth, like the children ; 
  • pregnant women ;

  • after a fast or a disease ;

  • those which have a pronounced sexual activity ;

  • those which have a strong muscular activity :

    athletes, hard working people, etc.._ </div>

_It is necessary to refer to my other works on the food question. But for this place, it will suffice to say that the food which corresponds to the physiology and the human anatomy, according to comparative studies, made by the great French, German and American biologists is : fruits, greens and crudities.

The true hunger and the false hunger

It is necessary to distinguish between the true hunger and the false hunger, the normal hunger and the pathological hunger. To recognize them, it is enough to wait for one hour : the true hunger is accentuated, the spirit becomes clear, the stomach grows hollow and aspiring, while false hunger disappears.

When one awaits the true hunger before eating, the stomach is small and is fully satisfied with little. All the sought pleasure is thus reached, just as one carries out normal satiety.

On the other hand, when one eats before being very hungry, the stomach is still distended by the preceding rest, and one obtains satiety by swallowing large quantities of food : this is pathological satiety.

When one eats without acute hunger, one has no pleasure, if not very little, and one tends to vainly seek satisfaction in the satiety which is long in coming and which claims many food and varieties. Under these conditions, it is difficult to stop before satiety, “to rise of table with the hunger”, “to only fill the stomach to two thirds”, according to popular councils, unless making superhuman efforts. And all that because one is not satisfied with the meal. The design of frugality becomes then a renouncement, an austerity, a mortification. p 168

If the odour of a food does not say anything to you, instead of seeking other food, as the followers of the instinctotherapy advise it, it is to better wait to be hungry one or two hours later. At this time, one will be less demanding on the choice of food.

The Dewey system of the 2 meals

Doctor Edward H. alive Dewey in the USA at the beginning of the century, suffered from dyspepsia, because he was gorged with food like all the dyspeptic ones.

His observations carried him to remove the meal of the morning and to adopt the system of the two meals per day. This marvellous system, however, needs certain compromises and easings, not to fall into the bulimia.

Indeed, those which are really hungry in the morning or in the middle of the morning will have to eat. Isn’t the hunger which orders?

In addition one should be able to eat several small fruit meals, as soon as the appearance of the hunger in the course of the day.

The prophet Mohammed wrote in Koran : “The stomach is the worst container than the man can fill. We are people which never eat to satiety, and we do not need doctors”. –

Indeed, one had offered him a doctor as a present. He refused it by saying the famous sentence which one has just read.

The Cornaro system

Luigi CORNARO was an Italian aristocrat, alive in XV th century. At 40 years, he was so sick that his doctors advised to him to write his will, to arrange his terrestrial businesses and to prepare to leave and get up there.

However, still wishing to live, he had the brilliant idea to eat very little of all, without changing anything with his food.

Surprising everyone, he recovered from all his supposedly incurable diseases. He even survived all his doctors who had condemned him. He lived for 104 years with a radiant health, an incredible endurance and force. His spirit was of a great lucidity and a rare clarity, so much so that he wrote several volumes of philosophy. In the 102 years of age, he published a booklet entitled How To live Hundred Years, that he sent to all the kings, ministers, presidents, priests and eminent men of the world. It was since then translated in almost all the languages, considering its great range.

The day of his birthday, at 100 years, he danced, did he tell us, the all night with a 20 year old girl and without being tired.

His method consisted in eating 700 grams per day and not more, liquids included. The food was the same ones as those of everyone, i.e. bread, meat, wine, fruits, vegetables.

p 169

If he had such spectacular results on his health and on his longevity, in spite of non-specific food for mankind, it is well because of his frugality.

To note finally that his heredity was to be rather solid.

When the quantities of food are decreased, one loses at the beginning, then thereafter the body is accustomed and extracted the maximum of what it has. So, it saves much energy, spent usually to evacuate food in excesses and useless. The organs are preserved of the fatal wear of the years.

The system Thomson

Five centuries later, came James C. Thomson, who lived in Edinburgh, in Scotland. He was inspired by Cornaro. Tubercular at 40 years, his doctors condemned him as incurable. Filled with wonder by the example of Luigi Cornaro, he adopted the same system of frugality.

Several years thereafter, when he was cured of his tuberculosis, he wanted to inform of it his family practitioner which had condemned him several years before. He went thus to visit him. It was the widow of the doctor who opened the door to him…!

The food in his system comprised however no meat, neither greasy substance, nor wine. They were biological and cooked with water.

Here is the menu :

Morning: - 1 fruit 1 yoghourt without sugar

Midday: - 1 slice of wholemeal bread, honey, 3 sheets of lettuce, crudenesses, oil, lemon (300 G)

16 H: - an apple juice

Evening: - Vegetables, pie of cheese, jelly, ice or cookies (300 G)

Total: 800 grams per day.

This severe diet is supposed being followed all the year round. Thomson applied it to all his curists with marvellous results. The fast was applied to the beginning only during 3 days. Thomson had rejected the long fast, because he said, the body was deprived by it and could not express any more the symptoms of the disease, always presents. The cure was thus fictitious and the diseases returned with the resumption of the forces.

Which menu after the cure?

That being known as, I estimate that the consumption of food specific to our species is of primary importance and should have the primacy on frugality. Thomson and Cornaro had widened considerably the range of allowed food, even if it means to tolerate food intended for the other animal species. It is also necessary to avoid eating incompatible food and not to respect fixed hours to eat.

To have a precise idea of the menu I specify, that which approaches more of the ideal menu, primitive, in conformity with the laws of Nature, one shall take as a starting point the the following menu:

The Mini-Meals

According to this system, one awaits an acute hunger, and then one calms this hunger with the minimum of food. Then one starts again. That will make 5 to 6 small meals per day, without respecting fixed hours to eat. It is the hunger which orders.

Here some examples of mini-meals :

1) 2 or 3 fruits of only one kind.

2) A whole lettuce, seasoned of oil, lemon, tomato, olives black, yoghourt without sugar, mayonnaise without vinegar nor mustard, or grated Gruyere, if not soft white cheese in seasoning.

3) A salad bowl full with crudenesses seasoned like above for lettuce. - An avocado.

4) Cooked vegetables.

5) Cooked potatoes, lettuce in accompaniment.

6) Dry dates, figs, dry grapes or dry apricots. Always to soak dry fruits 24 h, to facilitate their digestion.

7) Bananas dried or cooked as indicated lower.

It is obvious that one will keep the soft dried fruits soaked for the working hours, because one cannot eat a salad at the office !


A friend had left for England to fast in a naturopathic house. The 16th day of the fast, she went away into town and ate fried eggs in a restaurant in London. She had immediately colics, a haemorrhage, atrocious pains. She regretted it bitterly. – I nearly died , she told me, when returned from her journey.

One cannot eat anything after the fast, on pain of serious troubles. Moreover, it is necessary to follow a certain progression in the refeeding and that no person could follow oneself. From there the need for putting oneself under the supervision of a qualified person in a hygienist house. The medical supervision is not desirable, because the fast is not taught in Faculty of Medicine.

Indeed, when one is alone to decide, one always yields to multiple temptations, to the bulimia. At this delicate time, one reasons only with one’s stomach which cries famine. However, the stomach overwhelmed by too great a quantity of food does not digest anything. In a later chapter, I report the tragic history of a girl who fasted all alone, at her home, ten days. To the food recovery, she yielded to the calls of her stomach and ate more than could be digested. Each large meal caused her an indigestion and obliged her to jump one or two other meals. Then when she would begin again to eat, and was unable to restricted herself and the upset stomach started again. And so on until her tragic death.

She died lack of being able to limit herself. To want to eat too much, one digests nothing and one does not come back up the slope. Who can claim to be able to limit oneself all alone after a fast? Nobody. One needs the authority of a guide.

To keep the occasional variations from the rule, three months after a prolonged fast.

An athlete

A young athlete had fasted in Doctor Shelton’s during 21 days. As he was in good health, he fasted these 21 days, as if he had jumped only one meal, i.e. without any difficulty.

Then he threaded his way to downtown and put away, during all the afternoon, one kilo of “pecan” nuts. In fact those nuts resemble those of Grenoble, but with a finer taste.

He did not feel any ill of it, so that he had said. I suspect however that his motions were to smell bad the following day.

The fact remains that another person, in poor health, who would have made the same thing, would have had a rough time about it or would have died in atrocious sufferings.

Which food to eat after the fast?

One cannot eat everything after the fast. To eat bread, eggs, meat, fish, etc. , it is to go ahead of danger.

Shelton and all his precursors cut the fast with orange juice, - half-glass every hour. It had become like a hygienist tradition and no expert dared to separate himself from it by fear of complications.

Then the lady doctor Vetrano came. She reasoned by saying that the fast had always existed since the beginning of humanity, but that the centrifugal machines are recent inventions. How was the fast cut before ? How Jesus Christ, Moses and Mohammed, the three great religious prophets, had they cut their 40 days fast? And the animals which fast? They turn to whole natural foods, certainly. They do not make juices!

