hygienic dark retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham

formerly darkroomretreat.com


why, how, what

I do what I do to provide a way to recover our lost selves, so that we can restore the world to its original splendor and live full lives in it.

I search nature for ways to accomplish this. She shows me, and I develop them into simple means anyone can use.

I wrote a book about the main one: the means she provides us to heal from trauma, the cause of our painful losses. I also offer this means as a service.

How about it?


  • confer: benefit the most from retreating by understanding the hygienic approach. Have me check your questionnaire for comprehension of my book and discuss it with you by phone. It is the first step to retreating with me. Improve the experience and results of retreating on your own, as well.
  • enroll for a retreat with me, either here or at your place. Unleash the invincible power of your self-healing organism by providing it the best possible conditions to rest and heal.


  • my book
    • (online](/) (free)
    • ebook at leanpub. $15+.
    • paperback, inscribed/signed by me. Handsewn, lay flat, cloth-bound. Stays open for ease of holding and reading, even bends back on itself. Matching, searchable, hyperlinked PDF included. $55 postpaid ($75 outside USA, Canada, Mexico). Pay below. Add a note or email me with mailing address and inscription request.
  • quote anything in my book and website. Credit me and tell me where it will show up and I will also acknowledge and link to you on my website.
  • invite me to write for your publication on any subject related to hygienic dark retreating
  • publish my book, make money. See license


Invite me to speak to an audience.

$1000 + expenses.


Get my advice on hygienic dark retreating, building darkrooms for hygienic retreats, and dealing with issues arising thereof.

$50/hour, 1 hour minimum.

I will respond in detail, by phone, email or messenger app, to all your questions and concerns about:

  • how, where, and why to set up a darkroom
  • how to organize a retreat with a supporter
  • how to deal with specific issues you have personally and about retreating itself


I design and build darkrooms in existing buildings as part of supporting retreats.

I improve the design of any new building or remodel intended for retreating.

From scratch, I build my own designs and those with the same or better qualities. See my hygienic house for some of my latest thinking. A vaulted mobile shelter is also in the works.


I plan to manufacture all my designs as well as jigs and tools for others to make them in a distributed fashion. Let me know if you have an interest in this.


I accept payments by:

  • Zelle: info@andrewdurham.com
  • Wise: andrewd1878 (formerly Transferwise)
  • Venmo: @andrewdurham
  • PayPal (works for credit cards. Add 3% to cover fees)
  • Cryptocurrency: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ether, Dash. Write me for addresses.
  • Cash, check, money order, metal, Goldbacks, bank transfer, deposit, commodities, etc: email me. Include your location.


  • email: info {at} andrewdurham.com
  • text/voicemail: +1 541 210 8470 (in the US)