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darkness, take 6

2009 August 26

My 5th attempt to arrange for a darkness retreat has failed. So tonight I start my 6th attempt.

I began putting the word out that I need a location and a provider of funds for materials. The new retreat building will be made of straw bales, so unlike the plysphere design, I cannot build it first and find a location afterward. Also, I do not know if I will stay wherever I build the thing, so I need someone who wants it afterward, someone who would pay for the materials beforehand.

The cost should roughly equal the plydome estimate: $600. This is for straw bales, twine, 15 sheets of 3/8 CDX plywood for a roof and gas to haul urbanite (for a foundation) and sand (for the cob plaster).

I aim to either succeed or fail thrice more by year’s end. Plus leave the states for warmer climes because I prefer warmth, yummy fruit and Latin-Indigenous culture. Central/South America, anyone?

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