At this point in time the lady doctor gave to the curists whole fruits to cut the fast, though they were tender fruits.

p 172

For my part, I prudently tested apples, spread out over all the afternoon. I have had no problem with any faster. Thus I give them a small apple or half of a large apple, every hour, between midday and eight hour of the evening.

The feet of elephant

I already said it, but I repeat it. If one lets oneself be tempted by unhealthy food after the cure, one is likely to see the feet and the ankles to swell. It is not worthwhile to urgently call me in the panic. It is enough to adhere strictly to natural foods, in moderated quantities, so that the swelling disappears into two or three weeks.

The analyses

I do not believe in them. It is necessary to refuse to make some. But for those which are obstinated, it is necessary to wait 6 months before making some, after one period of fast, otherwise they would be alarming. Indeed, the fast generates provisional deficiencies, which are doubly filled thereafter. For example, anaemia worsens after the fast, but disappears completely 6 months later.

When can one make a second cure

I am asked sometimes when can one makes a second cure, especially if the first were not complete, i.e. until the tongue becomes pink, or if one did not obtain all the anticipated results.

In theory, it is initially necessary to wait to have recovered the lost weight so that it becomes again normal. That does not relate to the large ones, obviously.

That means that one can begin a second cure after a few months.

But here that I stumble on an article by Shelton. It is about a lady which had fasted at his place 21 days, with an aim of making reabsorb a tumour within the size of an egg. The tumour decreased by half, to become size of a nut. The fast was cut to the return of the hunger. Several weeks after, a second fast was undertaken and lasted 17 days, at the end of which the tumour disappeared completely._ <table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="left" width="569"> <tbody><tr> <td width="569" valign="top"> _Half-cooking _ _1) To cut vegetables without peeling them.

  • for will Chinese okras and the muscadet pumpkins : to saw and cook with the skin.
  • cabbage : to thin out the leaves of well.
  • Brussels sprouts : to cross into two.
  • string beans : to cook with the thimbles.
  • potatoes : to cross in rather fine and broad sections. _ 2) To put at the bottom of the pan:
  • certain sheets external less tough of cabbage,
  • those of cauliflower,
  • the leek,
  • cores cut in sections._ 3) To use a not enamelled black cast-iron pan, with a heavy lid. _ 4) To put full fire and to use a timer._

  _       For 600 g      For    1200 g

2 cold water glasses 5 cold water glasses

10 minutes 15 minutes_</td> </tr> </tbody></table>

Notes :

_a) The goal of this half-cooking is to preserve the essential vitamins and the other essential substances which do not support a prolonged cooking.

b) Do not add oil or butter before cooking. One can put some, on the other hand, cold, after cooking, on last potato.

c) One can drink the water of cooking, if it remains some, before eating. It would be necessary to manage that there remains the least possible water.

d) This half-cooking is enough to volatilize the poisons which are in certain strong vegetables and which make them harmful for the kidneys : Examples: onions, the horseradish, garlic, etc..

<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="444" valign="top">
_The menu after the cure _
  _the DAY    : To await an acute hunger, then some fruits,

on several occasions.
dessert, avocado, yoghourt. _ _To 6/7 hour p.m. (the evening)

Green vegetables

Various salads _

_ Seasonings (see lower)_ _ the EVENING: To take one of the two following meals: _ _1) Potatoes (200 g / 1 kg) + aubergine, onion, green pepper, or Brussels sprouts (it is the hygienist ratatouille)

Nature green Salad, like accompaniment._ 2) Varied cooked vegetables (300 / 1200g)

1 raw or hard-boiled yolk of egg (optional.)_</td> </tr> </tbody></table>

DESSERTS : (30 mn after the evening meal)

Dry dates, figs, grapes, dry apricots, prunes, cooked or dried bananas, optional sterilized or fresh cream ( 1 tablespoonful ), yoghourt without sugar or curdled milk. To soak 24 h dry fruits to facilitate their digestion, 2 buttered rusks.

Seasonings : Unrefined olive oil, cold butter, mayonnaise (without mustard nor vinegar) lemon, tomato, parsley, 4/5 black olives, thin sliced onions left in air 48 hours, yoghourt without sugar, curdled milk.

Cooking of bananas

To peel and plunge in a little ebullient water 2/12 big bananas tremendously ripe, whose skin starts to blacken and which the interior takes the colour of honey. To taste before cooking to make sure that they are not alcoholised, but always sweet. To lower fire with the pilot light and not to cover. To cook 10 minutes, to stir up, then to let cook 10 more minutes.

One can also dry bananas, after having peeled them, and placed on a plate, close to a heat source, on a radiator or better still, in the sun during 2 days, if not, in a furnace during 15/30 minutes, for 6/15 bananas.

p 175


Pepper, vinegar, spices, aromatics, fryings, mustard, coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, beer, spinaches, oysters, various nuts, mushrooms, yeast, fermented cheeses or even cooked, drugs, analyses, tests, examinations, bread, cereals, egg white, salt, drinks.


To place in the pot initially the tough vegetables. To pour 3 / 5 cold water glasses, to hardly cover, put full fire 15 / 25 minutes. One can drink the water of cooking, if it remains some, before eating.

Tough vegetables

Leeks, celery, artichokes, external sheets of cabbage, of cauliflower, beets, sweet chestnuts.

Tender vegetables

Zucchinis, string beans with their pods, French beans, cabbages, cauliflowers, cores of peeled cauliflowers, onions, garlic, white beets, sweet peppers, carrots, celeriac, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes cut in sections, Swedish turnips, biological Chinese okras.


Black, not enamelled cast iron pan. Do not peel biological vegetables, but peel the others. Do not cut in small pieces, but into two or three broad sections only. Do not reheat.

The weekly fast

Those which do too many variations must practise the fast each Monday, for example, if not the day when they are not hungry. Those which do not do too many variations are exempted of this weekly fast.

Rare allowed misdemeanours

Coffee imitation, meat, wine in the empty stomach, bechamel sauce, mashed potatoes, gnocchi, soup, sachets of vegetable bio powder, white chocolate (1 square), 2 / 3 nuts of the walnut tree, buttered rusks.

A sad story

Here is the unhappy case of an usher which pained me much. He had come at home to follow a cure of fast, and often fasted at his place. He had no confidence in medicine and never had recourse to it.

p 176

However, he had never given up coffee, of which he used abundantly, as well as tobacco.

With about sixty, he was reached of dropsy, the kidneys not being able more to take up their duty of emunctories. The belly was swollen, because the urine was not filtered any more, nor rejected into the bladder.

In spite of his refusal, his wife called a doctor who ordered a surgical puncture to tap all the accumulated urine to him. He refused and his wife thrown into a panic, came to consult me from Brussels. I advised him to accept this puncture at the hospital, to evacuate all the urine.

Unfortunately, the kidneys not functioning, the distension of the belly started again.

Two months later, I received an announcement…

It is sad, because if he had stopped the coffee and the tobacco, his kidneys would not have been damaged.

A fast also would have allowed the rejuvenation of the kidneys, after the first puncture, but I had not wanted to take the responsibility for it.

Famous writers quotations

The nature of toxins - The toxins are by-products as constant and necessary as the life itself. When the organism is normal, they are produced and eliminated as quickly as they are generated. Since the beginning of their production, until the end of their elimination, they are transported by blood. One sees by this that at any time the organism is not deprived by it in blood. In normal quantities, they are slightly stimulative : but when the organism is irritated, elimination is delayed. Then, the selected quantity becomes stimulative - poison – going from a light excess to such a quantity, that it overpowers the life.
⁠– Dr. J.H. TILDEN

  Concept of remedy_ - One does not realize of the enormous possibilities of the organization when the handicaps and the obstacles are removed. - handicaps maintained by the old beliefs and the instincts of herd.  (in other words, the suppression of the cause is enough in general to restore the patient. A remedy should not be sought. The only remedy, it is the suppression of the cause. - - A.M.)

Indeed, hygienism is based on this truth which there is not remedy. In this, it differs from all the systems of natural and soft medicines.

Any claim or promise to cure, whatever therapeutic, medical or natural one, are false. But that can be seized by all the spirits only if time makes it possible for the idea to be assimilated. Conventions and superstitions are firmly anchored and one does not want to listen to another side of the story. Several learn slowly, others never, and finally a third category is mentally asleep facing truth.

There was also in Gulag, the chief Satan, represented by Goethe in Faust. This devil promised health, force, strength, youth, by a fraudulent means : that of stimulation. However nobody in Gulag suspected that stimulation exhausted energies, instead of increasing them. Nobody suspected that the lift, instead of adding forces, ended up drying them up. The citizens of Gulag devoted themselves thus to all the stimulants to live artificial paradises: tobacco, coffee, alcohol, amphetamines, anabolics. -
Man, the Monkey and the Paradise Albert MOSSERI

<h3>_Ch. 22**  **Purgings and rectal injections_ p 177

Defend your skin against your doctor

_ Unknown Author_</h3> <h3>_It is necessary to change the way of life _</h3>

  <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="49" align="left">
  <td valign="top" align="left">_A_</td>
 _fter the fast, it is necessary to change the way of life, so that it becomes healthy. 

what is the use to fast, to detoxicate oneself, to purify, to cure oneself, if one must turn over to the customs which produced one sick?

