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surpassing john galt

2019 November 26

“Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master,
poorer is the painting which does not excel the sketch.”
–da Vinci

We are Objectivists. We wish to live in freedom. Let us simply use Ayn Rand’s method. She gave it in Atlas Shrugged.

What are its ingredients? A world on the brink. An exceedingly great idea. And exceedingly great people capable of applying it.

Which ingredient is missing? The last. The trouble is such people hardly exist. They almost never become Objectivists. And Objectivism does not create them. Breeding, training, and effort contribute to greatness. But many people have had these things and failed to attain such heights as Francisco d’Anconia.

What if we had a way to become as great as him, John Galt, or Dagny Taggart? What if we could become 10 times greater? Then we could reduce the time to achieve freedom from 12 years to months.

I discovered the way nature gives us to do it. Here are its rudiments and explanation.

  1. Life begins healthy, happy, and harmonious.
  2. Life becomes sick, sad, and conflicted due to unhealed major trauma.
  3. Trauma results from the routine brutality of civilization originating in ancient cataclysm.
  4. Nature both causes cataclysm and provides for recovery from it.
  5. As organisms, we are self-healing.
  6. The primary condition of healing is profound rest.
  7. The most profound rest occurs in extended total darkness: a hygienic dark retreat.
  8. Extraordinary healing results.
  9. Natural power, presence, and influence, sufficient to return the world to freedom, is restored in people.

Why does it work? Three reasons: physiology, environment, attitude

  1. Physiology
    • As diurnal animals, we rest when it is dark. Total, extended darkness intensfies this process.
    • Sensory processing is 45% of brain activity. 2/3 is vision. Overall, sensory processing decreases 90%
    • Without the food of visual data, thinking slows down, becoming less frequent, harder, and less interesting. Feeling and sensation become more pronounced and interesting.
  2. Environment: all the conditions of profound rest are perfectly provided:
    • safety, solitude, support, time
    • silence, darkness, warmth, electromagnetic neutrality
    • fresh air, pure water, natural food, exercise
  3. Attitude:
    • the unconscious is omniscient, omnipotent, infallible
    • its job is healing
    • knowing this, one can finally relax on the conscious level, relinquish control, and support the process

Normal rest and healing enable us to recover from daily wear and tear. Profound rest enables us to recover from the wear and tear of a lifetime. Of generations. We can be restored to legendary degrees of function.

Francisco excelled at everything he put his hand to. Hank Rearden could always do the jobs he encountered on his rise. John Galt never made a false move. Their souls and bodies worked superlatively because their faculties were so much more intact than those of others.

The buck stops here. We can end our collective drama ahead of historical schedule, just as Galt did. We can recover the power to do so by recovering ourselves. Hygienic dark retreating is how.

See for yourself. It takes less than a month of reading and preparation, $50 in materials, and a 3-day weekend for the retreat. My book explains everything in detail, from abstract theory to protocol to construction. Read it for 10 minutes at hygienicdarkretreat.com. If it makes sense, continue.