hygienic dark retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham

formerly darkroomretreat.com


Enroll below for a hygienic dark retreat with me as supporter.

Retreat at my place in America or yours anywhere the USA has good relations.

A retreat lasts 11 days. It is a 9-day Czech retreat + 2 buffer days. I offer one retreat per month. Choose a month now and dates within it later.

plan: 9-day retreat

plan: 9-day2 retreat


  • my place: $4400
  • your place: $5000 + expenses (round-trip travel, transportation there, accommodation, materials). Darkroom construction takes 1-2 weeks. Fully functional house required.


The process is more involved than usual. It lets us get to know each other and begin working together. It shows each of us the other’s reliability and ability to follow instructions. Sympathy and trust develop. All this is critical to a successful retreat with me.

  1. read my book
  2. confer
  3. receive approval with enrollment code. Code is good for a year. Otherwise, confer again.
  4. enroll below to reserve a month for your retreat
    • fee is non-refundable. Address any concerns beforehand:
      • info@andrewdurham.com
      • +1 (541) 210-8470 (txt/vm)
    • select a month. Enrolling reserves it for 5 days.
    • fee applies to deposit
  5. book retreat with 50% deposit within 5 days of enrollment, minus conferring and enrolling fees, plus any costs of travel. This secures your dates.

    Let me know if a problem arises. Otherwise, your month will revert to being available again. You can re-enroll.

  6. pay 50% balance 2 months before your month begins, or upon my arrival
  7. tell me your starting date 1 month before the beginning of your month
  8. retreat


  • before balance payment (more than 2 months before your month): 25% credit, deposit refunded (minus fees)
  • more than a month before your month: 25% credit, 50% refund (minus fees)
  • less than a month before your month: 25% credit, 25% refund (minus fees)
  • within your month: 25% credit


  • change months
    • after enrollment, before deposit: $50
    • after deposit: negotiable (depends on multiple factors)
  • change date within your month: $50


“Not enough stock” = unavailable

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