The fast is not a panacea. It is absolutely necessary to remove the causes of poisoning: coffee, tobacco, wine, spices, aromatics, chemicals, dyes, factors of sapidity, raisers of taste, preservings, etc… It is necessary to avoid the food non specific to our mankind, which slowly poisons the organism by acidifying it (bread, meat, honey, etc…)

When the organs are too much damaged by the poisons, they reach a point of no return and an irreversible pathological state. The tissues become fibrous and of bad quality. It is the case in arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, cancer.

“When the fast and the rest in bed come to an end, one needs prudence to take again the normal activities of life.

The process of the rupture of the fast proceeds by a gradual transition between the small quantities and the whole meals. In the same way, the resumption of the physical activities should be gradual. One will start with a small activity each day, which one will increase little by little, with much rest in bed.

Rest, exercise moderately, fresh air, sun, sleep and much of prudence in the food recovery : here are what is necessary to supervise after the fast.

How many fasters learn from their experiment ? To fast, then to start again the usual cramming and unhealthy food, leads quickly to the state which preceded the fast. To fast to stuff oneself is an insane procedure. But if the fast is followed by a rational food, one will draw some great profits from it. p 178

Several people think that the fast is a remedy. Then they think that the end of the fast represents the cure. And then, they do not understand the necessary need to bow to a program intended to perfect the re-establishment of their health. All that they want is to take the lost weight again and to find them at the same point as before !

Our task is quite difficult certainly. Not only must we convince our customers to resort to not very popular and unpleasant measures, but we must moreover try to desindoctrinate them. The detoxication must indeed be accompanied by one desindoctrination.

On several occasions we repeated that the fast is not a remedy against the disease - any disease. We specified that the fast is rather an essential element-factor belonging to a total way of life, which, in its totality, is the only means of being restored, as it is to keep health.

There is an enormous difference

There is a great difference between safeguarding of the health, which one can ensure by the legitimate use of the normal means of life, and prevention of the diseases, which one seeks by the illegitimate use of the poisoning drugs, of the vaccines and the serums, and also by the surgery.

There is also a vast difference between on one side the re-establishment of the health which is achieved by the intrinsic forces and processes of the living organism, using the normal means of life, and on the other side, the cure of the disease, which one seeks using the poisoning drugs, the vaccines, the serums and the surgical operations.

It is finally interesting to notice that the medical attempts to prevent and those to cure the disease quite simply consist to reproduce it ! To remain in good health, fall sick ! and to recover, fall even sicker !!!– _Dr. H. M. Shelton

_This last paragraph of Shelton is immortal. It deserves to be engraved in gold letters and to be framed in the waiting room of the doctors, dentists, psychologists, architects, councils in any kind.

To prevent the disease - to cure the disease, - in fact there medical terms translating medical conceptions and medical treatments to which we are opposite.

For example, we do not do muscle-building exercises to prevent the disease, but certainly to preserve the force and health , which is quite different.

One fasts and one nourishes oneself healthily, not to cure the disease, but to detoxicate and restore one’s health, which is not similar.


What is it really, the cure ?

In the medical or layman understanding, the cure of the disease includes the suppression of the symptoms, which we regard as an error of the last gravity.

It is the same for the prevention of the disease as we regard as an impossibility and a nonsense, as well as immunity.

How can you immunize yourself against the misdeeds of the tobacco ? You may as well immunize yourself against the misdeeds of a free fall from the top of the Eiffel Tower ! You want to smoke and not suffer from it. You want to smoke and take a drug which prevents your lungs from suffering from it ?

One cannot cancel the Natural laws, nor those of gravity. These laws are eternal and inalienable.

“One does not know in general that the average doctor passes most of his time to create the pathology that he treats. The patients pay the doctors so that the latter paralyse them and destroy them, the whole in the name of science. However, the doctors cannot cure, and neither their poisoning drugs.

The re-establishment is a biological process which is intrinsic at the living organism and which does not reside nowhere else. The poisons cause the disease not health.”

Still an immortal sentence of Shelton, drawn from the physiology, and which I repeat with pleasure. The re-establishment is an intrinsic biological process of the living organism, and which exists nowhere elsewhere, neither in a drug, nor in the hands of a healer who claims to transmit by them. It is thus a strictly personal quality which cannot be transmitted.

Let us continue with pearls of Shelton, such of the sacred verses of our physiological bible:

“The human body is an automatic machine which is regulated by itself. It has in it the only possible curative forces.

All that we must do, as regards care with the patients, is to provide the vital conditions necessary to the body.

The re-establishment is the own and particular field of the life, which strives to achieve its work, quite simply because it cannot do differently.

But if we neglect the necessary conditions to the re-establishment, and if instead of providing them, we try to force it with abnormal measures and without link, then we will end up destroying it and not conquer it.

The life does not know other laws of action only those which are registered in its organization. A child can make things correctly, with correct means, but the genius more vivid, endowed with the last complexities of science, can do nothing good with bad means.” - p 180

The remedies do not exist

“The true remedy for all the troubles of health, is the total correction of the way of life.

When the irritating practices are stopped, the patient starts to recover. Once restored, he remains well until the resumption of the same irritating practices._

Hygienism_, this stone which the builder posed, became now the angular stone, not only of the temple of health, but also of that of the restoration of health. Indeed, it preserves and restores, which anything else cannot achieve.” –

The sedatives

Deviating of the subject to enter that of the absorption of the sedatives, Shelton continues its luminous study in these terms:

“A very important fact was underlined since a good long time by the Hygienists : namely that the sick organism accomplished its curative efforts most effectively as long as it remains conscious of the need to be restored.

But if this conscience is reduced considerably by the drugs or other means, its curing efforts are also reduced or even suspended.

Sedatives, pain-killers, analgesics, the antispasmodics, sleeping pills, tranquillizings, etc.. carry the body to tolerate the presence of the cause of the disease. They do not hasten its elimination.

Let us take an example : the most essential thing for the asthmatic one or the arthritic one, is the culture of a diametrically opposed and new optics on life. Hitherto he thought in terms of symptoms that he dreaded and of which he sought the relief by a repeated palliation.

Now his task is to build a good health and to learn how to think, not in terms of symptoms to be mitigated, but to think of the vital factors to provide. The temporary palliation of the symptoms will not be any more his goal. The fear of the symptoms must then be eliminated from his spirit. He must stop the use of the palliatives and learn that each amount delays the re-establishment.

At this point of his road, his largest enemy, is the quite disposed friend or his doctor who come to his help with a drug or a placebo, to blunt his sensitivity, so that he is not conscious of his state “. (so that he does not feel any pain. A. M.)

Should the relief be sought for ?

“The asthmatic one who learned how to depend on the relief becomes difficult to convince, so that he will stand up without this relief. He would naturally tend to seek this relief, knowing well that this one is harmful.” Shelton

p 181

Mr T. is in his forties and suffers since a long time from asthma. He always relieved his violent crises with daily sedatives and that, until his arrival the day before at my home. (Currently, I do not accept any more this kind of patients, but if they stop the sedatives several months before coming to fast.)

He thus started the fast, provided with the best will of the world.

As soon as his first evening, a violent crisis was declared. He missed the air, his breathing was difficult and jerked. He remained upright, the hands on a table to help him to breathe, lasting for hours. Impossible to lie down under these conditions.

About midnight, he asked with insistence a relief, because he could not support these atrocious sufferings any more. He insisted that a doctor comes to give him an injection.

In the impossibility of making him to wait a bit longer, I telephoned the doctor attached to my House, who came at one very late hour in the night to prescribe him some calming. I was to seek this drug at 1 o’clock in the morning in a pharmacist on duty. He took it and passed somehow or other the remainder of the night.

The following day, I was confronted with a dilemma: to keep or return him ? I could not nevertheless admit that he poisoned himself at my home, whereas he wanted to eliminate his disease.

He promised to hold out better the next time and not to think any more of the relief.

Thus, I kept him and he continued the fast without problems.

Indeed, no new crisis was declared. He was over the worst. His asthma was being eliminated little by little, without trouble.

But, at the end of a few days, he encouraged by letter his girlfriend to join him in his fast, and here she turned up to fast too.

He wanted to convince her to adopt Hygienism. She thus started to fast, by holding him company in the same room.

As soon as the arrival of his girl friend, he stopped, and she as well, to attend the talks of the evening that I hold in the living room for the curists. It was symptomatic of the lack of interest which she carried to Hygienism. Moreover, she had succeeded in making him rock in her camp! Then he received the news of a mourning in his family which was the perfect pretext to cut the fast and to leave.

Several months later, he telephoned to me :

  • I would like to make a new cure.

  • Did you cease the calmings ?

  • No, he answered.

  • How ? Why ?

He had remained some time after the cure without taking any palliative, but one day that he had allowed a break in his diet, a late evening, a physical or sexual overwork, an attack of asthma had started.

p 182

His initial reaction was to seek a relief. He was thus not ready to suffer, nor to support the suffering until the end.

