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freedom through darkness

2019 November 15

a new political strategy based on the biological origin of power
—in 5 iterations

1. Darkness and Politics

Hygienic dark retreating has a radical implication for politics. It enables individuals to recover personal power, the basis of freedom.

With power, we gain presence. Issues of identity and authority evaporate. Police don’t ask for your papers. They know who you are… and are awed. They don’t assert authority. They remember themselves. They ask how you did it and become your servant in fact, as they are in name.

Reason and force don’t work with the irrational or militarized. Presence works. It arises from power. Power is a function of health. Health is lost through major trauma. Health is restored autonomically in profound rest. Rest profound enough to heal from trauma occurs in total extended darkness.

Everyone can participate in politics without engaging the state. We needn’t live by stealth, nor wait nor work for the future. Political, spiritual, and technological solutions are ancillary to power. Power comes from within. It is biological. Nature gives us a way to recover it.

Using my book, hygienic dark retreat, everyone can try darkness at home up to 5 days. Longer retreats require a team and excellent facilities. I am exploring possibilities in Czech Republic, the world capital of dark retreating. Please get in touch.

2. Perfect Darkness

the biology of freedom

Here is freedom’s chain of causation:

  1. Life - our task as organisms is to live
  2. Freedom - living fully requires freedom to act on choices
  3. Power - freedom requires power: the power to live, including the presence necessary keep one’s place in the world.
  4. Health - power comes from health. But the routine brutality of civilization has drastically reduced our health.
  5. Rest - healing requires profound rest (longer and more intense than daily rest)
  6. Darkness - the most profound rest occurs physiologically in total extended darkness

Discipline, technology, and organization aid the cause of freedom. Yet they do not substitute for power. One person with power can move the world. Ten can renew it totally. The key is darkness.

Czech Republic is the world capital of dark retreating. Yet it still lacks world-class darkrooms and protocols. Perfect Darkness, Ltd will create an ideal darkroom. It will be functional, beautiful, pre-fabricated, natural, open-source. It will be shelter that supports full restoration of organic integrity. Perfect Darkness, Ltd will also systematize proper protocol and train supporters.

A darkroom is very well-built shelter. It controls exposure to all elements, including light. It offers protection from pollution: air, sound, etc. Restful (hygienic) darkroom protocol is rational and simple to teach and learn.

I have built 26 darkrooms in 6 countries over 13 years and written a book on hygienic dark retreating. I will guide the team technically and conceptually. It requires designers, craftsmen, professionals, financing, and partnerships. Please join or aid us.


hygienic dark retreat:
profound rest for the self-healing psyche at hygienicdarkretreat.com



I wrote this quickly. Perfect Darkness may not the best name and it can change. In the past, people have actually responded better to the phrase, world-class darkrooms.

Also, besides developing darkrooms, the team may also publish, consult, speak, and anything else that has to do with hygienic dark retreating and eventually hygiene, reason, and freedom in general.

3. Free Humanity in 3 Years with 10 People & $100k

The cause of humanity’s enslavement is powerlessness.

Power is natural. It is the ability to live. It gives us the presence necessary to maintain our places in the world and solve major problems. One person with power can move the world. Ten can end the system and restore freedom and peace to humanity.

We lack power due to severely impaired health. This resulted from the mass major trauma of cataclysm. A disaster in the solar system caused meteorites, earthquakes, volcanoes, shifting poles, and the Flood. After decades of resistance, archaeology and psychology are finally accepting these facts.

We got hurt. In the permanent emergency, we had no chance to recover, just survive. We fell sick and went mad. Unconsciously, we made civilization—a brutal slave system—to distribute the blow we had sustained. It worked. It has allowed a few the sanctuary and resources necessary to arrive at the solution to our problem. It is simple.

As organisms, we are self-healing, given proper conditions. The primary condition of healing is profound rest. Profound rest is longer and more intense due to perfect conditions.

The most profound rest occurs in extended darkness: in hygienic dark retreat. Hygiene is the science of health, a branch of biology. It relies on the supreme, self-preserving power of the organism and normal conditions of life. Dark retreating is resting in total darkness for days alone.

Czech Republic is the world capital of dark retreating. But most darkrooms here are sub-standard in construction and protocols. The few good enough to begin with are booked for months. None is suitable for later retreats.

One person can heal in 1-2 years from the core of his trauma using darkness and other hygienic influences. It takes 2-3 short retreats (4-8 days each) and one medium retreat (3-8 weeks). Study and preparation take 1-2 months.

We need one year to organize a team, publish my book, find the first of dozens of candidates, and design and build the first of several darkrooms. Some early retreatants will regain the power to begin turning the tide in the world. The effort will begin paying for itself. Some later retreatants will realize the final keys. The process is natural. It will lose its urgency. Everyone will relax.

Things develop slowly but conclude suddenly. This is the last piece of a puzzle. Its completion will trigger rapid results, beyond all our hopes. A full human existence awaits us. This is the last stretch. Let us go together.

4. Fountain of Youth

I found the fountain of youth.

Besides reliable miracles of healing, it also works for time and space travel; recovery of genius, empathy, and fitness; and interspecies communication. It enables mass social cohesion, international peacekeeping and diplomacy, and environmental restoration. It works by enabling the restoration of psychophysical integrity, which exists only as legend among us today, like the fountain itself.

I seek collaborators in making it available to others. Your main qualifications are the self-esteem necessary to believe that you could hear of such a thing and participate, and resourcefulness of some kind. The fountain is not in a specific place. It can be built anywhere.

The concept is proved. No counter-evidence has emerged. It makes sense and is easily understood. Based on biology not special ability, it works for everyone. After 11 years of testing and development, the approach is well-explored and stable.

The first thing is organization, then investment. First, we assemble a team and make a simple plan. Investment can be small to begin with, as low as hundreds of dollars. It depends on whatever we decide is the best approach given all factors.

I hurt myself discovering the dangers of the fountain. They are easily avoided, so everyone else is safe. But first I will need help setting up and using the fountain correctly so I can function again and guide significant work.

This discovery is personal with me. I worked on it 32 years after a childhood in training for it. I didn’t do it because I was a happy person, but because it was needed and I could. I maintained my integrity by basing my investigation on my best memories and by living in poverty. I studied independently, took counsel from wise elders, and listened to responses of the ordinary people I hoped would benefit. The project is ready for capitalization with attention, care, and money.

There is a way through our ancient quandary. We can make it together, opening the door for the rest of humanity in the process. Please write me.

5. Trauma-Based Conditioning

Trauma-based conditioning—brainwashing—is at the root of all our suffering and problems. Reason is undermined. What to do?

The exposés of the last century, beginning with Upton Sinclair’s, have revealed the horrors that box us in, generation after generation. History shows the failures of every movement so far to liberate us. We are traapped in a drama at the heart of our psychotic way of life. No invention, no technique, no achievement has brought us out of it.

The alternative is… nature. What started the horrors? Nature, through cataclysm ~13,000 years ago. What holds the answer? Nature, through the biological capacity for profound rest and self-healing. In perfect extended conditions of rest, we enter a state in which everything can heal completely. Trauma, illness, and age itself evaporate. The set of conditions necessary is fully established now. It is called hygienic dark retreat.

Civilization merely functions as a shock-absorber. It is not to blame, nor any humans involved from day one. Non-human intelligence seems to have had something to do with it, and we will have to deal with them. But we will not be capable of that until we use nature to get ourselves back.

Start at the very beginning of my free book about it and read for 15 minutes. See if it makes sense to you. Everything else can wait. Recovery of the lost self cannot wait.

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