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2020 November 11


A - Would you like to help solve the crisis?

B - Yes. What will we do?

A - We will become the kind of people who can solve it.

B - What kind is that?

A - Super-powerful people. Super-power generates enormous personal presence and influence. It disarms adversaries. It is irresistable. It inspires hope, imagination and initiative in witnesses.

Under its influence, ordinary people remember themselves. Conventional life suddenly seems strange to them. They immediately change course toward sanity and freedom. They start doing what they already know they should. They ask how to become super-powerful as well.

Politicians and the ultra-rich have the same response. Super-power dwarfs theirs. They are desperate for an alternative to despotism. They need assurance of their safety. Most of them would gladly relinquish the burden of enslaving billions of people.

Power is the condition of freedom. A powerful person is free. He also radiates an atmosphere of freedom. People relax in it. They feel safe and energized. They feel that anything is possible. Once freed, people can begin restoring themselves en masse.

B - How do we get such power?

A - By recovering it. This power is natural to us. We lost it.

B - How did we lose it?

A - Through mass major trauma. A global cataclysm thousands of years ago caused it. The extent of the destruction left our ancestors no chance to heal. Their trauma came down to us through hundreds of generations.

B - How do we heal?

A - As organisms, we are self-healing, given the proper conditions. The primary condition of healing is profound rest.

B - What is profound rest?

A - It lasts longer than daily rest and has perfected conditions.

B - How do we do it?

A - The most profound rest occurs in total darkness. Combined with other conditions of rest, it is called a hygienic dark retreat. We will study my book about it, build perfect darkrooms, and learn to support each other’s retreats. Then our diplomatic mission—and the world’s liberation—will begin.

B - Are you saying all we have to do is rest in darkness and thousands of years of suffering will evaporate?

A - Yes. Just as power is natural, so is trauma. It results from the collisions of a material universe. So nature, in its perfection, provides the conditions for healing from it, primarily darkness. It is that simple.

Freedom is also natural. We are already as free as we are capable of being. We will simply recover our original capacity for it.

Nothing spreads faster among people than the influence of super-powerful people. Five or ten of us, each 10 times more powerful than Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr, can quickly reverse the crisis. First results will appear in three months and newsworthy ones in a year. We’ll finish in 3-5 years. In a decade, all this will seem like a distant dream.

B - Where can I get your book?

A - At hygienicdarkretreat.com

B - How do we build perfect darkrooms?

A - By becoming the kind of people able to build them. We’ll start with the imperfect kind I know how to build now. We’ll build it inside the best shelter available to us. Experienced retreaters will support retreats for novices and train them as supporters. Total capacity in the team will increase. Then we will make perfect darkrooms, improve our processes, and start retreats that prepare us for our political activities.

B - I will have more questions, but I must think about it. I will talk to you again soon.

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