There is no danger to support the attacks of asthma and to wait valiantly until they pass. Except perhaps for true cardiacs. They become increasingly weak, then disappear completely.

But he did not want to suffer. He did not want to pay the price of his excesses and his asthma was not eliminated. He thus continues to suffer from time to other.

Then I answered him on the telephone:

I do not find any solution with your problem as long as you will take sedatives and calmings. Under these conditions, the problem is insoluble. But so that I accept you to have another cure, I put a condition: it is necessary to stop calmings several weeks before coming to fast.

He did not give any more news since.

Then after several months, he telephoned again with an aim of being admitted at my home. Then I laid down the same conditions to him. He did take no action.

A few years later, he visited me. He had ceased any drug and seemed to go well. His asthma had disappeared.

For that which is informed and which is ready to assume them fully, the majority of the sufferings are perfectly tolerable, especially when one has the moral support of a qualified hygienist. All the physical sufferings are tolerable, but the mental sufferings like the depressions, are less so.

I had asthmatic a few years ago. It had stopped all calming them except the ventoline. When the crisis was announced, he used it. During the first week of fast, he used it every night. Then, the crises ceased, and he did not use anything any more.

Currently, to avoid all these problems which prevent me from sleeping during the night, I ask the curists to stop calmings several months before coming to my home. I do not want to do this dirty work any more, to have them stop the drugs, they just have to do it on their premises !

To pass this difficult course, one could perhaps use of no chemical palliatives, like the tepid bath which release the individual or even the chiropratic, or acupuncture. I accept these measures of alternative medicine only within the very narrow framework which I have just described, and not like single symptomatic treatment.

A palliative action without change of diet and fast, can give only negative results.

“All palliative measures must be avoided, because they build complications and protect the evil. Drugs used to relieve asthma, arthritis, the migraine, etc.. cause harmful reactions, allergies, side effects, iatrogenic diseases,

p 183

addictions and an untimely death. What an appalling price the patient pays for brief relieves ! ” -

I perfectly agree with Shelton on the negative aspect of the palliatives and it happens almost never for me to use them.

However, certain nervous symptoms can usefully be relieved, by using light massages on the sternum or by a cold compress on the nape of the neck. These measures have never any chemical feature, nor are they violently suppressive. They help a little, morally, to cross a difficult course. Shelton himself very seldom uses them, if ever.

The capacity of rejuvenation

Despite all our repeated explanations on the goal of the fast and the conclusions which one should draw, several curists will turn over on their premises, after a short stay in our house, with the firm intention, if not desire, to take again the same food and the same activities which had made them sick. They think that before falling down sick, they have a little time to devote themselves to their nice sins and then, in any event, another fast will put them back on their feet.

However, it should be known on this subject that the body never returns like before, it does not turn over to the same state in which it was before. It becomes more sensitive to unhealthy food and reacts more violently against them. Then, the tissues are degraded with time and the errors. It is the degeneration which advances imperceptibly.

Fortunately it is only one part only which acts of the kind, the others are true hygiephiles which seek to adopt a healthy life by the self-control and obedience with the natural laws.

Indeed, if the body has the capacity to be regenerated, each time it loses a little more ground and the tissues lose their elasticity with time and the errors. For example, a wound which is healed does never present a cicatricial tissue as good as the first. One remains always marked by the disease, by anyone.

It is better not to fall sick, to keep the original integrity of tissues and that of the functions._

Each error costs us a little_, would it be only the energy spent to correct it. Each error slows down our development, each error makes us move back, retrogress. Such an amount of energy spent to maintain us would have been better affected to lead us to 120 years with force, strength and a radiant health.

Unfortunately, our followers knowing the cause of the disease, are no longer afraid of it, as everyone apprehends it, and do not fear to devote themselves sometimes to unhealthy food. It is the reverse of the medal. They have been removed of the fear, of the anguish, of the disease, but strong of being able to be restored, they do not hesitate any more to infringe the laws of Nature. p 184

A durable health, on which one can count during a whole life, this kind of health which carries in itself the guarantee of the manufacturer against the defects of manufacture or that of materials, is only possible if the cause of the disease is pushed away now and thereafter.

Indeed health is not possible on any other bases. The programs of immunization are frauds!

The body is restored by itself when the handicap of the unhealthy practices is moved away.

Success in the re-establishment from the diseases depends on the suppression of the cause.

What can be the use of the estimation of the state of health of a patient, such as the medical diagnosis would like to determine it, if the cause of deterioration is not recognized ?

The fast is not that half of the way

“The fast should be regarded as an initial preparation in a programme of restoration of health, and not like the only means of this restoration.

The disease develops starting from the bad habits of life.

Health rises from the practices of healthy life.

If the disease developed, the restoration of health will be thus an evolution with wrong way round.

For this purpose, it will be necessary initially to remove from the life of the patient all the causes which had deteriorated his health, and which continue this deterioration. When that is achieved, the capacity of self-recovery of the body will bring back health. However, it is necessary to go about it before functional deteriorations have time to produce irreversible organic changes.

The fast is not the only means

I do not agree with a well-known partisan of the fast when he declares: “The intermittent fast is the only means to have a higher, dynamic and true health.”

Indeed, the fast can be invaluable in thousand and one cases of bad health, but it is not the single means to solve the problems of health from which humanity suffers. Nothing can replace a total approach, a general approach, to solve all these problems successfully.

For this purpose, three conditions are essential in the sight of re-establishment of health:

1) the elimination of the toxaemia of blood and of affected tissues.

2) the re-establishment of a normal capacity of functioning by rest

3) correction of the practices of life, to prevent that the enervation and toxaemia do not evolve again. If we could achieve these three needs, we would be capable to cure literally all the diseases of humanity.

p 185

Nevertheless, we will be always limited by the power of the sick organism to eliminate effectively, to be self repaired, and we will be also dependent on the will of the subject to change his way of life.”

Indeed, with certain subjects elimination continues during the fast, so to speak briskly, i.e. with force , with crises, urines charged, fever, vomiting, stinking breath, etc… The more one eliminates, the more badly one feels ill, and the more quickly one recovers.

But certain drugs are not easy to eliminate, then others, with metal base, are impossible to eliminate. Thus mercury, gold, silver, etc.. , will remain for always in the body and will disturb it until death. The body was not equipped to eliminate this kind of poisons. The liver cannot take care of them. It can, on the other hand, eliminate the majority of the poisons which are in food, like the citric acid, the oxalic acid, the acid malic, tartaric, etc…

Unfortunately, writes Shelton with reason, the majority of the patients who in final analysis agree to look after themselves by Hygienism, do it in the last resort. They will not agree to fast, nor to give up their bad habits as long as they will keep the hope to discover a remedy which will cure them, without removing the causes which ruin their health.

After having tested all the remedies suggested from all sides, and if they are still in life, they could undertake to restore their health by the simple procedure of suppression of the cause.

To seek health without reforming oneself, to expect the re-establishment while all the unhealthy, irritating practices are continued, this borders on madness !

It does not matter the names which one attaches to the symptoms, all disintegrate when the mental and physical practices of the patient are corrected

But medicine was bogged down in pathology and does not have almost any idea of the true aetiology.

Indeed, medicine refuses to recognize the powerful influence of the way of life in the production and the maintenance of health and the disease. It rather seeks the causes in foreign entities : microbes, viruses, parasites. And all its average curative means are directed against these fictitious causes - hence its pessimism concerning the positive effect of the drugs. “- –_Shelton

The microbes and the viruses are not the causes of the disease, but the consequences, which is not the same.

When Shelton says that “health rises from the healthy practices of life”, it should be understood by that, not a self-evident truth, but that health cannot rise following a vaccine or from an unspecified remedy.

Medicine never dealt with the health of people. It does not deal with their diseases. Health and its causes do not interest it at all. If you seek health, it is not the medicine which will offer it to you.

p 186

Where is the doctor who will defend you to smoke, to drink coffee, wine, chemicals and medicinal products, to overwork, to stay up late, eat spiced, fried dishes, cooked with butter ? I would like to meet him, this rare bird.

Lastly, the fast **_is unfortunately considered by all the curists the final stage for the final cure. One should rather regard it as being _the beginning of a new life**, like the launching of a new program of health.

“Medicine recognizes the acute diseases as being limited diseases, but it does not have a true design of the nature of the acute process.

However the acute disease is primarily a process of additional elimination and of repair. This elimination of replacement is voluntary, and if the respite which it gets is followed by a reform of the way of life, one can remain thus in good health.

Do you wish to be healthy ? If this desire is sincere, it will carry you to make in your practices the necessary changes to this end. But if you find that the practice of the coffee is stronger than your desire to reach higher health, or than the gluttony, for you, has more significance than health, then you will not have the health which you wish.

