hygienic dark retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham

formerly darkroomretreat.com


I do everything related to hygienic dark retreating: study, experiment, write, speak, consult, design, build, operate, support.

I do nothing related to active approaches to dark retreating: spiritual, therapeutic, or psychedelic.

Find more information on everything below in my store.


  • I support retreats in person at my place or yours. They are 11 days: a 9-day Czech retreat + 2 buffer days.

    The process is to read, confer, enroll, book, and retreat.

  • I support retreats remotely. This also begins with reading and conferring.
  • If you plan to retreat on your own, I can confer with you about your questionnaire by email and phone.

Marion Abbott of Australia at Profound Rest Retreats is also organizing retreats. Simen Kirkerød of Norway can do it, too (write me).


  • get this book
    • online: free.
    • as an ebook at leanpub. $15+.
    • in paper, inscribed/signed by me. Handsewn, lay flat, cloth-bound paperback stays open for ease of holding and reading. It even bends back on itself. Matching, searchable, hyperlinked PDF included. $55 North America, $75 abroad. Pay below. Add a note or email me with mailing address and inscription request.
  • see writing for opportunities to publish, quote, or have me write for you.


Invite me to speak to your audience. $1000 + expenses.


Get my advice on hygienic dark retreating, building hygienic darkrooms, and issues arising thereof. $40/hour.


I design and build darkrooms as part of supporting retreats in existing buildings or from scratch. $40/hour + I may use it once for a 9-day retreat.

See my hygienic house for some of my latest thinking.


I accept payments by:

  • Zelle: info@andrewdurham.com
  • Wise: andrewd1878 (formerly Transferwise)
  • Venmo: @andrewdurham
  • PayPal (works for credit cards. Add 3% to cover fees)
  • Cryptocurrency: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ether, Dash. Write me for addresses.
  • Cash, check, money order, metal, Goldbacks, bank transfer, deposit, commodities, etc: email me. Include your location.


  • email: info {at} andrewdurham.com
  • text/voicemail: +1 541 210 8470 (in the US)


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