hygienic dark retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham

formerly darkroomretreat.com


Welcome to the political-economy of cool. Here, you get rewarded for cooperating, not punished if you don’t.

  1. Copyleft 2009-2015 by Andrew Durham. Copying is an act of . Write me for a print-worthy pdf. Please copy, distribute, and sell (yes, sell) this book in its entirety or its industrial applications, ie, darkroom components, in any media or business venture for your own personal gain.
  2. I would like credit where due, so I will recognize and link to you on this site if you:
    1. credit me for a quotation or excerpt and tell me where it appears
    2. share suggestions for text or designs by making pull requests or opening issues in my github repo, or sending email
    3. include this license in your partial reprints of my work and with instructions accompanying components
    4. include a printed or electronic copy of this book with components (a link is sufficient)
  3. Furthermore, I will also give you my endorsement, a visible mark to use in your marketing copy if you:
    • share with me part of your earnings from:
      • reprints of my writings
        • print: 8% of retail price
        • ebook: 70% of proceeds
      • reproductions of darkroom components (1% of retail price)
    • and/or somehow astound me

    See pay for how to send me money.

    This means you can instantly become my publisher or manufacturer. These deals roughly equal what you and I would make if I were published or self-published and you were simply selling the books, yet without your having to order from me in bulk, pay shipping, keep legally complicated records, or sign a contract.

The idea is to make the book and components available with minimal friction in every way, at every level of distribution. Then we all can retreat asap and make reasonable livings as we go. If anything about this license seem to conflict with these goals, please let me know.

We now possess the means of recovering the whole self, the source of all wealth. It will eventually make money irrelevant. Meanwhile, this is a structure in which we can make a living, have a good time, and be cool while doing it.

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