Lastly, if your desire for health is rather intense, so much so that it carries you to seek necessary knowledge and to discipline you consequently, then health will be yours. If you correct your practices and that you keep control of them, you will reach your goal.” - _Shelton


“We do not have the capacity to create a new constitution. Not more than we can cure the defects of a bad heredity, nor the damage generated by long years of errors. Only the future belongs to us.

The balance of the vital capacities which remain to us could however be increased and extended carefully, to grant us all the health of which we are capable. We can use this vital balance to prolong our life. But we cannot be remade. We must accept our body such as it is, preserve its resources and improve its condition as much as possible. Then when we fall sick, to seek to eliminate the causes so that the body can be restored by itself. “- _Shelton

This paragraph of Shelton is heavy of significance. It should be understood by this that one cannot remake a poor heredity.

The disease is not hereditary, but the predispositions are. Thus, if one inherited a weak constitution and vitality, one will not be able to change them. The vital potential remains stable and immutable, and one can, as well as possible, extract the maximum of what one inherited, if it is correctly managed, but not more (that is already enormous for the majority). p 187 This is why some, having inherited a strong vitality, can recover all their power whereas others, having inherited only a weak constitution, can restore only what they received with the birth. This way, the ones will quickly be overpowered by small variations, whereas others resist to them without troubles.

Incurable diseases

can one cure all the diseases? Yes, if the irreversible stage were not reached. A professional hygienist will tell it to you. One should never despair, because Nature can make miracles, where one expects it less. Very many incurable patients, condemned by medicine, succeeded in recovering and living fully.

“All the organic changes must be stopped and reversed early, if not, they reach a point of no return.

The body recovers continuously, but if the practices of life which produce and which maintain the evil are not corrected, it will not succeed, in the final analysis, to recover.

Indeed, the body is unable to restore a deteriorated structure, when the evil is constantly produced by the persistence of the cause.

Only a radical change in the practices of life, and especially to stop all that is harmful, can make possible the re-establishment to be achieved “.

One sees immediately that there is no place here for an unspecified remedy. The remedies and even the placebos are like to come at an awkward moment. They represent a waste of time and diverts the attention of what is essential. Indeed, it is necessary to concentrate on the causes of one’s evil, to fight against them, and not to cling to the wind.

The same causes will always produce the same effects, all things equal. Useless to haggle over.

Does time cure all ?

“It is said that time cures all, but I see that time does not cure anything.

It would be a little more correct to say that with time all is restored. But still, since all is not inevitably restored, it would even be more correct to say that any re-establishment occurs in time.

With the fact that time is not a factor of re-establishment. The re-establishment is a biological process that the living organism undertakes. Nothing else can do it for him”. –

Nothing else indeed can cure, not even a remedy, whatever it is, nor a new process. The pomade does not help the healing of a wound and the drugs do not restore the normal and natural functions which makes the base of a good health.


p 188

“Above all, that which seeks health must avoid impatience. Rest, relaxation and balance, are large conservatives and represent the best conditions to recover.

Therefore, that which wishes to change his practices must be patient.

The short cuts for a quick relief are always palliatives.

It is necessary to start from the beginning, patiently, and without seeking short cuts.

If you fail in the modification of your unhealthy practices, try again. As a child who learns how, for the first time, to walk, each time you succumb to temptation, you will raised and you will try again.

Persist in your efforts and you will end up succeeding.” -_Shelton

It is very important, indeed, not to discourage oneself. If from the beginning one yielded to temptation to eat this or that, or to drink such or such harmful drink, one should not be discouraged. Try again.

The substitutes

Note that it is easier to replace an unhealthy substance, that to remove it.

For example to replace coffee by a provisional substitute. This substitute could be removed in its turn later, more easily than if one wanted, from the right beginning, to remove the coffee.

And to act in the same way for all the other poisons, if possible.

The most difficult is the first step. Then, attention should not be slackened. The falls and the relapses are in the order of the things. Nobody is a saint nor a superman. We all have our weaknesses and it is necessary to take them into account. The important is always to advance in the good habits, never to stop.

In addition, some make the calculation of the bad habits which they removed, but take care not to mention all those that they still kept. However, one should not look behind oneself, always ahead.

Can all the errors be removed ?

“Correct all your way of life, and do not expect to achieve your goal by a partial correction.

Every day I meet people (or they write to me) which have so many virtues, that they are not able to recognize their small defects. However these are the small defects which kill them gently. They will tell me that they live hygienically at 90%, then they ask me :

  • Why am I sick ? why don’t I recover ?

They think that if 10% of their way of life remain unhealthy, that should not count. Of course that they always exaggerate in their favour as for the exact proportion of healthy life which they respect.

When we say that to recover, it is necessary to eliminate all the causes from the disease, we do not want to say by that that one can practise all the virtues except only one. “- _Shelton
_p 189

With all the respect and the admiration which I owe to Shelton, I cannot agree with him when he says that it is necessary, or that one can correct all the errors. The civilized life became too complicated so that one can control it completely, to entirely control it.

For example, one must attend a marriage of a nearest relative. How to avoid the late hours ? Impossible. And various ambient temptations ?

I think that it is necessary to concentrate on the serious errors and to neglect the small errors without any consequences. It is necessary to sort out and not to mix the tiny break of one’s habits with the great faults, the small errors with the great lapses. It is necessary to have a balanced sight and a view without fanaticism. Besides, the small blunders can always be corrected immediately. The important thing is not to make errors regularly.

After fasting, as I said earlier, the differences are sanctioned by Nature : it is immediately ankles to swell, with the elephant feet. A simple return to the frugal food make these swelling to disappear within two or three weeks. When patients who do not recover, Shelton says that they did not stop at 100% all their mistakes. He requires ceasing all errors, without leaving a single one.

I estimate as far as I am concerned, that if these patients are not restored, that is because they have kept some principal errors, not secondary. The secondary errors can have only tiny consequences. In addition, the subject cannot himself distinguish the serious errors from the secondary errors. It is necessary that the hygienist studies the way of life of the person and be able to distinguish the important from the accessory.

I take an example. A person eats meat or bread only once a week, if not twice. It is much less serious than if he ate the every day some spiced food. To take bread every day is more serious than to eat fish each Friday. To drink wine the weekends is less serious than to stay up every night and to sleep only at late hours.

Depression, weakness and thinness

Certain curists reported me serious depressions after the fast. I immediately detected a denutrition because of cheese or other nitrogenized food which causes the infection and the fever. Their thinness is also due to too small rations of fruits, potatoes, soft dry fruits. They follow a diet of famine They do not have the force to work. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the rations of fresh and dry fruits, those of potatoes and to remove cheese, various nuts or other nitrogenized food.

p 190

How to cure the faults

To cure the faults in feeding, altogether very human, one will fast one fixed day each week, if not, the day when one is not very hungry. Who can praise himself to follow to the letter the instructions of the good health, without being one day or the other tempted by a lapse ? If the lapses are not too serious, it is not necessary to compel oneself with this weekly fast.

Famous writers quotations

In Medical Gulag, Doctor Méphistophélès was a genius which had discovered the means of cancelling the Law of Cause and Effect, and was honoured with the Nobel Prize of medicine. The tobacco was not to cause bronchitis any more, nor lung cancer; alcohol did not attack any more the liver and did not generate any more cirrhosis ; the coffee did not cause any more insomnia and did not ruin any more the nervous system ; the fermented cheeses did not give any more infection nor cancer. One could thus throw oneself from the top of the Eiffel tower without breaking one’s neck and without parachute, if you please. The laws of gravity were suspended, cancelled by this brilliant doctor.
Man, the Monkey and the Paradise p 16 Albert MOSSERI

It comes back to us the case of an American rich person, diagnosed by his doctor like incurable, then condemned to die in the anguish and the suffering. - The poor patient liquidated his terrestrial businesses with great loss, wrote his will and awaited death. However, on the council of a benevolent friend, he gave up his doctor, threw the drugs in the dustbin, and went to be looked after by an expert of the natural methods. In a few months, he was completely restored. However, he did not forget his doctor who had condemned him to die and who had carried him to liquidate his business. He sued him and claimed to him several tens of thousands of dollars, as damages. The case was pled in front of the court, but the judges found that miraculous recovery had had the wrong to cure, and thus, to contradict with a roar the medical, honourable and honoured prognosis. He lost the lawsuit!

