hygienic dark retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham

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This is a table of architectural things I’ve made:

  • buildings and important components
  • interiors I’ve remodeled, augmented, or significantly rearranged
  • experiments and surveys

These came after my childhood instruction in design and making things with my parents and elders (pine-wood derby cars, wooden boxes, hand-sewn bags, simple toy boats, kites, paper planes, etc). They are besides non-architecture constructions (eg, a bike motor from a chainsaw, backpack and sleeping bag adaptations, door repairs for my hosts as I’ve traveled, etc).

1985 component x hanging rug partition (first decoration)   Twin Falls, ID Maple Street John, LouAnn, & Paul Durham
1990 component x heater vent (my first “integral” design, according to my dad   Twin Falls, ID Maple Street John, Jennifer
1994 building x tipi w/liner canvas, wood, handsewn using Laubin’s book Boise   Mir S, Christopher F, Sevita,
1995 building x enlightentent siliconized ripstop Seattle    
1996 building x enlightentent v.2 siliconized ripstop Borrego Springs, CA   Jack Stephenson of Warmlite Gear RIP
1997-now experiment x alt/natural building exploration   communities worldwide John Cruikshank RIP
1999 interior x conception of ordo   Patagonia, AZ Tree of Life Frederic Patenaude, Gabriel Cousens
2001 interior x conception of tribal housing   Las Vegas The Space Micha Grainger
2002-3 interior x interior experiments   Montreal Caroline’s, St Denis Frederic Patenaude, Caroline
2004 building x vault straw bales, earthen plaster Ashland   David Ward/ASET
2004-5 interior x bunk loft   Eugene Gooble Dell Adrian
2005 building yes Mushroom Dome straw, bamboo Eugene Maitreya EcoVillage Rob Bolman, Harold
2006-7 building yes frame dome wood, cardboard, straw insulation Ashland   Crea Egan, Harold
2007 building x hexayurt cardboard Ashland   Christine
2007 building   dome cardboard, lathe, elastomeric paint Seattle U District Brian S
2008 component x conic roofs coroplast Eugene Maitreya Dome Village Harold, Melanie Rios
2008 component x geodesic hub an unoriginal, well-known design of PVC, plumber’s tape or steel pallet strapping? Eugene Maitreya Harold, replicated by Backyard Domes/Community Supported Shelter
2008 building yes Conic Hut hardboard, paint; finished, insulated, sealed, windows, door Eugene Maitreya, Erik’s,__ Harold, Erik, Lyssa, Jamie, John
2009 building x hexayurt w/ triangular joist floor plywood Kansas City Troost Daniel, Les
2010 interior   darkroom, ventilation, bathroom, water adobe San Marcos La Laguna Guatemala Niels, Sandro, Tom
2012-3 building   frame domes, 2@5m, 10m with stainless jointing hub & hexayurt 25x38mm wood & OSB Skattungbyn Sweden Johan Jarlind, John & __
2015 building x hexayurt styrofoam Paris France M Richter, V Bouchard
2017 building x hexayurt styrofoam Orgiva Spain TomTom
2017 component   rhomboid hexayurt floor with triangular joists wood Orgiva Spain TomTom
2019-20 component   portable bathroom & kitchen, greywater, rain harvesting @wagon   Litosice Czech Repubic Pavel, Honza, & Jaroslav & Jana
2023 building   vault, mobile plywood E   BW
2023 building   conic hut, portable plywood E   R&K
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