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soundproof dome

2009 August 20

The dome must be soundproof, not just sound-dampened. Enough bad experiences with noise and enough reflections by other people have finally gotten it across to me. Sound, to a lesser but still significant degree than light, will sufficiently stimulate consciousness’s fixation on the gross dimension. How much? Maybe enough to ruin a test of the conjecture. I’m not going to take that chance.

As much as I’d like to build it, the plysphere mentioned before will not meet this new qualification. Furthermore, attempting the retreat in or near the city is also now out of the question.

Soundproofness, like other standards the conditions of this first test will meet, may prove non-essential. I hope so. But I will not know till I go through the test first.

Another project I heard about in the spring got me thinking of a corbeled straw bale dome with cob plaster and, like i did with a friend in 2007, a conic roof of canvas. The design is very simple, fast, and cheap, and would work well for the retreat. I’m working on a model right now. Pics soon.

This also means I need a new source of funding for the dome, and a new, quiet location in the country. Maybe they’d like this at the Possibility Alliance and I should try again there.

We’ll see. I’m glad to have finally seen the need for soundproofness before building something.

What else am I missing?