In Gulag, a responsible company had taken on for goal to advise the suicide as honourable exit for the old patients. Several had adhered to it. Famous authors had thus put an end to their days, to die in dignity, as they said. It was a kind of euthanasia or self-euthanasia. A law was promulgated which gave to this company a non-lucrative goal. And a statute. It was very nearly that Beethoven, deaf person, had not adhered too. Only, their disability and the disease were not inescapable. How many deaf persons had recovered the hearing following a fast and by a return to a natural food. Montherlant, Romain Gary, and as well of others had committed suicide not knowing that Nature could cure them. –
Man, the Monkey and the Paradise

I thus went to see the guard of the Paradise, named Methuselah, old a 740 years old patriarch, who played with his grandson 90 years old, hardly left puberty. His own 120 years old son indeed had just married with a lady friend of the same age.
- Where are they ? I asked him.
- They are all nearby.
- Nearby ?
- Yes, next door, it is the Hell and all its departments : atomic Gulag, medical Gulag, the Gulag of the religious sects, the Gulag of the priests, the Gulag of the doped, the Gulag of the slaves of the international high finance and of famished, the Gulag of the communist proletarians.
- Do you want to visit ?
- Yes. This world appears strange to me and worthy of a fiction novel of anticipation. I did not think that it could still exist. I will make it the subject of my next book on the destiny of Humanity and the Men on Earth. It will impassion children which are usually avid of incredible stories, which love and admire Dracula, Blue Beard and Frankenstein. –
Man, the Monkey and the Paradise p 13 / 14 Albert MOSSERI

Ch. 23** **Who should not fast ?_

  p 191

God laughs at men who bemoan the effects of which they continue to cherish the causes

Fasting is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Those suffering from true heart disease.
  • Those who suffer from true tuberculosis.
  • Those who are skeletal, meaning that weigh 20 kilograms less than the normal weight and moreover have digestive difficulties.
  • Those who have not stopped tranquillizings, painkillers, sedatives, and who use them regularly.
  • Diabetics who take insulin or other drugs regularly for more than two years.
  • Those who take regularly cortisone since a long time, as well as hormones, unless they stop at least the three months before.
  • Those whose thyroid gland has been removed or destroyed by radioactive iodine.
  • The old mentally ill or nervous risking the return in force of their old crises (delirium, depression, madness). A 3 months preparation will be enough for them to fast in safety.
  • The old - aged over 80.
  • Pregnant women over 6 / 9 months.
  • Cases of cancers of the liver and of spleen.
  • Those who are all skin and bone

The skeletal ones who ventured to fast, even for a few days, are likely to fall into a coma. And well before that, they will not hold on their legs, that become soft like cotton.

p 192
_In 1969, I had a 26 year old man, who had a stomach ulcer. For a size of 1.76 m, he weighed only 46 kilos. After six days of fasting, he fell into a coma and died without us being able to revive him.

Mr. R. , from Belgium, weighs only 40 kilos and 1.76 metre. The limit of danger is around 39 kilos.

He digests nothing, his kidneys are damaged, and his mental imbalanced. He wants at all costs to fast, but his thinness prohibited it. Otherwise, he would die shortly, as in the previous case. Shelton recommends short fasting, repeated, but this solution, in my experience, is a trap. One cannot get through it. The resumption of food becomes dramatic, because nothing happens and meals are not digested. The weight will continue to fall …

I give him three small meals. He lost weight as if he fasted, while keeping the bed.

After 15 days, hunger returns, which means the restoration of functions. He claws his way back again. All things considered, it will take him months to recover somewhat.

Below is a table that gives the size of the person, normal weight (10 kilograms less than the number of centimetres), the weight of the muscular subjects (equal to the number of centimetres) and the limit of danger which one should be kept far away .

1) Do not come closer to the dangerous limit sets in the table.

2) Even the half-fast is not advisable for skeletal people.

3) Already the diet change is likely to drop weight. Therefore, it must be done with great caution. First, remove the poisons : coffee, wine, spices, sauces, tobacco, aromatic herbs. After several months, change the rest of the system, gradually, keeping white rice every day._ <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tbody><tr> <td width="89" valign="top">HEIGHT</td> <td width="103" valign="top">STANDARD
WEIGHT</td> <td width="102" valign="top">MUSCULAR</td> <td width="114" valign="top"> DANGEROUS
LIMITS </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="89" valign="top">1,85 m</td> <td width="103" valign="top">75 kg </td> <td width="102" valign="top">85 kg </td> <td width="114" valign="top">45 kg </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="89" valign="top">1,80 m</td> <td width="103" valign="top">70 kg </td> <td width="102" valign="top">80 kg </td> <td width="114" valign="top">42 kg </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="89" valign="top">1,75 m</td> <td width="103" valign="top">65 kg </td> <td width="102" valign="top">75 kg </td> <td width="114" valign="top">39 kg </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="89" valign="top">1,70 m</td> <td width="103" valign="top">60 kg </td> <td width="102" valign="top">70 kg </td> <td width="114" valign="top">36 kg </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="89" valign="top">1,65 m</td> <td width="103" valign="top">55 kg </td> <td width="102" valign="top">65 kg </td> <td width="114" valign="top">33 kg </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="89" valign="top">1,60 m</td> <td width="103" valign="top">50 kg </td> <td width="102" valign="top">60 kg </td> <td width="114" valign="top">30 kg </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="89" valign="top">1,55 m</td> <td width="103" valign="top">45 kg </td> <td width="102" valign="top">55 kg </td> <td width="114" valign="top">27 kg </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="89" valign="top">1,50 m</td> <td width="103" valign="top">40 kg </td> <td width="102" valign="top">50 kg </td> <td width="114" valign="top">24 kg </td> </tr> </tbody></table>

However she is not young any more. And her heart is not any more what it was. A little irregular.

Then I made as if I accepted that she fasts, since she insisted to make an integral fast. In spite of my explanations on the state of her heart, she wanted to hear nothing.

  • But you drive me away, she told me . I did not come to eat, but to really fast.

  • But Madam, you do not have any more the heart of twenty year. We must manage with what we have. You will have excellent results nevertheless. You will see. You should not overpower your heart by an elimination in force.

Categorical refusal. I pretend to yield, but the evening I called her:

  • Madam, you are waited for in the dining room. She moved back with a gesture of her hand, as if she had been attacked, smile on the lips like always, smile which she had never left.

Her retorts were fast and biting, her very sharp spirit, her charming and expressive eyes.

  • If you were 30 years less old, I say to her, I would have courted you.

She retorted with the speed of a flash:

  • But you also, you must rejuvenate before…!

In the dining room, she ate after a fashion and grudgingly the apple or the curdled milk, with the formal promise that one would let her fast the following day.

But the following day, it was the same comedy which reproduced, exactly the same scene and the same scenario. That lasted 20 days. After which her half fast was cut.

The control doctor was called to make her the visit of exit. He was amazed by the results obtained on her degenerated heart. Indeed, her heart had been completely regenerated. The doctor couldn’t get over it, because he was himself in the same situation, with the same advanced age.

I would not overlook all the evil that she gave me, because she refused to rest, to keep the bed. Indeed, she went the every day, for several kilometres, and at her return, she had a shower of cold water, in spite of my prohibition. She did not follow any of my instructions. She stood up to me. She was a daily confrontation between us, because I feared the worst.

During one of her walk, she made a heart attack which failed to kill her. Her chest clutched her, she sat down at the edge of the road for half an hour and her faintness decreased.

The cold showers represent a useless loss of energy for the organism which must resist the cold. This practice was in vogue in the first hygienists of the beginning of the 20th century, but the contemporary hygienists have understood the error.

Felt stimulation exhausts the forces instead of increasing them. One has the impression to be reinvigorated, but it is an useless loss of energy. Indeed, after a shower, one feels an euphoria and one usually says:

  • That did me good.

As a safety measure, I subject all the old people to a half-fast.

On the other hand, babies and children can completely fast with profit.

The pregnant women

The pregnant women can fast, like everyone. However, as they are awkward and that they can knock a table inadvertently, they can make a miscarriage and the entourage will accuse the fast. For this reason, I do not accept any more the pregnant women for a cure of fast.

However, in the event of acute disease, the pregnant women must fast until the re-establishment. Examples: the fever, nausea, the vomiting, diarrhoea.

Cases of diabetes

The diabetics who take insulin lasting since years can fast by removing the injections, but they must take them again when they restart eating, which presents difficulties. Indeed, it is necessary to do every day the analyses of blood and the least error can lead to a coma.

<h3>_Ch. 24**  **The cases of the last hour 

& the mortal complications
p 195</h3> <h3>Of all the antisocial interests, the worst of all is the interest calculated on the bad health.
– Georges Bernard SHAW

_Deaths in the hospitals
</h3> <div> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="49" align="left"> <tbody><tr> <td valign="top" align="left">N</td> </tr> </tbody></table> </div> _ ot having statistics at my disposal to inform me about the number of deaths

that there are in the hospitals, I had recourse to an original method to discover

the truth.

I have been lucky to meet a stretcher-bearer who worked in a large hospital

of the area. I asked to him which is the number of rooms and patients which this hospital contained, then the number of approximate death which he transported each week.

Knowing in addition that mortality in the houses of fast all over the world did not exceed 1/1000, I concluded from it that, all things considered, i.e. by taking account of the importance of the establishment that one wants to compare, the hospitals had ten times more death than the houses of fast.

Thus every day, patients can die by hundreds in hospitals which abound in the four corners of the country, but nobody thinks of blaming the medical treatments.

However, only one case of death is enough, which has occurred following a fast, so that one attends a general outcry. One accuses the fast, one accuses the vegetarianism, one accuses the charlatans.

And the press, which is dominated by ignorant and unscrupulous journalists, launches into the attack. It mentions the name of the deceased, the name of the expert who supervised the cure, one questions the spouse, the children, the neighbours, everyone. One does not forget to mention the sums taken by the house of fast, to cause the jealousy and the hatred of the public towards the practitioner.

p 196
_In order that the treatment of the press be equitable, so that it does not be prejudiced in regard to medicine or of the healers, it would have been necessary that the journalists, for each death which has occurred in a hospital, publish the name of the deceased, that of his doctor, of the drug which he took, of the operation which he underwent, impression of the entourage, the family. One will be able to say whereas the press is impartial. But currently, it totally took the party of the medicine, in a scientific debate which does not concern it and which, besides, exceeds its competences.

As for the patients themselves which fast, the press does not require their opinion. After having tested all the medical methods and all the treatments, after having undergone one or more mutilating operations, these patients come often as a last resort, with hygienism, whereas there does not remain sometimes a breath of life and that they are at the edge of the abyss.

Often they are improved, and even miraculously restored, but sometimes they arrive too late. They are cases of the last hour. I refuse several of them each year, but in front of supplications and yielding to the feeling of altruism, even with the contempt of my own safety, it sometimes happens to me to accept a mortal case, to regret it bitterly thereafter, because of the catastrophic mishaps which follow.

A local radio had invited me to animate an emission during the evening. A listener challenged me :

  • I am astonished to listen to you to speak on the radio, whereas you had a fatal case in your house, following a cure by fast.

Then I answered her sharply:

  • But the number of deaths in the hospitals is ten times superior, dear Madam. In this case you never say anything. Medicine can thus kill with impunity, that leaves you remained impassive. Come on, come on, awake !

Shelton exerted during forty years. It recorded forty deaths during the fast in his house in Texas, USA. All were serious cases: cardiac diseases, serious nephritis, tuberculosis, hidden internal abscess, advanced perforated ulcers, etc..

The first fatality

the first case which I had was that of old midwife 72 years old, suffering of one cancer of the stomach and obstinate constipation. It was in 1962. She fasted 24 days without problems, and took food during one week, then abruptly, without apparent reason, started to suffer from abdominal pains and lack of air. I returned her to home where she died two days later.

p 197
_To note that the majority of the cases diagnosed like “cancer”, are not true cancers and can cure perfectly by the fast. But a small proportion are true cancers and nothing can cure them. The fast could perhaps stabilize their state, if it is followed of by strict diet.

A second case

It is grudgingly that I had accepted a Spaniard suffering of advanced tuberculosis for 20 years. 42 years old, he had succeeded in stabilizing his state while abstaining from smoking and by adapting a vegetarian diet more or less hygienist.

Thus he lived 20 years without troubles, taking care of his health as much as possible.

Then, for a reason which I am unaware of, he started again to smoke. Concerns and troubles had carried him to smoke, said his wife. And at the same time, he adopted a diet especially of oranges and spinaches.

The result was catastrophic for his vulnerable lungs. The misdeeds of the tobacco are known, but one is unaware of those of the oranges and spinaches abuse for the great sick persons.

By pity, I had accepted him. He only fasted 3 days and started to eat again during one month. I returned him to his home where he died two months later.

It was a true case of tuberculosis, the majority of the cases diagnosed as such, are not that.

The third case

In 1949, I had gone to India to make a training course in a naturopathic house of fast.

At the end of my six months training course, someone invited me in a remote city to look after a tuberculous young person of 20 years. His father was convinced of the natural methods and looked after him by hydrotherapy.

I took the train and halfway, I sprained my foot. This obliged me to stop my journey during one week in New Delhi, the capital, where I lived in a hotel, awaiting the re-establishment of my painful foot.

This wrench was a gift of heaven, because on my arrival, I was informed of the death the young patient the day before. If I had arrived at the agreed day, my care, perhaps, would have been accused.

The fourth case

One of our customers send me her obese cousin, suffering of a generalized cancer. Her analysis showed only 1 million and a half of red globules. I refused her. She died at the hospital two weeks later. If I had accepted her, she would have died at home. It would have been said that the fast had killed her !

p 198

The student of Nice

A young student of Nice had come to fast six days at my home. The fast was cut and a progressive food recovery was started. The meals were weighed then been served. Her digestions were difficult, but she slowly managed to claw her way back again and to work out her meals. She went back home and resumed her studies.

The next year, she decided to fast all alone, in her student room, surrounded by her male and girl friends.

  • I saw how that occurs at Mosséri’s place, she thought. It is as simple as anything. I can do it all alone, at home. Moreover, at home, I will be less bored, I will be surrounded by all my friends, and that will cost me nothing.

Isn’t in this way that think all the curists who return on their premises before the end of the cure, with the intention to continue it at their house ? None of those makes a success of this piteous project. Moreover, the failure can also be full of consequences, our student left her skin there, as it will be seen. The error cost her the life.

She thus fasted without difficulty, like always. It is not the most difficult to fast. But arrived at the rupture of the fast, she threw herself into food without her being able to be restricted. The result, in fact indigestions obliged her to abstain from eating until she felt at ease. Then again, she took again bulky meals and so on. Months passed in that manner, without her being able to digest only one meal, because they were too bulky. Like all the fasters, she was unable to be limited. There was nobody, but her quite flexible mother, who could control her. Any idiot can fast, but to limit oneself, it is necessary to be a superman. The supervision of a qualified person (not medical), is a absolute necessity for thousand reasons.

She went to Doctor Vivini’s who had a naturopathic house of fast. One served her as conventional, current meals, with a French traditional cooking, no more than that. She left while slaming the door.

She died at home 9 months later, weighing only 26 kilos for 1,66 m.. Her minimum was 33 kilos.

Here the correspondence which her mother had addressed to me:

Nice, the 2 nd June, 1971


my daughter who had got great advantage of the 6 days of fast that she had made on your premise, fasted thereafter 6 days at our house, then 6 days in University City.

Encouraged by the results obtained, she let her go fasting until 11 days on the 1st February, 1971. Until the 10th day, she suffered much from all the digestive system, but she felt full of force, and could read and study in her room. Then suddenly, it was complete collapse. she could not raise the head from the bed any more, her comrades who dealt with her, wanted to make her cut the fast immediately, but she nevertheless waited still 18 hours before cutting it. Taking food again, however with carrot stock, gave her stomach and intestine ache during hours. She took thereafter stewed apples juice (apples cooked without addition of sugar) during two or three days : it was the collapse, she looked ill, bags under the eyes, the tension which fell to 6.

Lastly, she had gone back while eating a little cooked carrots, then thereafter, juices of vegetables passed to the centrifugal machine - but always the intolerable burnings of the stomach, of the intestine and liver ache, pancreas ache.

As soon as she could leave for a walk, she settled under the pale winter sun of Toulouse, to knit, the head covered by a scarf during 2 hours and a half. Result : a sunstroke.

I posed cold compresses to her on the forehead. New fast of 3 days which helped her to finally recover.

Then new outing and new sunstroke while spending only 5 minutes in the sun.

Since, she does not put any more a weight or so little. After the first sunstroke, she was 38 kilos, but maintained 36. Before the fast : 48 kilos.

Her head is still extremely sensitive and only starts to support the luminosity. She does not get out any more but after the sunset, for her very small walk. All her nervous system has been shaken by this second sunstroke. At times, she is besides very nervous and is in bad spirits.

But what is capital with her, it is nevertheless the digestive system. If she could digest as before the fast, she would quickly take again weight and forces.

She does not feel any more these burnings of the stomach, of the intestine and of the liver. But she often complains to have a stopped up stomach, her digestions are very slow, sometimes they last 18 hours. The intestine appears to be in a very sorry state the liver as well. She pushed aside the fruits completely, but well supports the dates, the dry grapes, the vegetable juices. She forces herself to digest with herb teas, juices of artichokes, etc. But if that improves a little her digestions, that does not cure her and she does not recover.

What is necessary to be done to make her digestive system back to work ? She does not have any more courage to fast.

It has been lasting for 4 months now and she wonders if she is not going to spend a whole year in this state. This fasting has been undertaken on 1st February. I just can’t understand it. What is to be done? She has the impression that skipping a meal don’t improve her much. I hope, mister Mosséri, that you will answer me right away and tell me what you think about this, if you have seen similar cases during your career. _p 200
_I thank you in advance and beg you to believe, Sir, in my best memories and all my sympathy.

J. P. Nice.

P. S. She supports the tapioca well, but it is not very nourishing. The cheese is heavy and passes very slowly.

My comments on this case

The symptom of the sensitivity to the light is that of the inanition and the denutrition. Neither the walk, nor the sun were necessary at this stage. Only rest in bed and supervising of digestion.

The digestion of each meal required a narrow supervising, before serving the following meal which had to be well weighed out.

Obviously, she fasted too many times too close together, with the idea that fasting is a panacea, it heals everything. She had not to resume the fast at the first indisposition : delay or skip one meal would have sufficed.

On the other hand, she has consumed dried fruits without soaking, which is indigestible.

Finally, herbal teas do not help to digest, but to make the non-digested food bowl pass.

To feed again people who have difficulty to digest is always very difficult. The layman often loses valuable time and the weight drops, because of many small mistakes : walk, the sun, fasting emergency while the body is suffering from obvious malnutrition, teas, artichokes juice, etc.._

_ Nice, the 12 th September, 1971


I have always worried a lot concerning my daughter, since this 11 days fasting that she did alone, which I have already mentioned, three months ago.

Since 3 weeks she is in a clinic. At the moment she is fasting for 4 days because of a large liver and intestinal crisis, which she finds to be the greatest of all, since 4 days of fasting have not overcome it.

This crisis was caused, like all previous ones, by her mistakes and her food excesses.

I know that you do not accept this mental disorder, and yet it is what is the most serious about her. Without this, she would have taken small meals that will not cause significant damages. _p 201
_Shortly before her entering the clinic, I thought nevertheless that we had a recovery. We were in the countryside, clean and tonic air encouraged her to have only one meal per day. She has done so for 10 days and at the end of that time her tongue was half cleared, she urinated very dark, her intestine was released while she was constipated, and she was taken of an extraordinary hunger. She said she never experienced such a hunger. I thought of the return of hunger. While for months her digestions were slow, she felt that her stomach was being very quickly discharged as if a sink.

I was alone with her and could not prepare meals at the rate she imposed on me. She even waked me up at night to eat. This lasted for 3 or 4 days and then to calm her hunger, and then, to discourage her hunger, as she said, she took, as her meal was not ready, 2 coffee spoons of olive oil. This, in fact cut her hunger and then she ate without an appetite.

In the evening, she had a liver ache and wanted to skip the meal, but the acupuncturist come to see her, advised her to eat lentils with cream of rice and vegetables.

With her bulimia, she was easy to convince, and she has got a big liver and intestinal crisis. Her weight fell to 29 kilograms, her pressure to seven and a half. I have had to take her into a clinic.

What is to be done ? She is too weak to take her to your home. If she took a few kilos and some forces, it would be possible and I will remain at your home with her. But how could you feed her ? She supports neither fruits nor vegetables, nor various nuts. Do you still have the same doctor attached to your institution ? Have you known such cases as my daughter’s ? Cases of fasters who stopped their fast at the wrong time, and who have experienced the same difficulties. How long can this last ?

I would like , Sir, that you answer all of my questions and I thank you in advance.

Note that in the clinic she had all blood tests possible. She has no anaemia, and no deficiency.

Still other comments

She took great meals, followed by indigestion which forced her to fast. Then the same again. In this way no meal was digested. Her decline was inevitable.

Then she accumulated errors : olive oil while she was hungry, lentils, visits of the acupuncturist, entry into a clinic, unnecessary examinations and tests, etc.. Only one meal a day was a catastrophic mistake for those who badly digest.

The student, which you have just read the tragic story, had even come to my home for a first cure. She thought that she could repeat the same thing at home. The error cost her her life.

After her death, her mother fell into a depression and was hospitalized by her family._
p 202

The case of Mr. Martinez

Too many people in poor health, seriously ill, think that reading a book is enough to give them the necessary knowledge to fast alone. They risk their lives, and many have died in this way.

It is enough sometimes, for well-intentioned relatives or neighbours to “rescue them”, to call for a physician, the police or a social worker. They will see themselves, against their own will in a hospital.

In fact, I met a Mr. Martinez, who had fasted all alone in his home. He was not a sick man, neither in a poor health. Friends went to ring at his door. Then he told them candidly:

  • If you want to know the truth, I am now in 40 days of fasting.

They phoned the hospital, which came with a pleasure to fetch him.

  • I kept the fast at the hospital, he told me, and the 40th day, I asked a lemon to cut fasting. The hardest is the grim atmosphere of hospitals.

She fasted in a hotel !

A lady went to fast in a hotel to isolate herself from her family. The hotelier worried that her client would never leave her room, nor her bed. She candidly confessed that she was fasting.

Immediately, he telephoned the police, who sent for an ambulance and put her in hospital without asking her opinion. She did not die, but other similar cases have died.

I sometimes read in the newspapers that the hunger striker died as a result of prolonged fasting for several weeks or months. In most of these cases, we should not blame the fast, but the unhealthy conditions in which it was undertaken: coffee, tobacco, stress, lack of tranquillity, fear, anxiety, mental agitation, emotional overexcitement, medicines, perfusions.

A case of AIDS stupidly dead

Aged 42 years and weighing 65 kilos to 1.70 m, the patient was suffering from AIDS : intermittent fevers, tiredness, cough, frequent bronchitis, swollen lymph ganglions.

He fasted for 14 days and then felt an extreme weakness, and could not be able to stand. The fast was then followed by half a fast.

But then a strong thirst declared itself the first night of this half fast. Unable to stand up to fill his pitcher of water, he hit on the wall the all night, but nobody paid attention.

The next day, hearing these strange noises, I went up very early in the morning and I pricked up my ears. The pounding stopped. I did not want to open the door of my many curists, so as not to disturb or wake them up.

p 203
_But as soon as I was down, pounding resumed.

When I went to see the fasters in the late morning, he said he was very thirsty and he banged on the wall the all night. Why did he not call the curists who stayed on both sides of his room? Why hearing me behind the door in the morning, pricking up my ears, has he not call me ? Was he shy to this point? Still, the patient should, at minimum, cooperate, if not, all falls apart.

So I filled up the pitcher he drank at will. But a high fever reached him. It took me eight days to get the control this fever, with much difficulty. I put him back to fasting, but I should have ignore fever and fed him with very diluted juices, despite the fever.

So, ultimately, he had urine retention . The problems had overwhelmed me. Three days without urinating, a swollen bladder. He did not cooperate in his attitude. He was completely passive. I had the choice to call a nurse, one of my customers, but I decided to return him to a friend of his.

I call for an ambulance, which refuses to transport him, or, if anything, to a hospital in the area. He had his bladder probed. Then he was transported to a hospital in Paris, which was specialized in AIDS. There, he had a pneumothorax, a blood transfusion, intravenous fluids, antibiotics injections. He resisted a week before dying.

Had he not behaved like a 5 years old kid, he would not have died so stupidly.

The intense thirst during the half-fast can be fatal if one does not drink. It started his high fever, which caused water retention. The body needs a lot of water to dilute the toxins and spill them into the bladder. The body is overwhelmed by toxins and fails to eliminate them by lack of water.

I had another curist. Taken of a sharp pain in the throat, he started to drink one or two litres of hot water. He is not dead by this, but how many errors may be done by curists ! Should we supervise them all the time ?

Famous writers quotations

Patients who developed toxemia faster than it was eliminated, did not fast.
– Dr. J. H. TILDEN

Patients should be encouraged to become able to choose their medicine. We all pay a heavy toll on Social Security. This capital, we do not have freely. We are forced either to consume chemicals which do not suit us, or to settle bills, he comes to the idea of wanting to be treated differently.
– Dr Jeanne FONTAINE, Hell … In a world all in white, Editions Aquarius

The remedies are real evils that ruin nature.
_Specialists are those who increasingly study an issue, which they extend less and less, to a point to know everything about nothing.
– James C. THOMSON

The mass vaccination represent, by their uselessness, the greatest threat to children’s health.

The voluptuous may be reluctant to abide by all these rules. They must know then they cease to have rights to good health : it is not for them.

Law of minimum - Law No. 2

The health of a living being is dependent on the necessary factors of which it is the least filled. _
p. 52 Entrust your health to Nature - (The Laws of Living Nature).
_But as Dr. Rodrigue _took pleasure in _excluding from his therapy, products of laboratory and the pharmaceutical offices preparations, as he was not observing ever codex formulas, his curative means showed a disconcerting quirk and inimitable singularities. _Anatole France

Eat, but do not abuse, because God does not like those who abuse.
– The Prophet Mohammad (Koran)

Gentlemen, 99% of medical facts are lies medical and medical doctrines are, for the most part, an absurdity quite obvious.

Do not be bitter as it has been written that doctors will abandon their harmful activity, the shadow of their last followers having flown away.
– Unknown Author

We civilizations now know that we are mortal.

We only eat when we are hungry.
– The Prophet Mohammad (Koran)

  • We prefer to live less, but better, one buzzes at my ear.
  • You will probably live less, but not necessarily better. –

Fagon, Aesculapius, made your medications reign on earth… Your remedies, Fagon, admit it, do not always heal, nor surely.

More men have been victims of medicines that of war, famine and pestilence combined.

More the health in the world will improve, most doctors will be obliged to live in imposture.
– George Bernard SHAW

For the mass, while Pasteur’s sick patient who do not die was miraculously saved from a painful death by the beneficent white magic of this sorcerer.
– George Bernard SHAW

  • To find Health said the other, I would swim across the ocean, I would endure the Arctic cold, I would cross the burning sands of the Sahara, I would climb the Mount Everest.
  • Waiter, waiter , bring me a second portion of cream cake!

A doctor is better than two, two is better than three, etc… With the increasing number of doctors always diminishes the possibility of healing.

A natural upset does not bode well : when nature encounters obstacles, all efforts are in vain.


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